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37 Secret Police Codes You Always Wanted to Know

September 13, 2019

“We got a 10-14 over on 23rd and Main… Oh, 10-22, it’s just a 10-54.” Police-talk! We’ve all wanted to know what cops are saying
into their radios, so you’re finally about to find out! That, and all those mysterious сodes you
hear over the intercom in stores and airplanes. Alright, buckle in and pay attention – there’s
gonna be a test! – Police codes
There are hundreds of these things to cover almost every situation (even the most bizarre!),
and they vary from one jurisdiction to the next. I’ve just chosen the most common, useful,
and some of my personal favorites! 10-1: Poor reception – unable to copy. And the opposite… 10-2: Good reception. I can hear you. 10-4: Affirmative, message received. A.k.a. – got it! This one might be the most well-known. The opposite would be 10-74: negative or nope! 10-5: Pass along information to officer or
dispatcher. 10-6: Busy… unless urgent. Skipping ahead – urgent is a 10-18, while
an emergency is a 10-33 10-9: Could you repeat that? 10-10: Fight in progress. Better break it up! 10-11: Dog case. This could be a lost, found, or problem with
a dog. I hope Fido is okay. 10-12: Stop or stand by. I’m waiting. 10-14: Prowler report. Sounds like the synopsis for all those teen
horror flicks. 10-16: Domestic complaint. For when your neighbors are a little TOO into
the new Taylor Swift album. 10-17: Meet complainant. “Yeah, I have a complaint. My neighbors are WAY too into the new Taylor
Swift record. Turn it down!” 10-20: What’s your location? 10-22: Disregard. Guess the neighbors finally turned down their
speakers. 10-23: I’ve arrived at the scene. 10-28: Requesting vehicle registration information. Highway patrol officers probably use this
one right after they pull you over! 10-30: Unnecessary use of radio. Referring to the police radio, of course. I guess when other cops are using it to tell
knock-knock jokes to each other? 10-31: Crime in progress. Oh boy. 10-35: Major crime alert. And that’s a big “Oh boy!” 10-39: Turn your lights and sirens on – you
need to get to this case fast because it’s very urgent. A silent run (without lights and sirens) is
a 10-40. 10-49: Traffic light is out…because sometimes
policework isn’t as action-packed as we think… In this case, you’ll probably need to call
a 10-58 (direct traffic). 10-50: This is for an accident, followed by
F for fire, PI for personal injury, or PD for property damage. 10-54: Livestock on highway. I imagine this one gets used a LOT in the
Midwest… 10-70: Fire alarm 10-73: Smoke report. But where there’s smoke, there’s usually
a 10-70! 10-78: Need assistance. 10-80: Chase in progress. Cue Kenny Loggins “Danger Zone” – nevermind,
don’t do that, you know the rules! 10-93: Uh-oh, this road’s been closed off
with a blocade. Better find an alternative route. 10-94: Drag racing. If they don’t knock it off, they’re gonna
run into that 10-93! 10-98: Jailbreak. (Hey, check behind the Rita Hayworth poster!) 10-101: What’s your status? And if it’s secure (you’re okay), that’ll
be a 10-106! Okay, I started this video off with a “10-14
over on 23rd and Main… Oh, 10-22, it’s just a 10-54.” Can you decipher my message now? Leave it down in the comments! And while you’re doing that, let’s move
on to… – Hospitals
Also pretty familiar thanks to TV and movies, hospital codes are a little easier to follow
since they aren’t numbered (and there aren’t a bazillion of them). Usually based on a system of colors, here
are the most widely used codes you may hear over the intercom. Code Blue: Heart or respiration stop. If someone can’t breathe or their heart
has stopped beating. Well that’s not good. Code Grey: Combative person. Uh-oh, somebody really doesn’t like getting
shots. Code Orange: A hazardous material has been
spilled. Grab a mop and a hazmat suit! Code Pink: Pediatric emergency. Code Red: Fire. Code Silver: A weapon or hostage situation. Code White: Neonatal or newborn emergency. Amber alert: Abducted child. This one is used universally throughout the
U.S., not just in hospitals. Code Clear: The announced code or emergency
is over. Phew! Sometimes, you’ll even hear “Paging Mr.
Post”…which is code requesting a ride for someone who needs a trip to the morgue! – Air Travel
If you’ve ever been on a plane, you know there’s always a lot going on. From dealing with nervous passengers to navigation
and mechanical issues, you’d be right to guess there are a lot of codes pilots and
flight attendants use to communicate quickly and discreetly to avoid causing a panic. Mayday!: Certainly you’ve heard this one
in movies and TV shows. Let’s just hope you don’t hear it 3 times
in a row while mid-flight since this is what a pilot says to signal that the plane is going
down. And that’s why we always pay attention to
those pre-flight instructions! Don’t cha? Cabin Crew Arm Doors and Cross-Check: This
directive from the pilot to the crew is used to get them prepared for a possible need to
exit the plane quickly. If you hear this one, hopefully, you’re
on the ground already. Code Blue Juice: Sounds delicious! Unfortunately, this isn’t referring to some
free Berry Blue Kool-Aid for everybody onboard. It’s about the toilet water on the plane. No you don’t want to lick that popcycle… Code 7500: You definitely don’t want to
hear this code called out since it signals that the plane’s been hijacked or is otherwise
in danger. Code 7600: This is a loss of radio communication. It sounds worse than it usually is since most
radio issues are just caused by temporary interference, which is a 15 yard penalty. [show NFL football ref throwing a penalty
flag.] Code 7700: Is a bit of a vague one, and it’s
meant to be that way. In a nutshell, it signals some kind of urgent
issue. If you hear a flight attendant call it, it’s
likely an issue with a passenger, be it medical or otherwise. Code Barf: I actually made this one up, but
it means “What’s up, Chuck?” It happens more often on planes than 7600. Last-minute paperwork: This one is used by
flight attendants or pilots to reassure passengers why there’s been a delay. “Sorry for the delay, folks, we just have
to deal with some last-minute paperwork before we can take off,” is one way you may hear
it expressed. This just means there’s a random situation,
often routine maintenance or mechanical check or a slight change in the flight plan to avoid
bad weather. Or maybe the wing has to be bolted back on,
who knows? It’s the kind of thing that’s as routine
as paperwork to a flight team, and calling it such is certainly less likely to scare
any aerophobes on board. Now onto Ships
Let’s head out to the sea and check out what weird word combinations you might hear
on your next cruise! The funny thing about ship emergency signals
is that they’re often said or rang 3 times. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll just say them
once! Code Red: You may have guessed “fire”
again on this one, but on a ship, this code is referring to an outbreak of an illness. Probably should’ve stayed away from those
oysters… Code Blue: A medical emergency. Is there a doctor onboard? Mr. Skylight or Star Code: A minor incident
or medical emergency. Mr. Mob or Code Oscar: Man overboard. Hope he remembered his life preserver. Charlie: There’s a security threat onboard. Echo: Potential collision with another ship. Lookout! Red Parties: Possible fire. Bravo: Definite fire. Delta: There’s been damage to the ship. Probably after a triple Echo… Priority 2: A leak. Well, that’s not good when we’re dealing
with ships… Purell: Somebody just got seasick. Crew, go clean it up! Ew… Kilo: Everyone report to their emergency posts. Retail Stores
Back on land and into the real world, the last set of codes are those you’ll hear
while shopping at your local mall or big box retailer. NORA: This simple acronym means “Need Officer
Right Away” and is used, well, when an officer is needed… right away. Code Adam: Created by Wal-Mart in 1994, this
code has been adopted far and wide and is even mandatory in US federal buildings to
bring attention to a missing child. Time Check: Nope, doesn’t mean you should
look at your watch. If you hear this one – get out! Safely and calmly, of course, as this code
is used to alert staff of an explosive in the building. Oh boy. Code Black: Severe weather warning. I’ll take a tornado warning to a time check
any day. Code Orange: There’s been a chemical spill. Yup, just like hospitals! Code Red: Any guesses? Yeah, it’s fire again. Code White: An unspecified accident. Someone probably just knocked over the dollar
DVD endcap again. Code 300: Security. Code C: Customer service needed. “Yeah, I just wanna return these socks my
grandma got me for the holidays for the 10th year in a row.” And there you have it. A slew of “secret” codes that aren’t
a secret to you anymore! Like I said, these codes can vary from place
to place, but this should give you a good idea of what to listen for so that you can
react accordingly! So, are there any “secret” codes you use
at school or work, and can you add any others to this list? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today then give
this video a “like” and share it with a friend. But – hey! If you wanna hit your friends or relatives
with a 10-6, then we have over 2,000 cool videos for you to check out. All you have to do is click on the left or
right video, and enjoy! Remember: Stay on the Bright Side of life!


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    Code Black: Fight
    Code Green: No problems

    For extra credit, guess Code Black & Blue.

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    10 – 1 Poor Reception

    10 – 2 Good Reception

    10 – 4 Affirmative: Message Received or Got it

    10 – 74 Negative or Nope

    10 – 5 Pass Information to officer or Dispatcher

    10 – 6 Busy unless urgent

    10 – 18 Urgent

    10 – 33 Emergency

    10 – 9 Could You repeat that?

    10 – 5 Fight In Progress.

    10 – 11 Dog Case

    10 – 12 Stop or Standby

    10 – 14 Prowler Report

    10 – 16 Domestic Complaint

    10 – 17 Meet Complainant

    10 – 20 What’s your location?

    10 – 22 Disregard

    10 – 23 I’ve arrived at the scene…

    10 – 28 Requesting Vehicle Registration information

    10 – 30 Unnecessary Use of Radio

    10 – 31 Crime in Progress

    10 – 35 Major Crime Alert

    10 – 39 Turn Your Lights and Sirens ON

    10 – 40 Turn your Lights and Sirens OFF

    10 – 49 Traffic Light is OUT

    10 – 58 Direct Traffic

    10 – 50 Accident

    F – Fire

    PI – Personal Injury

    PD – Property Damage

    10 – 54 Livestock on highway

    10 – 70 Fire Alarm

    10 – 73 Smoke Report

    10 – 78 Need Assistance

    10 – 80 Chase in Progress

    10 – 93 Road Closed OFF with a Blockade

    10 – 94 Drag Racing

    10 – 98 JailBreak

    10 – 101 What’s Your Status?

    10 – 106 OKAY or Good


    CODE BLUE Heart or Respiration STOP

    CODE GREY Combative Person

    CODE ORANGE A hazardous Material has been spilled

    CODE PINK Pediatric Emergency

    CODE RED Fire

    CODE SILVER A Weapon or Hostage Situation

    CODE WHITE Neonatal or NewBorn Emergency

    AMBER ALERT Abducted Child

    CODE CLEAR The announced code or emergency is over

    “Paging Mr Post”… Someone needing a ride to the morgue

    MAYDAY 3x Signal the plane is going down
    Cabin Crew arm doors and cross-check let them hurry out.
    CODE BLUE JUICE Toilet water on plane
    CODE 7500 Hijacked
    CODE 7600 Loss of Radio Communication
    CODE 7700 vague issue with either passenger, medical or otherwise




    MR STARLIGHT OR STARCODE an incident or medical emergency
    MR MOB or CODE OSCAR man overboard
    CHARLIE Security Threat onboard
    ECHO 3x Potential Collision with another ship
    RED PARTIES possible fire
    BRAVO Definite Fire
    DELTA Damage to the Ship
    CODE PURELL Sea Sick
    CODE KILO EVERYONE to the emergency post

    CODE NORA Need Officer Right Away
    CODE ADAM Missing Child
    CODE BLACK Severe Weather warning
    CODE ORANGE Chemical Spill
    CODE WHITE unspecified accident
    CODE C Customer Service needed

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    10-19 return to station
    10-21 telephone call
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    10-35 confidential information
    10-97 arrived at location
    10-98 departed location

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