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July 28, 2019

thanks for checking out our video you may already know that motor coats transportation is the safest mode of transportation for any group large or small our dedicated driver keeps his or her eye on the road leaving you and your party to enjoy your trip and each other's company at anchor Trailways motor coach we are do t– and DOD certified and we are honored to transport our troops hi I'm Alex Ennis and I'm here to help you decide which anchor Trailways motor coach is best for you we offer three options a minibus our deluxe motor coach and our plush luxury coach so no matter what you're looking for we've got you covered let's take a closer look our minibus comes in two sizes an 18 passenger and a 25 passenger and it's great for transporting small groups over short distances like a church group or wedding party what's more each one comes fully equipped with the PA system perfect for city tours and a DVD player for maximum entertainment but what if you're taking your group to say Chicago Orlando or Pigeon Forge we'll check this out our over-the-road coach comes in two options a 47 passenger in a 55 passenger both are climate-controlled for your perfect comfort your trip is a long one so all of our coaches feature reclining seats critical even more critical a lavatory best of all every motor coach comes with the DVD player and monitors throughout the bus so you can travel in comfort and catch up on your favorite movies well what if you need to check your Facebook page while you're on the road we've got you covered Wi-Fi satellite TV and AC power supplier available on some of the coaches and all of them feature overhead storage bins for the stuff that you need to have with you and tons of storage for the things you don't thanks Marshall as you can see our motor coach is the ideal solution if you need to take your group on an extended trip but that's not all we offer let's check out the luxury coach welcome to the mothership now this is the perfect luxury motor coach if you want to travel in comfort either going to a corporate event to go play some golf or entertain your colleagues and clients at a football game in style now I know what you're thinking well what kind of style Alex well let's get right to it for starters we have solid tables and counter tops and mood lighting to create the perfect atmosphere two separate rooms with individual climate control means you keep everyone happy a full-size shower with hot water of course is here to keep you clean and our full galley will keep you charged up we're talking a refrigerator a microwave a sink with hot and cold water in an ice bin that holds up to 40 cans plus a coffee maker and storage cabinets galore did you say electronics well this bad boy has three TVs two DVD blu-ray players three Direct TV in-motion HD receivers plus Wi-Fi and with this remote you can sit here and catch the game whether you're driving to Atlanta talking about deal points or just hanging out watching TV we have got you covered I hope you've enjoyed getting to know our motor coaches and as you can see whatever your transportation needs we've got what you need and we'll get you there and back safely thank you so much for your time now let's get rolling

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    the 55 seater isnt as nic

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