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June 13, 2019

pick pulses armor-plated limousines these are at your ordinary planes trains and automobiles these are top secret and there are only two ways to find out what they're really like inside get elected or stay tuned now presidential movers on modern marvels on September 11th 2001 during the chaos of the terrorist attacks President George W Bush boarded a special four-engine turbofan Boeing 747 jumbo jet tail number to 8,000 like any Air Force vehicle carrying president this craft was designated Air Force One with the president of potential target the jet took off at an angle steeper than this more typical takeoff to avoid a possible surface-to-air missile assault passengers on board that it was near vertical ascent out full throttle you know in a national emergency and of course as that fateful day unfolded Air Force One was the extension of the White House of Refuge a means of travel a symbol of the American presidency this plane one of two nearly identical jumbo jets designed for presidential use was deployed in a deception maneuver as Bush was taken from Florida on a circuitous route back to Washington Air Force One is not a stealth aircraft still had it come under attack the pilots would have had at their disposal certain defensive measures there is a passive anti-missile defense system in the tail of the aircraft that is designed to defeat infrared missiles by emitting a heat source that produces more heat than the exhaust of the aircraft engines a decoy system can fool the missile and draw the missile away from the aircraft civilian analysts also speculate that Air Force One is insulated against microchip damaging emps or electromagnetic pulses like those produced by a nuclear blast the purpose of course is for Air Force one to be able to fly in wartime including nuclear war time and to be able to carry the president much of this is shrouded in secrecy but we know such systems exist and they would represent the very state of art when it comes to providing defensive capabilities for an airplane the experts strongly believe that Air Force one does not have offensive weapons after all it is in the end a transport airplane and it is not a weapon of war although it can be a wartime command post Air Force one can fly at speeds approaching 630 miles an hour this high is 45,000 feet above the earth this 800 thousand pound 231 foot long jet contains some of the most advanced communications equipment in the world including encryption and scrambling devices for secure links to the ground there are also 85 phones including secure lines and two-way radios plus fax machines 19 televisions and computer ports a conference room and private Presidential Suite plus a galley capable of preparing 2,000 meals keep the president a functioning chief executive miles above the Earth's surface an operating room next to an emergency room can handle medical crises the plane has become an extension of the White House is a flying Oval Office without Air Force one getting the president back to the Capitol quickly and safely on September 11th would have been far more difficult all presidential movers are designed to keep the president safe and by extension our government working for more than 150 years trains autos airplanes and helicopters have been transformed into high-tech cocoons we need to safely transport the most powerful person in the world but these vehicles have become potent symbols themselves of the office they serve Nixon landing in China opening up China what what greater image do we have of that of the American plane Lena here's America guys you know and Reagan leaving the negotiating table calling Gorbachev's Bluff in Iceland and getting in his plane and flying back we have the world defined by president who can get on a plane fly across half the world stand before a wall built by a dictatorial regime and defy that regime and therefore as a free man I take pride in the word it's been on the Alina and they often play their part in our most profound national dramas Kennedy's assassination in 1963 Roosevelt's death in 1945 Nixon's resignation in 1974 perhaps the most technologically impressive of all the presidential movers are the airplanes the current 747s are the latest in an evolution that began with the first airplane to ever take a president aloft in st. Louis Missouri back in 1910 the first president to fly was Theodore Roosevelt however he was not the president the United States the time he left office but he actually got into a Wright brothers aircraft and went around this historic and dangerous trip captured by another fledgling technology motion pictures was the first of a series of presidential milestones to take place in the air another Roosevelt was the first presidential candidate to fly during a run for office when 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt flew on a Ford tri-motor from Albany New York to Chicago to accept the nomination of the Democratic Party and this was really an extraordinary event we have a pretty big day for this prep and I'm very happy to be going out to Chicago and everybody knows the reason why I'm so happy breaking president roosevelt became the first candidate to accept his party's nomination in person flying to the convention was as much a political as a practical consideration maybe he also saw the sense of modernity with flight you know descending in chicago as this redemptive figure who's going to lead the United States out of the dark days of the Great Depression necessity rather than symbolism forced Roosevelt back on board during the second world war in January of 1943 a full eleven years after his trip to Chicago he became the first sitting president to fly traveling to a conference in Casablanca in a Boeing 314 clipper seaplane the journey took 90 hours in flying time round-trip and covered over 17,000 miles the secrecy was such that the crew of the Dixie clipper only knew that a mr. Jones and whose passenger number 1 was going to board the dixie clipper for the flight but they were escorted by fighters and they made this arduous trip down to Brazil and then they crossed the South Atlantic to British Gambia and then he was transferred to a c-54 for Incheon transport the flowing the Casablanca Roosevelt's appearance in Casablanca allowed him to engage in personal diplomacy with his allied counterparts at a crucial stage in the war in December of that same year he flew to Tehran on a c-54 skymaster clearly the president needed a plane at his disposal and a sky master was soon converted for his use now this aircraft had special features it has an armor proof window so the president wants to look out the window he certainly can it also has accommodations to carry a large number of people that have extra gas tanks built into the aircrafts to extend the range of the aircraft the most significant modification to the plane acknowledged another less publicized presidential mover Roosevelt's wheelchair they build an elevator into the back of the airplane this way President Roosevelt's wheelchair can be rolled onto the elevator he can be raised into the aircraft Roosevelt used his c-54 unofficially nicknamed the sacred cow only once in February of 1945 traveling to an allied conference at Yalta on the Black Sea harry s truman inherited the plane two months later upon Roosevelt's death he flew to Potsdam Germany for the last of the wartime conferences in July of 1945 and Truman routinely conducted business on board the presidential aircraft he signed the National Security Act of 1947 which created the Defense Department the Air Force and the CIA among other things and it was an example of conduct of presidential business while flying aviation technology had advanced rapidly by the time Truman was signing laws in midair and the sacred cow had been replaced by a new dc-6 with a pressurized cabin this is an important step up in technology because this airplane was larger had greater range and really represented a new level of flying comfort for the president and the livery of this plane the independence was unique it has the stylized look of an eagle new cockpit nose looks like the beak of the eagle and the feathers going down the fuselage and so forth had a real exotic look to it maybe a little too exotic early color photos of the livery or external appearance of the plane reveal a yellow paint scheme that we soon changed President Truman's aircraft the independence had in the nose a weather radar designed to help it navigate and paint Canon does interfere with radar and it is very possible that the color of the nose of Truman's airplane was changed so that the weather radar on the plane would work better The Independent's flew Truman to Wake Island in October of 1950 to confront General Douglas MacArthur who refused to follow administration policy in Korea this presidential journey began one of the greatest crises of Truman's presidency which culminated in his firing MacArthur upon his election in 1952 Dwight Eisenhower became the first president who knew how to fly a plane the Air Force kept ahead of the technology curve by transforming a new Lockheed 749 constellation into the official presidential plan upgraded in 1954 to a super constellation these planes were the first presidential aircraft with a private presidential suite and a conference table the Columbine 3 which is the ones on display the United States Air Force Museum this aircraft had the latest in technology available for the president the United States he could make a telephone call from the airplane and be connected to someone on the ground plus he had a teletype machine despite the improved technology onboard columbine 3 the piston-driven constellations were far behind the new jet-powered aircraft that were overtaking the commercial airline industry in the mid-1950s the office of the President of the United States needed the biggest fastest most advanced plane available in 1959 President Eisenhower would become a presidential traveller on the first and align a presidential jets so confident was the air force that Harry Truman would lose the 1948 presidential election that it remodeled a constellation for engine nicknamed the dew drop for his opponent Thomas e Dewey presidential movers will return on modern marvels today's Air Force one jumbo jets are the latest in a series of jet-powered aircraft that began in the late 1950s the switch from piston-driven aircraft was a product of Technology and Cold War one-upmanship premier khrushchev that agenda therefore the State Department convinced the President on States and Congress that the president and I states needed to move up to jet aircraft the aircraft was a Boeing 707 known to the military as a c-130 seven a it was not built an earmark specifically for presidential travel but Eisenhower flew on this aircraft tail numbers Sam for special air mission 709 was the first plane designated with a radio call sign Air Force One initially an airplane was named based upon the mission number of the airplane was flying so the number would change periodically unfortunately one day President Eisenhower was using a number of very similar to one being used by the Eastern Airlines aircraft and there's some confusion as to which aircraft the president of the United States was on to make certain that never happened again the Air Force adopted a code word a secret code word Air Force one the name carried over even to the smaller Air Force planes the president occasionally used but the secret got out and the term Air Force one caught on so did 707s everybody recognized this aircraft as leading all others in advancement aviation this was the aircraft a new 707 tail number Sam – 6000 joined a new president who recognized that the orange air force security paint job had to go the kennedys with their interest in style and their flair for that enlisted raymond loewy was an industrial design a very famous one to see if he could come up with a new livery a new paint scheme the light blue silver and white livery proudly displaying United States of America with the American flag on the tail and the presidential seal on the door was iconic I think it's a paint scheme that just really fits the airplane I personally think it fit the 707 to a tee the new Air Force one had style and substance over the Eisenhower era Columbine 3 which Kennedy still had access to the difference between these two aircraft is like night and day the 707 is much faster going along about 550 miles an hour as opposed to 300 miles an hour it is truly transcontinental the aircraft cannot be refueled in flight but it carries enough fuel they can get across the Atlantic and well into any place it needs to go cm to 6,000 had the most up-to-date electronics and communication systems available it also flew higher and more smoothly than previous planes Kennedy's original Presidential Suite gave the chief executive some privacy with a bedroom in addition to plush comfortable chairs in 1963 the plane entered the record books President Kennedy wasn't on board but a US delegation flew to Moscow in 1963 and they broke 30 world records including the fastest time from the United States to the Soviet Union in June of that year Kennedy took Sam to 6,000 for his dramatic visit to Berlin but the jet made a more memorable impression in Dallas on November 22nd a matter of fact before he arrives with the food part something I happen in the Motor City for my crew members of the crew listened in shock as news of the president's assassination was broadcast it had been announced that the they thought that the president was was not going to make it and it was which was unbelievable within hours Air Force one was transformed into a beer to carry the president's body back to Washington DC it just hit me that day we cannot you know put the president's body in the cargo compartment and then I made the suggestion that says well we got to put the casket in the cabin and there was some discussion and a little disagreement there it won't fit it won't go to the casket morgana I said yes it will after the casket was placed inside the plane Lyndon Johnson insisted he be sworn in before the plane took off with mrs. Kennedy by his side and that's one of the most searing and memorable photographs in American history of Jacqueline Kennedy standing there with a bold spidered outfit on so there's Air Force one and it's at the epicenter of the American experience at that point as President Johnson altered Sam to 6002 fit his style removing partitions to better see what was going on from his suite at the rear of the plane Johnson also used the plane as leverage offering an exclusive ride as a political plum twice he visited troops in Vietnam when Richard Nixon took office in 1969 Sam to 6,000 was being renovated they literally stripped the airplane on the inside from the very nose to the very tail of aircraft they took out everything put new wiring new electronics and by doing that and made it a true working White House a new Boeing 707 Sam to 7,000 joined the fleet in 1972 and together the planes helped Nixon conduct foreign policy in Russia and China but in 1974 Nixon resigned the presidency amidst the Watergate scandal I shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow vice president for will be sworn in as president at that hour in this office he left Washington for the last time as president on August 9th traveling back home to California the pilot took note of the fact that Gerald Ford would be sworn in as president around noon and the plane was over Kansas City traffic control at that very moment and the pilot called down and the designator ceased to be Air Force One and became Sam 26000 President Nixon then became citizen Nixon my instructions were that at noon when everything was to past and they were going to have a martini together they did have a martini at the passing of the guard so to speak the symbolic power of Air Force One backfired for President Ford when I stumbled down the steps in front of the plane with mrs. four it became an emblematic image of his presidency when the stewards would try to hold the umbrella for her and another steward for it for the problem but President Ford who refused that day he said I'll take the umbrella and he slipped a little bit thought I'd lost my job got a few phone calls that evening both presidents Carter and Reagan used Air Force One as a diplomatic tool and to symbolize the strength and power of the presidency most memorably during Reagan's visit to Berlin in 1987 an echo of Kennedy's trip 25 years earlier Sam 27,000 to Ronald Reagan to Berlin – to make another epic speech mr. Gorbachev open this gate and that's another way of looking at Air Force One it's kind of an arrow going through the sky taking presidents to two very pivotal meetings by the end of Reagan's term Air Force one needed an upgrade and he signed the order for the current 747s Ruben Santa want a peek in this beautiful she's a hot tub delivered after the Reagan term they have served presidents bush senior Clinton and George W Bush it seems like we've reached technologically kind of a plateau the current 747s represent in terms of speed and accommodations and technical sophistication everything you need more than any of the other vehicles that transport the President of the United States Air Force one has become an extension of the president's power and influence you've got this beacon of freedom landing on foreign soil taking one of the most powerful men in the world to their particular country so I think the symbolism is hugely important when that airplane pulls up the spot for arrival and the door comes open and the president comes out I think that really symbolizes a strength of our country obviously we have many symbols of strength in their country but I don't think any show more strengthened than Air Force love long before Air Force one was ending presidents all over the world in the comfort of a flying office chief executives got by with less efficient modes of transportation for the first presidents the horse and carriage represented the pinnacle of speed and comfort the total cost of both of the Air Force one jumbo jet 747s including all the top-secret equipment plus a specially designed hangar is over 500 million dollars presidential movers will return on modern marvels the revolution in transportation over the last century has allowed the president a variety of options planes trains and automobiles that simply didn't exist in 1789 for George Washington transportation wasn't all that different from that of the Roman emperors and it invariably involved horses he went up and journey through New England with Thomas Jefferson and he did this in his diary she talks about how he was there if not not for his own personal benefit or enjoyment he just wanted the country to share the experience of him as president most early presidents however kept near the Capitol James Monroe was an exception in 1817 and 1819 he made too arduous carriage journeys through the north and south to inspect defenses Monroe paid for both trips because there was no official budget for such excursions in Boston it's reported the 40,000 people traveled into the city just to get a peek at their president when Lincoln a promoter of railroads took office in 1861 rails were tying the continent together he used it to his benefit he used it to get up to Gettysburg for example wrote a little speech on the way there for Lincoln there's a lot of safety concerns very famously he's snuck into Washington as president-elect because it was perceived there was a plot in Baltimore to assassinate him in 1864 Congress ordered a special railcar to safely transport Lincoln during the Civil War the first vehicle built for a president and paid for by the government it's a magnificent car and he doesn't get to ride it until he is shot and he's dead he can no longer enjoy but that car made them one of the most famous train journeys of a president ever slowly with the Bell chiming that constantly all the way back to Springfield Illinois carrying Lincoln's body and the country mourning alongside the road Rutherford B Hayes who caved an important presidential milestone in 1880 during one of his many travels they called him Rutherford the rover and one of his achievements was that he took a train and went to the west coast and that act is incredibly symbolic now the president has gone to the people in Oregon in California he's not only can they go to him but now he has gone to them after Hayes luxury loaners from railroad magnates whisked presidents across America and I'm not until World War two did Congress agree to pay for a specially reinforced custom Pullman railcar for the president's safety they put in three-inch thick glass they also added 5/8 inch armor plating to the car and all the areas where the president would normally be they also added two escape hatches to the car one is in the roof of the lounge and the other is in the outer wall of the bathroom named Ferdinand Magellan the 84 footlong 145 ton car had telephones in every room an observation lounge dining room and four bedrooms President Franklin Roosevelt had a special narrow wheelchair designed for use within it's always after FDR's death the car was used in the funeral train that brought his body back to Washington echoing Lincoln's journey 80 years earlier mrs. Roosevelt sat on the Magellan while Roosevelt's body was carried in another car President Truman who succeeded President Roosevelt did use the car again quite extensively especially in the election campaign where he did over 300 speeches from the rear the Magellan Truman's Whistlestop campaign from the Magellan was one factor in his upset win against Dewey in 1948 it was also the setting for a famous photograph of a presidential mover and a journalistic blunder that famous photograph was taken of President Truman at Saint Louis Union Station after the elections and mr. Truman had a great time with that newspaper in st. Louis that day the Magellan has been retired as a presidential mover for half a century done in by the rise of the automobile now on exhibit at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami it represents the last of the more leisurely presidential movers another leisurely presidential mover is really more of a presidential retreat the presidential yachts which began with a steamer used by Rutherford B Hayes in 1880 are in so much modes of transportation as modes of recreation the yachts have kind of a party like ambience to them you know it's a place where you go for meetings or kind of a leisurely cruise but I don't think they fall into the category of practical essential travel presidents have officially entertained on him as Truman did on the Williamsburg and presidents have escaped from their burdens on them as Kennedy did on the honey Fitz the LBJ he loved to play poker he bring his congressman on when they got sent on gentlemen we're not leaving until you agree with me but there was always the nagging debate that they were an expensive luxury of an imperial presidency Carter ended the debate in the late 1970s when he ordered the USS Sequoia auctioned off if yachts best facilitated the president's escape from the people then automobiles did just the opposite no mode of transportation better allows the President to impart a message to his people and the car it's personal its intimate and it's also a security nightmare a battle between the president's need to be seen and to be safe is wage around the automobile president ulysses s grant received a speeding ticket from a traffic cop for going too fast in his horse-drawn carriage presidential movers will return on modern marvels george w bush road to his January 2001 inaugural an elegant black Cadillac DeVille stretch limousine or at least that's what it looked like this thing is its own Beast Cadillac is the Builder the current limousines for the president has to make the car look like a Cadillac but of course it's not I think down to the ornament on the hood is oversized details are classified but you can bet the car is armored contains bulletproof glass and has run flat tires surely it hides defenses within its chassis uses an air filtration system and electromagnetic pulse defenses it likely has night vision technology that protects infrared images and that's just a car there's also a driver a very good driver trained to flee any danger the fleet of cars at the Bush administration's disposal is part of a century-old tradition of presidential transport that began with William McKinley who became the first president to travel in an automobile a Stanley Steamer in 1899 but it was William Howard Taft who established the car as a presidential mover he convinces Congress to authorize within the normal 25 thousand dollar travel appropriation which authorizes expense upon horses and carriages that Roosevelt had he gets Congress to change that to include and automobiles now Congress went crazy well the winning argument were said to be the winning argument was that it would be cruelty to animals to have TAF be carried around by a horse but really the winning argument was that the president wanted these automobiles and the president was going to get them due in part to taps endorsement the auto industry doubled production during his first year in office he literally put the presidential seal on the auto displaying it on his favorite car a 1909 white company model m7 passenger 40 horsepower steamer one of the most technologically advanced automobiles of the day the white company bragged the car that the president has is the same as any car he could get from us so the president sticking car right off the shelf basically under Taft the White House stables were converted into a garage in 1921 warren g harding became the first president to motor to his inauguration but it was FDR who in the 1930s received the first armored vehicle a limousine among the fleet of limousines specially built for chief executives since 1942 for standout the first is FDR's Lincoln K initially it had no armor or bulletproof glass it was after Pearl Harbor that the car was armor plated although it never had a permanent roof and Franklin Roosevelt enjoyed very much riding with top down that's apparently where the nickname the sunshine special came from this car became an emblem of his administration it was the way people saw him he actually praised his chauffeur he said money can drive through a crowd of 30 thousands and not step on one toe and and so his chauffeur was an expert at driving through people crowding around the car trying to reach the President Eisenhower introduced the bubble-top a clear plastic shell that fit over his convertible parade car so the people who braved bad weather to see him wouldn't be disappointed it was actually a car that was built for Harry Truman it was a 1949 Lincoln another open car that car was used by Truman it was used by Eisenhower was actually used into the Kennedy administration that car was completely unarmed or plated no bulletproof glass no armor no nothing at that time in American history the president's political necessities trumped his security requirements will train drivers still took the wheel and Secret Service man ran alongside but the president straddled the breech of his two competing needs now if we left it up to the Secret Service decide what the president's car looks like it won't have any windows windows are a safety concession to politics the Secret Service of course wants to keep the president hermetically sealed and there's a constant tension the most famous presidential limousine of all graphically Illustrated this point the car a four-ton Lincoln Continental stretch X 100 cost the government nearly a hundred and ninety five thousand dollars to retrofit for President Kennedy it was one of a hundred and thirty-one vehicles in his fleet some of its safety features were too rear-facing jump seats outside handles for Secret Service agents retractable running boards a presidential seat that could be raised and lowered and the tight turning radius as we've seen 1963 if you take the roof off it all comes to nothing John F Kennedy was assassinated as he sat in his unarmored stretch x100 caught between politics and safety rarely has a single event had such far-reaching impact the Secret Service was in a quandary they they now demanded that the president have an armored car and they had a choice they could either build a brand new car or they could modify the existing car the reason the Secret Service rebuilt the stretch x100 rather than order and customize a new one was cost after the Warren Commission examined and documented it the car was released to the Secret Service it still cost a million dollars to renovate including a $125,000 1,500 pound windshield of bulletproof glass they stripped the car down mechanically they welded on a permanent armor plated roof they armor plated the body they armor plated doors all around the passenger compartment underneath the car they had an early version of run-flat tires it has communications systems and radios and such inside so you can communicate the Secret Service helicopters up above so it was a thoroughgoing rebuild of the car it continued to serve presidents Johnson Nixon Ford and Carter President Nixon even cut a hole in the roof so he could stand up and wave to crowds thoroughly compromising all of the reinforcements added after the Kennedy assassination the last of the four famous historical presidential limousines was built for Gerald Ford in 1972 weighing in at 13,000 pounds it could resist a grenade thrown beneath it it's come to be called a reagan car because it was the car that Ronald Reagan was getting into when he was shot and it shows the limits of protection afforded by a car this car is thoroughly armor plated yet Reagan wasn't Carter the bullet bounced off the limousine so good as the armor just bounced right off and landed in the president's chest nearly killing him the Reagan car joins the sunshine special the bubble top and the Kennedy limo on display at the Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan but the president isn't limited to autos for short trips there's also marine one the most technologically sophisticated helicopter in the world despite its $200,000 cost in 1961 the Ford Motor Company leased the Kennedy limousine to the White House for only $500 per year presidential movers will return on modern marvels the current marine one helicopter is the most agile of all the presidential movers able to lift off from an airport tarmac and place the president back home on the lawn of the White House President Eisenhower assured in presidential helicopter travel on July 12 1957 in an attempt to simplify short trips to places like Camp David without involving the fleet of presidential limousines the first presidential helicopter was at Bell H 13 that's the military version of the bubble topped helicopter you see on the intro to mash there was very little space on the inside and the Secret Service felt that it really wasn't safe for the President Eisenhower's two-man h13 was quickly replaced by a more spacious sikorsky h-34 scene which could accommodate half a dozen passengers perfect for traveling 270 miles to Camp David it didn't require motorcades or stop traffic it was twice as fast as a limousine Eisenhower saw the practicality of helicopters for short shuttle flights and he liked the way you could get in and out of a place and you think of the security measures if you if you do a helicopter that it arguably is more secure than moving in limousine across the landscape but some presidential guests were leery Soviet premier Khrushchev refused Eisenhower's invitation for a ride during his United States visit in 1959 he really thought that this might be an effort to get him up in a helicopter and just crashed the helicopter and get one major problem for the United States out of the way but then to his surprise President Eisenhower indicated he was going to go too and so then a Christian immediately backed oh well fine I'm ready to go under Kennedy the presidential choppers were the Sikorsky VH 34s also known as H 3s the h3 airframes were in service until 1975 it's probably one of the best-known helicopters today it was also one that's been around the longest 3a had a amphibious hull so it had a capability of landing and taking off from the water for short periods of time the rotor path on the 72 foot long craft had a 62 foot diameter it's ported to 1,400 horsepower engines the cockpit had a large window with two large reclining chairs and the navigational system and radios were the best available at the time in the presidential cabinet above the bench area we're about five people in those days could sit and then behind the presidents in the next compartment we had a small loop train they also had a small galley aboard the plane marine one usually cruised at 135 miles per hour roughly a thousand feet in the air for flights that lasted between 30 minutes and an hour Kennedy even enjoyed showing his family how the choppers worked as the copilot was checking over around the helicopter he looked up and he saw the tail rotors wing and flapping back and forth and he says well something's wrong with that so he ran and looked in the cockpit and there was John John and John John was on the stick and the president says yeah push it forward then pull it back so then the pilot says mr. president is anything I can help you with he says no no we're getting along fine although the Marines are closely associated with the president's helicopter travel initially the task was shared with the army in fact Nixon's memorable departure from the White House in 1974 actually took place aboard the army one helicopter like Air Force one any army or marine vehicle transporting the president becomes army one or marine one the marine hmx one squadron took over sole responsibility in 1975 they bought a additional new h threes those are still in service today the differences are some technology improvements with the rotor head and so on and vibration dampening and power plants have improved General Electric makes those power plants the current Marine 1 h3 can travel 140 miles per hour at 14,400 feet for up to 600 miles depending on its payload energy absorbent landing gear and crash resistant fuel tanks make it safer it employs light armored special protection from electronics damaging electromagnetic pulses and probably weighs about 10 tons but most information about the craft is top-secret but we do know that the four person crew can serve 15 passengers sound dampeners air conditioning a galley and a restroom contribute to its comfort it has two 1,500 horsepower General Electric turboshaft engines but it can stay in the air with only one functioning it's the smoothest I believe I'm prejudiced the smoothest a helicopter ride you could have certainly the most comfortable in most quad the president also has a smaller modified Sikorsky Blackhawk which can resist an attack from 23 millimeter shells while traveling at speeds approaching 180 miles per hour for crew members and eight passengers can travel up to four hundred and forty-five miles carrying over 20,000 pounds to General Electric sixteen hundred and thirty horsepower engines keep it aloft although marine one offers the convenience of quick short flights that avoid traffic and the logistical challenges of presidential ground transport its greatest asset is its ability to remove the president from danger faster than any other presidential mover marinwood will very quickly get to the president and move him away from that concern or threat or move him to a medical facility if that God forbid of that that happened marine one like all presidential movers has its utilitarian purpose each presidential mover gets the president from here to there but they are more than just vehicles they help presidents make history and occasionally they make history themselves

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