Army Men vs Lego 2: Part 1 | The General

July 25, 2019

the war started on what would have been an uneventful day we were busy colonizing a nearby table when suddenly the army men attacked with no reason of no provoking they came at us full strength in numbers we fought back but unfortunately the ruthlessness of our enemy drove us from our tabletop we had to flee for our magic portals that we had constructed now on the run from a new menace since then the army men have been starting fights with every single other item in the household in their quest to take over the household they have made war many different entities some of these wars have not been successful for them driving their need to destroy us even further our last hope is a magic portal that we've been building in the bathroom it will take us a different dimension to where we can be safe from this green and tan and gray Menace we will be entering into the unknown but we have no other choice as the Allied armament come to destroy us all here they come make ready they broke through so easily failed we're gonna need more man this checkpoint wasn't prepared enough doesn't matter it doesn't matter look we know where they're heading inform HQ of this news they'll be very interested to know that we've got them cornered like a bomb made it here in one piece I got your radio report sounds like your trip had some difficulties no it wasn't a very peaceful journey we bout to break for a blockade they're getting closer to our location yeah things are looking pretty downhill from here doesn't matter the professor wants to see you immediately well I won't delay that meeting any longer my forces here will booster your defenses open the yellow entrance I'm onto it Oh only the sergeant could see all this all these flags were planted for him you know too bad you can't see anything from hell that's true gentlemen glad you could make it this mighty Alliance the lego communist menace will be wiped from the face of this planet this is our first major meeting you must have big news for us have you found the location of the Lego stronghold and their war machine our troops have masked they await orders to attack well our scouts information or lack of in the washing sector indicates that the Blockheads are active in this area it is an ideal location to corner that pathetic army and destroy them once and for all and how can we be sure this morning one of our blockades was breached by a sizable Lego force they were heading for the washing sector similar trend of other encounters and their war machine it is going to be big no doubt about that there are less of them than there are of us so naturally be designed to compensate for that however because they have less experience of warfare I believe it may be a paper tiger still deadly but nothing concentrated firepower can't bring down yes so do we move out now affirmative general grey my storm troopers who take out any recon posts the bulk of the army can follow through after them excellent work gentlemen let's get moving leggo boss is here ah gentlemen welcome so glad to see you're all here in one piece thank you but we are short on time so excuse me for being brave yes yes we all are under similar pressure as your radio report tells us the army men are closing in on our position yes we broke through a blockade they'll probably know where we are by now well I have good news the portal is ready and we have found a dimension that contains some how do I put this some cousins of ours that will make powerful allies are we going to contact them yes but they are hostile and dangerous creatures we need men with wits and fast feet for this mission I can go I've heard of these cousins of ours I may know how to bait them I'll go too excellent now we can buy you time until you find them it is guaranteed the army men are on their way how we know when they will arrive I have a lookout post set up they report every three hours used to be every hour but it started to annoy us so we extended it as nothing was happening still absolutely nothing in sight well still need to keep vigilant those army men can move fast I am just make your next report okay so it's good to know that it fits this position but we need it over there to cover up their doorway have it moved up there yes sir why do some of you have a high-pitched voice than the others don't oh I was built after the first contact of the army men they made our voices deeper so we seem more intimidating you think it works huh we hold an important choke point at the bathroom door but I don't know what how long we're gonna last in that position we are backed into a corner without defenses hold I am confident we will be able to make a stand we can start work on adding more layers but this mighty and ancient war machine you stand in now should halt any army in its tracks the Titan will stand tall against any attacker Tyson online this mission is very dangerous I have high doubts about your survival I am aware of this burden however sacrifices must be made for the people for the good we face an enemy like no other sometimes we must align ourselves and far less desirable powers over I have faith that you will achieve this mission I know you will succeed as five yards you coming blue go now there can be no further delay I'm counting on you guys to hold out for me well our defense is sufficient enough in this area for the time being but I think we need some more reinforcement up near the doorway that's all most important bottleneck I agree doorway prepare to receive the mobile fortress holy bricks quick get on the radio there is a massive army men force heading right for us biggest I've ever seen what how many give me the size watch wait that should sufficiently pocha power lines for now almost done just need a bit more for the barricades we're just in a few more bricks I pitched into the quarry actually scratch that I think we get started on the second layer right we heard you wait what the hell tan soldiers start shooting up wait is that gunfire blue line status report no tire I'm him enforced to the right we've got tanks and tons of infantry the army men are here they managed to slip by but as defenses aren't ready this is not the type of schedule I want to be on professor what went wrong your recon post was supposed to give us the heads up hi I'm sorry they seem to have taken out our men and assembled during the hours after their last report we left the gap too long well we've been I hope our men find these creatures fast we're gonna make our stand now commander the Titan has already repelled the first wave but I am concerned I have been looking through the old files on Titan operation our ancestors who use them seem to have abandoned their use for a reason we cannot rely on this ancient machine alone have the defenses protect the legs as well as the portal understood yes professor ie we stand firm a sir when are our orders you're under defensive we just need a stamp to protect the Titans legs sir we have discovered the Lego secret weapon the hard way the war machine in question is a large bipedal fortress a walking castle if you say it has covered most of the doorway with its explosive weapon tree you can't really get in too easy and don't forget the cannon arms that decimated my platoons they must have been using some pretty big rounds something on two legs can fall quite easily no matter the size the height also works as a disadvantage general we have enough artillery to take it down they can miss and would have the time given the Titan having fired its rounds at a destruction sounds like a good plan well we all know our girls let's take down this Fink prax trait men get ready to fill any holes men of the mighty united army we have come here to finally wipe out the lego menace once and for all communism will not see the light of the next day I don't know kind of chance we stand our number us maybe a hundred to one fear not for these barriers we have built will shield our souls what you mean those barriers should I use more bricks man we're trapped here we are surrounded in overwhelming numbers the enemy horde stands before our gates I asked you to stand firm have your aim be true and most importantly buy us some time we have allies that are going to come to us just wait we just need to hold

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