6 Incredible Everyday Carry Knives | EDC Weekly

July 28, 2019

this video is brought to you by tactile turn they make fully machine pins right here in the US out of materials like bronze titanium copper and zirconium textile turn also has click pins like the movers and shakers and a new bolt-action knife but more recently they launched a redesigned bolt-action pin with shorter snappier action a refined tip and a new and improved shape to see more about what tactile turn has to offer hit the link in the description below and if you purchase anything using those links it will help support the show welcome back everybody my name is Taylor Martin this is the best MATC and it's time for another EDC weekly and if you're new here this is a community show so I start off every single episode with community announcements and there are quite a few this week only because well I got a lot of stuff to tell you guys for starters this is the 50th episode of the EDC weekly in actuality it's episode 76 because I did 26 episodes on the other channel before killing the series and bringing it back later I have a ton of videos in the backlog like almost 30 videos that I've either promised to get done I want to do or I just want to experiment with something I've got so many videos to make and I just don't have enough time to do them all part of the reason for that is this weekly show I do I enjoy making it it does get a little bit tiresome at times because I've done 76 episodes of mostly the same thing and this show takes up probably about 60 to 70% of my week so I did the tectile turn video earlier this week that took up a day and a half roughly the rest of the week was spent working on this show it takes a lot of time it is a bigger production I have to take some time away from this show to get a bunch of videos out I've been sitting on products some of the products I have in my desk I've had for like four or five months gotta get those videos done so so given that I'm gonna step back a little bit from the EDC weekly I'm gonna keep doing it I'm not stopping it altogether but it's probably going to turn into like a biweekly or once a month thing just until I get caught up but I also want to mix it up I want to do something a little different that's 76 episodes of approximately the exact same thing every time so I got an idea I was watching a Peter McCain video where he edits your photos it's very similar to the ADC weekly and I asked him I said do you mind if I kind of build off that idea and do something similar with my show just to mix things up a little bit and he said not at all go for it so the idea is you will submit your photos and I will edit them how I would because I do edit these photos I get a lot of questions about it so I will show you my process which may or may not be correct I might be making some photo editing pho pause I don't know I have no clue but I thought it would be fun just as an experiment so if you guys want to see that just let me know in the comments down below also don't forget trave axe has a promotion that is ending at the end of this month or if you by any wallet on their website you get a free summit wallet just use my link down below and that will put that in your cart when you go to checkout also also I have the trave axe giveaway that ends at the end of this month as well we're giving away 50 sumit wallets 50 just hit the link down below go enter and you could win one of fifty wallets and finally the EDC weekly winner for the monthly giveaway in the june is max bernie ur or bernie a you submitted this photo right here congratulations max I will be in touch with that said this week's show doesn't really have a theme if you were to pick one maybe maybe badass knives or something I don't know these are just ones that I really really liked some of the best that I've seen this month so with all of that said let's do the damn thing oh this is the second time I've been here to shoot this video this week the microphone decided to not work for me last time so here we are again what figured I would take that time to share with you a little discovery that I made this week so this bag was sent to me a very long time ago from nut sack like a year ago maybe longer I don't know I never really did much with it I talked about the sack daddy the big nut sack but they sell this is the mag sech and I never really did anything with this because if I ever left the house I always took my laptop with me which was a 15-inch MacBook Pro but as you guys know I recently switched to an iPad pro that's what I do all of my mobile computing with and I made a discovery just last night this is the perfect bag for me this I think for the foreseeable future will be my everyday bag if I leave the house to go do some work I'm probably taking this bag with me and here's why if it's everything I need perfectly so inside I've got my design camera strap I have a yellow birch Outfitters organizer this is not normally gonna be in there but that's in there there's room for it my EDC work cage I'm gonna do a video on eventually the adapter the USBC card reader for my iPad macro barrel extenders for my camera and this is the camera I would normally have in here but it is in here just for representation this is the Sony a 65 hundred this is usually the third angle that I have the camera back there is an a7 or three that's the one that goes with me of course a microfiber cloth and the iPad pro the keyboard case the keyboard folio the pencil and all that jazz to lights so a lot of you asked how I do my photography I take these with me everywhere and I have additional lights that I can hit the products with so I can angle them differently I can be holding a camera like this point and I have light that I can move around and just hit just different parts of a product that's a little little tip for you guys there these things are awesome these are aperture lights Therese and my SD Cardinals which I don't know why that's in here but there is a spot inside the bag for everything pretty cool huh one more thing I almost forgot this so a few weeks ago I was talking about Swiss Army knives specifically the Victorinox Swiss Army Cadet I said that this thing I just couldn't fall in love with it I didn't like it if I were gonna buy a Swiss Army knife I did like the mini champ or the Pioneer or the Pioneer X or something to that degree and I said the cadet just doesn't really have a place in my pocket and I got caught out by several people in teams and the comments a lot of people were like man what's wrong with a cadet maybe you should give it another try so I did I've carried this thing for almost two weeks now and I am happy to say I was wrong this is a killer knife I like it I think I really did not give it the credit it deserves and I kind of got it and it was thin and small I was like yeah I'd rather have the Pioneer X this thing's easier to carry than the Pioneer X it's much lighter much thinner and it has all the tools you need other than scissors if this had scissors it would be perfect but then you would basically have a pioneer X so yet cadet I take it back I love you cadet and because of that I'm gonna give this one away this is my personal one it's been used and I'm gonna give this one away all you have to do is comment down below with a number between let's say two thousand and three thousand I will pick a number at random but you do have to be over 18 to win because well it's a knife I will ship internationally but you have to show me that you're over 18 somehow not quite sure how that's gonna work out but I wanted to just give back because you guys you called me out I was wrong here we are I'm admitting it I'm happy to admit it cadet is awesome first off this week we have a submission from Brody Wagner Wagner all right here like always it didn't give an Instagram or anything for us to follow him but I think he's over in the discord this one was cool because it was kind of gritty you know it's it's rustic he's got some dirt on his thumb and this looks like hey I'm at work but here's what's in my pocket I just vibe to me I like it first up in the center of the photo in the organizer is the Spyderco paramilitary – but on that he has pink scales beside that is a DIY pry tool that he made himself and in the left pocket is the zebra f – 7:01 underneath that is an adjustable wrench and he also has a field book in the back he keeps a Carhartt money clip so you don't see in the picture here I also don't see his tweezers but he has those and then finally the organizer is the yellow birch outfitters pocket pro modern in coyote tan and Brody says my knife won't really change til I lose it because my wife got it for me and scales the probably tool is a constant work in progress and I hope to make more found I don't really need any other wallet since my money clip holds my two cards and money just fine in the back zipper pocket I can't wait to get my Oh light and I absolutely love the yellow Burke Outfitters easy organizer I highly recommend to everyone not much else to say everything is self-explanatory oh I also carry a keyboard to organize my keys and then finally he's seeking something he says the only thing to improve is a flashlight I have an ally sr2 baton a small one I'm probably wrong on the name okay so this moment is the s-1 r2 and the bigger one the long one is the s2 are you've already sought it out you've already bought it so yeah really seeking anything but yeah like I said this picture just kind of seems like hey here's actually what's in my pockets and at work wherever this is that some abandoned house or something you just dumped your pockets right then in there and took the photo really cool I like this and I love the pocket organizer I still carry one I don't carry it every day but I frequently switch back to it because I like it so much and it's just constantly in rotation absolutely killer carry thank you Brody for submitting and you now have a second entry into the July giveaway x-up we have a submission from mean you can actually find him over on Instagram at mean H photo this photo jumped out of me because well it's aesthetically pleasing I can put together well and it's got some of my favorite stuff in there like coffee yeah that's coffee and my whiskey glass so what actually for oh geez you'll remember that this is a tank glass from the 80s I think or 90s but first up in the top left of the photo is coffee it doesn't really say what coffee but I would be interested to know EXO that is his orbit key that's the key organizer of choice and below that is the machine Eric company ti5 titanium slim wallet next to that above the phone is the O light s 1 R 2 baton and titanium that is the spring edition and below that the phone is the Google pixel to excel for the right of that is the JL Austin & Co breast hop as well as a Fisher Space Pen bullet and the Spyderco paramilitary 2 which has flight a neum titanium skills and there is a bead on the lanyard but he does not mince what it is and then finally in the far right of the photo is his punch of twice the slo-mo zero six watch I love those watches and I don't know if their quality I don't know if they're good I don't know if I should spend money on one I've reached out to them and I didn't hear a response but they're really really interesting so rather than having three hands on a watch like mine like I can track seconds specifically when I'm shooting these videos because my camera cuts off for thirty minutes so I can rotate the bezel and track the time but these watches are the opposite of that so you can tell the time but you definitely don't want to track time on it because it moves so slow as the name suggests it's a very slow watch because there's only one hand every index is 15 minute increments so you can't track seconds you can track minutes sort of really cool design I think they're really really interesting I'd like to try one out at some point it wouldn't work for me for this setup because this is what I rely on but cool nonetheless and they're very very simple designs very minimalist anyway mean says hello Taylor I love the channel I have an EDD EDC OCD and I'm slightly OCD weight have an EDD EDC ODC and I'm slightly OCD that's tough that was tough the first time it's tough now coffee is my EDD my everyday drink I don't know what FEMA have going on here but the colors are working some blue black brass gold and the slow watch has all 24 hours on the face and only one hand ours are divided into 15-minute increments the Spyderco PM 2 is a tad big and is left at home when I work because I work at an airport so it's part of my ODC plan off day carry it has titanium handles from flight a Neum and was anodized and has neat little hex shapes in different colors from a maker on Etsy called flyaway to boys brass Fisher Space pin bullet is developing some nice patina in the machine era ti5 slim wallet is rfid-blocking but I also put some titanium RFID blocking card from Kauai wallets no space on Etsy in the wallet as well it has hex cutout so it's a tool as well I mostly work outside but on the occasion that I work inside I fiddled with the top of my desk keep up the great work sir oh really really neat and I like that you you know paired up your hex themes here I'm a sucker for anything hex anyway this is some great gear I like the I don't really know what the theme is either but I really like it it's pieced together well that's some cool gear in there and I love those scales on the PM – I really like those a lot though anyway thank you for sharing me you don't have a second entry into the Daliah giveaway next up we have a submission from Russell you can find him over on Instagram at Seattle underscore EDC and this is a carbon fiber and copper carry which is a really weird dichotomy like you've got really high strength really lightweight material and a really soft heavy material and you put them together it's weird I've seen a lot of copper and carbon fiber mixed together it's just a weird combination to me it looks good together contrast is really well but it is also kind of funny that you know the carbon fiber super lightweight super effective and efficient material the copper is literally the opposite anyway first up in the left of the photo is his keyboard as the carbon fiber and titanium version of keyboard also has a no light i 3e eos and copper he uses a key part Magna also in copper to attach that to his key bar and he also has a Dylan grace pry tool next to that is the pin that is the Hinderer investigator pin and copper with a battlefield pickup finish andy has an ally s1r baton – also in copper i guess a theme this week could also be s1r baton toos right there they've been in every single one or at least mentioned so far next of that is a knife of choice that it's the Rick Hinderer XM 18 on that he has copper hardware with Shepard CC carbon fiber scales and then underneath everything is a hanks by hank octave Hank Russell says it's taken me a while to get exactly what I envisioned like everyone else I love copper and carbon fiber and have found a contrast very well but I finally got what I wanted and I'll be content for a while I got the trave accent coming in the mail and a couple of days you know I like the bolder watch you featured and maybe a bolt action pin oh and a spry bar it never ends let me show keep it up I thought you said you were content but you just listed all the things you want there is no contentment in the world of EDC that's just the way it is I said I was content and then I ended up buying a large cévennes and I was like now I'm content and now I want something else I wanted Grimm's bow Norseman or something it never ends I'm never happy I just want all the things that's it I just want all the things so why don't we all conspire together people from the Charlotte area will conspire together we'll go together and find all the things and then we'll just have like a space where we can go we don't have to take things out of there you just go there and flip something open twice at leap like that's all we want to do anyway right you want to hold it flip something maybe kind of box we'll just have stacks of Amazon boxes we can cut and then walk out leave no we're gonna call it the EDC Center most of my idea just kidding it's a really dumb idea but also I would go there I'd go there and hang out anyway this this carry is really cool I love those Hinderer Investigator pins I really do like I'm not a huge twist cap and guy but I love the way these look the design on the body is just interesting I would suggest maybe to keep your theme going here swapping out that one titanium scale on your key bar for a copper one anyway awesome carry I love when people piece things together like this really great stuff I'm rambling again thank you for submitting and you now have a second entry into the delight giveaway except we have a Carrie from Jason G and this one when you think about badass knives most people don't think about slip joints or traditionals I'm the opposite if there's a really nice lip drone or traditional it's badass to me the benchmade proper is badass I love that knife and also I bought North Woods little Bay love it it's smaller than I expected but I absolutely love it and it's badass what about burlap mark Carta on a clip point traditional like Barlow pattern is not badass I love it it's just exactly what I want for a classy dressy knife anyway this knife fits that bill as well and it doesn't have to have a flipper tab or a thumb stud or anything else to be badass this one is badass anyway first up in the left the photo is the Hershel Charlie wallet in black leather on top of that you know just casual Rolex where is the Rolex Explorer – behind that is Burt's Bees lip balm and then next to that is the knife and question the g.e.e.c number 43 and natural canvas micarta below that is his Victorinox that is the swiss army tanker warthog edition then in front of that are his Apple earpods and then finally not pictured here is his home that is the Apple iPhone 8 plus which I imagine was used to take the photo he says these are the things I had in my pocket today as my EDC changes often the standards are a Victorinox as a backup knife and a multi-tool and a larger folder lately I've been really integrate each and cutlery traditionals to fit and finish is great and even a larger blade like the number 43 is less intimidating and tactical when I pull it out to cut boxes or food at the office he's also seeking something he says I'm still looking for a quality pocket slip the GEC such a nice knife it deserves a proper slip it's funny you should say that because I think this knife would fit inside the hitch and timber proper slip and that's what I would suggest as a pin loop which will hold something like a Fisher Space Pen bullet but also can fit the proper or something similarly sized like December 43 I don't know if it's the right size you could probably DM hitch in timber on Instagram or email Michael you may know if anybody in the comics knows let us know if the number 43 fits in the proper slip but there are a lot of different slips he has you didn't want to pin loop I think you can also add notes saying to leave the pin loop off that would be my suggestion there's also if that's not a good fit for it if it's too small or too big pop of leather also has the EDC armor similar products really awesome carry thank you for submitting and you now have a second entry into the July and giveaway right the fifth and final submission this week comes from Graham how you can find him over on Instagram and the EDC kid and the first time I shot this J boom was here helping me out and he said why did you save this dinky carry for the last one pinky really Shamwari the dinky carry don't blame him jayven is still learning he's figuring things out you won't see it because the video is screwed up but Jabin apologized to Graham and then they tried to he tried to bond with Graham over being a home schooler we're getting into the weeds let's just cut our way back out of the weeds first up in the far left of the photo is the O light s1 baton X that is Carmack's lip balm and his wallet the recycled firefighter I think that's a sergeant while that could be wrong I've not seen this colorway but think it's a sergeant I don't know exa that is the tactical pterodactyl fixed blade with a Lynch Northwest bead on the lanyard and then finally is the Gareth polish M or e and Graham says as a 14-year old this is what I carry I am home-schooled so I can carry a knife year round also I have an iPhone 6 that took the picture with I carried out carries custom bolt pin for a while which I handed to my counselor at camp and boom it's gone probably will pick up a TI scribe soon also a normally carry a Lynch Northwest all-access pass but I sold mine and I need another one you're here I have mine I didn't sell mine but I want the all-access pass 1.2 I didn't realize they were so much bigger than the tude the 2 is really small anyway Graham is looking for something he said I'm looking to get a leather sleeve that can fit a pin while at flashlight and a pry bar something that would hold all of those probably be something like the Dassault from Hitchin timber a wallet yes it'll hold a pin a flashlight and a pry bar it wouldn't hold this flashlight maybe you could look into an urban organizer form from urban EDC supply maybe I don't know I used the urban organizer hybrid as a wallet for a long time I would put my pin in there a small knife like the proper or the small Sebenza or a Swiss Army knife pocket notebook I put my cards in the back but no room for a flashlight I don't like I don't like thick lights like the s1 are the s2 are anything and a leather organizers are really in an organizer at all this one's fine because it resides on my belt this is the mini clip trio or mini trio clip clips onto my belt so I don't mind that this is in there but when this is in your pocket I hate that bulge I can clip this light to the rim of my pocket and it's not really that bad but when a pocket organizer like this goes down into your pocket and it bulges like that I can not stand it I really don't know if anybody has an idea for what leather organizer would hold those items for him that again is a wallet in flashlight and a pry bar let us know in the comments down below but really great carry I've been seeing a lot of these pterodactyls lately really really nice fixed blade small really compact and I'm also becoming a huge fan of those combo grinds with a hollow in the flat Randleman the tip I guess it's a tanto is that a tanto almost like a sponsor I don't know I like the pterodactyl I think it's a really neat looking knife I love rock pattern everything and those chain boys are just so clean man they're so clean but they're also very pricey anyway thank you for sharing gram you know have a second entry actually you don't have a second entry into the eat you're lying away because you're fourteen sorry not sorry that is gonna do it for this video if you found it helpful and you enjoyed it be sure to hit that thumbs up button down below and subscribe to see more stuff like this in the future and hit that notification bell so you're notified when I upload new videos and if you want to support what I'm doing here you can go to Kerry god best that is Kerry Commission that is my own website you can buy gear directly from me as well as shirts at this one because this is a patreon exclusive shirt but you can buy shirts like this one and if you're interested in anything you saw in this video I take the time to link all of those things down below everything and if you click through those links those are affiliate links and I get a little bit of a kickback if you end up purchasing anything but it doesn't cost you anything extra and you can go to best-led see if you want to support their be sure to follow us around the web you can find us on Twitter and Instagram of SEMA DC you can find me Taylor Martin on twitter and instagram at casper tech and until next time carry on


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