Analysis: Vladimir Putin plans to expand Russian navy

July 28, 2019

Shabana joins me now in the studio obey thanks for joining us so this is a really big deal for Russia why well this is a big deal Vladimir put in previous speeches on this occasion has said that this is an occasion to showcase to the world the so-called glory of the Russian Navy of course the Russian Navy has come a long ways since the collapse of the USSR and remember in 2000 Russia's most advanced submarine essentially sunk to the bottom of the Arctic sea putting all 118 sailors on board that was the the curse at that point at that time it was Russia's most advanced nuclear power submarine that was a big scandal for the Russian Navy that was in the year 2000 right as Putin took over power now Russia's Navy is active throughout multiple areas in the world from the Black Sea to the eastern Mediterranean off its permanent evil base in northwestern Syria and a slow kike challenged NATO and you challenged the United States Navy at this point the US has the most powerful Bluewater Navy under Vladimir Putin Russia has attempted to expand its naval technolon technological power building new nuclear power submarines pushing them into the Atlantic into the Baltic Sea into the Black Sea attempting to challenge us and Nido naval supremacy and so this looks like to be an occasion where Vladimir Putin wants to show the world that the Russian Navy is back some of call that perhaps a new Cold War we're not there's just quite yeah it's very clear that the Kremlin's intent here is to show that the Russian Navy is back although certainly not without some controversy and recent naval accidents and tragedies have taken place right talk a little bit more about the timing of all this that's really critical for the Russian government absolutely the time of year is very important coming at time of increased tensions in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov between Russia and Ukraine where the Russian Navy has blocked the sea of azov and important shipping lane for the Ukrainians of time when the Russian Navy is also essentially in a in a battle of wills with the US Navy and also other NATO member states in the Baltic Sea and in Mediterranean have been some complaints that the Russian Navy is using GPS jamming equipment to jam strategic shipping lanes in the Baltic Sea and in the eastern Mediterranean using its new naval base that the Assad regime offered the the Russian at Navy so it's a time when Putin and the Kremlin is trying to show Washington nipa Russian power is back interestingly enough we saw that both China and India and other countries are also participating with with the Russian Navy in this in this parade in this occasion of the Russian Navy day it's also was coming at a time of increased Russian and Chinese cooperation and that military cooperation is essentially geared towards challenging the United States alright o baisha bender thanks for joining us

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