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July 24, 2019

Hello. What's your name? My name is Sal Gonzales Hi, Sal. Where you from? Um.. I live in Nashville, Tennessee but i'm originally from Los Angeles California. Okay and what do you do for a living? I actually work for Wounded Warrior Project I go around the country and I Wounded warriors is raising awareness about people who served who got wounded. Yeah so actually So you volunteered for them? Well I was wounded back in 2004. You served? Yes, sir, well I was in the Marine Corps. Uh, I do a good job at hiding it. Oh my gosh.. what, what happened? I was uh I was a machine gunner in Iraq in a little town called Ar Ramadi and I got blown up i joined the Marine Corps right out of high school both my parents are immigrants and this country is great and people need to stand up and fight for it October 31st, 2004 I was only in Iraq for two months. We passed a little round-a-bout; as we drove by it, it went boom! Waking up in the Humvee with smoke all around me and my ears ringing, I honestly don't remember a whole lot of pain even though my leg was clearly broken in half… I just remember I woke up a week later in bethesda maryland and i said when can I get back to my Marines and the doctor, he goes: sir, you're going home having music as as a tool for my recovery I was able to put down and let go of a lot of pain they kept me going to get me live its life it is who I am we love the service that you've given this country we love what you're doing that with you what you gonna do today sing a song yes i'm gonna be singing a cover song called a no sunshine by bill withers well best of luck to you thank you thank you he no sunshine when she's gone where she's moving no sunshine god she's always gone too long anytime she goes no no no no no she's gone anytime she goes anytime she goes away thank you you are really really good you really are and even playing music a long time how to tell me about your music i've been singing since I could speak all I ever wanted to do was be a musician and be a recording artist and play music and make people happy and I want to show other warriors that it's possible to follow your dreams and be normal millions of people sitting at home tonight watching you I just I'm I'm truly moved i know this audience in this room was moved and other people in America very very inspirational thank you you can sing when you can really raphanus it was like hmm i wanna hear some more that you're thinking I think it's beautiful use thing with a lot of feelings and a lot of passion and I love your smile I thought you were great thank you someone comes out here you know it tells a story like you did when you were telling your story I i got very emotional because a young guy like yourself to sacrifice his leg to give to his country how can you not be moved by that it becomes difficult because you have to judge somebody on their talent for this show you can't get caught up in their story so i want to tell you this thank God you were good really you have a very powerful boy have a great sense of this stage I think you were terrific thank you yeah sure yes I want to hear you again well you have four active duty servicemen we represent every branch of the military and we just come together and share our love and passion for singing our husbands are deployed for months on end and it is difficult knowing they risk their lives for our country for all of us is really really good to see you before they lead you talk about a funeral you talk about the will late at night I do wonder if my kids going to have a father nice two weeks to go are you just ready for anything here i am that's why we have such a bond because we know what it's like music I think helps us all through the the difficult time you remind me of how lucky we are to live in this country we left them i want you to go on and sing more to even be here incredible experience yeah imagine that we're going to be almost agents yes Radio City Music Hall I mean I'm from New York so for me it's like it's ridiculous night we're going to be seen great country if you look inside your you don't have to be friends want you fine you are you all and wish your name sir john hit linger way from john i'm from Broomfield Colorado and John if you don't mind me asking how do you I'm 82 years old no you retired now yes I retired about 15 years ago that's about the time I started doing karaoke before he retired what was your job the most recent one was aerospace engineering I was a laugh yes I was blessed to be the program manager for the co-star instrument that repaired the Hubble Space Telescope is incredible thank you did you go to space i was a Navy pilot that was far enough into species Wow after everything you've done why we decided to come on the show this year well this would be probably a high point of my life and my many careers so without putting words into your mouth was sort of more important than the Hubble telescope yes thank you all right just listen good luck ok let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies and someone who's no stranger to the joy of talent can bring its 31-year old William Scott Anderson are you doing it's what are you doing it's a pleasure to meet you my name's let Scott Scott I've been in the military for 14 years now I'm a medical evacuation pilot and just got home a month ago about 75% of our patient load Afghanistan was the children you know it wasn't us to did that to him but we really want to take care of them performing magic was for me was my way of communicating with the Iraqi children in the Afghani children you go in there and and I mean they're the kids r / really bad but you bring a smile you know just to imagine you know as a parent but those people see on a daily basis that was tough night main reason why I love performing magic it's just that you're there with somebody and they're having the worst day of their life and all the sudden you do something that brings them joy good evening good evening and you are William Scott Anderson you're in the military I am so first and foremost I got to thank you for your service I really and what is it that you're going to do for us tonight we're gonna amaze you with magic let's see the magic okay in 1997 i was serving in Korea and I was first introduced to origami the art of paper folding now in it of itself origami is a fairly simple process but in the right hands to be truly magical so tonight we're gonna take origami to a whole new level and I prepared for you an illusion that has talent written all over ok have fun sure we'll all right down here oh yeah I I'm doing well thank you what's your name my name is timothy michael po where you from Tim I'm from San Antonio and what do you do for a living i will I i spent 14 years in the military but but my my my career was what it was ended in 2 2009 I i have got hit by a grenade in afghanistan in and it broke broke my back in gave me a brain injuries so that's one reason why step study a little bit back in 2009 when I was in Afghanistan I had volunteered for a team to to go out in clear buildings in and help out with the wounded there was a guy who come up with a rocket-propelled grenade I saw coming down in me by the time I turned and went to jump on top of my guys I yo grenade and in the blast hit me when I was lying there I thought that I was never gonna be able to see my daughter walk down the aisle or throw the baseball with my son again or will be able to to to hold them and see them I didn't want my life to be over because there's just so much to do you know that that I would never be able to do hard it's hard to think about i'm just not there here here here to share with me and ended up causing me to have a brain injury which no God cause my speech to not work right like it should singing is just an amazing feeling has helped me get through a lot of tough times but if it wasn't for my fiancΓ© carry I would never ever being where I'm at now she's the one who said you need to go up there you need to you just need to let them hear hear you you have to be so lucky that you're even able to walk the guys should I sure AM I'm just happy to to to be here I'm so nervous right now I don't think if I don't be nervous this is just kidnap people and you're in your home date so go ahead enjoy yourself don't be nervous okay sometimes later tonight watchers she's Lawson morning slot there and the thought crosses and my Nevernever waiting in the morning Russia and down to people about in my heart is tomorrow come on we should know how much I try sure we're digging machines my it's my time shima space is that gonna be enough if tomorrow never comes my name's Nick are you doing what you got going to do for the day where rock band called the American hitman really yes sir I a/c like you gotta pass this video will start in the Marine Corps together oh wow things clear anything up my older brother Dan this guitar my brother and I we want to be musicians our whole life that's all we've ever wanted but when the war kicked off in 2003 we want to go serve at that time I was most important thing in the big battle of operation phantom fury was for real men that's where we started we just all shared love for music so we bring our acoustic guitars out jam in the smoke pit and we had time but obviously that fellow distant second to do in the mission that we are therefore it's hard to explain in words to people haven't been there but being in a combat zone it's a whole different world your sole focus is to get home safely make sure the guys are out there with do the same i would basically wait for my brother and JS unit to get back in from the city could be able to seal those young men come in just exhausted dirty and it's a sense of relief for me seeing that my brother made it back another day Jamie back being able to sit down and his place song some random jam into seeing everybody just kinda cool and take a breath it was kind of my way of helping my own hands when we got back from our second appointment we decided we're gonna get out we're going to pursue music and ever since then we've been this rock and roll and played every dive bar from the ground up we work around their day jobs to make the band happen we carry everything its American our hearts as Marines and rock-and-roll I mean there's nothing more American than rockin the moment is huge I mean to be here at america's got talent the feeling is overwhelming we want to represent people in the military and never came back home came back injured wounding on and we want to try and be a voice for them you know the people that don't know how to have a voice hi guys one out there this could be our moment america's got talent this could be our big moment gentlemen you've come to the right place you're at america's got talent where I'm still looking for a great rock band and it looks like you might to live what's the name of this combo we are the American hitman from salt lake city utah how'd you boys meet three of us up front here we're in the united states marine corps and I we were actually thank you now we were actually serving in Fallujah Iraq and we used to play with acoustic guitars after missions and that's where we met Jerry basis and the rest is history first of all thank you for your service you are brave let's see if you have the goods let's see if you could really play alrighty all right you guys ready for some rock and roll heroes 32 euro from palmdale Kentucky is waiting people i've been singing since I've been a kid but it's just nothing that you would want go after where I'm from because it seemed so unachievable you believe the people here Wow right from such a small town it's either coal mines the military or your college so I don't straight into the colon I was 18 year-old my graduate asking went straight underground four days after graduating it'sit's such a hard life and it's dangerous it can maybe find if you're gonna risk your life risk free country and I would say it's more than working on actually outplayed get all shook up oh you're a star for cuts you guys understand when you get a shot at you look at thanks a lot different you look at laughs a lot going on and the mikey home from something like that I feel fortunate to be able to chase my drain you see your mommy up i sing the cup to lay off somewhere that had in the past don't want to be the one when i'm saving a hero to say you know what would happen if I would try to chase that during my stickers it looks coming on him I won't be the one that says that I chased it get out there given to all right all right have a good time Ali what's your name my name is Jimmy rose a little bit nervous today little bit but that's what it's all about right yes where you from I'm from Kentucky I'm a four-year United States Marine Corps veteran what do you do I'm a former coal miner back home my home town that is a very dangerous job yeah yes ma'am it is you know I worked on the ground and all my friends and family back home you know where coal miners in the i'm gonna be singing an original song called co keeps the lights on it's just kind of my way get behind the song supporting my my hometown well I can't wait to hear your son hope y'all enjoy the moment the moment he pulls in from a single shield mama still sleeping kids still friends couch he go in through the back door he always so many times called star this and he is neat thank you for everything rope and a strength superhuman they can they buy oh ok my hometown spoon art zone to Kansas Andris oh my baby girl keep some bend me hold on max and shoes on a big high school of a mountain lions and the bell county farm cats on the banging stay cool hats Oh emotionally from Americans amor but i'm stationed in Georgia ok station me in the military just my name is Paul UT 21 years old and I'm a soldier in the US Army singer scene has always been a big part of my life that I grew up singing in the church and recently when we were deployed to Afghanistan for nine months my battle buddies they they would ask me to sing something for them to to take this away for a little bit so music means a lot to use more than just a talent is on that gets you through hard times when you're out there it's just being scared of not going home you don't know if you're gonna see tomorrow but you have to be brave for yourself for your country for your family for your friends and when I was scared music was and it feels good to know that my singing and my music can comfort someone else it means the world to me so you got this man on a battlefield is in the state they were still life our country man this is your dream this is what got you through it in the tough times and now you get to share with the rest of the world can't ask for anything better than this moment right now to continue to enjoy life as a free American here for you they want you to go get up hi hello and what is your name my name is quality and where you from I'm originally from American some more but what do you do for a living I'm a soldier in the US Army stationed inside it's a wonderful choice be taken to your service but why did you choose the military is a life path i joined straight out of high school and it was something to serve my country and to give back I'm at your service we just got back from deployment to Afghanistan for nine months wow so you've seen action for that and what are you gonna do for us tonight i'm singing have you been singing for a long time all my life music has been a comfort zone for me and this was a really big deal in Afghanistan and it got me and my brothers and sisters you know it was our escape whenever I'd seeing well thank you for bringing it here to us I can't wait to hear the answer ok come on really sure some thanks to change me all the way shit


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