15 Weird Rules The NBA Forces On The Players

July 26, 2019

let the game begin hit the metal arm with something imagine you're an NBA player you're in the middle of the game the other team is driving towards the net and in a panic you reach out to try to take control of the ball from the opposing player in possession you make contact it flies out of his hands and into your teammates things are looking up but then the whistle blows play stops and your team loses possession because you threw a punch at the ball not only is that in the rulebook but it's not nearly the strangest rule the NBA forces on its players not by a long shot the game starts with a jump all the players are tense and ready and when that ball comes down things get hectic whomever takes possession gets a huge bout of momentum right off the bat and a fight for that advantage can be such a free kiss that both teams lose sight of which side of the court they're supposed to be driving towards if this happens and the referee notices within the first twenty four seconds of play they can call a foul on the offending team and restart the game if they so choose if they don't notice within 24 seconds play continues as normal with the side swapped they'll be changed later in the second half as usual anyways the rules are important but so is the flow of the game people a good number of the NBA's rules were put in place precisely to keep the game moving along one such rule and one of the most well-known is the ten second free throw cap even for seasoned players shooting a free throw is a high-pressure situation and many of them have developed routines to get them in the zone whether it be superstition ritual or otherwise it's become a big part of players mental preparation the only thing is it can take a while and really slow down the pace of the game players like the Utah Jazz is Carl the mailman Malone and in more recent years Dwight Howard are known for taking their time before taking the shot which is why the NBA instituted a ten-second limit on free throw prep time on the other hand the NBA also has a rule which might seem contradictory to keeping things moving along during a game mandatory time outs in fact the rule is more of a business decision for the league then it is a respite for the players although we're sure they're grateful two timeouts per quarter have to be called with the expectation that each team will call what the NBA does this to make room for advertisement breaks which are obviously a major source of revenue for the organization accordingly the first timeout in each quarter is the longest three minutes and 15 seconds for a nationally televised game or 2 minutes and 45 seconds for a locally televised game and on the note of mandatory downtime there's another rule which does exist purely for the players benefit it's no secret that a full season of regular NBA play can be brutal for players with 82 games being played over roughly 180 days that averages out to one game every two days that be hard on anybody professional athlete or not which is why the NBA has a mandatory rest rule during the regular season players have to take 18 days of downtime during which they can't participate in any team related activities including practices and meetings they are thankfully allowed to work out or use the team's facilities but it's got to be their choice if we were in their size 12 shoes we'd be taking those days off as far as Footwear goes there aren't too many restrictions on what players pant and pant layer on the court these days and it's a good thing because the sheer variety of kicks have made for some iconic fashion statements the most notable obviously being the Air Jordan one which Michael Jordan wore despite its Bands status by the NBA using his Nike endorsement money to pay the fine rules have since been relaxed and now team colored shoes are allowed but what aren't are the athletic propulsion labs concept once sneakers which purported to contain jump enhance in technology whether or not this is true is up for debate but in 2010 the NBA didn't want to take the chance despite the ban or maybe because of it the press caused a massive boost in sales but as for performance in game the world will never know a tried and true staple of in game play is of course the screen an offensive player stands beside or behind a defender in order to free a teammate to shoot pass or drive towards the net and score this happened constantly during a game but the one place you won't see a player setting one up is out-of-bounds a spur official rule a player can't have his foot off the court while setting a screen nor can a player run out of bounds while being screamed the NBA likely instituted this rule as a safety measure to prevent players from accidentally knocking over fans camera than the life finally enough rather than being called as a type of foul the penalty for this is an out-of-bounds violation the NBA player dress code is another subset of the rulebook which designates a fair amount of players fashion choices as out of bounds on October 17 2005 NBA commissioner David Stern announced the implementation of the mandatory dress code which made the NBA the first major professional sports league to institute that kind of a rule in late 2004 the NBA was facing an image problem after the Pacers pistons brawl aka malice and the palace which took place on November 19th of that year with a dress code Stern likely sought to bring a more professional appearance to the league so many players and fans criticized it for being racist as it banned a lot of clothing homage and hip-hop still players have since gotten inventive with sting within the life creating a new wave of men's fashion in the process another famous if more localized ban on apparel happened in 2010 when LeBron James announced his departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat this time the NBA cracked out on fans and their choice of apparel at games why because there was so much hatred for James circulating at a time that hundreds if not thousands of jerseys t-shirts hat and other apparel were being produced and warranty game all of these feature derogatory language and images taking shots at James and his decision to betray his home team at best they range from jokes insulting cartoons and caricatures all the way to I hate LeBron James slogans and outright slurs in all fairness we think the NBA made the right call in implementing this rule be cool people enforcing proper behavior during games is often a tough line for an organization to walk the NBA doesn't want to appear like they're cycling players and fans creativity but they've also got to stick to their principles and image another moment where the league took a hard stance with in September of 2017 in the wake of the protest which swept major sports organizations following Colin Kaepernick's decision to kneel during the national anthem of an NFL game NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued a memo inviting teams to address fans about community issues at the top of games but still made it clear that quote players coaches and trainers are just stand and line up in a dignified posture along the sideline or on the foul line during the playing of the national anthem end quote most of the time rules need to be put in place which have nothing to do with lofty ideals like patriotism and players ideologies it's usually simple matters of practicality and this is definitely the case in October 2001 when the NBA added of utilizing players for shattering backboards if it happens during warmups there's no penalty but if it happens in game during the course of play the player gets slapped into technical foul so they can't be ejected from the game because of it the NBA informally introduced the rule during the 1992-93 season after Orlando Magic Center Shaquille O'Neal brought two back boards crashing down with a fourth of his dunking prowess the games in question saw massive delays and in addition to the cost of repairing the backboard the NBA wanted to make sure it didn't happen again it's honestly possible that to do what he did Shaq had a strength of five men aka the number of players on each team allowed on the court at one time and even though five is a legal limit sometimes there is one thing better than five players six players on December 30th 2008 the Boston Celtics played the Portland Trailblazers after a timeout Portland's coach Nate McMillan put an extra player on the court before anyone knew what was happening the team used the technically unfair advantage to score a basket the referee called the technical fouls by the time there wasn't anything in the rules that said they could take the points off the board so they did it but for anyone hoping to a founded new strategy the NBA change the rules the following summer six is an important number for basketball as it turns out if a player commits six personal fouls in a game that's a break point and they're forced to sit out for the remainder there is however a strange exception to the rule if the team doesn't have any other players to substitute in because they've all also committed six fouls then the player can stay in the game it's a sort of free pass for being late to the party the official NBA rules read quote set players shall remain in the game and shall be charged with a personal and team foul a technical foul also shall be assessed against his team all subsequent personal fouls including offensive fouls shall be treated similarly one kind of treatment the NBA definitely doesn't tolerate is abusive behavior it's no question that throwing a punch at another player will get you objectified and possibly suspended depending on the severity but something not a ton of people know is that these rules also extend to the ball granted the penalties are less severe if a player makes contact with the ball with a closed fist at any point during a game it results in the turnover or loss of possession to the other team the thought process the hi miss is that the ball is liable to move more erratically when hit in an uncontrolled manner like this and could easily end up smoking a fan the other danger is if a player throws a punch aimed at the ball and misses is probably going to hit somebody which is not what the game is about what basketball is about are the incredible displays of skills the 20 or show off on the court game after game year after year the NBA's top talent outdo one another with showings of speed strength reflexes and accuracy and the NBA has a leash room to allow for one of the unlikeliest pieces according to the rule book quote any time a live ball is in flight from the brain court the goal it's made shall count even if time expires or the officials whistle sounds and quote and shocks bounced off the ground and into the net technically count as baskets so while there's no recorded instance of this ever happening in NBA history if a player were to shoot a full court buzzer beater bounce shot and it bounced and went in before time expired it would count as possibly the greatest display in basketball history rain or shine the game must always go on even if say a disaster were to befall one of the teams see or not because the NBA has a contingency plan the disaster draft which is hell's in the unlikely and unfortunate event at five or more of a team's players pass away it's not a widely publicized rule so as not to give any overzealous fans the wrong idea but it exists to give a team a fair chance in the event of a plane crash or other such risk they can take their pick of the six the most valuable players from any other teams in the lead ones your team and they'll receive top picks in the next year's non-disaster draft to suit though the rule has thankfully never been used it's good to know it's there for the time being that's all for some of the NBA's stranger rules are there any that you think are actually pretty reasonable any you disagree with what about plain old unnecessary share your 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