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A Career Dedicated to Service, from the Air Force to Public Safety at NYU

November 8, 2019

– Service means it’s not about you.
You have to put others first. In the military we train
our service members to put others first to the point
of sacrificing yourself. [funk jazz] – I retired from the Air Force. I was
a Major General and Director of Operations for U.S. Northern Command—
the area between the Arctic Circle and the border between Mexico and Guatemala.
I was responsible for all military operations that occurred within that
geographic region. Anything from a fire out in the West to a hurricane
along the Gulf Coast. A day for me here at NYU
is scouring the world for anything that could happen
that could affect our people. We do that through this global
security operations center, we do that with our Global Security Division. I do go to a lot of meetings,
but that’s my role. (funk jazz) – I have a little bit of insight into
how 18 to 24 year olds think. I like the idea that they’re
becoming self-agents, people of their own desires in what
they want to accomplish in life. Helping that in public safety is a great
transfer of my previous experience. We’re very lucky to have so many veterans.
We are a service to the people of NYU, and to think anything else
is to have it backwards. Having veterans in the Department
of Public Safety, in so many places, helps make that stronger. Veterans and military people will hear all the time,
“Thank you for your service.” That is absolutely appreciated. They’re thanking not you in particular,
they’re thanking what you represent. You need to go out everyday
and you need to earn it by being the best service member you can be. Then when they walk up to you and say,
“Thank you for your service” you can say, “You’re welcome,”
and you can say it looking straight in their eyes. (funky jazz fades in long note)

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