40k battle report Chaos space marines vs Dark angels 8th edition

July 29, 2019

alright guys welcome back to you death from above 40k it's better report time again down the club and I've got 1500 points of my arm warriors led by a bad in the Despoiler alright before I go any further if you like this channel and you want to support me a little bit further I've got a patreon page which is link is in the banner of my youtube channel jump on there otherwise just enjoy the rest of this alright let's get through the list so up front we've got the big bad abandon the Despoiler to have him in the lists I have to get rid of one command point but I hate the command points in this list anyway you know what he does he's come stock standard with all these bits and bobs I've painted it up as iron warriors because I think it's cool a lot of people don't like that but too bad alright so my battalion I've got a war Smith with a mace and a comp you bolt er then I've got a master of possession and the master of possession comes stock standard he's to powers are cursed earth and infernal gaze and then in the battalion I've got 1 2 3 5 million units of chaos I'm I'm warriors one Lance cannon per unit and the rest is have Balkans so that makes a battalion then in elites I've got 3 so I've got a hell brute with twin lasers and rockets then I got one two greater possessed so that's my three elites I don't have any fast attack in the army I do have one more HQ unit because I'm right running a vanguard I'm pretty sure it is I got a demon Prince with his warped bolter and he's going to have diabolical strength as his power now I've got one two three venom crawlers so that will come in at ten command points if my math is correct – one for having a bad in there so I'll have nine when the battle starts alright so that's the list and when the opponent gets standing we'll see what they've got all right guys alright guys my opponent has arrived and he's brought with him he's dark angels so Trent what got 1500 points you got a battalion what's in your battalion v2 hqc Marines and lieutenant yep nothing master so you hurry paid few heavy yep I got a master of ESA he's got the Thunder hammer storm shield all right so then you got troops wise you got two intercessor squads yeah Power Sword yeah yes yep and then you got Scouts hey Volta and then ten helble hostas and they're just your strength seven help Isis the middle-of-the-road ones yeah yep and then you got over here you got into paka theory so I'd say he's gonna he'll help Isis yep you had a big boy up here with the plasma incinerator and then I suppose he's gonna be healing him got a lot of healing going on he might I say you said this was venerable yeah venerable dreadnought so lots of anti-tank there and then I take it these guys are coming down with you captain yeah so they've just come down by themselves all right so he's gonna be giving the rail ones and some smash and then you said you paid one command point to have this vindicate as well yep being pretty but maybe your redeem himself tonight could be time to shine he could take a battens head clean off with a good shot all right so treads just informed me too that this is his list to punish people who get copy so you said that he's he's here to punish Abadan so we'll see how we go we'll roll up a mission and we'll get back to you all right guys all right guys so we've set up a mission here so the mission is called disruptive signal so go through where the objectives are on the table so we got one in here one under there we got one in the center under this Imperial Bastion we got one over in the ruins then I'll come Randy we got one here and then we've got one hidden in here somewhere I'm pretty sure all right so setup wise always the other one ah here it is in here so there's the last one hidden in here with this sniper in that sorry about that guys thanks Trent oh so setup why's Trent has castled up in a castle so he's got dreadnought on this side bigger dreadnought on this side with a dreadnought fixer behind him he's got a librarian this guy's got a he beheld blasters and a pocke theory the whole lot all piled in here and then why over year operations scouting force he's got a vintage car assassin up top just looking out over the battlefield and then he's got Scouts underneath to go shooting 13 deep strike he's got their captain and these guys and then if we come around the other side I've got guys over here on this objective with the demon Prince then I've got a little bubble of demon crawlers and the possessed guy and he's greater possessed all there then over here I've got two more units of troops towering up in here on the other objective with chaos Lord and he'll brute been in deep strike up here I've got a baton alright so in this signal disruptive signals mission trance setup his full army first and then I set up second so he gets first turn unless I can see his initiative and I'm not paying for prepared position so I roll to see if I can get seize the initiative and that's a 1 alright so there you go yeah I've been rolling some sixes alright so Trent will have his dark angels turn one and we'll get back to you guys alright alright guys at the end o of Dark Angels turn one they've caused a bit of mischief so pretty much everything here fired over here into here and wiped out to five-man tactical squads Isis playing going overhead trans dropping some more bombs so he's got first strike and he's wiped out yeah – my foot of my tactical squads but other than that he got no other points but he has made strong push forward he and yeah he also used his Vinny car on the other side shot across here and took my lord down to one but I'm gonna move him next turn I think as being in front of sniper rounds it's not healthy for well I'll have my turn one and we'll see if we can't return some foreign blow away some of these guys all right guys end of our mortgage turn one so in the movement phase dem prince ran out here these guys swung around the building coming this way sorta to meet these guys and here cos treads pushing down the center these guys stayed still so psychic face over here I managed to get off the power I think cursed earth that gives them +1 to the in Vaughn save and the other one I can't remember the name of it but it gives them real ones to hit and wound which didn't do much anyway and then this guy got off feel no pain himself shooting phase the hell Brut used these special ability to shoot into the redemptor dreadnought reducing him down to 10 then picked him off with these guys over here killing him that's pretty much it for the shooting phase I didn't really do anything else but victory points wise uh-huh I got the long war which got me d3 victory points and I rolled a 5 I got first strike and then I got overwhelming firepower and no prisoners so just by killing his redemptive dreadnought I got 650 points in the first round so alright so we'll have dark angels turn to and we'll see if train can't get some uncanny victory points alright guys at the end of dark angels turned to trance state here in his castle push forward a bit over here with the combined firepower of pretty much everything here he removed my hell brute and he took one of these down to one I don't know why I've got a 1 to 1 that one's taken one that ones on one graphics out in a second he come down here and he's shot into my demon Prince having the amount of debt wounds he's got and then he charged him but he whiffed in a charge and I saved it then I'll hit him back into moons off him and then what you say for victory points he got I actually got two objective two as well because of there were them three will measure that one app so so far he's got a two victory points for it we're going to measure this one up at the end of it will save he gets the extra victory point for it but as far as that goes he's done a little bit of damage and also charged IV so I'll get back to use with my iron warriors turn to alright guys end of iron warriors turn to so we've shooting-wise these guys shot over in here wifted absolutely nothing this guy's shot done nothing these guys pretty much shot and done nothing over into here yeah there wasn't really a much good shooting a badan over here sort of shot up into here and didn't do really do a lot but in the combat phase this guy I ran over here and finished off the captain with the jump pack and then the demon Prince didn't get fight so he was just saying they're but they're both advanced Ward's these guys which is a nearest enemy these guys all sort of charged in here I didn't really do a holy but damage just killed a few Marines here and there and then over here trance already just start his turn for some odd reason while we're filming but we'll just go with it so abadan has ran through a dreadnought over here blew it up and then gone underneath here so these guys were up here so he doesn't here to force him to have to move and in the turn i scored another three victory points some on mind so we'll go with that and we'll get back to use at the end of the Dark Angels turn alright alright guys so end of dark angels turn three these guys move down here and blue the absolute crap out of a bad and blew him out of his socks so they overcharge and use weapons of the Dark Age and got something like ten wounds on him in his they killed him either way but they also blew up four of them in the process of blowing him up so I was a bit of a just an absolute explosion down there worth it over years been to be to combat going on he lost his warlord to my spider and then we got two psychos battling it out so there's electric sparks and stuff all flying around here but now I'm wounded each other I was pretty uneventful and then also over here he melted my demon Prince as well with plasma so I've lost two big close combat hitters but that's okay so we'll get back to you in a minute well what's your score three points as well say trance on six I'm on nine so I say if I can't draw some good cards and win on the victory Fran all right I'll get back to you all right guys at the end of our is turn three pretty much these guys Stood Still over here this guy stayed here because I've got defend objective six and get objective six so I've got a point for this turn on that one then over here this is stayed in combat fighting over here and then over here these guys ran straight through his flying plasma dudes and they're on their way to kill themselves Ernest alright so I'm on ten points at the end of this turn I also lost my Lord of possession here against these are sorcery fight against this little duty alright so we'll get back to use at the start of turn four with the dark angels and we'll see how they do all right end of dark angels turn so these guys have come pouring out of the building here shot into this guy I took him down to two wounds coming over here is this guy put a turbo penetrated around through my greater possess'd head and there's his brains everywhere down there then the librarian come around over here trying to smite my guy but he just laughed in his face other than that Trent got a d3 victory points and he rolled a five so you got three so he's on nine and I'm on ten so I'll see what I can do in my turn forward a catch we'll keep ahead anyway I'm only one ahead now and I'm running out of models alright we'll get back to use all right end of our moriya's turn so pretty much I left this guy here again because he got secure objectives I had a hold for two turns or defense re so I got the two points I tried to shoot over you and run into here to get this I just couldn't remove the last wound off this primary sky bloody Marines with two wounds and then I ran over here and shot and tried to make a really long charge didn't work out but I still managed to get five victory points for the turn because I drew drew Kingslayer and I rolled a five and then that's I'm I'm 15 how many on Trent nine still some six ahead so we'll see what Trent gets for he's draw this turn and we'll see how many points on the models front I'm losing models really fast but I'm staying here on victory points so we'll see here we go I'll get back to you all right end of Trenton five these guys coming out shot over years smoked my spider and there's a little bit of stuff going on here this one didn't I think going over here oh sorry he charged his fun with his socket and then I killed his psycho in combat then coming over here he charged in here and didn't do anything and I cut one half of them down but then Trent got a couple of victory points and he's up to 14 and I'm on 15 so he's one behind so I'll get back to my turn five and we'll see if what I can do spider alright guys so at the end of my turn five this guy I shot over here and took one wound off a bloody hell blaster there was a combat in here which my lord took these guys out and then this guys down to one wound but then he died in retaliation and then over here I shot in here did nothing and failed the charge because I try to do tricky shenanigans to charge the lieutenant over there and then consolidate in so I didn't have to get overwatch and I rolled a three so that was my fault so at the end of my turn I'm on 16 points and Trent is on 14 so we're going to see if the game ends you want Rob to die so you want me to roll five I think that continues on alright we'll go one more round and see what happens get back to us alright guys end of dark angels turn six so these guys blew this guy off the map this guy's sitting over here there wasn't really anything else that happened I'm how many points teacher so he's scooted ahead so he's on 18 points and I'm on 16 so I got one more go to have so I'll see sort of what I can rally together and see if I can get a couple more victory points and we'll see what happens alright get back to use at my turn six all right at the end of iron Warriors turn six it is a solid defeat on the Dark Angels have kicked my head in so the only thing I've got to do my turn six was sit here my one unit shoot across here which Trent reminded me to do and blow away the last guy that was holding number two I drew cards so I couldn't get any more victory points for this turn so I was going to stay on 16 Trent's on 18 and I just have nothing really to fight back with so Trent what was the man of the match mate yeah get yourself hell blasters I got him in my army everybody get him just get him ahhh get hell blasters and get a pocket area to bring him back and get banners to keep shooting and all that good stuff I'm gonna go over here and I'm gonna go with my spiders and a baton was pretty good too bashed his way through a dreadnought before dying heroically alright so if you like this stuff like and subscribe and as I said earlier check out my patreon if you're interested if not just keep watching along and enjoy your day alright we'll see if we can win next time get back to you


  • Reply Shane July 29, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    Great work mate!
    Loving the rapid fire style reports you are smashing out 🙂

    From one Aussie to another 😀

  • Reply Duppy man July 29, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    Dark angels look great, nice mix of the primaris and classic marines! But the Iron warriors YES ………. just Yes! Iron within Iron without. Every thing I use in my Black legion (fyi) looks so good as Iron warriors, gotta say I think Soldiers of caliban have more fire power lets find out?

  • Reply Mark Francis July 29, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    Not sure how old the vid is, but assassin is now 2CP.

  • Reply MasterCrazyKnightz July 29, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    point is the rule of cool That tickles your willy So i dont give a shit what you painted abadon To I betcha it was Fun

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