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Adventures of Buttman #30: Pug Army Attack! (Annoying Orange GTA V)

August 21, 2019

♫ Na na na na na na na na na Buttman! ♫ Na na na na na na na na na Buttman! ♫ Na na na na na na na na na Buttman! ♫ Na na na na na na na na na Buttman! ♫ Na na na na na na na na na Buttman! ♫ Kickin’ all the butts ♫ Buttman ♫ Punch you in the guts ♫ Buttman ♫ Slap you in the nuts ♫ Buttman ♫ Do the Buttman strut ♫ Buttman – [Annoying Orange] Yeah! (laughing) Hey yo, it’s Agent O, back
again with another gaming video! And guess what? Buttman is back! Back in GTA five, finally. You guys requested it, you got angry, that I put him in Happy Wheels
and not in Grand Theft Auto. Hey, how’s it goin’ Fart-Boy? Good to see you again. (laughing) Get in the car. Do you hear me Fart-Boy, get in the car. (laughing) Hey don’t flip out. That’s it Fart-Boy, you’re
cruisin’ for a bruisin’ get in the car! (laughing) I got your ketchup packet buddy! (laughing) These sweet driving moves
will make you crap your pants. Whoops, sorry Bazooka Monkey. Here we go Fart-Boy! Excuse me I’m tryin’ to
do some wheelies here. (laughing) Are you crappin’ your pants yet? (laughing) Why’d you do that Fart-Boy? You’re just askin’ for it
this episode, here we go. Ready? (laughing) Alright, stop foolin’ around, we gotta fight some crime. Right after I go number two. (laughing) Hey stop watchin’ me while I poo. Today’s crime fighting is
brought to you by, Pug Army. The only problem is we
need to fins a vehicle that can carry me,
Fart-Boy, Bazooka Monkey, and the Pug Army. You guys aren’t doin’ anything
illegal over here are ya’? I’m gonna have to sic the
Pug Army on you if you are. What? You ripped a tag off a mattress? Get him, get gim guys! Kill him with cuteness! Yeah, get him Pug Army. No, don’t get me no. Get them. No. Pug Army! (laughing) You’re so cute. I don’t have any milk bones, I’m sorry. Guys, your crowdin’ me,
I can’t get, (laughing). Excuse me, I need to
come near this vehicle. Hey! Don’t run over the invincible Pug Army. Don’t worry, they’re invincible. They don’t get hurt. (laughing) Yes, you did. Excuse me, can I ask you a question? Okay, I guess I’m ridin’ on the hood. Team Wolfin’ it. (laughing) Hey! Runnin’ over the invincible Pug Army, why? Okay, I figured out our problems guys. Here it is. We just haul everybody in a dump truck. Hey, sit down in the back there puggy. Alright, come on Bazooka
Monkey, and Fart Boy. We got a lot of crime fightin’ to do! Okay, now get in the vehicle. Okay, alright, get in. Fart Boy is the first one in. And Bazooka Monkey’s not, now get in, you got out of the car! What are ya’ doin’? What are you fart burglars doin’? That’s it. Yep, give you a little tap there, come on. (laughing) Bazooka Monkey, come on! Get in (laughing). I’m tryin’ real hard here,
okay good, we got one. Okay, we’re goin’. No stay in the, okay. What the? What the popcorn pugs are
you guys doin’ back there? Stop hoppin’ out. (laughing) Hey it is, popcorn pugs. (laughing) He landed on the lid. You guys, stay in the truck. Oh no. All my pugs are fallin’ out. Pug Army. Okay, I think we got most of the Pug Army. And we still have Fart Boy, so we’re still doin’ pretty good. (laughing) Why are the pugs poppin’ out like popcorn? (laughing) Puggies. (laughing) That was rough. (laughing) Ah no, now I gotta get the Pug Army, and get em’ back in here. Ah. Alright, I think we’re
gonna have to move on to a different plan. I can’t carry Pug Army, Bazooka Monkey and Fart Boy in that one vehicle. We gotta come up with a different plan. Wait a train! That’s a great idea! Train come back! No I’m serious you guys, I think this could totally work. A train could work, come on. Come on okay. Just gonna pull up right beside it, and then I’m gonna jump out, right onto the train, here we go! (grunting) (laughing) Buttman is squishy. You’d think it wouldn’t be
so hard to find a vehicle that could carry all my friends on, Geeze. (laughing) My ketchup packet! At this point, I’ve lost count on how many ketchup packets I’ve lost. Okay. (laughing) Buttman! Quickly, I have to get
it before it gets into the no! Ah no, now I’m never gonna get it! Ah the train got away! You guys haven’t seen
a Pug Army around here somewhere, have ya’? I kinda lost em’. Oh wait, I’ve got a great idea. I’ve just gotta land right here. (laughing) Great landing Buttman. You gotta lick that ketchup
off the ground you know. Okay, usually the blimps
are my mortal enemy, but in this case, we’re gonna be friends. Cause it’s gonna be the new vehicle, that’s gonna carry the Pug Army, and Fart Boy and Bazooka Monkey. It’s totally gonna work you guys, I’m gonna fall off, no stop falling off the blimp! No, it should’ve worked! Oh no! I mean, yeah! Whenever I do it with the
minions it never works either but it shoulda totally worked this time. You know, cause they’re
smaller, they’re pugs. They’re more aerodynamic. (laughing) Ah back to the drawing board. Excuse me, this is a blimp only fly zone! Whoa! (laughing) Sorry heli-chopter! (laughing) I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me! Read the scene of the crime! I mean, accident. Yeah, it was totally an accident! And I wasn’t involved, cause I wasn’t anywhere near. Oh no, we’re comin’ down fast. Oh there’s some pools down there! Yeah! Land in the pools, you’ll
be just fine Buttman. There you go! (laughing) Yeah Buttman can’t have
children anymore, geeze. Alright, what are you thinkin’ Buttman? (laughing) I don’t think you know
how to walk in water. (laughing) Buttman, you’re doin’ it wrong. Okay, we gotta find a way. Well, just gonna leave
that ketchup right there. Maybe somebody has a
hotdog that they really need ketchup for, and then
they’ll walk in front of it and be like oh! Sidewalk ketchup, my favorite! (laughing) Ew. Maybe minions can help
me, come on minions. We need to figure out a way
to carry a lot of things. Ow! Okay this could work, this could work an airplane! I gotta test it out
with some minions first, I can’t just jump right in and use pugs, you know, that would be silly! That wouldn’t be very nice at all. Okay, hold on. I gotta, just try and land on the plane. Okay minions. Ready? Oh, released them too soon. Sorry minions. Here comes the next batch of minions. No! Okay, totally not gonna work. Definitely not gonna work. Uh oh, minions, here! Here I’ll dive and you grab my hand, kay? Minions, no. Go live minions. Make like a tree and
(grunting) get outta here. (laughing) Hey, you guys are alright. Get up, you’re fine. Just rub some dirt on it. (laughing) Okay now this has to work. It has to work right? Okay we gotta tank, that’s haulin’ a trailer, filled with the Pug Army. Wait what are? Guys, why are you hangin’ up on that, okay whatever. Some of the Pug Army
always like to hangout on top of stop lights and stuff. Oh well. (laughing) That’s cool, you guys hang out there. What’s goin’ on here? Come on, no. No, no, no, no. If I move forward, no, come on. Kay, back up. No! What are you doin’? No Pug Army! Ah they all just fell right off. They didn’t even do any. Unlike Fart Boy! (laughing) Excuse me! Now I have to turn around and
pick up the Pug Army again. And then I gotta try a new vehicle. Cause nothin’ ever works. And then you have the
police gettin’ angry at ya’. I got official Buttman, Pug Army business. Get outta here. Yo, tanks a lot. (laughing) Get it? Cause it’s a tank. (laughing) I think they got it. I think he’s barkin’ up the wrong tree. Ah man! The Pug Army’s gone, they took off! (grunting) Seriously. What is it gonna take to be
able to carry the Pug Army around with me with Fart
Boy and Bazooka Monkey? It seems like a perfectly
idea to come up with, and I can’t do anything. What do you mean all
I’m doin’ is destroying the city by coming up with a
way to carry all my friends? You’re crazy, that’s silly. Crazy talk. Sir, that’s jay-walking! (laughing) That’s what you get. Oh no, you got some ketchup on you. Ah no! I got some ketchup on me too! Ew! Okay, I can’t get. What are you doin’ Buttman? What are you? (laughing) Okay you shouldn’t choose
when you’re drivin’ the truck to release the parachute. Hey, how is it goin’ Bazooka Monkey? Where have you been,
fartin around probably. Hey! Here there’s the pugs! Hey Pug Army, how’s it goin’? I found one. Wait a second, here it comes. There’s a train! I still think the train is the best idea. A mode of transportation to carry us all! (laughing) It’s gonna be a crime fightin train! Ah! (laughing) It’s okay, it’s okay, I recovered. I’m comin’ for you train. It’s gonna be good! Come on, come on, come on! Yeah, I did it! Finally! It just took forever. There we go. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh don’t worry. That was ketchup that was here before. I didn’t, that wasn’t from, okay it was totally from me. It’s from my butt. I’m sorry. I like to carry ketchup
packets in my back pocket, even though I tell people not to do that cause it makes a mess if you
get hit and shot in the butt. Or if you land on your butt. Alright there we go! It’s Fart Boy, it’s Bazooka Monkey, it’s the entire Pug Army. We have finally found a
vehicle that will work to carry us through the city, to be able to, oh no! I accidentally fell off! That was totally my fault. Okay, I just got. What happened? Buttman, go home, you’re drunk. (laughing) Come back Pug Army! I love you! Okay, I got it, I got it. Yeah, we’re back in business! Okay, could you not? Buttman, can you please pull yourself, no! (laughing) Buttman what’d you do? Even when you land on the train, you can’t land on the train! What is your major malfunction Buttman? Please. Oh yeah, oh yeah this is good! Oh, perfect! Oh no! The pugs are popcorning again. (laughing) Knock it off popcorn pugs. (laughing) Alright. What are you two doing? I had an epic shot lined up, with everyone in it. No! Now you’re popcorning the pugs! Dang it! Sidekicks! You’re making more problems
than you’re helpin me okay? Everyone just sit still,
we’re doin an epic final shot. For the end of the third season, come on. Okay you guys line up next to me. And I’ll do an epic shot of us, okay? And then we’ll sign off okay? Guys, I did not say play
hopscotch in the corner of the train kart. Would you stop? Bazooka Monkey! Well that’s it. I’m getting done with this. You’re just runnin’ into stuff over there. What are you doin? This is not. I want an epic shot. (laughing) I’m tryin to do the final shot! Okay. (laughing) What are you guys doin? Stop it! Don’t do it Fart Boy! Wherever crime strikes fear, we will be there! Guys! I was doin the final! ♫ Na na na na na na na na na Buttman! ♫ Na na na na na na na na na Buttman! ♫ Na na na na na na na na na Buttman! ♫ Na na na na na na na na na Buttman! ♫ Na na na na na na na na na Buttman! ♫ Kickin all the butts


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