Армия Германии VS Армия Израиля [2016]★הצבא הישראלי ★Army Germany and Israel ★الجيش الإسرائيلي

July 25, 2019

All peace and prosperity. Are you hardaster. I propose in this release to compare the army of Germany and the army of Israel. After all is learned in comparison. Go ! Let's start with the German Army The Bundeswehr, ie armed forces of Germany, was set up ten years after the end of World War II in 1955. It consists of the armed forces and civil administration. According to the operational purpose land forces in Germany are divided into an early application of force, force stabilization and support forces. But only in the early application of forces marked the most combat-ready and largely mobile units and equipped with modern weapons and military equipment. Due to its configuration, this compound provides the German participation in the NATO rapid deployment forces and the European Union. On the ground forces is armed a little more than 1 thousand tanks. They include modern "Leopard 2A" of different modifications, manufactured in Germany and are in demand abroad, and outdated Leopard 1. 2500 armored combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Among them are quite old «Marder», prospective combat vehicle «Puma» BTR infantry and modern «Boxer». All machine made in Germany. 650 units of US multiple rocket launchers and self-propelled guns of the German production such as «PzH 2000". The air defense system is presented by American installations «Patriot», but in the near future they will be replaced by more modern «Meads» US-German design. At the Air Force are not only German, but also aircraft, manufactured in other countries. In total about 150 units. combat helicopters, including drums «Tiger» Franco-German and multipurpose «NH-90." Approximately 200 units. fighters, such as: multi-role fighter of the fourth generation «typhoon», developed by the European company and combat aircraft with variable sweep wing «Tornado», developed by German specialists in the early 1970s. German Navy includes Navy, naval aviation and special purpose units. German fleet consists of 2 fleets. All ships and vessels in the Navy of German manufacture. In total 82 units. art. These include 20 frigates. Such as the type of frigate Bremen; Ships of this type were used to gather information on the movement of Syrian troops, which passed the Syrian army apposition in 2012; in 2015 a ship of this type joined the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to fight terrorists in Syria. 10 missile boats of the "Cheetah", built in 1982. There are also 6 submarines "212" project, built in the early 2000s. The most modern ships are corvettes of the "Braunschweig", launched in 2007. Navy Seal is the Marine Corps, which has a reputation as an elite unit, designed to maintain critical military operations as a part of marine landings. This highly mobile amphibious forces of permanent readiness, able to act independently anywhere in the world. Interesting facts about the German Army In May 1955, West Germany became a member of the North Atlantic alliance, NATO, and the East joined the Warsaw Pact countries, which was the final design of military blocs in Europe. And of course, after the reunification of the republics in 1990. The country continues to cooperate with NATO. Since 2011, Germany abolished compulsory military service, which is now fully contracted, which significantly reduced the cost of the defense budget, but also significantly reduced the number of staff. According to the beginning of 2015, the German army is the current military operations in places such as Afghanistan, Kosovo, the Mediterranean Sea, Somalia, Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sudan. In Uzbekistan, the Germans are renting a military airport, which is used for the supply of goods to Afghanistan, paid in the past year 35 mln. Euros for rent. Germany's army involved in these countries are mainly represented by staff members or staff providing rear parts. Now let's look at IDF The IDF is composed of four branches of the armed forces: land, air, field reconnaissance and naval. Armed with military equipment is mostly the US and its own production, as well as captured in the course of the Arab-Israeli conflict produced the USSR and then altered to fit your tastes The main striking force of ground troops make up the tanks, their slightly less than 4,000 units in service; among them M60 «Магах-6/7», set in the US and upgraded in Israel. Tanks own production – «Merkava Mk.4M», the first machines of this series began to come into service as early as 1979, the export is not supplied. The main armored personnel carrier is an American M113. In addition, the army has several hundred heavy armored personnel carrier "IDF ACHZARIT", converted from the T-54 and T-55 and "Namer" created on the platform of the tank Merkava. A total of 6 thousand cars. A total of 6 thousand cars. The basis of the park of artillery is more than 600 self-propelled howitzer M109. There are about 200 multiple launch rocket systems, for the most part – Arab trophies Soviet production. The most sover¬shennymi are American cars and proprietary systems. As part of the air defense forces are anti-aircraft missile systems of its own design Arrow, designed to protect the country against ballistic missiles; There are also complexes "Patriot" American production. Israeli Air Force is certainly the strongest in the Middle East, both in quantity and quality of equipment. In total about 600 units of fighters and bombers. They include half occupy such cars as American F-15s and F-16s, modernization and completion which do Israelis themselves. The remaining aircraft are obsolete. About 140 attack helicopters, including "AH-64A Apache", "AH-1 Cobra" and "500MD Defender". Israel Navy include surface and submarine forces. A total of 63 units. As a part of the surface forces it has 12 missile boats "Saar 4,5" series; three corvettes type "Saar-5", which are used as flagships groups of missile boats, providing air defense formations and target designation for anti-ship missiles. Submarine forces there are four types of submarine Dolphin German construction. "212" project These boats are similar in design to the latest German submarines. In addition to these funds, on the Israeli Navy is armed with several dozen patrol boats and boats with machine-gun armament, designed to patrol the coast and landing special forces. Interesting facts about the Israeli army In 1947, the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), the majority of votes approved the plan for the partition of Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab. But only in 1948 it was officially declared the state of Israel. All the neighboring Arab states were, respectively, against such decision and immediately declared war on the newly proclaimed young state, with the aim of destroying it. Because the interim government to form an army of Israel had to chat during the war. The country has won all seven major conflicts and has since rapidly developing in all senses of the word. By law, all Israeli citizens over 18, including girls, are subject to appeal to the service. While women usually do not participate in combat operations and are serving in the rear parts. And now to sum up Both armies have powerful voennopromyshlenny complex, the two armies are more equipped with the most modern weapons and equipment. Army Germany, according to the fundamental document of the German military construction, is aimed primarily at the conduct of peacekeeping operations as a part of the coalition forces and participation in conflicts of low degree of intensity. The strong points include a higher percentage level of equipment of units with modern technology, excellent training officers and exemplary military discipline. Participation units of ground forces in operations outside the national territory creates the conditions for the acquisition of military combat experience, as well as to verify the capability of modern weapons and military equipment. Germany is among the countries with highly developed shipbuilding industry. In 2014, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Lyayen recognized the existence of serious problems in the armed forces of Germany, which is why the Bundeswehr is not able to fulfill all its obligations to NATO. In connection with the program to reduce the defense budget, only a third of military equipment was operational. But due to the foreign policy of President Vladimir Putin's Russia, Europe perceived as aggression, a tendency of Germany's armed forces is beginning to change, which is primarily associated with an increased budget for the defense of the country. Over the 68 years of its existence, Israel has passed 7 warrior, more than a thousand combat operations and hundreds of terrorist attacks. For the most part this is the reason for the high quality of the Israeli armed forces and the presence of more combat experience. Israel's Army as the German army, equipped with the latest technology. The widespread use of high-tech armored connections allow flexible use of troops, quickly moving from nastuple¬niya if necessary to the defense and vice versa. At present, the Middle East, there is no force equal to body brone¬tankovomu IDF. In general, the Israeli army is a modern regional army capable to fight against the illegal armed groups, as well as against the regular armed forces of the enemy. A significant number and good quality of military equipment combined with advanced software forces. True Israel Navy is one of the weakest in the Mediterranean and are only intended to deal with a relatively small and weak opponents, as well as they can be used for special forces operations. That's all. To subscribe to a channel, if you want to know more. With you was Hardaster. All peace and prosperity.


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    Израилю удачи

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    ПВО почти не осветили. А ведь средства ПВО Израиля одни из лучших в мире. Система "Купол" применяется не только для защиты городов, но и танки Меркава оснащены этой системой. Помимо всего этого, очень много разработок в сфере беспилотных разведовательных и ударных систем. В Азербайджане почти 50% современного вооружения, включая средства ПВО и БПЛА, а так же береговые патрульные катера поставляются Израилем. А старая совковая техника (танки, самолёты, вертолёты и др.) переоборудывается и оснащается современными плюшками.

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