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An unbalanced race between the US – CHINA navy

September 13, 2019

Compared to the US navy, the size and scope
of the Chinese navy’s operation is too small. In other words, the size of the US warship
fleet is larger than the 13 most powerful fleets in the world combined. Sixty years ago, when former Chinese Navy
Vice Admiral Xiao Jin’guang wanted to visit the operations of a warship, he had the only
way to go by boat to the island. At present, however, China’s capabilities have made significant
progress, including owning Asia’s largest fleet of warships and producing its first
aircraft carrier. Here is a comparison of the size of the US
and Chinese operations conducted by the Global Times: China: The Chinese navy was established on April
23, 1949 in the city of Taizhou in Zhejiang Province. At that time, the Chinese navy held
only nine warships and 17 boats. In other words, in the early days, the Chinese naval
fleet consisted mainly of wooden ships and sailboats. On the occasion of the 68th anniversary of
the founding of the Chinese navy this year, the navy has embarked on three fleets with
the arrival of carriers, nuclear submarines, , Amphibious ships and supply ships. The Chinese navy also has hundreds of warships
larger than guards. The size of these warships is also five to six times larger than the
warships on the Chinese navy’s payroll in the 1980s. In addition, the number and size
of existing Navy submarines Nation is also dozens of times larger than the initial period
of this newly formed force. The Pentagon’s 2016 China Military Power Assessment
Report stresses that China owns the largest number of vessels in Asia. Currently, China is using the only carrier
named Liaoning, Type 001, which it acquired and refurbished from a Ukrainian ship. The
second and also the first domestic carrier of China was officially launched on 26 March.
The ship has not been officially named yet and has only been designated Type 001A. According to Chinese media, the country’s
first domestic carrier was designed by Chinese engineers and was built in the port city of
Dalian. However, this vessel will only come into operation after 2020. Earlier, many sources said that China will
launch the first domestic carrier on the 68th anniversary of the naval establishment on
23/4. However, due to tidal conditions are not appropriate, China has postponed plans
to launch this ship. The third aircraft carrier is also being built
by China in Shanghai. By design, the Type 002 vessel will be more modern than the Liaoning
and Type 001A. Admiral Yin Zhuo, senior researcher at China
Naval Equipment Research Center, said: “To protect national sovereignty and interests
at sea, China needs two carrier warfare groups. It operates in the Western Pacific and two
groups in the Indian Ocean, meaning that it requires at least five to six carriers. ” According to the Pentagon report, China now
has five nuclear submarines, 53 diesel-powered submarines and four submarines armed with
JL-2 submarine missiles with a range of 7,200 km. With such a large number of warships,
China is fully capable of nuclear defense at sea. Meanwhile, China’s next-generation
nuclear submarine, Type 096, will soon be completed and put into use within 10 years. The Chinese navy is also continuing to step
up its program to produce surface watercraft such as guided missile destroyers and guided
missile guided missiles. Currently, the Chinese Navy owns 13 Type 052D destroyers. This is
the latest generation of China’s guided missile destroyers, with the latest ship launched
in January this year, Xining. And the new generation Type 055 destroyer is currently
in production, which is expected to become one of the key components of China’s carrier
warfare group in the future. In addition, China continues to manufacture
Type 054A guided missile guided missile defense and up to 27 ships. In particular, the latest
ship, Liupanshui, was launched in early January. According to the Pentagon, China’s new guards
and destroyers will help improve the anti-aircraft capability of the navy. In other words, this
is an important force in helping the Chinese navy expand its range of activities in distant
waters beyond the protection of shore-based air defense systems. Even in the latest military white paper entitled
“China’s Military Strategy” announced by the China National Council Information Office
in 2015, it has been emphasized that the Chinese military needs to undertake an additional
mission. The new service is to protect maritime interests. In particular, naval forces take
the lead role. In recent years, in addition to protecting
national sovereignty of the sea, the Chinese navy has also engaged in international missions
such as anti-piracy with the United Nations in the Gulf of Aden or the evacuation of civilians
from the regions. Fighting as in Libya and Yemen. According to Rear Admiral Xu Guangyu, senior
adviser to the China Association for the Elimination and Control of Arms, “To ensure that missions
overseas are more effectively implemented, Add logistics bases abroad through cooperation
with indigenous countries. ” However, in September 2015, Chinese leader
Xi Jinping issued a statement asserting that it would cut 300,000 troops by the end of
2017. His actions were thought to reduce the number of servicemen. Engage in combat and
rebalance the military forces in which focus on air and naval forces. Accordingly, 255,000 Chinese naval servicemen
are deployed under three fleets: the North Sea, the East China Sea and the South Sea.
Each fleet has its own command post, supply bases, warships, and naval war commands. Even
in times of crisis, fishing fleet and merchant ships could be mobilized to support the Chinese
navy. The main bases of the current Chinese navy
are located in Lu County, Shandong Province of Liaoning Province, Huludao City of Liaoning
Province, Qingdao City of Shandong Province, Shanghai City, Zhou City San is in Zhejiang
Province, Wenzhou City of Zhejiang Province, Xiamen City of Fujian Province, Guangzhou
City of Guangdong Province, Zhanjiang City of Guangdong Province and Yulin City of Guangxi
Province. . Noodle: According to the US Navy’s Web site, this
force is responsible for maintaining, training and equipping for combat readiness, as well
as winning battles, preventing provocation and maintenance. Moving freely on the sea. So far, the US Navy has always been a world
leader in power and capability, owning large numbers of carriers, cruisers, destroyers,
helicopters, submarines and many other types of warships. Special units It can be said
that the US Navy is the most elite force in the US military. According to official information on the website
of the US Navy, as of March this year, the US Navy has nearly 430,000 soldiers with 322,809
on the payroll and 108,789 people ready to enlist. The greatest strength of the US navy is the
carriers. US Nimitz class carriers are being deployed around the world with the ability
to react quickly to global crises as well as participate in joint exercises with other
countries. Minh minh The United States currently has 10 active Nimitz class carriers. In addition,
the US military has an active Enterprise class carrier and three additional Gerald R. Ford
class aircraft carriers are in production. In particular, the carrier warfare group led
by the USS Carl Vinson Nimitz is on a journey to the Korean peninsula. US maneuvering of
the USS Carl Vinson is not just about showing power but also a warning to North Korea about
whether the US military can attack at any time if Pyongyang has more onions. Provocation. In addition to the carrier forces, the US
Navy is currently staffing 22 Ticonderoga class cruisers, 62 Arleigh Burke class destroyers,
30 landing craft and 18 coastal warships. In addition, all US submarines use nuclear
power including Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines with 18 payroll vessels, 36 Los
Angeles class submarines, 3 attack submarines Seawolf class and 13 submarines attack Virginia
class. In other words, the US navy is holding more
than half the size of large ships in the world. Therefore, while the navies of other countries
in the world have limited patrol in the waters of national sovereignty, the US navy is traveling
around the world. Overall, the US Navy has 275 warships on board
and more than 3,700 aircraft. The size of the US warship fleet is larger than the 13
most powerful fleets in the world combined.


  • Reply Hot News April 28, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    According to the US Navy's Web site, this force is responsible for maintaining, training and equipping for combat readiness, as well as winning battles, preventing provocation and maintenance. Moving freely on the sea.

  • Reply Lim Ang April 28, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    china want to replace US navy and want yo role the world too like usa

  • Reply John Collier February 9, 2018 at 3:14 am

    CCP Propaganda. China can only dream about naval superiority to U.S. . Watch China Uncensored to learn the truth about China.

  • Reply Ronnie James February 23, 2018 at 7:16 am

    Current China naval fleets outnumbered US both surface ships & submarines but US got more tonnage due to the large nos of aircraft carriers or large sitting duck.

  • Reply Rizal Jose February 23, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    China has no prayer in hell against the US Navy. Even at its pace to increase spending in Navy they will never catch up to the USA Navy. Chinese Navy are incompetent compared to Japan and the USA nothing more to be said about that. They could never replace japan and USA as naval power. China would do better by protecting its land borders with india, vietnam and Russia, because if china picks a fight in the seas they will easily be sunked and once they are done the land bordering enemies will walk in and take over china while the maritime forces will make a beachhead and take their coastal areas. China not too smart, you should never pick a fight when you are weak in one position while you have potential enemies bordering you. If china really wanted to fight in SCS they would just start it, but they haven't because they know they are surrounded by enemies.

  • Reply Vampire Dragon07 March 16, 2018 at 7:21 am

    What’s unbalanced is U.S. needs to pay 18 trillion$ DEBT.Making war in Asia without paying ha ha ha ha ha.It will never make the whole armada strong that way.Americans needs jobs,needs to clean both democratic and republican political parties and,corrupted politicians that put american people to HELL.U.S.A. Needs to start caring on it’s own people and country that this government had been NEGLECTING for so many years as of now.Goodbye my friends.

  • Reply Jesse Roman May 2, 2018 at 5:39 pm

    What games isn't what's keeps you alive. Fuck China fuck Russia. USA. Aint no compete. We the best. They only know and copy what they see. If we cut off the world now the convo a change and we'll still be at war. You all got lucky by my 3d printer idea. Better stop playing the with outsiders

  • Reply Duke71 May 21, 2018 at 6:32 am

    trumps will squash chiner and spit on em#

  • Reply sstchan924 May 22, 2018 at 6:14 am

    There is no question America has the largest navy in the world but it has to cover all the oceans in the world. China needs a small navy to cover the East, South China Seas and the sea-lanes in Indian Ocean. It also has developed hypersonic ballistic missiles which have the capability to keeps aircraft carriers far away from Asian shores making land invasion very difficult. War talk is just idle talk.

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