10 Advantages Covenant Navy (Halo)

July 25, 2019

hello and welcome back to another episode of generation films my name is American Ben today we continue our best space Navy series but first please hit that subscribe button to notification bail it really helps us out and every time generation films gains a subscriber and alien invader gets tea-bagged by the chief I got to overrule that pretty sure that's how gonorrhea got started also don't forget to watch the videos you've missed in this series so far and devote the end of each video anyway today we are looking at the advantages of the Covenant Navy as you may already know from the last covenant video Alan contracted an STD from teabagging an alien and is in poor health and so I have to talk about the advantages of these damn bastard aliens please keep in mind that doing a video talking about their strengths does not equal an endorsement I like any compassionate healthy loving citizen of humanity want all aliens eradicated from existence anyway let's get started keep in mind we will not include ships we don't have a lot of information about like the battleship or Brigantine the reason being that while those ships are known to be very strong the lack of information on them means that we cannot know for sure whether they have fundamental flaws or not thus we aren't counting them as a pro or con the first advantage is the energy projector article 8 Clause C of the humanity first codebook states when in doubt exterminate us unfortunately sometimes aliens can glass entire planets 2 coming in a variety of different types from excavation beam to plasma lance energy projectors are exceptionally powerful planet cracking capital warship destroying weapons even relative to glass and weapons used by other space Navy's energy projectors fire a thin beam of plasma and require a period of time to charge between attacks most forms of the weapon the Covenant uses have a huge range usually somewhere in the realm of a hundred thousand kilometers and don't need to be close to a target to exact supreme destruction energy projectors are easily able to penetrate the UNSC titanium a armor and present a serious challenge to humanity's chances for survival the next advantage is the CAS class assault carrier a 17,500 foot long capital warship the assault carrier is designed for ship-to-ship combat command and control of fleet operations and as support ships for ground forces at over 17,000 feet long the ship is one of the coven's larger ships and is deployed only during the most important operations such as invasions of imported planets the ship is fortified with nano laminate plating armors strong enough to stop many UNSC weapons aside from Mac cannons more importantly the ship's energy shields are some of the strongest the Covenant fleet has to offer the high profit of regrets assault carrier flagship solemn penance penetrated Earth's orbital defense despite facing an onslaught of fire from Cairo station the assault carrier has special tech called modular dispersal technology which allows it to detach damaged sections during battle thus increasing the chances of salvaging the rest of the ship the ship is also one of the most well armed in the Covenant fleet boasting multiple energy projectors and an array of pulsed laser turrets and plasma torpedoes the next advantage is the CSO class supercarrier a covenant capital worship at ninety five thousand feet long only dumb aliens would build such a big ship the vessel designed for similar operations at the assault carrier Dwarfs all other covenant ship classes and given its prodigious size is also like the assault carrier used only during the most important operations of course put next to the assault carrier the full extent of the covenants creativity is on display super carriers are the covenants most powerful vessels the ship is armed with seven energy projectors thousands of pulse lasers turrets and plasma torpedo launchers the ship also houses hundreds of smaller ships it can deploy along with entire covenant armies the legendary covenant super carrier long night of Solace played a crucial role in the invasion of reach deploying forces ships and all sorts of technology from orbit to the surface of the planet the next advantage is faster than light travel as we spoke about in our videos on the UNSC humans and halo have not mastered FTL travel but for the most part the Covenant has liked the UNSC the Covenant fleet uses slipspace first superluminal transportation but does so any much more sophisticated way resulting in much faster journeys from point A to B the Covenant slow space drive is more reliable than the SHA Fujikawa trans light engine the UNSC uses allowing covenant ships to avoid suffering from the temporal fluidity that human vessels do covenant ships cut a very fine hole in the fabric of space-time enter slipspace at a precise point execute a series of micro jumps through slipspace and also exit slipspace at a precise point and time the covenants more advanced technology allows for much faster and more accurate travel times with their ships able to travel at about nine hundred and twelve light-years per day compared to the UNSC travel rate of 2.6 to five light-years per day additionally the more precise technology allows the covenant to avoid human defenses and gain positional advantage using quick short slipstream jumps covenant ships can even evade missiles which cannot track through slipspace the next advantage is interstellar communication while the UNSC has trouble communicating across the vastness of space and utilize very new technology to do so the Covenant as with FTL travel have pretty much mastered it the Covenant also used slipspace for interstellar communications but the Covenant have communication relays installed on some of their ships and planets that enable communication across space this communication system is called the proselytization Network which not only allows for superluminal communication but also for the prophets on hi Shara T the covenants now-defunct mobile capital city to stay connected with their armies and ensure their continued obedience at the covenants height their ships contained an automated messaging system that transmitted orders and messages from ship to ship on arrival or departure from a star system due to covenant arrogance and ignorance of their own technology these messages are not properly encrypted and are liable to interception but nonetheless the Covenant is able to rapidly send information across interstellar space the next advantage is the RS class heavy cruiser this capital warship is used for planetary occupations and has support ships for covenant flagships like other ships in the Covenant fleet it is well armed and armored the ship is equipped with three plasma beam emitters sixteen plasma torpedoes forty-eight plasma cannons and two energy projectors capable of blowing up worlds were bisecting UNSC warships though I suppose my pet gerbil could bisect a UNSC worship he is a feral one what makes this ship unique is that it also features stealth technology making the ship capable of reconnaissance missions despite its length of almost 10,000 feet the next advantage is the CPV class heavy destroyer this is of course a destroyer warship coming in at only five thousand four hundred and sixty feet long and it makes the list because like the ships before it it still packs a punch despite being downsized and that's the thing with the Covenant fleet all of its ships are similar as we see with the supercarrier an assault carrier the heavy destroyer is the workhorse offensive ship of the Covenant Navy but it doesn't just engage in ship-to-ship combat the destroyer is actually the ship that most often engages in glassing operations given its energy projector and crew of misfits and outcasts that were seen as low enough to undertake such missions the ship also has two plasma beam emitters twenty-four plasma cannons six torpedoes twenty pulsed laser turrets and 40 plasma bombardment mortars again all not too unlike other covenant ships but packed into a much smaller vessel affording the Covenant a ship made for heavy combat that they can produce and use frequently the next advantage is the Covenant spire a structure that serves as the base of operations for covenant forces on the ground the spires allow soldiers vehicles and weapons to be teleported to a planet surface from covenant vessels in orbit eliminating the need for conventional atmospheric entry spires are also capable of projecting energy shields over a large radius thus affording protection to recently teleported forces and to the spire itself the shield's are resistant to conventional weapons and can disable enemy vehicles that pass through them making spire shield zones hazardous areas for the UNSC on the battlefield given that the spires are self protected and difficult to destroy they are a critical part of covenant invasion efforts and a nightmare for UNSC forces to deal with the next advantage is the DSC class support ship very few support ships in space Navy history are as important as the Covenant DSC class one the ship is fairly well armed with a variety of plasma weaponry but it largely stays out of combat the ship instead provides food and supplies to covenant soldiers the ship itself actually contains large hunting preserves with many animals that can be killed and served to its tenant fleet the ship also has assembly forges that manufacture food packs maintenance kits clothing and even small weapons the ships at over 5,000 feet long are gigantic mobile factories that the Covenant can send along with any fleet the final advantage is high charity in effect high charity was a massive Space Station that housed billions of covenant denizens and function not only as the covenants capital city and seat of government but also as a holy city and religious center powered by the engines of the decommissioned forerunner dreadnought the structure was 348 kilometres in diameter and 505 kilometers in height high charity was protected by some of the biggest fleets in the covenant Armada but the station itself had weapons platforms built into its bedrock with firepower surpassing that of even the most powerful covenant ships the city boasted 32 super-heavy plasma Lance's and 1,900 plasma beam emitters both types of energy projectors High Charity was then further guarded by a rapid detection network of slipspace probes that could track even the smallest objects coming into close proximity of the city and marked them for obliteration of course hi cherry also functioned to refit and house thousands of covenant vessels yes I know ultimately High Charity was destroyed under extreme circumstances by former child abductee John 1:17 but the covenants ability to build such a structure is a huge advantage that the covenants capitol city housing its most important leaders technology and a massive covenant subjects was mobile allowed the covenant to avoid the Achilles heel that most species in the galaxy faced having a homeworld that is at the see of the part of space it is located in and thus vulnerable to all sorts of changing conditions and threats around it hi charity can simply move from place to place as needed now you might point out that hi charity required the dread-nots power to operate but actually only a fraction of the dread-nots engine's potential output was needed to power the city and high charity also possessed a set of backup auxilary reactors now we're capable of generating enough power for a slipspace travel point being the Covenant can probably build another one and don't need to innovate new technology to do so which is great because they're dumb as hell ok it's time to rate the Covenant Navy once again on a scale of one to five please click in the top right corner to do so and don't forget to watch the flaws video and vote at the end of that one as well coming up we have the series finale where we announce the results so please stay tuned for that and hit that subscribe button and notification bell and don't forget to follow me on Instagram if you want to follow alan and i's upcoming journey in thailand for now i'm american been reminding you to never forget the men and women who have perished throughout the universe fighting aliens heroes who died protecting freedom we fight on for them my brethren end for argentina i'll catch you next time generation films peace


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    If any of you like any bit of the covenant I’m reporting you to the ONI

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    I like them

    They gave us glassing technology

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    Beware the alien, the mutant and the heretic!

    Humanity first

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    It's clear by this video that the humans only won because of plot armor and that human players wouldn't want human characters to be all exterminated

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    Does American Ben not have a comb?

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    I've always loved the CSO because it perfectly mirrors the culture of the Covenant itself: imitative, not innovative.

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    1:43 and the CCS battlecruiser has TWO energy projectors, apparently the smallest class to have more than one if i have it right given what was covered in the video. 4:23 haven't seen that video but i hope they pointed out that after the war with the trove of forerunner technology from Onyx, humans have mastered slipspace travel, being able to jump not only faster, but with a greater degree of accuracy than the covenant. And due to the same trove of technology, the UNSC can communicate while in slipspace meaning when ships arrive, they'll already know the tactical situation. These upgrades, as far as i know, are being retrofitted on existing vessels and implemented on new ones including a slipspace comms system on pelican dropships.

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    11: 23 also the fucking blind luck that not one of the CSOs outside high charity destroyed the Frigate before it crashed into high charity

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    Current Objective: Survive

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    LAZER! That's all you really need to know, even if the Covenant had equal slipspace drives to that of humanity, they still would cause mass chaos. Their advanced slipspace capabilty just made them more dangerous than they already are without them.

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