2016 PointCast – Sports Force Parks

July 26, 2019

Earlier this year we announced Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center. Located just down the road from Cedar Point, this premiere youth sporting facility will feature fields for baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and all kinds of other family activities. And there's a lot of progress being made so let's take a tour! We are about 80% done with construction at this point and we're expecting completion of the park towards the end of October, start of November. Right now we're really doing a lot of finishing work. We've turfed half the fields, we still have to turf the other half but we're doing a lot of landscape work. We're starting to install some of the amenities and work a lot of the paving around the site. We're moving on from the sports pieces to more the family and entertainment piece of the park. It's an awesome area. People have been coming to this area for years to have their vacation and so being able to put a complex like this and add an amenity to an area where people are already trying to go to is fantastic. We're able to combine an awesome sport's experience with that family vacation! When they're here on site they're having a great time but when they leave they've got a multitude of opportunities… from going to Cedar Point to going to the water park, to anything else in this area! It's really truly a family vacation that everybody can get around! Lots of stuff going on here in Sandusky. To get your team here or to book a tournament, visit It's time to play ball! Maybe not quite yet. But soon!

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