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Always Ready: Military Spouse Appreciation Day

September 13, 2019

Hi this is Erin McElroy, your Wing
command chief, and I’m here with Always Ready. This month is Spouse Appreciation and I’d like to take this opportunity to say
thank you to my spouse, Scotty. He has gone through numerous PCDs, TDYs,
missed birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays over the years. He makes sure I
don’t have to worry about things back home while I’m out doing the mission. I
couldn’t do this without him nor would I ever want to because he’s truly amazing!
He makes me laugh when times get hard, listens when I need to vent and he’s a
loving father to our children. Plus, life would be pretty boring without him. If you know him he’s quite a hoot. To all our Malmstrom spouses, thank you for your sacrifices. You allow us to get the mission done even when
it’s hard. We celebrate you specifically this month but we’re grateful to you
each and every day of the year. Let’s build connections, take care of our
families and get out there Malmstrom!

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