July 29, 2019

hey guys Aaron como cherry is good to see everybody again super excited to announce the introduction of a new product that we strongly believe in this is the first ever here in America or what we're calling the cherries cap with a cherries epithet cap this is a cap that is mandatory in Israel all off-duty and plain-clothed law enforcement armed security and lawfully armed concealed carry permit holders must have something like this in their pocket we've had this in a job for come up on 25 years we're not manufacturing these hats we manufacture them for police for sheriff the purpose of a hat and it is the ugliest looking thing you have ever seen is to have a piece of equipment on you whenever you're carrying that you can literally fold up put in your pocket and then pull out in the event that you have to draw your weapon for a critical situation cap literally just slides onto your head there are no specific seasons with it it's totally it's totally year-round one size fits all super high visibility reflective stripes on the sides of the cap same thing we have our flannels on everybody has to start thinking about how am I going to identify myself to law enforcement that's one of the streams or threads that we really focus on here and check whether you're part of a police agency uh if you're carrying concealed off-duty or you're working plain clothes you want to have some type of piece of equipment that's going to allow you to identify yourself so that when you do reholster the gun and the cap is on your head you will be identifiable on the badge not going to be super visible so this will this gets everybody on the same page gets everybody identifiable this is again a mandatory piece of kit in Israel and you know I personally think that this is probably going to be you know one of the most important tools that we bring from Israel to Cherry's here in the US and into Europe as far as the global war on terror over 1 million law enforcement officers sworn out there to act as force multipliers while they're off duty with this level of identification so again it's a one size fits all it's the ugliest thing you've ever seen it's not designed to be worn on your head when you're carrying your gun it's designed to fold up go into your pocket and disappear and then come out in the event of a critical situation when you draw your weapon you end up dropping some perp who's trying to kill you or your family members this will give you the coverage that you need on both sides of your head you can see how the reflective property of the patches work you're going to have coverage from all different directions around your head this is just something that we believe everybody needs to get down with it's it's you know we make holsters also we think that this is almost as important as the holster you know if you're going to have the gun on you you have to be identifiable so super excited to bring it to market the Hat retails for $29.99 we kept the price down I mean it's super cheap and again just literally folds up and goes into your pocket um it's more information on the website look forward to speaking you guys again on the next product Aaron Cohen from Cherry's and we'll see you guys in the next one

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