10 TRUE Disturbing Military & Army Horror Stories | (Scary Stories)

July 26, 2019

being in the military is no easy task the brave servicemen and women put their lives at risk every single day to keep citizens back homes safe many of them have seen things too horrifying to mention but some of them we are going to experience tonight be warned them some of these are particularly graphic and those of a sensitive Constitution may wish to turn back now as there is a war zone of stories ahead figuratively speaking but for now it's time to get comfortable and let the darkness take control I was an infantryman in my time in the army there was an occasion where we settled at an airfield that was about 1,500 meters away from where our new homes would be there was this small abandoned community and an old British fort from the colonial days the abandoned community still had dishes in the sink clothes on the line but everything was super old than deteriorating like it had been left a year or so prior to our arrival it hadn't even been looted which is very unlike the area we were in we had a platoon of MPs move into the biggest house in the abandoned community which we will call ghost town they moved out of this large house a week or so afterwards due to ghost children peeking through their windows and running through the house at night they got no sleep and were terrorized and finally got permission to move they looked exhausted when we got a new battalion commander who heard the rumors and was pissed that they wasted military resources and time moving because of some supposed ghosts he said there was no paranormal activity only enemy activity he decided his inventory component would begin nightly patrols and set up ambush every night in the ghost town on top of our already scheduled busy raids lucky us one squad would go in a night and would start up at rose between 10:00 p.m. and midnight and would return just before the Sun came up the ghost town always seemed twice as dark as the areas around it we could hear what sounded like kids playing on a playground at recess but very faintly then we would be pelted with small rocks and the laughter would get louder we were all pretty seasoned soldiers by that time we had been in multiple firefights with casualties and deaths on both sides but we were scared we kept our night-vision goggles on and brought our thermal sights CL use from the javelin but did not see anything on my squad's third or fourth Patrol we were walking along the streets in loose formation very slowly listening to the faint laughter and getting the pebbles thrown at us one of our soldiers Oliver stopped in his tracks and said what the hell dude then he starts screaming and he ran I've seen Oliver shoot and kill an enemy at close range and he sleeps like a baby at night he is no slouch but he lost his mind ran away from the squad in a combat zone and was heading back to the airfield of full sprint he slowed down our sergeant caught up to him and tackled him and began shaking him and slapping him screaming at him to get it together here is what ou said when he could finally speak he said that he saw a black shadow figure shaped like a man with long arms and legs that was walking about ten feet to our side along with us when Oliver turned his head and saw him with his night-vision goggles the things stopped and looked back that's when he went crazy it jumped and landed in a crouch and perched on the wall with its body facing us when on he started screaming its eyes flashed a bright light he said it was red I don't know how that could have happened through night-vision goggles and he lept backwards off the wall and ran back into the night we do not report any of this and our sergeant god bless him did not take us back into the ghost town for patrols anymore we would just hang out on the outskirts and we would continue to hear the laughter at night until the day we left I've been serving in the US military for six years and have seen some odd things back in 2014 had some federal land east of Fort Bragg I was driving a buddy back from a used car dealership this is a small two-lane road deep in the thick tall dark forests protected by the DoD it was about a two-hour drive we noticed our phones and the radio didn't work during the return trip even though it worked on our way to the dealership but we figured sometimes signals a week due to weather even though it was only slightly overcast not long after we've realized this a blinking red thing flew over the road only 19 feet above my car no noise not shaped like anything we knew and it was just blinking red lights all over in random spots and all different sizes and it was moving at about 60 miles an hour there was just enough glow from the sky of the Setting Sun that we could sort of make out its silhouette which was not consistently shaped it was a rather organic blobby shaped thing as if it was a mashie glob of food someone had thrown in the air we weren't freaked out about it just mentioned it as kind of like huh that's weird 2014 Fort Bragg another incident I was in the very back storage room of the building that I worked at I was inventory at the time it was only me and the senior NCO in the other side of the building this early in the morning and I had the door shut behind me in this small windowless ventless storage room I was standing with my back to the door which was the only door and had a clipboard in my hands that I was looking down at I then noticed movement out of the corner of my eye when I looked up I saw a single paper carefully slide itself from one part of the desk to another with no explainable force acting upon it and even went from being flush with the smooth oak table surface to climbing up to a stack of papers to be on top or without the corners or edges folding up as it made this two-foot cross-country I then stared at the desk for another two lifetimes and booked the hell out of that room a few years later 2017 Fort Bragg my roommate and I are in our barrack room it's a quiet Saturday morning and we're both up in bed with our phones suddenly we hear the card key lock on our door beep and the little monitor inside opened the lock our heads jerk to the door as we see the handle turn by itself and the door pushes all the way open revealing no one standing there we tried to explain it off to no possible explanation even if some kind of rogue radio signal or electrical short malfunctioned our card key lock just right to make it a knock on its own it does not have the ability to turn the doorknob and pull the bolt out of the door frame or even push the door open it's also a very tough door and gets kind of wedged in its frame so a fully-grown soldier like my roommate and I had to shoulder round the door while turning the knob to enter so there's no possible way the door could have just swung open due to wind or air pressure we have a window on both sides of the door with the blinds drawn and daylight outside and saw no one approach or leave the door from either side we are on the fourth floor and our hallway is an exposed by Koni finally the only people who have a card key that can open the door other than my roommate or I is the Master Sergeant of the barracks but he lives off post miles away isn't on the base on weekends and the card key is inside a locked box that needs to be signed out at the brigade two years later Syria I'm trying to get some sleep in my tent but there is this strange howling / aggressive panting and growling which sounds like it's coming from the sky above us I go outside into the pitch black with only the fully starry sky above in a throw non uniform at 3:00 a.m. only to find a couple of other soldiers smoking and also looking around it sounded like crying angry talking and animal panting and growling and the noises just circled us for thirty minutes sometimes it sounded like it was right over my head I pointed my flashlight in the air swept the sky with night-vision goggles and never found out what it was it hasn't happened before that and hasn't happened since the next day everyone was talking and complaining about it the Special Forces guys who have been out there for years say it's the Djinn a type of being in Muslim law it's the only explanation that I can't disprove later on still in Syria I went outside looking for my buddy and I saw a shadow standing a few feet away in a place he'd normally wait for me this silhouette even moved and but it's hands on its hips like it was impatiently waiting as I was running up to it as I neared him he walked around the corner I come up to the corner one second later and there's no one there in March of 1996 I was the age of 16 and joined the British Army when you joined the Armed Forces in the UK you started with 10 weeks of basic training as I was going to be an army chef I attended her bright training camp for what I thought would be the worst part of army training I couldn't be more wrong now back then I was super fit and very happy-go-lucky I took to the training even though it was incredibly tough horrible accommodation bad food and run ragged from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. every single day but I got through it and passed I still remember my passing out parade and how proud my mum was watching me in my uniform marching around after you finish the hell of boot camp you go on to phase 2 which is your trade training which depending on what you choose would decide on where you went for me as a chef was saint-omer barracks in Aldershot however until your phase 2 training started everyone no matter the trade went to Deepcut barracks a delightful camp about a mile from pea bright so only down the road initially I was very excited to be leaving basic training after all the food was better you could have duvets on your bed and the regime was nowhere near as strict as purbright when you arrived you were all put into a new arrivals building sharing a room with 10 others until they decided to which platoon you went to I assume on the length of time you would be there too so I settled in for my first night I knew a few of my roommates from the training platoon my very first night on camp I caught a glimpse into the realities of what deep Kant was I woke at about 1:00 a.m. needing to use the bathroom upon getting to the door before I could open it two guys in gas masks carrying pillowcases barged through the door they ran straight into the far bed and proceeded to batter the lads sleeping in bed with what looked like from the outline helmets in their pillowcases after watching this stunned I thought I should get help and it was then that I noticed the Corporal who was in charge of us that night was holding the door open for the two guys he was hammered and in hysterics at what was unfolding the assault lasted for probably 30 seconds before they ran out followed by the Cpl at the door and I could hear them pissing themselves with laughter as they ran down the stairs after helping the battered lad to the bathroom I watched him clean himself up neither of us said anything after all he looked about my age 16 what could we deal with one of the people in charged was involved in this in the next few days I came to realize this camp was basically where sergeants corporals and officers went if they had failed in their career or for a punishment what better people to look after than 200 to 300 young impressionable soldiers all between the ages of 16 to early 20s they got drunk and did things to us for their own amusement I had the hope and knowledge it would be okay you normally spend one or at most two weeks here and we would be out soon day three I got called into the sergeant's office he explained due to the fact that they are so short of army chefs no one wanted to be a heroic army chef so they were critically short I had to wait a deep cut for enough chefs to pass basic training before going on to my next phase after asking how long three months was the reply three months at this hellhole I thought it couldn't get any worse I was very very wrong at this stage I got introduced to my platoon while I was a deep cut on my brand-new platoon sergeant G initially he sounded very friendly and spoke with a soft sundaland accent he started by laying down ground walls and cleaning it was at this point he warned us about his evil twin we all laughed but he wasn't joking he said that if we came across his twin it wouldn't M well and left us with that after speaking to a few of the lads there had been there a week or so they reiterated the warnings along with thee do not get on sergeant Chi's radar just keep your head down it was at this point I began hearing rumors of the suicide of a soldier and the involvement of sergeant G apparently he had made this soldier the target of his evil twin and made his life an utter misery tormenting him whenever he could it was a few days after that I personally witnessed the evil twin in action myself and a few lads were in our room when a pigeon flew in through the open window after several hilarious attempts to shoo the bird out we failed and the pigeon carried on flying around and landing on lockers this is when sergeant G enters the room and asks what's going on after explaining about the pigeon I will show you how to catch him he says then proceeded to jump from bed to bed in the air in an attempt to catch the bird at first this was hilarious and we were all laughing even sergeant G that is until it went on for at least half an hour he didn't stop he was relentless the poor pigeon probably was scared to death at this point and got himself caught by sergeant G now what happened next you might think is complete bull but I can a hundred percent swear to you that I will always remember this moment sergeant G puts the pigeons head in his mouth and bites it clean off then he spits the head out onto one of the beds and threw the body out the window stunned by this we just stood there while the dementing sergeant G kept saying evil Ed's had his dinner and laughing well this is probably the most psychotic event I witnessed the sheer cruelty of sergeant G was legendary one day in the height of summer he made us push a huge temporary road around a field barehanded if you have never seen one of these it's basically a gigantic role of Robin steel being jet-black and being in the Sun all day this thing was incredibly hot so hot in fact all of our palms and fingers turned into one huge blister on each hand after inspecting the damage done to our ravaged hands he shouted at us for not having men's hands even to the women not satisfied with this he ordered us to grab a huge rope from the back of a Land Rover and ordered us to have a tug of war with it with this rough strip of rope until all the blisters tore off our hands the pain of the raw flesh of our hands was incredible especially when he ordered us to do press ups on the hot concrete afterwards there was also at the time the booster injections they gave everyone became infected in a few of us sergeant G's evil twin made it his mission to find who had an infected booster site and would punch them in the site as hard as he could to this day I still carry the scar after he exploded my infected injection and of course made me do press ups after all the pus and blood poured down my arm he would do things like hide under beds like a real-life bogeyman waiting to see if anyone would dare talk about him or he would hide in unlocked or empty lockers and do the same the man was a lunatic for sure while it deep cut time went slowly it was boring all we had to do was whatever the delightful training staff could dream up for us one day the lieutenant in charge announced we were going on exercise for two nights and three days in the woods around Sandhurst on the morning of the exercise sergeant G gathered everyone on parade and got everyone organized and announced on the exercise some of his SAS mates might make an appearance and interrogate people during it I didn't think much of it as he was always giving us veiled threats the exercise didn't start off that badly the weather during the first day was gorgeous very sunny and for some reason they didn't take an opportunity to make us do some running with kit on in the Sun that night we settled into God duty to explain you and your Basham ate mash of being a hole dug in the ground that you sleep in we'll take a stag duty which lasts for about an hour the guard duty itself involves you lying down in a camouflaged hole dug especially for the guard duty then one of you will go next to the Basha and tell them it's their turn and so on at the end of our turn I went to the next basher and whispered it's their turn to stag on a low voice with what sounded like a Scottish accent came from the shelter aggressively telling me to go away I didn't recognize the voice and thought to myself maybe the SAS thing is true maybe I can be a hero and capture sergeant cheese mates imagining what sergeant cheese face would be like in the morning when I reported that I single-handedly repelled the SAS attack I cocked my SAT with a blank round and demanded whoever it is to show themselves silenced angrily I pulled back the poncho covering the basha to be greeted with what I could just see in the dark as sergeant cheese naked body he was in the basha shagging one of the female recruits and must have put on a weird fake voice to throw me off I stood stunned as a furious naked sergeant gee left to his feet telling me to not say a word about this and to get back on guard duty I couldn't quite see how angry he was because it was dark but I could hear the fury in his voice I was now on his radar he was married and I now was a witness to him screwing some woman whilst on exercise and I knew he would have to do something about this the next morning things seemed to be okay sergeant G didn't even acknowledge me which suited me down to the ground as the exercise carried on until the night the weather this night wasn't like the night before it was torrential and I was assigned the 3rd stag duty which was around 1:00 if I recall correct now weirdly I was told I had to stag with the girl who sergeant G was with last night which was odd as it meant my bash a mate didn't have to do guard duty not sure why but I wasn't suspicious about this sudden change and we carried on with the guard duty chatting in low voices bored out of our minds as the rain hammered the waterproof material above and all of a sudden a tremendous weight crashed through our canopy right onto my back someone from behind grabbed the front of my helmet and I could feel what felt to be a knife against my throat pulling my helmet tighter backwards it felt like someone head-butting or hitting the back of my helmet with something and he demanded I dropped my rifle in the same Scottish accent I heard the night before pulling me to my feet he ushered me forward in the dark forest glancing down and I caught a glimpse of the girl I was on guard duty with I could see how terrified she was when we locked eyes for a moment then she carried on laying down with our hands behind her helmet I remember stumbling through the woods for about ten minutes in the pitch darkness then a voice ordered me to lie face down on the ground dropping down in what was a huge muddy puddle I tried to keep my head up and face away from inches deep of foul muddy water the voice then demanded my name rank and number which I gave him he replied he didn't believe me and he would shove my hidden to the puddle with what I assumed was his foot daring to look up slightly I could see two pairs of boots so I knew it was the sergeant and probably one of the corporals as the other one didn't speak at all they then started asking about how many people were in our platoon and who was in charge to which I obviously gave them all they wanted to know being 16 and terrified of being alone in the woods with what I knew was sergeant G and I didn't want to make him angry this of course had the opposite effect he gave me what felt like a punt right in the balls as hard as he could the pain from this was excruciating I felt like I wanted to throw up every instinct was to curl up into the fetal position but they wouldn't allow me to this carried on for a further 20 to 25 minutes with them asking me things like how great sergeant jiwan's or other corporals in the platoon to whom was the biggest slag in the platoon no matter what answer I gave it was met with violence like kicks to the ribs my fingers trodden upon and at one point I felt a thin stick whipping the back of my thighs thankfully they got bored and realized they couldn't carry on doing this without doing me serious damage and was ordered to my feet and led back to the area our platoon was camped out and told to go ahead alone when fairly close after retrieving my rifle from the girl who was still on stag duty she asked what happened I always remember this as I didn't want to seem like a coward I told her nothing had happened and they just asked me questions however I was crying inside all I wanted to do was to go home to my mum pathetic as that sounds but I felt violated the next morning was the end of the exercise sergeant G gathered everyone after some debriefing mainly about how bad we had done and then announced that his mates from the SAS reported that they had interrogated a few people while staring at me the whole time the whole March back all I could think of was how he was going to get me now everyone knew what he was like and without a doubt I would be targeted by him now the misery was unbearable I wanted the March to last longer because at least everyone was present and he couldn't single me out we got back to camp and everyone set about cleaning their gear when I was told the officer wanted to see me my heart left thinking maybe the girl have reported what had happened and this would be my Saviour and in a way it was the officer informed me that there are enough people to form a training troop at st. Omer passing out from purbright so I would be leaving at the end of the week thankfully I managed to avoid sergeant G for the whole week I volunteered to set up the field for our LC day and was under the supervision of a different sergeant so that's my epic tale of the deep cut barracks as mentioned at the start I tried to let the tribunal know of what occurred and they didn't want to know this man affected me in such a way that I still have recurring nightmares that I have rejoined the army and he is going to get his revenge and as for sergeant G don't worry about him boys and girls he got his just desserts for all the years of torment he doled out to vulnerable young soldiers the army recognized this and promoted him he is now the officer in charge of recruit welfare in the British Army I wish this was the lie but it's not I was stationed in Europe a very small very sought after duty assignment most of our small dorm was full of shift workers and such we would do odd things like barbecues at 3 a.m. or just walk to our buddy's rooms at odd hours to see if they were awake it was normal well I had a particular friend there he was a great guy normal very quiet and reserved but he really could be the life of the party as well everyone liked this dude well one day he suddenly was gone and being a small tight-knit group word traveled fast did you hear that Xavier's dad died he was killed in a car accident and he rushed home to be with his family oh man not this guy he was such a good guy and we all felt really bad for him now this guy could party with the best of them but if you paid attention you'd notice how respectful he was on a day-to-day basis and he was the only guy in the dorms I noticed quietly going to church on a regular basis not a Jesus Freak at all but I respected how he practices faith quietly and can still be cool with the guys well needless to say upon his return he had quite a somber tone no one suggests any partying or the like for a while and he just seems to shuffle between work and the dorm for a few weeks one night or should I say one early morning I happened to be enjoying a day off but still maintaining my sleep schedule and I heard a soft knock at my door it was this guy I invite him in and it was the first chance I'd had to had a real heart-to-heart with him since he'd got back and after just a few minutes of pleasantries he said there's something I need to tell you and I want your opinion sure man what's up and then he drops a bomb on me I just saw my dad what here is what he described he was laying in bed wide awake reading a book he explained that he was facing the wall with his back to the door and he was propped up in such a way that his right arm was holding the book and his left arm was under his right arm for support and that ultimately was tucked under his pillow so as he lay there with only the light of a desk lamp over his bed illuminating his book from behind him he feels a hand slide under his pillow and gently grasp his left hand in shock he quickly looks over to see his father standing there when I asked him what went through his mind he said that he was surprised but didn't feel like it was an unworldly event and they just stared at each other for a while at this point he'd instinctively let go of the hand and his father was just standing next to his bed then he said he spoke to his father and he said I'm sorry and he told me that he asked his dad why are you sorry and his father replied because I didn't bring you flowers I was supposed to bring you flowers and he followed up with why why are you supposed to bring me flowers his father replied because you're going to die this is the part that was messing him up and for the rest of the time I knew him he was never his happy-go-lucky self again it's been about 25 years I really should look him up I was military police in the Marine Corps I have three experiences that come to mind the first was on st. Patrick's Day 2011 a day that I was supposed to be off my wife and I were getting ready to meet up with some friends when I got a call that I was being recalled and had to come into work to pulled security on the flight line apparently no one else was answering their phones because I was the first one that arrived even though I lived off-base turns out that just before a training flight in a ch-53 a Marine had to go underneath to pull the pin out of the landing gear that allows it to retract which is probably the most dangerous part of the whole process the investigation ended up showing that there was a lack of scheduled maintenance done so when he pulled the pin it immediately collapsed on top of him when I got there they were just getting a crane in place to lift the helicopter up and because I was standing right next to it talking to the squadron CEO I had an up-close and personal view of what was left of his body now intuitively I know that he was killed instantly and could not have been alive for the half hour it took to get the helicopter off of him but the sight of his half crushed body twitching still gives me nightmares seven years later I ended up drinking a lot that night and for many nights since I've told this next one a few times before the second one was during a health and safety check on a marine that was in the process of separating from the service at the end of his contract he was scheduled to be attending a week-long separations course that is supposed to teach you how to smoothly transition back into civilian life and help get your benefits set up like many things in the military that separation course often was less important than doing your day job and supporting the mission so people not showing up as scheduled was no cause for alarm I was the patrol supervisor working on a Friday afternoon sometime in August when we got a call from the marine squadron asking us to go check his room because apparently he had never showed up the entire week for class they had assumed he was where he was supposed to be and the separation clast assumed that he had to skip class and was at work remember this was the middle of August in Southern California in the infamously unlucky rias Marine Corps barracks where a sea with something to look at not that actually works the way these barracks are laid out is there are two individual rooms with heavy metal doors with a shared common area and a bathroom and then another heavy metal door to access the outside of the building turns out his roommate that was in this second room was on leave otherwise we would have gotten a call a lot sooner the moment we opened the first door we knew what had happened to the guy sometimes Sunday night on Monday morning he had hung himself in his closet and then baked all week in the 95-plus weather a human body generates a lot of gases and fluid when it decomposes which can finally leave the body if it is shifted or disturbed like say by cutting it down while hanging let me tell you death is a smell that does not wash out of clothes we burn them all the third isn't disturbing because of what I saw because we had found out that my wife was pregnant with our first child the day before I was again working as the patrol supervisor so when a call came in for an unresponsive child in base housing it was given to me I showed up a minute before the paramedics and the guy that was home didn't seem at all distressed more just defeated than annoyed he takes me to the four month-old who his pale barely breathing and completely unresponsive medical got in the scene took a look at the kid and almost immediately loaded him onto the ambulance and headed to the hospital turns out this piece of garbage human being was playing call of duty while his wife was at school and was annoyed and frustrated at his infant son for crying so he shook him so hard that he severed his spinal cord causing internal bleeding in the brain the baby died the next morning in the hospital he also had a two-year-old son that was upstairs playing and asked us where they were taking his brother the father was sentenced to 20 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter and two counts of child abuse causing great bodily injury army base Sohus West Germany a still dark autumn evening it must have been warm because it was the kind of temperature you don't notice me 13 animate 15 just dosing around before we had to go in behind the flats where we live was a green area with a play area only one street lamp so it was very dark compared to a street and the well-lit main route through the camp which was about 80 to 100 meters away from where we were walking no traffic nothing it was never busy and this was on a weekend evening so literally no traffic and no one out and was about as far as we could tell which suited to teenagers just fine so we're heading between our respective block of flats and in the darkened Park area we stopped dead on the main road moving right to left was a figure vaguely person-shaped but undulating um waving like a cloth under water he glided along the middle of the road based on water obscured behind it as it moved I'd estimate it was between eight to ten foot but at the very least it was larger than your average sized man this shape this thing was not walking there was none of this slight up-and-down motion of walking it just glided smoothly and as fast as walking pace and it was all black not someone wearing black clothes it was a hole cut into the night no reflections no shadows just blackness it seemed like a lifetime as I soaked this detail up when in reality it couldn't have been more than two to three seconds I whispered to him do you see that yeah he replied and then thing changed direction towards us the last image I have before we broke Imran was a bit rising up as it came over the curb this is what makes it real for me this thing had some kind of mass that at least obeyed some laws of our physical world it moved from the brightly-lit road into the same darkness in which we stood we broke him ran for our lives back onto our street and into my mates block the guy bolted back to his own home leaving me wondering how the hell I was going to get to my own after a while the fear of the repercussions from my dad for being late overrode my fear of what might be out there in the night so I ran eyes straight ahead the ten or so meters to my own front door I was in too much trouble for being late to ever say anything when I got home sometimes when I'm walking and the night is warm and still and quiet I think about it and I wonder what I'll do if I ever saw it again run away or face it down and perhaps solve a thirty-year-old mystery honestly I don't know I was in the army it was pitch black me and my battle buddy had guard duty at checkpoint charlie we were in a forest in a temporary camp the time was around 1 a.m. and while I was looking through our night-vision equipment I could see what resembled for people trying to crawl into our encampment I followed protocol and call up our guard commander who tells me there shouldn't be anyone out there but to keep observing them and report back we were on a drill and there weren't planned situations this night I give the night vision to my buddy and he sees the exact same four shapes crawling very very slowly in the direction of our trenches so next step is to stop them I update my guard commander about the situation and what I intend to do I then get up out of our trench and go to the edge of the camp with my rifle drawn and shouted them to stand up with their hands above their heads and to identify themselves there's no response my buddy is looking through the night vision the entire time and confirms to me that there is indeed someone out there my guard commander comes running down with his pistol drawn looking through the night-vision goggles that he himself had he confirms what I see and the second he runs out there in anger to kick the crap out of them they're gone they didn't get up running they just weren't there anymore I can't for the life of me explain how what and why we're all in the Navy and I used to be stationed at Offutt AFB some friends of mine were Navy mas and Air Force security forces and told me that they used to have to patrol this building that once housed ordnance I had all kinds of stuff about that place one guy told me he saw a person in a flight suit just casually walking through an intersection between two corridors he called out to them and ran to see where they were going and of course when he looked around the corner there was no one there another buddy told me he took a couple of people down there because of all the stories they had heard according to him there was a constant banging on the pipes that seemed to follow them everywhere they went automatic toilets flushed whenever they got near one particular bathroom and creepiest of all was this furnace room he described to me he said the furnace had old chipped paint on it and the room smelled like sulfur more they were standing there a particularly loud bang on the pipes above them gave them all enough inspiration to leave this story takes place in the 60s to 70s as this happened during the Vietnam War for those of you who don't know the Vietnam War was a war where the US was fighting Vietnam or Vietcong as it was sometimes called basically the war was over a communist North Vietnam against the Democratic South Vietnam this war happened almost after the Korean War took place basically it was the same reason for Korea except the Korean Peninsula was split between a guess what a communist north and a democratic south which to this day the war is still ongoing but there hasn't been very much fighting thanks to a truce signed which I know what we've broken sooner or later thanks to what's happening now anyway now you people who've taken your history classes obviously know why I mentioning the Korean War but some of you probably don't so this has to do with my story my family has fought in conflicts from World War two the war on terror unlike World War one where most of the fighting was in Europe and Africa World War two actually had threats from all over the world but the biggest threats were Europe the Pacific and Africa countries like the UK USA France and the Soviet Union were Allied powers while countries like Nazi Germany the Italian fascist state and the Empire of Japan were the access power so after Germany invaded France Japan saw this as a chance to invade some of France's territories in the Pacific and of course one French colony was Vietnam Thailand and Cambodia but back then known as French Indonesia one man saw that France was treating the Vietnamese horribly and decided to start a rebellion after World War two the u.s. saw this as an opportunity to support their own ally and sent some men as women were only allowed to serve as nurses back then then one day the Vietnamese attacked an American naval ship off the coast to which the president at the time was allowed to respond after that attack by at first having planes fly over and bombed the Vietnamese soon eventually turning into a full-out war between each other my grandfather was one of those men to join and his father cleaned up what I think was the nuke that dropped on Hiroshima so he wanted to fight communism and was about to head on a plane but eventually received word that his wife was having a kid my uncle he went AWOL let's just say the military didn't let him leave but he forced himself to quit the war and honestly am thankful that he did because what he hurt next would have meant that I wouldn't be here telling you this story his plane the plane that he was just about to head on was just down by it the Vietnamese and guess how many people survived zero sure there were tons of famous and some not so famous or more infamous skirmishes and battles for the south this small piece of hilly terrain in somewhere Eastern Kentucky butted us right into the mountain crevasse and the elements were hell 3 pairs of socks at least every six hours or you could lose your toes to the black frostbite famine and of course the enemy made our lives hell our supply line had been broken miles back and ammo was becoming scarce and I witnessed men fastening their bayonets in lieu of what was surely to come the air was quiet the morning thick with Dew and mist whence even the squirrels had retreated this ominous morning every man knew it no scuttlebutt prep talk from any sergeant was going to shake the fear from these men the Yanks waited only beyond the trees and the gully that they currently formed in probably breaking fast and applying their wares of dare and terror Oh God the waiting the long tiring on edge like a worm on a hook waiting when dawn could give a little more the drums in artillery started the barrage dirt trees and men flew willy-nilly into the ditches and saplings surrounding us in the tight gully we struggled valiantly to bring our muzzles around and plant aim for just one enemy the Cyclones have impacted mortar fire churned the dirt relentlessly making visibility near zero at times I crawled to the parabola of the ditch feeling exposed and indeed sir nonetheless I saw one a Union soldier running full-speed bayonet fastened and leveled as he charged our embankment I brought the old muzzle loader around remembered my breathing as a shell exploded at what seemed to be only feet from my right throwing me clear and no longer did I see the charging soldier now I had problems well one problem my right leg was mangled the artillery shell had done its job and mobility was now impossible grasping the rifle and it's one shot close to his chest he reached for the loose bayonet and managed to attach it upon the end of his rifle and not a second too soon suddenly perhaps even the tenacious Union officer had preserved and dived over the Fox Hill embankment with murder and hate in his eyes also there was a little fear if I remember correctly I raised my rifle in reflexive terror that did not mimic any form of training he had received this was brutal survival the bayonet pierced into the diving officers exposed chest his own bayonet plunging into the dirt inches from the Southie out of raw fear and reflex as the officer lai plunged in gravity his nemesis the southeast shot the rifles payload surprisingly considering the early damp conditions the rifle bucked its flint and with a deafening kaboom created an exit wound in the officer the size of a watermelon the enemy was dead but his leg was beginning to succumb to shock and there they were to pull him back from the lines the general or Colonel of the southern unit was able to break the back of the northern hastily invading forces allowing many southern casualties to be brought back behind the lines for medical treatment for all his lucid happiness to be alive and rescued the trip was painful and no law diem nor liquor was spared for his pain he lay in a row of patients in order of trauma and need he was third if the doctor didn't break for potatoes a smoke or a much-needed rest no one wants to wait no one is in a hurry and no one wants a tired cranky doctor to amputate their body parts yet he knew that was exactly what was coming the non discrete pile of sawed-off bloody appendages still wearing their uniforms piled as high as a man behind the surgical tent and oh god the smell so putrid the Flies and it seemed like pestilences waiting room and so it was the surgeon sat on an old stump scarfing down a dry sandwich with bloodied hands besmirched in a bloody apron not very unlike a butcher back home his hair was thinning and his brows were generous but cruel or perhaps just jaded he was large and overweight he carried his weight like an asset rather than a liability and orderly stopped and quickly whispered something into his ear as he polished off the sad sandwich and he nodded and stood to stretch to his full monotonous size maybe he just seemed so big from down here they came and got a one now I'm second in line and I really want to keep my foot I pray for the first time in three months as artillery shells exploded in the distance an old veteran sometime in the night left a small whittled crutch beneath my slumbering shoulder I woke up and I was next the orderly declared the wound the most likely form of treatment and desperately shot me a small weak smile telling me you're gonna be ok friend they lifted the litter and towards that house of horrors I was brought the surgeon did not look rested or in good spirits I tensed immediately causing my pain to nearly and blessedly take me away from this alas it did not I glanced at the tray of barely washed blood-soaked instruments and used towels I wrenched then I saw the bone saw within a second I had been deposited on an operating gurney quite unceremoniously followed by an emotionless sorry buddy I glanced and gazed about but it was all they had said and it was worse screams missing portions of living men and so much blood dry blood floor soaking puddles and stains everywhere this was a true charnel-house with in movements several orderlies insisting they were trying to help me held me down I was powerless even through the excruciating pain he couldn't muster an inch of wiggle room and the reason for this was unfortunately visible the butcher stepped in drying his hands on a dry blood-stained towel and immediately sized up the menacing bonesaw from the soaking bucket what are we got here another limb the surgeon muttered as he struck a match and lit a stub of an old cigar yes sir dr. right lower extremity no chance of saving the foot sir the nurse responded okay let's take a look the surgeon grimaced and nodded his head let's do this hold him down a good one this time the surgeon said with exasperation oh god he's gonna cut off my foot and I can't protest nor stop him I'm pinned like claustrophobia buried alive unable to move and then it begins the first cut just saws the flesh right into the sinew and nerve clusters the doctor dictated as he worked on me as if I wanted to hear this but even more so was the grind each time he would soar into the mangled leg bone how deep was he at this point surely just one or two more passes of the saw and the worst would be over if the infection didn't kill him then a horror more terrible than he could have ever imagined the surgeon in order to avoid a major artery had to resaw an inch higher to ensure the patient's lack of blood loss and possible survival after the mistake was overheard and the third soaring grind with the dull bone saw the Sully found sweet solace in unconsciousness when he woke the first thought beyond the speed of pain was the thought that mere yards away his leg and foot sat indiscriminately on a massive pile of appendages ready for the flames of tomorrow and then next set of casualties he closed his eyes thanked someone for the bottle of opium and cried as he fell into sweet warm addictive safety some time later he awoke to the fever and then the tent flaps blustered with the cold kentucky air through the burlap he had thanks being given to the local pig butcher for helping out with the casualties I thought I smelled a faint odor of the chewed cigar hey guys it's Mort here and thank you so much for listening I hope you enjoyed tonight's extra-long episode on a very very requested topic I also want to give a shout out to Dean he has written a pretty interesting audio book well book which he's narrated into an audiobook which you can find on his channel it's very small and definitely deserves some love so if you're in the mood for some more military stories feel free to check it out as he has a wealth of stuff the you to listen to the link is in the description and on-screen shortly as as teens audiobooks so yeah feel free to check that out I think you guys would certainly like it if you like army and military stories if you enjoyed tonight's video though please don't forget to drop a like and leave a comment with your thoughts it really does help me out and it goes a long way into you know everything on the channel going better still having some trouble with the Heskey D monetization bots I'm recording these in advance but today another big YouTube channel has actually been completely demonetized for another reason that is completely nonsensical and doesn't I just don't understand it but it's getting very frustrating and youtuber of course D monetizing my videos as well which is why they have to be pre uploaded like a few days in advance so hopefully they can you know I prove it but sometimes they don't just to to see what happens really so that's where we are with things I'm kind of worried that they're gonna just slap me in the face and take my high monetization – in all seriousness but I hope that never happens got to stay the positive optimist so we'll wait and see but just bear in mind that that stuffs happening and I and I'm a little bit afraid anyway for now guys I'm gonna sign off stay awesome thank you to all you brave servicemen and women everywhere and I'll see you in the next one


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