5 Half-Guard Passes

June 13, 2019

hi guys we stopped over here today we're gonna take a look at five half guard passes okay tripod passes okay variance of the tripod passes so we are here on half guard I have top half guard and of course there are different ways to play half guard my opponent can have his nice shield he might have a deep half guard here he can have lock down but today we are going to play when I already passed his shoot I have cross face and under hook alright if I get into this dominant position here first option I'm going to do is I'm going to tripod up okay I'm going to drive my head towards the ground which helps to lift my hip I'm going to have cross face in the hook sometimes I can even instead of hand to hand control closer to my elbow so it makes tighter and I'm going to tripod up trying to drive trying to free Disney driving towards his bellybutton okay Papa clear my knee at this point he my using his right hand to block me I'm gonna pop that control this side of my head so he doesn't fray my neck with his left forearm I'm gonna free my leg hip of the met this elbow of the mad putting a lot of pressure on top of the guy that's past number one the basic one second option I'm doing exactly the same thing but he squeezes like so hard that I cannot free my knee so I'm gonna do I'm gonna look my foot hooking his knee pushing down close to the mat so when I tripod up his leg doesn't follow my leg and now I came free my knee now it's all the same control the arm control this side of my head free my knee casket let me control third option I'm here trying to get my underhook but sometimes there is so much separation between our chests that when I get mine they're hooking bombers and got his so the way I'm gonna get my underhook now is trying to get my under hook and close this distance here with my shoulder so I get my under hook dropping my shoulder and now my head stays on the other side of his head makes no sense for me now to try to bring my head to the place it was before because now I'm giving him space and it's gonna under hook again so I'm getting my under hook drop my shoulder on his chest and now my head stays on this side I'm gonna tripod up and do exactly the same thing tripod free sigh control for option I'm a little late now I'm getting my under I'm trying to get my under hook but he gets his first before he goes through his elbow and start working his Swift I should be flooding the guy damn Drive my chest against his shoulder flap the guy down and now I'm gonna do it it's gonna be reversed okay sings I don't have on your hook here I'm gonna get these under hooky on the near side and instead of crossing my knee here I'm going to cross the trainee to the other side so it's all reversed big ass is on your hook i flat get my under hook on the nearside tripod cross to the other side to pass a guy the last option there this my little later now the gas is in the hook and he goes through his elbow okay so I'm gonna do first thing I don't want him going to my back if you just shrugged his shoulders gonna go to my back here so I'm gonna prevent that by Troy my upper hook and I don't want him getting close to me with his head on his chest otherwise he's attached to me he's gonna starts with me I wanna create a separation here so I'm gonna frame on his head okay so once he gets up he gets his under hooking go to his up boom frame throw me over hook I wanna push him down now and I wanna bend his neck if I'm pushing him down at the base of his neck he's still too strong when I controlled by the ear at the top of his head where I can bend his neck and bring him down important I want to bring him down in a motion where he almost go barely down instead of going on his back because if I push it on his back is going to go with it it's gonna roll so as I threw my over hook and frame I'm gonna throw the guy right here I can even use my Whizzer here should ride the geyser tripod best try for it they hand this hand here now I'm gonna throw behind his neck at the back of my hand I'm gonna spin around I should get my side control for that sign up here I'm a little late he got his on their hook over hook framed ahead by the ear so I can bend his neck and throw you down try upon cross my knee walk around alright thank you very much


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    I have my purple belt stripe test this weekend. I needed this. Thanks!

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    마지막꺼 ㅅㅐ롭네요.

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    좋아용 굿굿good

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    I think I saw some videos of an anaconda in the situation where he goes for an underhook. I'm not savy enough to know the specific details, maybe later.

  • Reply Zad M June 13, 2019 at 9:43 am

    `Hate getting stuck in half gaurd, ima us these next time! Oss

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    Mister can i give you a kiss,omg thank you so much,needed this so bad

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    Excellent, simple, very helpfull. Thanks

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    You kno dis guy, dise guy is going to drhop some nohladhge. Evan just by lhistening to hris accent. And also, stay away from the heefer.

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    Thank you so much professor!

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    I needed this today. Got caught in half guard and didnt know what to do.

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    Maybe a darce would be good on option 5 since u have the set up, worse case he defends and u pass half guard anyway.

  • Reply bcbowar50 June 13, 2019 at 9:43 am

    Couldn't it be pretty easy to get swept while doing options 1 or 2?

  • Reply greatones June 13, 2019 at 9:43 am

    1.straighten out leg and slide over(free your knee) ..slide past the legs
    2. if you cant free your knee, step your other foot in between leg so you can tripod and don't let their legs follow. slide past the legs
    3. argh… so tired lol

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    That was sick! Thank you so much!

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    thank you!

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    5:33 ouch

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    great stuff.. its starting too feel like half guard kinda is the most important / complicated position somehow

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    Wow that was perfectly detailed and thorough. I really appreciate the video sir.

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    It's basic but so much detail.  Thanks for the video.

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    wow! thease are exactly what I needed. Thanks!

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    yes!! these are exactly what I needed

  • Reply Ed McGuigan June 13, 2019 at 9:43 am

    Getting past that knee shield is my problem unfortunately. Still, nice detail on putting your hand to your own head and a great summary of all the scenarios.

  • Reply AndrewJiuJitsu June 13, 2019 at 9:43 am

    Option 1: 0:44
    Option 2: 1:33
    Option 3: 2:02
    Option 4: 2:56
    Option 5: 3:48

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    Great video!!!Thank you!

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    Man really nice and basic! Love your videos sir!

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    That's a great tutorial. I would like to see similar trouble-shooting approach with other guard passes; knowing a guard pass is nice, but the real key is knowing how to deal with your opponent's response to the pass.

    Thank you.

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