A SURPRISE REX TO TAME! WE NEED A REX ARMY SO WHY NOT? – Ultimate Ark [E51 – Scorched Earth]

July 25, 2019

hey guys welcome back to a brand new episode of ultimate Ark and it is episode 51 which is kind of crazy in the last episode we gathered up a crap-ton of milk and it is all in my fridge right here we killed an alfa weber and we also milked another woman that sounds really wrong and we have this amazing trophy but here is some amazing news now i originally planned on actually going out and trying to steal like this video but on my way back from the red obelisk i stopped by a couple drops that i saw and i found myself a 150 rex so we're gonna go ahead out and actually try to get that here today i might actually use yeah might use the thigh ah that might be the best option so yeah i have all the stuff on me to be able to do this let me just double check we got the kibble we're just gonna use extraordinary kibble i know that they don't actually like they can take whatever the other one is what is it called again I can't even remember exceptional but I don't have any of that but obviously I do know that you can use the higher tier kibbles than what they actually require but I generally don't because these are quite expensive I mean it cost a Lazarus outer and then a bunch of other stuff like honey and different things and then it also costs you Tirana sag which I mean like we're producing them well not me but like you know what huger anise is producing them so we have like a few of those just not too many so I don't really want to be wasting too many of them a fleet we don't have to so I don't really know of like many other creatures that we even need to be taming here in this series hello-oh just setting up there I don't even understand but um yeah so I don't know we we should have enough here for today and maybe a little bit left in case I find something that I do like I know I want day dawns and I want an actual good you Tyrannis for the boss arena but yeah we're gonna have to obviously maybe save up a couple more eggs to be able to get all that kibble ready I don't know how many kibble a day Don would eat probably a lot cuz those things are there fat so anyway the Rex was like around here that's probably it over there there was like a drop over there and I saw this thing on the way out I've actually been looking for Rex's from the very start of the series pretty much yeah 150 male oh man that thing looks kind of terrifying um if you're looking for exes that's kind of like the start and I fed a couple decent ish ones but I never really bothered trying to tame them but once I saw this I was like okay you know what we can wait and we can you know we can get the eggs after we could do this now just in case it dies somehow or whatever you never know some things could just die or despawn or just I mean there's so many things around it could easily just get killed we just got wrecks roared and my little jerboa dude was getting a little bit scared so I want to just try and clear out the area just a little bit before we actually attempt this yet this is exactly why do Patera birds and creatures like this will just run straight in and hit him once he's down I know it I know that would happen so anyway uh we might Oh oh crap you can get up this hill ah all right we should be okay I mean like I could take you know what I can probably just tank all of his damage that's just probably yeah we just might do that we'll see um okay we'll just stand right here this thing looks really strange looking it's got like white and green and it's like brown and it's kind of like gray underneath as well it's really strange very nice colors though I mean I do like the green on top that looks cool that like a green mohawk oh man alrighty so guys that make sure they hit the like button if you find yourself enjoying this one it's episode 51 like I said we have after this when we only have like what is it like 9 more episodes on this map oh it's gonna be crazy hopefully we can get all of the things that we need to do done before we fight the manticore at episode 60 and we could leave this planet not planet we could leave this Flat Earth and head straight over to the broken Ark can't wait to try out aberration honestly I like aberration it's a fun map know what I just realized look at my specimen implant like it looks so cool with the wyvern gauntlets what's what's there I feel like I just heard something well maybe not I don't know yeah look so cool with the wizard gauntlet skin that you get from killing the alpha woman it's really really nice I saw a couple comments of people asking why it looks different and in case you didn't realize in this series we've defeat the the overseer and that's what you get when you defeat the overseer you get that new implant well this is the one that you get from defeating the alpha I think you get green for the gamma blue for the beta and red for the alpha and that's what we did we're not gonna get a specimen implant update after this map though because scorched doesn't have an ending which a lot of people seem to be confused why I actually whenever I mention it I always get comments to people saying like why doesn't it have one and the main reason is is because they never made one I don't know what to tell you I mean like they never made one so it doesn't have one pretty pretty self-explanatory but yeah it really sucks though I wish that it did have one because I think I feel like the scorched part of this series is really just gonna be like weird because you know we're we traveled from the island to here and we had a whole cutscene for that but we're not gonna have something from here to operation at all and that really sucks so I don't know maybe if they ever introduced one which they said that they're not doing it so I really I wouldn't hold out my hopes but if they ever do it maybe what I'll do is I'll reload episode 60 with the actual ending like cut in or something you see we might do that I don't know I prefer not to but we might end up doing it the same just kill these guys and this wreck should almost be down I would say the few things around I might need to kill okay let's just move away from him just in case he falls down right away stupid Tara birds are on me come on buddy I should probably check his torpor yeah okay let me see I can't see nope come on let me see oh yeah yeah yeah one or two more shots okay we got to watch out for all these things around here though we can almost choose where we wanted to go down so maybe if you like right around there should be okay but he like broke the tree mmm that's awesome all right so we got a terror bird here that we need to kill okay what else is around unfortunately we don't have a snow owl to be able to just properly scat the area but I see some wolves down here so let's go down here and kill them yeah scorch doesn't have an ending it's what I was trying to say a few minutes ago it just doesn't this note they just never made one um there's a couple reasons why I would say and it's to do with the timeline of when they actually added the ending to the island like at the point when they added that they fully released arc and they were already like cramming to try to release aberration they thought they were gonna release it like several weeks later for some reason I don't know why they thought they were literally releasing it in September I think where was it October I don't know why but they they never met that deadline so I don't know I feel like some of that stuff has to do with why it doesn't have an ending but um it really sucks it really does I don't like the fact that it doesn't and it's probably one of the things that really disappoints me about the whole the whole like freakin DLC stuff because if aberration wasn't happening that soon they probably would have worked on an ending for scorched because I do believe that originally they actually wanted one so yeah really sucks but it is what it is and there's nothing that we can do about it anyway I think the area is relatively safe we should be okay to feed you now don't know how many kibble it's gonna take I'm gonna give them like 15 to the moment though let's hop back on and the top up there and maybe we can get like a good bird's-eye view of like the whole area just to be sure that there's nothing nearby um no I think we're pretty good actually yeah so the Rex is down that's awesome um we we're hopefully gonna try to get a couple more Rex's I don't know if we're gonna get another one here today though I'm gonna look around just see if I can find any you see Rex's aren't really that common on this map like there's a few spots where they spawn but there's never like that many of them I would say you could probably count the amount of Rex's on the map at one stage like at any given time with your with your two hands you know there's definitely less than ten I would say at all times there's just never that many there's another one but are you a good level no you're terrible level let's go kill you so yeah hopefully we can actually get another good one that has to be female as well this one here is a male so even if it was a good level but have to also be a female as well die got them sweet all righty so is there anything around here at all I don't see anything run up this hill here so this area here is pretty good for them I don't do I have a GPS I do I do have a GPS and I was sitting straight in my my hotbar so yeah this is the kind of coordinates that you might find a few of them like I said there's never even that many so you can kind of fly them in around the desert and then I do believe around the blue obelisk is decent for them as well but there's just never tons and it really sucks I would say scorch is probably one of the maps that you need to rely on wyverns from whereas like on Ragnarok you can go ahead and just you know there's tons of oh my god that's so many pago's I'm not going that way there's like tons of spy knows and tons of wrecks is all over the place on Ragnarok so you can you know you can use like the ground mounts for your like boss fights and whatnot but on here I don't know we I would hope that we can actually have a couple decent rex's to bring into the arena with me mainly for dealing with you know like when the manticore does land that would be great but also like for the other creatures in the arena for when the manticore is landing and i need to be fighting like rock rock elemental spawn Death Worm spawn and the in the arena as well so it could be kind of messy if I don't have something to at least distract some of those things so some Rex is the in the arena is what I want I want maybe really depends on how many good level weapons we get but I would love to bring maybe like at least ten and then we're gonna have to bring like about ten wyverns or something like that I don't know we'll see we'll definitely have to kind of wait and see what we have at that point well yeah I do want to try and get some Rex breeding done nothing crazy like what I did on the island like I would say if I I'm doing mutations I'm probably just gonna get just a few mutations I'm not gonna go like absolutely crazy like what I did like 15 and 15 is ridiculous you are a new Rex you weren't here a minute ago definitely weren't you're a cool color though got like orange under underneath its belly so yeah probably a few wrecks mutations nothing crazy and then obviously all the wyverns that I'm gonna bring in everything else so step back over to our dude and just see how he's doing there's tears all over the place here now great that's perfect I love when that happens come here come on this is a high level 140 what uh what's around the area now I think by leaving the area I probably screwed myself a little bit because some stuff is respawned okay nothing nothing bad let's check the wrecks and just see how he's doing okay can I even there we go fifteen percent and you've eaten one piece of kibble so you're not gonna need that many so what is that he's gonna need like ten I think in total nice alrighty so yeah we'll be back in a little bit hey you know what it's not even ten in total what am I thinking that is so dumb we'll be back in a little bit and we'll check out there's Rex's stats hopefully it's decent because there's not that many oh hey a Rex just got up amazing all right let's see the stats you got there buddy all right that health isn't too bad um melees a little low though stemless decent and wheat is fine don't really mind too much about the weight and the stamina is okay we're not really even gonna be riding on them so that doesn't really matter so yeah health and health is okay melee is not great so yeah not a bad Rex at all all right let's get it back to base then so gonna walk all the way over to that giant cliff thingy over there so I might take a look and see if there's any more Rex's around the area obviously we could double check this spot right here and then just kind of like go around check all the other spots around the map so hopefully we can find another one if not I have no idea where I'm gonna put this footage but uh yeah we'll see anyway we're gonna get this thing back to base first and then go out and have a look okay so we found a 1:40 female Rex over here which is perfect we're gonna try and tame this thing uh okay it killed the day Donna I didn't think it would actually sometimes day dawns are kind of difficult to kill but uh yeah freaking 140 female it's absolutely perfect it's exactly what we need start tracking this thingy out and maybe we could just tank the damage again okay so it's actually doing is it doing yeah it's doing more damage than the one that we tamed earlier which was the 150 so that's a good sign I mean I think that one did like 51 this is doing well at its highest this one's doing like 67 so that's a lot more hopefully this thing's gonna be good though we'll see all righty so I've called quite a few Rex's around the area but finally we actually found a good one we're over at blue Albright now there's blue all Bluffs right there so you probably figure out where we are right now they kind of spawn in around this area here just out to the desert from blue up so uh yeah let's try and knock this thingy down all right let me actually check it store for right now okay so we're doing good we're Brody like a quarter of the way there maybe more definitely more all right so this when I get this thing fully teamed up I'm actually oh you know what I can I can upload it to the obelisk to get it back to the base a lot quicker that is so handy okay that's perfect but I was gonna say we're probably just gonna like check the staff and kind of compare to the one that we got earlier and maybe this will be the last one that we came here today hopefully I don't know I mean like I'll keep my eyes peeled throughout the rest of my time here on scorch to just see if we can get some more but we get some really good stats out of this and then the other one then we wouldn't even need to be looking around anymore say let's see how tamed are you now wait for the start to reload and let's check alrighty we're getting really close another 5k to go all right so I think we're relatively safe in this area it seems to be killing everything around here so I think we should be good it should start running here any second now I would say and hopefully it's gonna run out towards the desert a little bit not into the water at the obelisk okay go on keep going out that way having am a moth with me right now will be really handy actually if I have one of those things the lime mantra that would be super handy because I could slow it down by just doing there like a little moth ball Boop and that way you couldn't get really far the only issue that I'm seeing right now is it might end up running into like an area where there is some bad stuff let's just try to lead it back that way perfect at least we know over here is semi safe yeah there's some dar wolves and stuff out there and a scorpion and it's down sweet alright let's see let's go kill everything then oh man alrighty you and then dar wolves damn why didn't even howl like it just allows me to have time to kill them without being hit so silly let's get these ones as well so we've got the thorny dragon you got two scorpions to kill I feel like my views getting quite heavy at this point I have been collecting up and keeping all the hide and everything let's go ahead and just pull all this stuff out okay you probably dropped the rest maybe keep a couple stacks of meat I'll keep the helped as well keep a couple stacks of meat and then drop the rest and then that can all go back in here I am and give me that back sweet alrighty so we still have lots of kibble left the last one took seven kibble in total so this one should probably take maybe six I think I don't know we'll give it seven just to be sure though and it is floating okay sweet and let's go check the area a little bit more so yeah it's perfect once it gets teamed up we could just bring it over to the obelisk and avoid cap rallies while trying to upload it and then we could just pull it out of the green op you see that's the handy part about living beside a novelist so I can actually do that type of stuff super handy plus you know if you say I don't have to move my army halfway across the map or make like a new little base around an obelisk so I think that's what I'll probably end up doing actually you know what we won't even need to be doing that on aberration or extinction because on aberration we don't oh crap what is that one I think this is a lightning storm right an aberration we don't have access to the obelisk soundless we go till the surface we're down to Rockwell's little area yeah that's a lightning storm alright that's okay we should be alright and then on extinction I do believe that like we don't really need to be around an obelisk at all we just need to bring all of our stuff to the little the little domes and want not the boss arena places so yeah I guess on here I had the right idea I wish I did also have that idea on the island that would have been super handy I think we're safe here I'm just looking around just to be sure just as I hate when something hits something that I'm taming like it's the worst especially if it's a good level so I think we should be all right so I'm gonna right through this lightning storm and wait for this thing to wake up and I'll bring it back to base and then show you guys the stats once it's there okay so we have our Rex and now let me show you guys the stats because I'm pretty happy with it actually it's got some decent melee a lot better than this one over here at least I mean 360 is nothing crazy but it's still pretty good it has less time and less help and less weight so we'll probably go with that from the other dude here but yeah pretty good in general so we're gonna be going with about 8,000 360 on the help and then whatever the Sam is and then 360 on D melee so not too bad let's actually go in here and let me show you guys the saddle blueprint that I picked up off of a red drop racks right here so it's not insane but it's insanely expensive let me just drop this in here and see if we could even craft any of them I don't know if I have that much hide I should do I mean I might have enough for one I don't know if I'd have enough for two crap I hate the way the frickin inventory shifts like that it's so annoying try to like spam in a bunch of items and it just won't allow you I mean I do have a lot of hide I think the hides mainly in the other one I just have two of these boxes just full of resources here uh-oh just chuck all that crap in there yeah sure that works alright so yeah let's see we can definitely craft one I would think oh we need metal ingots are you kidding me I'm out seriously I'm actually out no I've got okay no there's not enough in here okay apparently I'm actually out of metal when did I waste the rest of my metal what did I even make oh yeah I think I know oh crap alrighty well it looks like I need metal that's great umm I thought I would have everything I definitely wouldn't have thought I needed metal if anything fiber but no all right well I think I'm gonna have to gather up some metal because I didn't even realize I was low let's quickly just refill these canteens here Bam Bam and sweet alrighty so I'm gonna gather up some metal and then we're probably gonna craft up to those the moment how much high do I have just in general all over my base let me see hide I have at least 10,000 in there and then probably like I would say around maybe 16 almost 17,000 in total so we're gonna need a lot more oh man alright do you have any more for me because I'm gonna need more you got a little bit nice I'm gonna grab all this so we're gonna need hide for sure before we do that boss arena and we're definitely gonna need metal it's not insane on the metal how much is it yeah it's it's just over a thousand but the hide is the issue there you see if I want ten of those I'm gonna need a hundred thousand hide which is just really gonna be difficult to get the frickin fiber as well as like five thousand where the hell is my sickle oh I don't even know where it is well yeah we got a lot of gathering to do is what I'm trying to say we're gonna have to gather up crap tons of hide-and crap tons of fiber mainly and then the metal is fine cuz it's all around my base where's my Anki he's in here so we can gather all that up really easily because like as you can see there's nodes there there's some over there there's some over there some over there it's just everywhere so it's really handy but everything else is just walk really far to get type materials so yeah hmm I'm gonna try and lace make up to these saddles here today we'll see but yeah like I said we got a little bit of gathering to do and I'll see you guys in a little bit okay so we're just back from a little hide run let's see let's just drop it on here let me actually be much we gathered because it didn't really take that long 13,000 oh my god that's awesome yeah those are really good for for hide also they're super fast in general so you can get around really quick let's try to craft some of these then we got one wonder do I have enough fiber for another probably not yeah I'm out of fiber but there's enough hide in here for another actually probably another two considering the fact that we had in around seventeen thousand we just brought back about 13 thousand so yeah a good amount of hide left in there now I know a lot of people were probably wondering oh why don't you just go ahead and and use what is it called a Mindwipe and just go completely into crafting skill like you did on the island now while that would be a really nice idea I don't really want to actually try and make mine wiped onyx over here what are they cost again I can't even remember but I think they cost what they cost to make I can't even remember off the top of my head do you believe they're just really annoying materials it's like rhino horns or something isn't it mind wipe wait no okay well then apparently it's not but whatever it's fine I think these saddles would do for the Alpha Manticore anyway it should be alright so while yes I probably should go ahead and do that I'm probably not going to it's fine I mean like there's not a huge amount of like weapons and stuff I'm gonna be crafting over here I think maybe we'll do it again when we're an aberration we'll see but yeah we've got this really amazing wreck so let me actually just see how much damage we take just from general creatures around the area with this wrecked saddle like it's almost a hundred Armour on it so it's pretty good obviously crafting skill could add a little bit of extra on to that but it's okay I mean I'm completely fine with the kind of value that it has right now most things are dead around here so will we even be able to find anything that can bite me anything at all I legitimately think I just cleared out the whole area uh okay well there's a rapture I guess we could get the Raptor to attack us there's two Raptors all right cool there's also an Anki all right let's get that Anki to fight us we can probably just stand on it okay so 18 damage yeah that Raptors doing like nothing all right so this armor should be pretty amazing go ahead and just eat up these guys nice an extra thirty hide perfect the Rex is so terrible for gathering that but it's pretty good for the electronics actually I got quite a few and metal and oil hmm wonder what the best creature to harvest tech creatures is huh it's the Rex I don't know if it would be what it I think you know what it might actually be pretty good I might have to look into that for one I want to make a giant farm of just killing baby tech creatures for for all of those amazing materials but um yeah I think we're probably gonna be done for today guys I actually got to go off and get myself some wyvern eggs that needs to happen soon because really we're really pushing it here with the milk oh I thought I'd be doing it immediately but I just got completely distracted by this rex right here but I'm pretty happy I went for it I did want Rex's anyway so Billy nice to actually just find something when you're not completely like pushed to actually find it on that same day like I was kind of worried that we wouldn't be able to find any good ones and then we'd actually have to just spend a whole episode of just running around what the hell's happening what is attacking at the Raptor I haven't like creatures on passive just because I don't like giant like Dino explosions when things happen also creatures don't generally come up and attack my stuff up here so it's okay it obviously chased that mirela tops but yeah so we got our exes we got our saddles starting to craft up and we can obviously get a few more once I get that sickle out and collect a crap ton of fiber but anyway if you guys have enjoyed this video go ahead and hit the like button if you want to see more like this you can of course subscribe and like I said we have what 9 more episodes over here after this one so oh man we got a lot of stuff to do we definitely do but uh I'm excited and see you guys in the next


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