Before You Buy Backhander Melee Weapon! Should You Buy New Backhander Melee Weapon? (Black Ops 4)

July 25, 2019

get the upper hand on your competition with scuff controllers use code OG x-rays to get five percent off your entire order yo guys the subtext here is looking back to another black ops 4 video so today we're gonna be taking a look at the black market we did get a new update with some new items so let's take a look at it and we'll discuss what they are and if it's something that maybe you're interested in picking up so right off the bat we actually have a new melee weapon you can purchase for 1,000 cod points this one it comes with animo which is the chef zombie ammo and you guys will see it right here looks like it's just a brain and then he's putting some salt on it is he actually gonna eat it though that'd be hilarious if he actually ate it I don't I don't think he does oh he does holy crap okay that was actually pretty decent so it actually does come out with the backhander melee weapon as well which is a zombie hand and it's a male weapon so think of it like any other melee weapon it should be a one-hit kill depending on you know it doesn't matter what mode you're on and it also does come with five reserve crates so it kind of is where if you purchase this you're kind of getting a pretty awesome value because you're getting five reserve crates on top of also getting a new weapon so essentially it's like one of them is free you're either getting the five crates for free or you're getting the melee weapon for free depending on which way you're feeling so if you're someone who really you know today maybe were you know whatever the rest of this operation is if you're planning on getting some reserves anyways or reserve crates and you can get this and it'll give you a free melee weapon or vice versa so let me know which way it is now personally I don't think I'm gonna be getting this just because I'm not really that big into melee weapons I will definitely go and I'll buy new reactive camels or regular camels but personally I just you know I'm not that big of a fan of buying melee weapons and there's a lot of people who have their whole channels their YouTube channels based completely around melee weapons and you know using blades only or melee weapons and for them I'm sure it's really exciting the other really cool thing is that finally we're not getting a bundle the last time we had a melee weapon it was 30 dollars for the melee weapon I was insane so I'm happy that at least Activision has realized that no one's gonna take their crap when it comes to that no I don't think anyone bought that $30 melee weapon and if they did they were probably youtubers who needed to make content on it but you know I don't think anyone in the right mind and paid $30 for a melee weapon I didn't buy it I think a lot of people didn't so I'm just kind of happy that they took it a step back we're like okay you know what people are didn't like that $30 or 3,000 Cod point melee weapon how about instead we lower it down and now it's a thousand and it comes with reserve crates so I think it's a way better deal is it something I would purchase no but you know if you're someone who's into collecting new melee weapons and stuff it's way cheaper now and also it's you know you got free five reserve crates or free weapon depending on which way you're feeling and on top of that it actually comes with a halfway decent gesture as well which is actually a pretty funny one so that's when you item today on top of that we did actually get a new one which is the jock so this is the new item as well it comes with two reserve crates this one is 800 and it also comes with the jock skin that you can wear now this one is for ruin and it actually looks pretty good and actually looks pretty good in my opinion I like the skin looks pretty funny and you know it just it looks nice it looks nice I kind of wish they had put the number 1 1 5 on them I feel like that'd be pretty hilarious but we got the Walsh jock skin if for 800 and I'm not huge into skins again like I said I only really care about reactives sometimes you know weapon variants cycle maybe gear head I'll pick up eventually even though it's like it's a I use the ICR a lot but it's really I mean 20 bucks no for me but anyway so in the special orders a new item is the liquidator and this is kind of like the summertime theme of the replacer this one comes with a 5% tear boost it's 1,000 Cod points and as with all special orders you actually have to get through seven tiers in order to get all the other ones and then finally when you get through to the final one is when you unlock the liquidator so a thousand Cod points kind of wish you got a little extra no one cares about calling cards like no one cares at all some of these are kind of funny though it's their place they're doing other people's jobs firefighter they're kind of funny I'm not gonna lie he's even there replacing someone was giving birth but you know just it feels like it's a lot it's a lot for a skin they can only use them black out so that is what it is I don't think we got a new system right here like a new bundle down here so that's all the same well yeah let me know if you guys planned or have purchased either of these skins personally like I said I've just I don't think I would spend it but I feel like the deal is good enough to where if you did want to you wouldn't really feel that ripped off because you'd be getting reserved crates and a melee weapon so I don't really want us with the new system in place that they have where you can get duplicate protected reserves or yeah reserves I really don't feel inclined to spend money on reserve crates anymore and that's just my own personal opinion so that's why for me I'm not gonna be getting it because I wouldn't really feel like I'm getting a benefit out of the reserve crates or the melee weapon but again to each his own so anyways guys to finish this video and we did get some new changes here I'm assuming we got new playlist updates and stuff but to finish out the video we're going to try to go ahead and I think we can still get our win or I think that might be at one o'clock I don't remember they keep changing it now the black market updates at 12:00 Central and then it I think the the free tier skip is that one but either way we do have some some daily contracts we need to complete let's see what this new little mini update did as well so maybe it changed a playlist and added something different like a new mode so let's check it out so it looks like they brought back the bolt action bare bones mosh pit or maybe it was here already I don't I don't really know what this update did I haven't really been mostly completing my daily contracts and stuff so to me it hasn't really affected me I don't really look at the feature playlist but made me it to change we do have Alcatraz portal horde still on there so I think maybe there wasn't that big of a change honestly so that's what's going on with that let me know if you guys are thinking about getting those weapons the new melee weapons specifically and I'm gonna have a poll on-screen let me know if you guys think this is a good deal or do you guys think that it's a bad deal let me know what you guys think about that down in the comment section below so to finish this off now it looks like we have to play a game of hardcore TDM so we're gonna go ahead and play a game of hardcore TDM and we'll just kind of finish off the game so and we'll just finish off this video so let me know what you guys started the new black market update are you getting any one of those new items the jock the new hand the zombie hand a melee weapon or the new replacer Varian now they actually have like a summer themed one with like a really weird couch looking suit so that's what's going on with that man so let's jump into this gameplay let's try to get this win and we'll finish off the video let's do it also I didn't want to mention it does look like there is a new triple play actually coming tomorrow and this is courtesy of a friend of mine a carnage immortal so I'm gonna go ahead and put the image here on screen for you guys but it does look like we're getting a new triple play bundle tomorrow that comes with a ultra weapon bribe and also a new skin for Reaper so let me know what you guys think I did get the last one they did I think it was like 30 bucks but I don't think I'm gonna do it this time just because now that I've been using a lot of those duplicate protected reserves I feel like I have a way better chance of unlocking stuff in the game and I don't feel like I need that ultra weapon bribe as much as I needed them in the past or we needed them in the past so sorry bro sorry bro yo my aim is so bad dude why that guy still poked his head is the bigger question though oh god dad how did that guy know where I was that yo dude jump shot it around a corner and killed my ass look at that I wish I could see the replay dude holy crap like this dude's guy like the perfect like he knows where everyone's at out all right this is a really bad gameplay I'm not gonna I'm not gonna post this I'm gonna post this so yeah definitely not gonna post this you guys have an awesome day anyways guys thank you so much for watching the video I am getting completely shit on right now so this gameplay is not gonna be any fun but hopefully you guys enjoyed the video if you drop a like on the video guys it's super appreciated and incredibly helpful and if you are new to the channel if you guys want to see more videos like these I'm gonna have a lot more black ops 4 news info rumors leaks and more coming so make sure you guys we've subbed up have those notifications on I actually have another video I'm going to be working on soon where we go over some leaks for DLC for so we will be talking about that so stop by make sure you sub DUP have those notifications on so we don't miss those video so anyways if you guys want to support the channel directly you guys can do so by checking out my channel memberships you get access to early content exclusive videos special badges and a whole bunch more so go ahead and check that out only if you are willing unable to and if you guys want to talk about anything Twitter is literally the best place to do so I'm constantly talking over here so go ahead and give me a follow over there at oh gee x-rays I'll have a link down below you guys have an amazing day take care I'm out peace you


  • Reply TheOnlyChurro July 25, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    i bought the 30$ melee weapon 😔😂

  • Reply Eric Voss July 25, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    People buy this? xD

  • Reply Areeb Hussain July 25, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    Wasn't the last melee weapon the sword and it was the same bundle as this with an emote and 5 reserve crates for the same price

  • Reply Ummmm July 25, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    ‘bEfOrE yOu BuY’ but you don’t even buy it

  • Reply turtled84 July 25, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    It's a good deal but I'm not spending another cent on this game.

  • Reply Jordan Mario July 25, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    I’m gonna Buy The Jock Skin For Ruin If I Can 💯

  • Reply Scary ass skeleton July 25, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    not worth 1000 cod points

  • Reply Golden Coil July 25, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    Already seen loads of people slapping me up with this haha. Don’t care too much for the emotes and stuff though.

  • Reply MadeByAsians July 25, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    IT reference spotted

  • Reply Brady Pahl July 25, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    The last one was actually the pirate sword I couldn't tell you how much it was though

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