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Berkley High School Honors Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel

November 10, 2019

Military Appreciation Day is today. it’s to honor all the members of our
community it been in a war or any branch of the military and know that
we support them and appreciate them in everything that they do. They came in pretty early. We fed them
breakfast and they got to sit with like people who were in the Army and Navy.
We did like a flag ceremony and they went into the auditorium and they
honored and we had like our band or Orchestra and Choir perform for them. We have our
students going to the gym and interview these military veterans. This is very
important because they get to tell their stories to get a better understanding of
our past conflicts and our current conflicts. I’m especially interested
because I think about going in the military. I think talking to someone who
has been there, they give you the live experience and there’s nothing
better than people who have been there telling this story. just like the reaccounting of the experience because I’ve read multiple books about World War two 3 and the Korean War
and it’s just to hear it from someone who’s been there to like look in their
eyes you can just see their emotion that they have given. I think
it’s a much better experience I think this is
an important event. I did not have this this opportunity when I was growing up
here at Berkley High School. Information the knowledge of being in the military
is important. It is a important aspect in American history is well as being an
American citizen. This is a really great day. Ive been here five six
times and thoroughly enjoy talking to the young students. Freedom is not free.
We’ve gotta earn it and enjoy what they have. I hope that the veterans get out of this, a sense of patriotism for what our future generations To make them feel that they are not alone in this fight and they can count on us and we are here for them.

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