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September 6, 2019

Tango fight this is ringleader chicken Dragon Claw – ringleader check cougar check Bulldog check up later to play The captain has turned on the no smoking sign. Please return your tray tables to their full upright position. We are approaching checkpoint Zulu And that inbound 600 knots dragonfly take them out Roger sir, I’m on my way Then the closings set to engage glad you’re searching Engaging me Come on dragon place got you targeted get out of there Look he’s got work Control is blocking drove across town phone call affirmative like angel your Kill Confirmed moving angels phone Ok, dragonfly, that’s it party’s over How’d I score sir? Not particularly. Well, we’ll get you some more time on the simulators contact GCI return to base Black Angel, this is ring leader. What am I gonna do with you? Huh? Keep shooting down my boys table. So Yeah, well, you’re too good at it Eddie. Give him some room to breathe. Don’t pop them right away They need the training ball games will coffee Okay, bulldog your turn get in there and mix it up you got a cattle Quite easy you finally met you match today Paul. You’re dead meat feeling lucky. This ain’t real cuz I’ve got it today Fuck what is this abatement chicken or something? Eddie hold up what the hell’s going on? You’re dead Gentlemen Basic head to head This morning up there you got a taste of the real thing now I know it’s scary as hell but be grateful you got a chance to experience it Because as brilliantly as I can train you I cannot totally prepare you for the unexpected Except to warn you the unexpected will kill you Uh captain Gordon Sir, you wanted to see me That’s break for lunch. I will take another crack at the Sims at 1400 next chance in the air modified zoom manoeuvres Monday afternoon What the hell is wrong with you sir come in at a rookie head on yet the poor bastard pissing in his pants Sir, I utilized enemy tactics in an effort to destroy my opponent Those are the orders you gave me sir, but it’s an exercise captain. I Do what you trained me to do I fight to win Eddie This is fighter weapons school It is not real air combat. You gotta pull back The kid wants to file a formal complaint Since you almost killed him I Know you’re an excellent pilot Just how close were you There was not danger Okay, I’ll talk to him but you better be more careful we’re all on the same side here Then sir, who’s the enemy What does that mean Nothing, sir. I’ll be off the base for a few days Your plans for the weekend It’s my birthday Uh-huh. Happy birthday Catherine. Thank You sir Well, that’s want to add some sweater Hope it fits It’s very nice. Thank you daddy our son Cool It’s true we haven’t been hunting in quite a while you mean some busy Maybe this season Thanks dad it’s really good Thanks, I Don’t want that disease in my blood And I wanted in my mind polluting my mind Making me do things that are wrong Set free I need to be delivered I Say to the Lord Lord Bring peace into my body Bring peace into every cell of my body That’s in sin is coming the prophets tell us There you go ace so what do you been up to all day Nothing driving around you did some shooting Yeah, how’s the scope It’s great We’ll be having a barbecue later sausage ribs stuff like that Trust you’ll do the honors and when he makes it better fire than you Sure Ready for the me Almost Did you invite anyone for dinner? No There’s just so much meat I thought Maybe you might be seeing somebody No, I’m not It’s too bad It’s true your career is the most important thing I Guess you figured that after all your hard work. You don’t want to get tied down Take any chances We’re very proud of you especially your father You know how much he wanted to be a pilot. It hadn’t been for his eyes. I know You did all the work here ace aren’t you eat anything No, I’m not really hungry you ever need anything all day, of course your Turn you’re well on the way to building that dream automobile Eleven Three eleven and three are they a perfect pair. Yeah You’re on your way remember the trip to Paris is what you’re all going for Tim. It’s up to you now Okay, you’re building that boat right that pleasure yacht of you. I want two numbers. Jeez. Uh Let’s go with number two. Where you going do? Number 6 2 & 6 2 & 6 are a perfect pair for temp But you’re still well on the working, all right David back to you for two more numbers Okay. I know I know that. I know that eights got Now Darlene you’re next take your numbers 7 and 14 7 and 14 everybody Scary lucky number do 7 13 7 and 14. What’s your choice? Yes, is that a perfect match? Hello captain Restful weekend Yes, sir good cuz I lit a fire unto my boys they’re gonna be all over your ass You sure you’re up for this afternoon’s fight yeah, of course sir, cuz I can sub Jackson if you pronounced Sir, I’m looking forward to it Great It’s just you’ve been a little preoccupied lately is everything okay? Well, frankly, sir You know, I don’t like to talk about myself my problems But you’ve known me a long time, right? Three three and a half years now since you were my student It’s just that sometimes I wonder about myself. I know what I’m doing, right? I mean You think I’m doing the right thing of course, Eddie You’re one of the best. I don’t think there’s any pilot who works hard Maybe a little too hard The others don’t care for me they never have you’re not here to be loved You’re here to be the best This isn’t a popularity contest You’ve always kept an eye on me, haven’t you? Yeah, you’re the one watch I’m the one Thank you, sir See you up there get him out. Yes, sir Thinking about grounding him No, I think he’ll be alright It’s your call, man Let me see how he performs today Come in Hi Kevin Gordon, how are you doing? Fine? Fine? Did you have a good weekend wild times read a book clean the kitchen? How was yours fine? It was fine. We need a couple changes made of the flight manifest for this afternoon Colonel Ryan want you to plug them into the computer and send the changes order maintenance hot missiles and explosive shells Yeah, we’re we’re gonna fly some target runs from the gunnery range Why are we only loading your plane I Guess somebody thinks I need to practice An ECM pod why do you need a radar jammer? For realism Wait a second Ryan can’t when iron bombs. He must have made a mistake this I’ll call up a BTU BTU. That’s a dummy bomb. Yeah do it Okay now bring up the serial numbers in the storage weapons area I’ll change the serial number on my BDU to AF stroke 4 6 3 9 0 8 stroke SW That’s a special weapon. Oh Jesus I can’t do this. I mean it won’t fly an unauthorized I’m authorizing it I can’t load a tactical nuke on a training flight. It has to go through sac That’s not your problem can’t I You shoot and everyone will be in here Okay We got a problem this is supposed to be ammo to dummy box Well, it’s not We’re talking serious problems here sir. This is a mode 1 SW series. We don’t normally mount these on mirages They don’t have the proper release system Okay Couldn’t we just forget the extra pins and Mounted on a conventional bracket, I guess I could It’s not like you’re gonna drop it or anything. I mean, it’s a dummy. What’s the point? You got me sergeant. I yeah just following orders like everybody else. I Don’t get this. There’s got to be a mistake. Why don’t we put on ammo – No No, you better stick to the manifest Intelligence had a hand in it military intelligence like jumbo shrimp, you know what I mean? Well, I don’t pay me to think Nice shot Let’s see that kind of concentration in the air today. I’m gonna kick butt today sir I appreciate your fighting spirit lieutenant, especially considering your dogfight scores have been so pathetic Maybe that’s not our fault, sir. Oh It’s the Black Angel Yeah, well captain Gordon’s good But so are the rest of you are you wouldn’t made it this far? The difference is when he’s up there. He believes it’s real. That’s cuz he’s a nut you’re out of line Gordon does what you’ve all got to do take this seriously. It is not a game. You are either a fighter pilot or You are a target The choice is yours Now I’m not here just to teach you to score kills I am trying to teach you how not to die and Believe me gentlemen up there Dying is easy Now hit the showers and suit up You say there’s an older son you have any idea where he might be Black angel prepare to leave last chance number one you’re cleared for takeoff Roger goodell at this time Black angel, this is ringleader. Do you read over? This is black angel read you crown player We are entering the area at this time prepare for engagement Bandit approaching at Angel’s – – and climbing bearing one-seven-zero Ring leader. This is dragonfly. I got a good paint on them credit break on your sake, huh? Hold on dragonfly Colonel this is bulldog request permission to engage bandit Dragon flies up first, let me take them Sir All right bulldog permission granted. But remember this isn’t a grudge match. Keep your cool. Yes for Jesus that’s hard Course will employment right away as soon as possible, right? We’ll send him right over. Thanks for calling detective Captain Gordon’s family All been murdered oh my god Should I recall him No I’ll let him fly I’ll break the news to him every smiling Oh Good you son-of-a-bitch. You want hit on we’ll play it your way Come on yes Catch What do we do dragon fly cougar return to base now Why can’t we’ll come in come in Annie talk to me Patrol ring meter, we have a clean down. What about plates is down. We have a possible lose Kenneth situation Do you read a renegade pilot Colonel? We have a problem Hey Ringleader this is command come in what’s going on up there? I need to speak to your switch to Winchester backup over switching out Winchester Do you read Affirmative bring leader till we have a definite loose cannon situation black angel is on Place down we’re sitting ducks up here. No weapons at all. Matt for God’s sakes return to base immediately Thought advisable bill. I think he’s got bombs his red flag HUD. I’m gonna lead him into the Sam range The range is hot, but this is a negative repeat negative Any planes on alert Messer how long did generate an armed like? 15 minutes do it Also alert the red flag Sam installations sir, the Sam’s can take out Colonel Ryan as well Eddie listen to me. I don’t know what’s going on in your head. But I want you to return the bass. You understand me I want you to bring your plane down now Any listen to me you don’t know what you’re doing bring your plane down we’ll talk about it Good hey Kenny, we’re not the enemy. We’re all the enemy Girls Lord he got another one. He’s in range of the sands now sir. So, it’s Ryan Good freemen our get understand I Have to so this is what it’s all for This is why we’re here Bill I’m on his tail, I’m gonna run him into the sand Very good Yeah, okay I’m out with a range fire this hams Angel poured out his vial upon the Sun and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. Well, The angel saw him He’s got him in Sam rage against her Heart till Enquirer Matt Here they come red flag number three number five you have consent to fire Heyo, he’s taking out the sand Hey, he’s coming at you he’s coming over one bank gun. I got a bailout Twitter pics on his last position call up a search and rescue team Ryan’s bailing Condition red condition red we’re expecting attack at any moment. What about those plans? I’ll be up in two minutes sir. Not soon enough Christ who’s dropping his load Rambow blue one scramble for one you’re cleared for immediate takeoff, sir You just took out the runway Come on where are you son of a bitch? He’s still joining us sir. I can’t get a decent fits. He may be getting away Hi long have I been asleep Oh Oh my god Richard look Where’d it go I don’t know it looked like it was trying to land Let’s check it out Don’t worry, what are we doing? Yeah, I guess you’re right It is weird though, isn’t it? I knew we should call the cops Breaker one-nine breaker one-nine. Does anybody out there hear me? Breaker one-nine, please come in Yes This is Valerie Dwyer We saw something on the road don’t Do anything Great drop, it hands in here drop the gear put your hands in the air now do it What the hell are you doing soldier I’m lieutenant colonel Matthew Ryan Sorry, sir things are pretty ragged around here. We thought you might be the other one Yes, sir. I think we ought to get you to a hospital No take me to the base Sir, I really think we ought to get you that’s an order You have any tools in the band Get them He’s hungry I have to feed him I’d like to take him in the van Put them down good Go go go go sit down. Oh Please you don’t have to do that. We’re not gonna do anything What do you want just tell us what you want I Have work to do Based on a schedule fuel load. He could be anywhere from the Mexican border to Oregon or as far east as Colorado What about Salt Lake centers radar or la’s I was flying too alone when he was jamming our GCI sites They never got a fix on him. How about first rattling a deal? They released to you twos and a tr1 So we’ll have photo and infrared imagery. The problem is they’re asking too many questions. TAC wants to keep this in the family Oh Christ screw the politics bill. This is serious I know that’s exactly why TAC wants to keep a lid on this information. The last thing we need right now is a media leak Langley released AWACS to us if that bastard takes off again. We’ll catch him on the airborne radar as far as landing You know, he could have used any long stretch of highway a soft flat or dry lake bed at dawn We’re gonna concentrate our search in the deserts We’re gonna move down to the agriculture areas and so on a 40-foot combat jet is not that easy to hide Gordon smart He’s not gonna leave his ass exposed What kind of an animal slaughters his own family like that I Don’t know. I don’t know what to tell you A bastard had me fooled Matt This is harvey glatman with Janek, I just came in from Livermore out for the bad news We think your man’s stolen a nuke Jesus Came up on a computer He must have swapped serial numbers with one of your training lists clever Fortunately, it’s a compared with small 150 kiloton herself There really isn’t anything to worry about How’s that we can’t go off? look There’s a conventional explosive up front radioactive fusional material toward the outside and the plutonium core now on a device of this type There are a fail-safe arming mechanisms. They’re designed to prevent unauthorised that nation The only way to trigger the weapon is to enter the proper arming codes and I can assure you Your man does not have access to the army goes But if it dismantles the bomb couldn t reconfigure the detonator and defeat the failsafe Maybe but then the explosion would be reduced to a fission blast and a bond by corrosion About that sign but he’d also destroy the fuse the conventional blast can’t be triggered. Once the fail-safes have been tampered with It’s a moot point Opening the bomb is suicide if he breaches the containment vessel. He’ll be exposed to massive doses of plutonium gas radiation sickness How long would it take to kill him? and spawned duration of proximity suffer internal hemorrhaging massive tissue damage my guess 36 to 48 hours Well, that’s plenty of time besides Gordon isn’t afraid of dying Well, he’s just a pilot, right? How likely is it to have this kind of technical expertise? Very goddamned likely you’re under estimating don’t you understand the son of a bitch is on a mission? Black man. No, it’s nothing saying like that. This isn’t rational. He’s not gonna give us a list of demands in the air I Heard him praying stuff from the Bible. I Think he’s decided he’s some kind of avenging angel No, no, it’s okay. No, it’s not. Oh Please sir the wires there they’re cutting him Got them loose you Can go to the van if you want you can sleep there Leave the baby. No, please I can’t Suit yourself Bedford control, this is Aspen one no sign of target angel request update over Negative Aspen one no sightings. We’re compiling data from local police throughout the target zone Moving a great hotel six has been one out Get up we got to find a town Not him it’s doing the baby I Yesterday Richard in the high pass to town about 20 miles from here Garrison I think We were on our way to Las Vegas That won’t be our much longer What Pull over pull over What’s wrong Nothing You know how to hold a baby Yeah, I had a little brother Yeah This is a mistake What making a baby Making more of us it’s wrong He’s so clean Yes He is You won’t last He’ll be poisoned Well, we talked a lot about that Bringing a baby into a world that’s falling apart like this. Yeah, but you did it anyway Go on you tryna Do you take traveler’s checks? Yep So you driver’s license number on the back You’re sick you need some medicine it has to pharmacy back there. I’m fine. I need to get back to work What is it that’s wrong with your playing nothing, my plane is fine. Well then what are you working on Christ’s sake shut up You’re right I need something turn around Travelers Cheques, okay They’re d4d Let’s go Thank you What do you do to you Who the hell are you but you don’t how long is this gonna go on? Till it’s over Until it all stops Till I make it stop oh For God’s sake let’s just let us go we won’t tell anybody what you’re doing We don’t even know what you’re doing Bringing them to light Right at heaven Are you talking about bringing Whoville light? But diseased The unclean Corrupt liars All the dirty sons of bitches Jesus I know idiots Massachusetts license plate Laughing from the AWACS that means you’re still on the ground These are new The one in Colorado is a false alarm it was a foiled robbery the guy who’s having to look like Gordon Sacramento that’s a crashed hang-glider about this one That’s an imported CB communication of some kind something about a landing probably a UFO no Wait a second, wait a second the same area recorded hostage situation any resolution local cops investigated But they haven’t reported in yet. What’s the best shot we’ve got so far It’s only a couple of hundred miles. I want to check it out Matt You’ve got to take a couple steps back from this one. Look I know you feel responsible, but you can’t handle it all yourself Gordon has killed people That I cared about Grace Maddy bombed the hell out of my goddamn air base don’t you think I want the bastards ass as much as you do Emotions only make you sloppy Matt. Now. This is a military operation. Not a personal vendetta Will that be all yes She made garrison about 10 minutes She say who did it Right, well sure it’s not available at the moment, but we’ll send someone around thanks for calling So that was the hospital in Milford They got a gunshot victim woman with a baby anything else Apparently she’s been babbling about a bomb or something Where’s James your baby’s fine, we’ll take care of him until you’re out of surgery. No somebody’s got to stop him He has a bomb. I saw it. It’s okay. I’m not crazy. Oh I see Valerie’s water mill visitors net The bombs tell me about the bomb. What do you think you do? We talk to me. She has to speak tonight He’s gonna destroy them the pilot Eddie Gordon Don’t know. We’re on our way of Vegas. Excuse me Vegas. It’s not there anymore Please destroy them Close every airport within 200 miles of Las Vegas round anything that flies The only thing in the air should be the 34th and 420 first tax progress Can’t be sure he’s coming in Vegas Make the call bill You tell the 34th. I’ll be dropping in a hill to pick up a plane I’m gonna fly lead it’s not your responsibility anymore. No sir. He is my responsibility And I wanted Bedford control this is ring leader on airborne come in over roger ring Linda. This is control Listen, you may not have too much to worry about our advisors insist that if the package has been tampered with it will not detonate We can drop the bond, but without a fuse it will not go off What if he’s not going to drop it? What if he’s the fuse? What do you mean? Let’s say he writes it down goes kamikaze blows up his plane Jet fuel makes a hell of a lot of fireworks It’s impossible. Then he use the plane to detonate the bomb. I know He would have to have done extensive reworking in the bomb circuitry. Is it possible? I don’t know Maybe bring me to listen to me. You’ve got to keep him away from populated areas repeat away from populated areas Getting shot down may be exactly what he wants. I copy you control proceeding the rendezvous point tango uniform Zero forth like this is ring leader We are in pursuit of an F 21 Mirage and Kia’s hostile He will be jamming and flowing low on his approach. So keep your heads out and clear All commercial air traffic in the area has been suspended We are to pursue and repel from the city, but no shooting I repeat Do not fire on him Ringleader mrs. Falcon one we’ve been getting a lot of double-talk back at base. Could you be straight with us sir? All right, we were in pursuit of a renegade pilot our Bandit is hot Suspected target is Las Vegas. We’re dealing with a real situation here a hormonal Hulk alone Control of the ringleader come in Read you can fall. It was definitely in garrison, Utah No doubt about it Plus AWACS just picked up a new radar painted abandoned approaching Vegas from the Northeast You picked it ringleader. He’s all yours Bring me two copies Okay, gentlemen, this is it let’s go tactical and cover the brake patrol points Remember, this is the real thing. Give it all you’ve got Visual contact this is Falcon 1. I have visual contact with an unknown cowboy approaching below me from the southeast I am descending to Angels 2000 to verify Ringleader copies use extreme caution. I’m on my way This is Falcon one two, unidentified aircraft at 2,000 feet identify yourself this is restricted airspace identify My Orders are to escort you out of the vicinity, please by bearing two three five degrees My set He’s all over me great high ranked high lead him hard left He’s got a lock on this Bring it No Goodness broken our perimeter enroute to city no one else in range. I am in pursuit Can you stop me Matt, I don’t know bring it around Black angel black angel. This is ringleader. Do you copy ringleader the Black Angel? I Know you can hear me Eddie, this is Colonel Ryan come in What’s his heading three zero zero Eddie this is a mistake. You’re not the one this black angel failed to copy last transmission Please repeat I Said you’re not the one You’re not special Eddie You have no mission you have to land your plane I’m the one I Have the power I have to use it. This power has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t belong to you It doesn’t belong to any of us it belongs to God. I Doing his work killing your mother your father your family. Is that doing God’s work Eddie? You don’t understand White played Its dad’s mission no any you don’t understand this has nothing to do with God, it’s you you have to stop You can’t be serious twenty thirty thousand people Manny I can say right now an intermission. You understand me I can kill you right now Why don’t you I want to give you a chance to prove yourself maybe Maybe you really are doing God’s work Show me Eddie show me you really got power take me out I’m giving you the chance to prove yourself Eddie you take me out You do nothing and I’ll shoot you down right here you understand me I’m coming around to take my shot Eddie. You want to stop me that you come after me three miles? It’s up to you, Eddie you prove it or you die It’s work Gordon’s mom. Come on. Take your shot I’m all over the bombing range a permanent ringleader keep the other pilots out of the area Ringleader, is there any way you can force him to land? No off to take them all There’s no way you can survive that damn thing goes off your copies Godspeed It’s already Go to hell Yesterday’s detonation of a tactical nuclear weapon over the Nevada desert despite repeated assurances from the Pentagon that this atomic accident poses No danger to Las Vegas or the surrounding communities congressional leaders are demanding an investigation of the effects of the radioactive fallout In addition to the 36 confirmatory For the first time today acknowledged two military casualties a pair of Air Force pilots flying over the area on a routine mission They’ve been identified as Colonel Matthew Ryan of Seattle and captured Edward Gordon of Las Vegas Ryan a distinguished veteran pilot was senior flight instructor in the US Air Force Academy Gordon a junior officer when the Academy was believed to have been on a training exercise when this accident occurred funeral services for both You You


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