100% FREE EX DB Ginyu Force Team EXPLAINED! Dragon Ball Legends

July 27, 2019

welcome everyone back to another Dragonball legends video my name is Dee freed here today we're gonna go in and take a look at the brand new ginyu for its sizzling summer boot camp event I hope you guys enjoy of course hit that subscribe as always if you are new for more content so I'm incredibly excited about the fact that we do have new ext new force members that are coming into the game and we're gonna want to talk about that also stay tuned I'm gonna go ahead and later on today hopefully today it's not early tomorrow we will have a guide for this you can to kind of you guys some of the best practices it's not too different from most other events as far as like grind is concern but I do want to give you guys some of the best practices so that being said again all the characters on this list of characters here we're gonna go ahead and review as well they are all free units so they're all exchangeable from the exchange shop of course and of course again 100% three units that you guys will be able to pick up to bolster their Frieza force slash ginyu fourth teams so to begin we're gonna go ahead and start off with the man captain ginyu one day hopefully we do get that giving you Goku we did see it in the background of this card art as well so ginyu here is a support type unit for the record are they all gonna be support types defense that okay how does it say like I wouldn't be surprised if somehow they all made him like support types okay so let's go ahead and move on as well this type of stuff I'm not really gonna do this cuz I don't know how much exchanges are possible right now I kind of feel like one or two probably but I don't know but anyways we'll just go and take a look at the main ability here though draws the awaken arts card body chain so he has a purple card we don't see but purple cards very often but he has that draws the awaken arts card body changed next and flicks all enemies and allies oh okay between those switching for 10 counts so this one here it's this is them quote-unquote balancing it we'd have to look at what body changed us we're gonna go and scoop ahead a little bit cancels enemy attribute upgrades on hit wow this is one of the best things that this can do like and this is one of the best things you could have happened for you in this game because so many units get started this starting out bonuses for when they enter the battlefield also so many characters get sewage bonuses and just stuff IV you will take all that off for the most part except the ones that say they can't be canceled that's literally one of the best things you can do so that's amazing but I get why they are trying to quote-unquote balance it but they inflict all allies with no switching but on the plus side if you can get the opponent my position they themselves can't switch out either so you're essentially able to body change with whoever you want so like you can I if they've done their vanish the real smart way to use this is if you wait their vanish or get a vantage feather them in some way just do this in a middle of a combo and then you'll just lock for example like super vegeto and just take it all off well to be honest super Vegeta might not be the best indicator because it stacks buffs like a madman but regardless you can take it all off anyways we're going to take a look at a unique ability so when this character enters the battlefield the following effects occur if all three battle members are Frieza force ok I like that I like that plus 35% to damage inflicted for twenty counts plus 30% to own key recovery for twenty counts and the following effects to also occur if all three of our members are ginyu force ok – five – own strike and blast arts cost oh that's really good and draws a special arts card next activate once ah so special arts card is green card it doesn't say special move that will be blue special arts is the green card so that being said I want to point out that threes or fours has access to some really good units most recently they picked up some odd some more buffers so there's that they also do have golden Frieza as well who came out and he is actually on the banner as well right now but free the horse is looking pretty good now actually and also again you don't necessarily need to use all gimme force but if you do use a guinea for character they of course you have the Frieza fourth bag so you get all these punitive of buffs here as well so that's going to take a look at these second unique applies the following effects to Allied Frieza force characters with his character switch to standby Oh does he do switch bonus plus 15% to damage inflicted for 15 counts wow that's good plus 20% the key recovery also applies to following effects – gimme for scare cuz they get another 15% and they got a 15% critical rate oh this feeling just again 15% is nothing crazy but again if you can go ahead and switch from Jinyu into light it gives for example gold and Frieza this is that's that's crazy that's crazy viability there also key recovery and then if it's a guinea forest remember plus 15% more damage and then they also get a higher crew trait you go to take a look at the special move here it's like sending to actually downgrade – 50% – key recovery on hit for 10 counts that's good also the green card here increases arts cards Rossby level by one for 10 counts and plus 30% to allies key recovery for 10 count this is actually this stream sidestep this is very good very very good anytime you can manipulate your cards raw speed level that's very good in this game but also in a green car that's not very common if I don't know everybody just a few units I can even do that that way but freeze of course booze so he is just regular blast attack for freezing force which is still pretty solid but he picks up blast and strike this is innately one of the best freeze of course the abilities in the game double attack combinations are in my opinion the best he abilities the game overall anyway that's very good ginyu we're gonna go to take a look at Rick whom here so we're cool now is a defense type his main ability restores allies health by 15% restores allied DD force characters health by 10% also canceled at should be downgrades so if it's a ginyu force character they'll he'll 25% and get their downgrades removed i don't need to really mention how good it is to just get a fresh slate pretty much but if it's not a guinea fourth character they'll still heal 15% of their HP so he himself by the way will always kill himself 25% and the attribute downgrade will get nullified though austin viability and versatility with that as far as free supports and gimme for smash is concerned we're gonna take a look at the ultimate art ultimate excuse me unique the following effects occur if own health is 50% or below after enemies attack is of i was over okay how's this a cover okay so if he gets hit like stuck in a combo and he winds up below 50% he gets 30% of strike damage inflicted and it activates one time and gradually recovers own health so he has a regen ability I don't know what is that number it's a static number I think it's like 2,000 or 3,000 so my fathom you get every other second pretty much so it's good right it's good but if he goes above 50% pretty much and he dips below again he's not going to get this again it's not gonna happen again back to each one time but it is not like count restrict its that's good anyways tough body the following effects occur per Frieza force battle member would scare car entered the battlefield reduces damage received by 10% and plus 10% the strike damage inflicted though he's a defense unit with a melee secondary focus also there's some very good defensive things have some built-in damage reduction also has some healing 25% for himself specifically removes downgrades as well also he has a built-in regen ability year when he gets low on HP so looking pretty good there to be honest not not crazy great or anything like that but look at him looking pretty good I he has the makings of a solid DX card or solid unit in general I don't want to say e^x card that's a negative connotation because some of these DX are better than a lot of sparkles anyways -1 arts card raw speed level for the enemy whenever okay when he hits them with the eraser gun he actually is minus 1 arts card drops key level Wow okay that's interesting okay that's that's good that's good green card inflicts all enemies dude I should be down going around 50% to health restoration this so any character that can heal this is good versus them of course as you would imagine 50% – is just crazy like having a we can isolate a character like legendary finish Gohan details well he's gonna heal 2% less you know I'm saying so stuff like that and this guy's double defense alright we're cool and that's it that's another one of the really good C abilities you can have all right become something really cool all right so we have but look birch is right here I'm a little b burner now will do Jace later burner all right we're going to move on he is a melee type okay draws a special move arts card next so he draws his blue car okay again special move +35 person to strike damage inflicted for 20 counts as well and plus 50% to own vanishing gauge recovery pretend draws a blue card gets a strike damage bonus and also gets a faster ability to go ahead and vanish for 10 counts % quicker Vantage speed hold on gimme force characters have specific equips that came out way back yeah I was upset I feel like he has a cliff that puffs is a gauge but the way they this kind of ruined this equipped was making it blast focus he really wanted to be strike focused but he still has access to something like that so this guy's gonna be able to vanish and then vanish again pretty quickly afterwards at least for a 10 timer account window so anyways the following effects occur when his character evades the enemy's attack with a vanishing step okay so when he evades the attack with the vanishing step he increases his card rawski level by one four five pounds only but that's fine because it suggests it's not restricted and plus 20% to special move damage inflicted which activates three times so the special move damage only activates three times with the arts card draw speed level it should activate any number of times because it doesn't have up here it has a period there Wow okay if you can cheese it if you can cheese is vanish and just keep doing it he is going to be a sidestep monster of all and effects occur per freeze of course bottom Emmons character into the battlefield plus 15% to strike damage and minus 5 to own special move arts card okay he has special damage bonus he draws a special move even gets minus 5 food cost his special move better be really good ok yeah it is ok yeah Berta's nuts murders nuts um their stories is vanishing gauge by 40% this is different than it were recovery speed so the recovery speed means that while he's just standing idly and doing stuff that would allow for the vanish to come back it comes back 50% quicker this just automatically gives it another 40 percent say it's 60 percent healed automatically already excuse me because you again we're standing idle or whatever and it was almost there but not quite but if you can land the Mach kick like towards the end of a combo or whatever the case is this will put you right back to max rate again and the vanish again does give you another card Rossby level this is very very good like overall like tie in this is honestly this is so far the most impressive unit I've seen other than ginyu I think about Guinea was when it comes to switch bonuses and stuff like that yes sir kind of quantify those units a little bit differently because he is a support type he's meant to do different things but Berta is very very very good so I'm very impressed by Berta green card plus honey persons of stripe damaged and plus 30 person to own key recovery as well you know I might still run that equip on I'm not one that likes to do the whole oh I'm gonna run an equip that allows for me to buff the staff that they don't get primary focus on like he's a melee unit he wants melee bonuses he gets melee bonuses in his kid so I'm gonna go ahead and focus on blast for the equip I don't do that because I'd rather just focus on what the unit is good at versus trying to bring something that they're subpar at up to average I'd rather just be very good at one thing especially cuz he holds double strike cards yeah I don't need that on these blocks but I'll still probably do it just for that vanish man but he's very good dice okay okay so Jayce is the range student plus 40% the blast damage inflicted for 15 counts by the way Jason's gonna be very good alongside golden Frieza who's also a blast unit for that matter changes strike cards to blast cards oh he changes to cards with his main ability that's cool alright so first unique the following effects occur per Frieza 4th battle member when this character enters the battlefield plus 15% to blast damage inflicted it also we go ahead and take a look at what the rest the man can do is plus 10% to own key recovery as well and minus two twos blast arts taught so again blast cards going cheaper even if it's by one key or whatever is good just because those are so expensive anyway as far as like chaining in cards and doing stuff like that it's always nice to have that regardless to is not that much but you can actually notice it also 10% key recovery isn't that much but it's helpful and then blast damage inflicted as well but also its per so it's actually just doubled these numbers okay hold on it's his battle member I think this actually includes himself oh I always get confused with the battle member stuff I think this actually includes himself which would be forty five thirty and six though correctly is not mistaken it could be either just the other two or just him but I'm pretty sure it includes himself plus 30 percent to own key recovery herb defeated battle member also increases arts wait wait but okay so 30 percent key recovery per to feed it so that goes up to 60 that's Philly Philly fast but also you're trading these off so it's either or because this one's defeated and then this one is just when there's just battle members also increases arts car drops be leveled by one her defeated Frieza force battle number so he's screaming sidestep here there it is anytime you have a key recovery in arts Karnofsky level bonus there they're telling you to sidestep because you'll be able to chain in one potentially two more cars major impact damage inflicted enemy to downgrade minus 50% advantage to gauge recovery okay I talked about how that's really good to have a bonus hunt it's also very bad to have a oh it's bad for the opponent it's very good to have but it means that they're not gonna be able to vant vanish anywhere near as quickly so that's good green card is plus 20% of damage inflicted just general damage okay by the way I don't look at the Z abilities blast a second offense I'd imagine me strike attack in defense yeah is okay mammy a seven-star these numbers are going so high 30 percent a freezer force oh my goodness man this this is going to be easy when you can actually get them to seven star eventually because they're in the data is in there for seven star I don't know if you can get it now but eventually at least still be able to get them and then everybody's favorite we'll take a look at Gould oh another range guna here Brasi awaken arts part buying them next also shortens allies sub count by 2 so shortening sub count is one of the top five in my opinion best things that you can do in this game by two isn't that much but it does help it's actually very noticeable whenever you have shorter switches time because switching is one of the most important things you can do because it's one of your main forms of defense in the game also we've got to scroll down when this character enters the battlefield the following effects occur if a freeze of course other than this character is a battle members electic want they do stuff like this other than this character that makes me think that on when they say stuff like that it makes you think that the other bonuses do include the character but whatever we'll have to see plus 25% to own key recovery and plus 35% own vanishing recovery oh okay I didn't expect him to have a baños recovery speed up Wow okay by the way each of these Guinea fourth characters did have their own specific equips from the ginyu force event that came out a long long time ago I haven't been quantifying that in this but do keep in mind that they have you cook like this is a double attack in HP booster ginyu force had some of the best equip items overall they even awoken this which is really really good this is a triple attack booster before I say that this isn't good stuff man but I'm not really talking about that too much here but yeah so we're back over here to Gold oh the gold oh also has a second unique here the following effects occur when changing cover draws a special arts card next in shortens own sub-county whoa he sure is his own countess for entering the battlefield he draws a green car to UM shortens his own sub count okay all right I like that I like that I like that a lot okay his strike right actually has poison built-in oh boy here we go his blast card is a paralysis impact okay so the only difference with having it built in is that you're not actually gonna have it put into your deck to where any unit can do it he has a built-in paralysis blast card at a built-in poison strike card awesome only unit in the game that I think that can do both of those is uh what is the deep ham and other than that is the only other one I can think of off the top of my head is evil boob I believe holds both of those cards in Nate Lee it's like once I go into your deck but I think those feeling cares with me both of those things at once Oh evil boo only holds one so little stuff like that I think there might be one more but that's pretty much it all right so we're gonna go ahead and scroll down 30% chance to click paralysis yada yada major Pierce damage on the special move and a 40% chance to inflict heavy bleed on him I believe heavy lead is – static – 6000 every other second so they're a good chip damage Breeden card it inflicts all enemies with the two sub counts ah oh they're so I'll Adam you get plus two sub count okay that's what I'm gonna read that adds which is crazy I talked about in the video recently with future Gohan doing something similar the upcoming future Gohan if you can make your opponent take even one count faster that throws off a large portion of what they like to do alright Plus 10% chance for own blast starts to inflict paralysis okay okay and every blast he does is actually a paralysis blast as opposed to just having it at your deck and seeing it every so often here we go here we go Oh what the heck what Doug what what what what is this what is this what is this wait find inflicts the enemy with heavy immobilized what even is heavy immobilized does it last for longer is that what that is but it's a it's a mobilized for the whole arena alright I'm done at that point I he's a health booster for Frieza force that's crazy good alright I'm done I can't uh I can't what what would this face man this is the face of a troll he's gonna paralyze you and immobilize you non-stop why is this character this character seems like he's gonna be really annoying anyways hope you guys enjoyed hope you also enjoyed goal dog's face I have an awesome day everyone I'll catch all of you in the next one


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    brings me back to the beginning of the game when the hero ginyu force was decent

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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Guldo is gonna be cancerous AF with his paralysis ability. Top three Ginyu Force units to run together will likely be Ginyu, Burter, and Guldo

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    also what's that music in the background?, I feel like I've heard it before but can't quite put my finger on it.

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  • Reply Schlotzer July 27, 2019 at 11:32 am

    That awakened Ginyu Force Equipment is actually a quadrupple attack booster. The last effect is for both attacks.

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    Heavy Immobilize lasts longer, can confirm. Guldo is gonna be incredibly broken in PvP. Not from a Powercreep sense, but from a "difficult to play against him" type of sense. With that whole stage Heavy Immobilize, that pretty much secures a RR target if you've got it available by that point. His original Hero version does the same thing (full stage Immobilize), but most people paid no attention to him so now its a big deal because he's actually a decent unit. I can't wait to see the FF/Ginyu Force teams people create in PvP

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