Abercrombie & Fitch Luger

July 23, 2019

hey guys thanks for tuning in to another video in forgotten weapons comm I'm Ian McCallum and I'm here today with Brad Simpson of Simpson limited because he is the Luger guy and today we're taking a look at a very specific Luger that I think has a pretty cool history to it this is an Abercrombie & Fitch marked Luger so I guess people don't know that Abercrombie & Fitch made Lugar's they didn't actually make them but they had them made they had a hundred made for their stores so when you say their stores this is the original Abercrombie & Fitch today they're best known I think for obnoxious overpriced t-shirts correct but Abercrombie & Fitch originated in 1892 as a sporting goods store in New York City and it was certainly not a household name but it was a pretty good sporting goods store I mean it had a serious clientele you had guys like John Steinbeck and Theodore Roosevelt shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch for actual sporting outdoor safari or you know serious sporting goods well if you were gonna do on Safari that is where you want to get your stuff exactly and so they sold quite a lot of guns including Lugar's yeah so what what I find that there's I think just a really cool story behind these things they wanted a hundred Lugar's and they wanted a 50/50 split half of them in thirty lucre or 765 Parabellum and half of them in nine millimetre parabellum and this was 1922 and so in 1922 there was one company or actually one guy who had the sole rights to distribute DWM pistols in the US and that was Stoeger company that's still around today in fact yep and so Abercrombie attempted to buy guns through Stoeger as you would expect to but they couldn't provide the guns that ever probably won it because they wanted 120 millimeter barrels these are like four and five eighths inch barrels and at this time the Versailles Treaty was kicking into force and anything longer than a hundred millimeter barrel in Germany was being considered a military arm and the Versailles Treaty prohibited DWM from manufacturing them so what did they do well obviously I'm a Crombie wasn't able to get these through Stoeger so they found kind of a workaround they have the guns and the frames made in Germany by DWM in the white and then hammer Lee in Switzerland made the barrels and they were actually finished in Switzerland also so this is actually kind of like what's going on or what was going on with the assault weapons ban or import into the u.s. of 2-inch barrel revolvers where you have to ship them in one format and then once they're in the country you can eat them back to the way that you want them right what's the solution if we can't buy barrels long barrels what we'll buy guns with no barrels and then put our own barrels on correct so in this way they were getting a gun that was both DWI and him early correct pretty cool second name to it so what really makes these distinguishable at first is that they're actually marked on the barrel abercrombie and fitch New York correct across the top of the barrel and with only a hundred made and with what is now a real household name these things are highly subject to fakery you don't they yep it doesn't take much to engrave ever crown being Fitch on the top of the barrel and increase the price by what sort of margin uh take a $2,500 gun and turn it into a $12,500 cut it's a nice return on investment for a little bit of engraving yep so you basically got $10,000 for engraving on the barrel so I personally wouldn't want to fall victim to that and I wouldn't want any of you guys to either so I figured you know all the details of these guns so we can take a look at this one which is authentic and I think you can point out to us what to look for on a real Abercrombie & Fitch gun so we don't get suckered by a fake do all right let's do an do so you have not just the Luger there but actually also its original Abercrombie closer yes that's an interesting configuration of holster it's an odd configuration there were I've seen several Abercrombie & Fitch Luger holsters but this is the only one I've seen in this configuration you can see there's a belt loop on the back so it would be warned straight down on the side gun goes in here extra magazine bills in there nice it's got a pretty cool little Abercrombie stamping in it right up there at the top yeah nice okay the most obvious characteristic of these guns is the Abercrombie & Fitch Co New York made in Switzerland marking on the top of the barrel and that's really the only thing that is really unique about them as far as like a customer or shooter would have noticed correct the guys were in a barrel length and then I am looking at the toggles there and it looks like that is the 1906 of the new model pattern of Luger DWM on the center toggle link the gun was made by DWM the barrel was made by hammer Lee and the first thing you want to see on an Abercrombie & Fitch barrel is that the front sight ramp is stepped back a few millimeters if you compare it to a dwn barrel which most of the fakes they just take a standard DWM barrel and add the marking on top of it mm-hmm but you can see yeah it's the placement of the sighting ramp that's different that's a thanks yeah it's it's minimal but boy once you know to look for it it's pretty obvious yep No so that's a that's an important characteristic to look for before we go for there one thing I noticed there is that gun has a Swiss cross on top of the chamber yes that I presume is because they were assembled and finished in Switzerland yep for whatever reason they use Swiss receivers I don't know if Abercrombie and Fitch requested that or if that was just because the guns were sent to Switzerland to be finished okay well it does look pretty cool in the Swiss certainly do you have a good reputation yep I would guess that that since they were going to Switzerland that that's what appeared on the chamber okay so what's the next thing once if we have a gun and we see it's got the inscription and the sight checks out what's the next thing to look at well these guns are in a certain serial range this ones 27:16 I they were arranged guns they have a they have a distinctive finish since they were finished in Switzerland it's a little bit blacker and it's a little bit of a more matte finish than DWM finish it just has a really distinctive look that you you know you see these guns that are original and you just learn what they look like and if you're used to looking at DWM finish you would assume that this guns been reblued is it's it's a slightly different finish but but it's correct for these guns okay like I say you look for the hammer Lee barrel with that step-back sight base and the other thing is these 1906 dwm s the standard guns had a standard rear frame well and this is an example you can see it's flat across the back in here but abercrombie and fitch a request to a reinforced rear frame well so when you open this guy up there is a reinforcing ridge across the back so the one on the left there is the standard 1906 t WM and the one on the right is the the authentic abercrombie and with a reinforced rear frame right so it is right up in there there's a bunch of extra material that you don't have on that one correct yeah it's a reinforcing ridge that goes around the back of the frame whoo and that's gonna be pretty hard for someone to a gun correct yeah they would have they would have to weld it up yeah and most people aren't gonna know to look for that anyway right people don't know to look for it and you know it's just it's not worth the effort to make that change if the victim doesn't know it's supposed to be there well hopefully we have just thoroughly outed a whole bunch of fake cons so there you go guys hopefully you enjoyed that I think the story behind the Abercrombie & Fitch Gunz is pretty cool it's actually a lot happier story than what ended up happening to the brand itself which turned into an obnoxious clothing brand at any rate a big thank you to Brad Simpson for helping out with this video if you're interested in high-end Leuchars definitely make a point to take a look at his shop at simpson ltd comm or come take a look at the store in Galesburg Illinois and as always thank you very much for watching


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