2019 Compendium of Open Office of Inspector General Recommendations to the Department of Defense

July 25, 2019

hello I am Glenn fine the DoD principal Deputy Inspector General performing the duties of the Inspector General I want to discuss the 2019 compendium of Open Office of Inspector General recommendations to the Department of Defense first some background about why this annual document now in its third year is important to the DoD and why we at the Office of Inspector General decided in 2017 to begin compiling these open recommendations in an annual compendium our mission at the DoD OIG is to detect and deter waste fraud and abuse in DoD programs and operations to promote the economy efficiency and effectiveness of the DoD and to help ensure ethical conduct throughout the DoD to fulfill this mission our workforce conducts independent audits evaluations and investigations of DoD programs operations activities and personnel in this work we often make recommendations for improvements for example we may recommend recovering funds updating policies improving internal controls implementing best practices or holding individuals accountable for improper actions we cannot compel DoD officials to implement our recommendations but they are required to respond as to whether they can cur with the recommendations and what corrective actions they will take to address the recommendations if they concur if management officials concur they should implement the corrective actions in a timely fashion improvements to DoD operations through the corrective actions can have significant monetary and non-monetary benefits including saving tax dollars operating more effectively and efficiently and providing greater supports of the warfighter while the DoD often takes prompt action to address our recommendations we believe it is important for the OIG to track report on and focus attention on those recommendations that have yet to be fully implemented since our first compendium was published in 2017 the DoD has made a substantial effort to address open recommendations and has provided supporting documentation that has led to the closure of over 1,300 recommendations however many recommendations remain open in our 2019 compendium which we issued on July 22nd the do-do RG identified 1581 recommendations that remain open as of March 31st 2019 of these 1581 open recommendations DoD management has agreed to take corrective action on fourteen hundred and eighty-one recommendations in addition the compendium contains information on 41 open recommendations from DoD o IG reports with potential monetary benefits of 4.8 billion dollars we also list another 80 recommendations that are more than five years old the number of recommendations more than five years old has increased 42% since we issued the 2018 compendium last year the 2019 compendium also highlights the top 30 high-priority open recommendations that we believe could improve the effectiveness of DoD operations and provide cost savings to the taxpayer in the 2019 compendium we have included a new chapter that discusses the findings and recommendations that resulted from the first-ever DoD wide financial statement audits as well as the process that the DoD o IG and independent public accounting firms will use to follow up on those recommendations we have seen that the DoD has taken our open recommendations and this compendium seriously for example when we first issued the compendium the Secretary of Defense asked for regular briefings on the status of open recommendations in addition DOD o IG managers also meet monthly with DOD senior leaders to discuss their plans for implementing agreed-upon corrective actions and providing documentation when the actions are complete we believe these concerted efforts to address open recommendations or a positive step and an important impact of our compendium we will therefore continue to issue this compendium on an annual basis to track and follow up on open recommendations for additional information on the compendium or on how to file a hotline complaint or to review publicly released do-do IG reports you can visit the do DOI G's website at WWDC Emmel thank you for your interest to the do do IG and in this compendium

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