5 Tips To Survive Marine Corps Bootcamp

July 29, 2019

hey guys it's your girl Savannah welcome back to my channel before watching this video go ahead and like and subscribe so I can start creating more of this content I'd really appreciate it without further ado let's get started on this video so today we're gonna talk about the top 5 things that will help you get through recruit training as a female males you can watch this too but I'm gonna throw in a little extra tidbits of information for my females out there because that's why I made my channel in the first place I wanted to help you guys out with information that I didn't really know now before I start this video I don't want you to know that I'm not gonna go into detail about every little thing about recruit training I think it's an experience that you need to have where you don't know everything and I had to accept that to you when I was we're going to boot camp so I think it's important to have that in mind as you watch this video so I think I touched on a topic in one of my earlier videos about like what it's gonna be like when you ship to boot camp so I do want to like highlight to you guys that when you guys show up to the Depot you're gonna be wearing those clothes for a few days so I would highly suggest wearing comfortable jeans comfortable tennis shoes and a collared shirt you should also be wearing a tan bra because you might be able to wear that at graduation instead of like the nasty sports bras that they give you and under all that stuff so I would definitely recommend that also what I did is I brought a Bible and I taped pictures of my family in there because it's gonna be about a month before you start to get mail I don't know that's changed since I've been there and boot camp but it took a long time for me to get mail so that's something that I really liked is to be able to open up my Bible and look at pictures of my family and my fiancee at the time who's not my husband oh yeah and also I didn't want to clear something up there was a video that I filmed a long time ago where I talked about you know packing for boot camp I should have said that it was a suitcase that I was having my parents bring when I graduated her training so that I got clothes and toiletries and stuff to like take a shower and feel nice and look now just after recruit training because you're not allowed to shave the crews ready you can't do your hair you're training like dying wise like everything like no no makeup don't even think about wearing makeup there's a girl I think that showed up with eyelash extensions let me tell you not a good idea I promise you not a good idea I would definitely know how to do a stop button before you get to her training because if you don't know how to do it you're gonna be struggling trying to get other people do your hair and then you're gonna be slow at it and you won't get enough sleep at night and stuff like that so just make sure you kind of have the process down a little bit please and when you show up to the depot like I said what you need to be wearing possibly bring a Bible and then anything else your critter tells you to bring and don't wear thong wear regular underwear ladies regular underwear get that in your head even if you go to Metz you're gonna be needing to wear regular underwear okay don't worry thought don't be the one don't be the one also do not get modems have before boot camp if you're not a Marine yet don't even get motive tats and Generals but hey if you want to do it go for it but I won't be showing up and Marine Corps shirt I've seen something some women show up with like the Puli shirts and that's fine but I would definitely recommend wearing a collared shirt it makes you look more professional and that's what not that the DI is really give a like you're just your crew to them they don't care but I cared a little bit about you know the way I looked so without further ado I'm gonna start getting into the top five things you need to be doing in order to survive boot camp number one when you get to recur training boot camp you need to scream at the top of your lungs move as fast as humanly possible and listen to every single order that you are given as fast as humanly possible the more that you do that the easier your life will be and the less that the d eyes will target you if you make yourself a target by being slow let me tell you right now your life will become miserable almost instantaneously number two when you show up to worker training be aware that you're going to be talking in third person you're no longer going to refer to yourself as I me or mine it's only this recruit that recruit these recruits so when you request to speak to a drill instructor it's going to be it's going to be the proper greeting the day so it's going to be good morning ladies or morning ma'am curb blenman request permission to speak to drill instructor whoever they'll be like what do you want you'd be like you'll just say it all over again you say dis recruit request permission to use the head ma'am and then they'll give you permission to go use the restroom it's like that it's a really long process to ask a simple question it's just completely taking away your civilian life and replacing it with the Marine Corps and that's how it begins and you can't say I'm here my until you are a Marine so I'm not sure if people knew that yeah so you're gonna be speaking in third person throughout prepared training that's three months oh say mr. crew that occurred base number three paying one person in your family or maybe two that you love and that you will write letters to I personally only wrote to my dad and my fiance at the time and my dad relayed all the information to my other family members so I was in writing away my time during the senior drill instructor square way time when I could have been studying or practicing drill a lot of women they wasted away their time their free time on letters and then ended up falling behind in other areas so if your goal is to be a squad leader to be guide to be honor graduate and you need to put the platoon 1st and kind of put yourself on the back burner but that's what worker training is all about so as that's something that you want definitely consider not really writing that much to your family trust me they know that you love them and you will see them on family day graduating and becoming a marine and that will be so proud of you tip number four is to do your hair at night in the bathroom or in the laundry room seats because a lot of people do not have time like during senior jokes of your spray time there's way too many girls trying to wash their hair and you think or in the laundry room and most muslin time like you spend way too much time just trying to get a sink so personally I prefer to do it at night because I knew that a sink would be open and I would do it in the middle of the night yeah so definitely consider doing that also I wanted to add this to this tip kind of your showers are gonna be the fastest showers you've ever taken in your life you will be clean they will make sure you're clean but they're gonna be quickest I'm sorry start the language they're going to be very very very very fast and you're not going to be used to it and that's okay and you got to be used to being naked about around a bunch of girls trust me you'll get over it you'll get over a little naked concept within a day I promise it is completely normal after the first like two nights or so some girls are a little bit more shy but after a while nobody really cares and most of the time when you do shower and you don't have time to wash your hair especially if you haven't really really long hair if you have short hair before boot camp that they kind of have it nice but I didn't really want to chop my hair off so that's why I did it but yeah the entire time I was at recruit training I did not wash my hair in my body at the same time until the day before we graduated so I would always like wash my body when we want showers and stuff but I would never wash my hair at the same time I had always washed my hair at night so it'd be kind of like body hair body hair by hair and team number five its before you leave her curd training make sure you are physically fit make sure you are running doing core your crunches planks all things of that nature because it will help you in the long run I promise if being a guide or a spotter that like I said it's something that you want to achieve then you need to be chasing that goal before you ever set foot on Parris Island even if you're not a guide or squad leader shoot to be described or the knowledge recruit either of those are really good as well describe also makes the fire watch list and that's basically whoever is on fire watch at night it's kind of like a night duty where there's always two to three people I think at the front of the squad bay that that walked over everybody there will be nights where you're not going to get as much sleep because you will be on that duty so it's kind of a good thing if you're friends with these guys because if you're not friend subscribe you might end up on that Duty way more than you ever expected in the first place so keep that in mind and also with this tip just I know a lot of people are freaked out about IT but I want you to go into IT with a mindset that it's gonna make you stronger mentally physically and emotionally and that's the way I looked at it it was more like hey this is a really really good workout than a negative kind of mindset you have to kind of trick yourself into thinking like that and also what will get you through training is living ciao – ciao – ciao you know all you think about in bucha I swear is like food all I thought about was the little PB and J's I got at dinner and yeah like I said where those little things got me through boot camp because that's all you could think about it's because you're doing so much during the day and it's all packed in there's a small amount of time and all you like the one positive thing you're in your life during those three months is food and even though the chow hall might not look the best I swear it's the best food in the whole frigging world because it's just the one thing that you get to look forward during during the day and that will definitely get you through recruit training I hope you guys enjoy these tips feel free to leave comments down below and what you would like to see next I am more than happy to help you guys out that's why I've started getting more active on YouTube is because I want to help my little sisters and brothers you know join the Marine Corps and yeah once again thank you so much for watching this video and like and subscribe if you like this kind of content I would really appreciate it bye


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