Best Budget EDC Pocket Knife 2019: Keep or Sell: Kershaw Shuffle, Honey Badger, Cutjack, Baklash etc

July 24, 2019

hello everyone if you've been watching my channel for any amount of time you know that most of my videos are related to wet shaving razors shaving soaps aftershaves shaving brushes but from time to time I'm gonna roll in things that are other things I'm interested in things that are guy related gear that guys like to collect are interested in or daily tools they might use things they tend to have on them pretty much all the time right so what we're gonna do today as you can tell by the title of the video is we're gonna get into some budget pocket knives pocket knives that I would consider carry and I have a large collection here at least of ones that have been pretty popular over the last couple years and I'm actually gonna get rid of most of them I'm gonna keep a couple that well a couple three four I would love to keep them all collect all of them as a collector but you know there comes time you have to prioritize what your next financial goal is and at this point I just don't have enough funds to sort of keep all these around so I got to decide which one of these to keep which ones of these to keep and which ones of these to let go alright let's start out by looking a little bit at the knife they kind of got me started now what I'm about to show you is not the knife but it's a close cousin to it in fact it's made by the same manufacturer even though it has a different company name this is the bird metal arc bird metal arc to you now this knife is very similar to the spotter coat delica but one thing that the metal arc has the delica did not have and one of the reasons I let go of the delica and so that some time ago was because I am a big fan of the forward finger choil on a knife so what that allows you to do on a knife is to choke up on that right you can normally held a knife back here and with the metal arc or the delegator one you could hold it and with you know forefinger grip just fine but the forward finger chill allows you to get a little bit more control when you're doing more detailed work and there's jumping on the spine and jumping here and the finger tool okay now I'm not gonna talk a whole lot about blade steels today or wait in terms of specific ounces I do have some of that information here or blade length I'm just going to let you be able to see in comparison to the other knives you know how they compare and not so much the specific metrics you can look that up on the manufacturers website or I might put it in the description below but while we're talking about the delica and the metal art let me just go ahead and mention that the metal arc is definitely one of those knives that I would say consider having as a possibility for daily carry now you can get the metal arc you can pick up the metal arc for around 24 dollars depending on what site you look on and that's kind of the going price or sort of the cheapest price I've found on the metal arc now the metal arc and the FRN fiberglass reinforced nylon plastic basically which is really nice and a lightweight grippy you can get that in the bird in this black in a gray color and in a darker blue and also a darker brown color a knife that is similar to that is this gonzo knife gonzo not gonzo amazing this gonzo fire bird and this model is the f7 59 and you can get it on a number of colors you can see here this is the blue but you'll notice these are pretty much identical knives you notice that the opening hole is a little different on this one but it has that forward finger chole it opens the same same way it is a back lock but these are cheap enough like this this the gonzo amazing f7 59 and you can pick up for like seventeen eighteen dollars and I actually found it recently on Amazon Prime day for fourteen bucks the metal arc and the bird is cheap enough to have a couple of these around it's the kind of knife that is very very usable yet if you were to lose it you're out anywhere between you know fourteen and to you know twenty five dollars and they're replaceable and these make great gifts in fact I'm considering giving a couple of these to my nephews here's another of the Gonzo's amazing same model but in like a OD green color not sure how well that color comes in but these are largely based on the delica but again the thing I like better about them is that they have a forward finger tool now they don't have the fit and finish of a Spyderco delica but they're close enough for me for a knife that you're going to be using everyday that you're gonna carry you're pocketing that you're not gonna be upset if you if you lose that knife because you know you can replace it the bird metal arc and the gonzo amazing f7 59m are great choices and i actually will keep I'll actually keep this one in like I've got these these two colors and that third one that's kind of a reddish pink one you're sitting right here that color these are great nice I love them they're lightweight in the pocket I actually like to remove the pocket clip on this knife I will do the same thing on these meadowlarks I'm sorry going these Gonzo's amazing taking it off in the middle arc here because I'd usually only like to clip a knife to my pocket if it's a longer knife or if I'm working out in the yard but it's as far as just you know carrying to work or carrying around I tend to keep them in my pocket but they have nice pocket Clips you can you know buy deep carry pocket clip to change it out if you want to carry it a little lower in the pocket but yeah that's the metal arc and the gonzo amazing f7 59 this is a smaller bird knife and it's basically the same size as a Spyderco dragonfly which I've also owned great knife and I actually have one I didn't sell but lost a roll a picture of that knife in here but anyway this is the bird version of the dragonfly and you can see this is a little smaller knife and you can sort of see about my pen size comparison how big of a knife this is this knife if you were to hole you can't really hold it in four fingers back here but if you had used the forward finger to land the top finger tool you can see you can get a four finger grip on it just right and this is the most EDC task you can perform with the smaller knife and it's a little bit cheaper than a metal art I also have it in the GTN version the handle so it's not a plastic handle it's this g10 which is also like a form of plastic but just hard more rigid plastic so it's a mix for a heavier knife that's be a good little executive knife or gentleman's knife to carry in your pocket but I'm actually going to be getting rid of both of these I love them in fact they'd be good desk drawer knives to open mail or what-have-you but I'm just trying to sort of prioritize my knife collection anyway so I'll be getting rid of these the smaller ones but I definitely keep this size around now there's a bigger one I'll roll in here in a picture of the Caracara model of the bird which is similar to the spotter Cove in Deraa and it's a little bit longer well it's quite a quite a bit longer and I find that this metal arc slash delicacies to be perfect now this is the Kershaw shuffle – now I do not recommend the Kershaw shuffle one I'll put that in here and it's it's just not made as well as the shuffle – particularly in the clothes the clothes up here on this slider lock is much harder to do with one hand and so I recommend the shuffle to much more than I would the shuffle wine in fact I'm going to get this shuffle all the way here so that we can look at the shuffle – and let me lay it on the side where the finger I'm sorry where the the pocket clip is and I'll roll this gonzo amazing like in this similar to the metal arc just so you can see the size comparison and where there's a difference in the pocket clip you can see that this pocket clip is tipped down carry and this pocket clip is tip up carry and you can't change it on this Kershaw you can't change it on the metal arc and gonzo knife I showed you there gonzo I keep saying gonzo but you can see there's holes here to move that pocket clip if you prefer tip down you can do that and you can also reverse it to left and right so if your left hand didn't want to carry on the other side you can do that on the metal arc and on the gonzo knife here you can remove it for left-handed carry on the shuffle shuffle – but you cannot change whether it's tip up or tip down it is just tip down on the Kershaw you'll notice the Kershaw has a the features that I like and I'll move this back out of the way here when we talk about it continue to see it for size comparison obviously a little shorter blade okay and this is a tanto style blade when you have sort of a you know normal sort of clip point or spear type blade on this knife this you have more of a tent which means it's got this sort of this one edge and then another edge and so it's a lot smaller in fact the cutting edge along the bottom is a little more similar to what we saw in this bird knife that smaller one but this is a very useful knife I have given it as a gift I gave one to my cousin for his birthday and that one was with brown skills you can get this in brown scales or black or brown scales which actually the color I prefer but I got this one to carry to work the black version gets a little scarier less scary when you pull it out and it's kind of blacked out so you don't see it when you're carrying it on the pocket but the great thing about this knife is it's just really useful you can use that front edge that front sharp edge there to like scrape this is a great box opener you know opening mail just things around the house it is a liner lock for the other ones we looked at where back locks so the lock is right here in the liner so you just press it in with your finger this one's easy to open with one hand you can just flip from bottom if you need to flip this this has got a thumb stud opening you see that thumb studs there I'll do a slow roll for you to see how that opens you just put your thumb on there and you roll it open it locks in place and there's the liner and you just push the liner back open over and you'll notice here it's impossible for that to get your finger if you keep it right there where that troll is and then you can just close the rest of way for closing these metal arcs and the Gonzo's you can do it one-handed you put your thumb back here and your finger in what's called the spidey hoe on a spider coat and you just push the back button flip it down like that okay so both of those can be opened one-handed and closed one-handed the other cool thing about the Kershaw shuffle too is that there's a bottle opener on the back no way you can see that bottle opener there but there's bottle opener and there's also sort of a pry bar slash flat-head screwdriver this knife on the end there no way you can see that but that is very useful open bottles with it I've pride with it I've actually used it as a flathead screwdriver is a very versatile knife my cousin who I gave it to for his birthday he actually text me several weeks later and so it's the most useful life he's ever owned the price on this knife you can get a Kershaw shuffle – for right around $20 – maybe that's one of the best bargains and nice it's got good material the blade steel on the shuffle – is HC are 13 MOV which is the same that we saw on this gonzo knife and on this metal art bird knife but I really really really like this Kershaw shuffle – and therefore it will not leave me either it's going to stick around along with the gonzo knives I showed you and the bird Meadowlark alright moving right along this is the cold steel tough light coats still tough like you'll notice it has the forward finger toll it has some jimping up here on the top but to me the chipping is too far spaced like it's too far apart it should be a little bit closer together grip better if these were smaller but it does fit well for finger when you choke up on it as you can see it wouldn't if you're just trying to do for finger you would you know be off of here but this is another nice one for doing detailed work it's kind of a worn cliff style blade right meaning as you can see if you compare that to sort of this clip point or spear type there and then on the the tanto women on the shuffle – you can see the difference but this is nice if you're going to just be cutting open boxes slicing things but you know it's it for some people it might not be the best everyday carry because of the blade shape some people would prefer more of us clip point or spear point type blade but I find it it's very useful as an everyday carry and you can get it let's see the cold steel tough line and get it around 2995 the blade still on it is all sate which is a little bit better steel but it it it opens fine one-handed and closes fine one Hannity it also has a back lock and you just push in there to close it but it opens and closes fine it's a little beefy if you look at the like the width on the metal arc you can see it's a little slightly thicker the car shell – still pretty thick in fact it's probably about the same but this is just a beefy wide handle it's just straight up plastic not just my much grip on there whereas on the Kershaw – or the shuffle – you've got some grip same thing with the metal art I really like this knife I like the blade shape there's the pocket clip it is reversible – left hand carry but not to tip up carry its tip down only has a nice lanyard hole as does the metal arc and get common used as a shuffle you know it's a prioritize and a look at knives I just don't get as excited about carrying this one this is a good one to sort of keep as a beater to open you know boxes and get tape residue on it and stuff but I'm leaning towards getting rid of it but it is a great knife so this Warren Cliff saw blade interests you you like it to be just a little you know beefier this is a great knife the cold steel tough light and they make it a little smaller side called the tough like mini I love this knife wish I could keep it I may still keep it right now I'm leaning towards sewing and getting rid of it okay moving along let's look at a knife that has been gaining a lot of interest this is the Ruger LCP a if you're familiar with rugers firearms like the LC PLC 9 LC 380 and this is sort of keeping in that vein in that Ruger and CRKT Columbia River knife and Tool Works put together this this model of knife and they have it with a satin sort of spear or clip plank or sheepsfoot blade this is more of a tanto things this is a great I love how thin this knife is let's open up the blades again on the metal arc and also the shuffle to instead of being like a thumb stud or hole finger hole and we had a finger hole here on the tough light this is a flipper those not familiar flippers like a little piece of metal sticking out here that ideally you're supposed to be able just to flip and you know like push down like either a light switch or push in like a button and it comes out it's not a switchblade by any means but it'll sort of look like one let me show you one that's gonna work well in that capacity and then I'll show you the lck down the problem I have with it so this is a honey badger coming up here just a minute we'll talk about that one but watch it it's got the it actually has a thumb hole we can open it that way right but it also has the flipper tab right there and so let me show you how flipper tab works now if people don't know about knives they're gonna say that and think that that's a quote switchblade and this is not even an assistant opening knife meaning there's no spring to make it fly open it's just that motion of it flipping open and you can actually kind of slow roll these a little bit and see them come out but you can see here that nice where the lock catches or that liner lock there catches on this knife on the lck it as much as I like the size of this knife and as much as I like the blade shape of this tanto when you open it it's just not and in fact sometimes it doesn't open all the way in Lock I'm gonna try to go ahead and open it here yeah it opened fine there you just have to use some force with it to get it open but you'll notice this one has a finger tool as well there's no jumping on top or jumping in the finger tool there is a tanto type bleh don't hear you so it's a little different than this tanto it's a little bit longer of a blade but it is lightweight it has a pretty deep pocket carry clip you can see that this would ride lower in your pocket but it's got a nice pass to design meaning there's you know that you can easily there's a hole there and see you see all the way through there is a backspace or just sort of hold it together but it makes it easier for cleaning your knife you have a little bit of a past on that Kershaw shuffle too but you do not on the meadowlarks or those Ganz O's I showed you but ultimately I'm gonna get rid of this lck I like it a lot but the action on it I mean the opening action is just a little weak it doesn't always engage when you flip it open although it's engaged every time I flip it open here on the camera just maybe a matter of you know breaking it in here there a little bit it's a little bit weak on it but that's if that's a small nitpick I really would love to keep this knife – I like how thin it is yeah I love this knife but I'm I like it I'll say that I don't love it and that's the reason I'm probably going to or I will be selling ok let's run now let's go to another one let me run in a Rando knife here called this is from a company called Steadman which is a Chinese knife maker and I'm gonna have to run the name on it on the screen it's also a flipper tab design you said it's these cool Jade handles that are actually textured it has a black blade it is sort of a spear point blade it also has the liner lock but this knife is a little bigger than I want to carry it's a little chunky right if we look at it here compared to the metal arc see it's a lot longer knife and you know I just don't want to carry a knife that large maybe on the weekends but not to work it's gonna be heavy in the pocket it does have a knife nice looks knife nicer goes meaning it feels great in the hand however even though it has that forward finger tool actually human-sized when you can put your finger in there's no jumping on top like any indentations on top or bottom to make it easier to grip but you can still choke up on it with that forward finger tool however you can hold it with four fingers with just without the chore kind of like that big screwed is on there but this knife is normally about fifty bucks at blade HQ but it was available on Amazon for prom day for thirty 34 bucks but I'm definitely gonna be selling it I really like the looks of it I'd love to keep it around just as a piece because I love these jade colored handles it's very well made liked it a lot but in the interest of only keeping the things that I love I like this knife it's gonna be alright so next up let's go to a knife I think is just beautiful this is thus Aviva backlash and you can see it's quite a lot larger knife than the metal arc is also larger than the shuffle – I love this knife for a variety of reasons it's made by we knives it's just just like Spyderco makes bird nice this is the budget line for we don't if you can see this but the liners and there are actually blue in color alright and it is absolutely beautiful you can see the liner is there a little bit better there blue this comes in black and green as well this is the one with the blue liners I think there's one that's black with gold miners this is the color I like it does have a Ford finger chole that's you know large enough to get your hand in there although it's a little close something that way you can see what I'm talking about here it's a little close on the finger right there I would like for it to be a little bit larger say like it is on the shuffle or on the metal arc slash again Zooey Shoji so it's just not to me it's not wide enough of a finger tool it does have some jimping and quite quite too generous chipping on top it even goes way up on the spot of the blade I like that quite a bit but ultimately this is going to be just a knife it's a little bit bigger than I would want to carry it's beautiful I would love to have it in my collection I do like it but for carried ability and practicality not something I'm gonna keep beautiful they have some smaller ones coming out I'm interested in but this Sevilla backlash is here's a similar knife also a flipper tab design okay this is and I really like the CR key CRKT hoot man the CRKT hootenanny it is a flipper design you can see the flipper here on the side you just get that open it's got smooth opening great action that liner lock has a satisfying whack when you open it you can hear it lock up solid and and I don't I don't tend to like black knives so it's like sliced carbon-fiber is just not my favorite thing is just not my style I would say that and this this pivot cover is a little kind of wonky to me a little a little weird we just have the regular screw on this side you can see that's a pretty deep carry pocket clip on this on this knife and get a little closer here you can see you can see that pretty deep pocket carry clip it is not reversible either you know it's tip up or sorry yeah tip up only carry and not reversible to left-handed but what I love about this knife is is the blade and particularly this this finger tool here is large enough it's got jimping on it and it also has jimping not so much but it does have a little bit here on the thumb wrap a thumb ramp on the actual frame or the the scales of the blade and the tang of the blade but it it has it way up here on the spot of the blade as well okay you say that and so that makes it easy when you're working on something where you didn't really detail work and you want to sort of lock in here you're able to do that let me show you a size comparison on that to you the metal arc and to the shuffle sort of see the difference in size comparisons there if the scales on it we're a little different it was a little bit of a different color different handle material maybe a light weight if are in like this I would consider keeping it I really love this knife this is by a famous knife designer Kin Kin onion it's one of his designs it's a great blade it's beautiful it's a little heavy compared to knives its size but this knife and I'm probably gonna have a hard time parting with it and just because I love that unique design but ultimately is it a knife I'm going to use a lot and carry a lot probably not because it's a little bit heavy and not quite as practical and more of an executive Jones knife but it's large for that day today so big a destiny like this drawer knife or Street knife like if you're carrying this around on a night on the town you just you know want to have a little bit of larger blade it's nice I like it a lot but not enough people in the collection I try to only keep things that I actually love that if you're familiar with that book the magic art of tidying and she talks a lot in there about you know only keeping things that bring you joy and that brings me joy but not as much as maybe the money I would get from from selling it great knife CRKT hootenanny again just one more time great action great locked-up fun knife to play with but not one I'm going to be keeping around sadly all right moving on let's go to the still will cut jack mini this is also a flipper design this comes in several colors you can get it in like a gray I think and a brown though it's like a tan nice tan color kind of this shade of tan I think it may come in a green you know it comes in a black there's different sizes of this might but this is the still low-cut Jack mini again flipper design it has a wire pocket clip it's not deep pocket carry and only comes so you have a lot of the knife sticking up out of the pocket but that's you know that's okay with me again I don't clip my knifes quite as often in fact I might take that clip off if I were carrying this one myself it has a flipper tab as well just with like that Ruger LCP I find that action on this knife is a little weak like sometimes when you try to flip it it just doesn't open as well as it should it has a liner lock as well you can see there the liner lock right and all these knives I've showed you you're easily open one-handed and closed one-handed yeah still will cut jack I love the jimping on the spine there's no jimping here in the finger tool but it is an apple finger tool however again is kind of weird where the finger tool and the blade edge mate it's a little close for my taste you see the texture there a nice grippy texture I like the the the knife overall the flipper tab it's got a nice back spacer that's a different other than the rest of my phone this one's kind of hard to see because it's black and blue so it's not that much difference but again just like with the Ruger slash CRKT lck sometimes the the the the opening on it can be a little weak did you hear that like our gauge almost not here that it was just it barely locked up it just doesn't have that satisfying opening you're not confident that it locks the first time in fact if you try to push button this this knife it actually hurts a little bit you see it didn't open you have to kind of use it as like you would a light switch so you're just flipping down nice knife you like the looks of this not concerned about some of the things that I put out there there's related there goes you definitely could you know this knife might work for you again size comparison here just to see sort the difference between does and I'll put the sivb backlash in here again so you can see that one alright so that's the Stu will cut Jack mini they make a cut Jack modus I'm sorry I still little motifs and it still will cut Jack like the regular size they're a little larger but this is the smaller size I like it a lot just like many of these so it's gonna be a hard time parting with this one but it's not what I see myself carrying that often because there's ones I just like better so it's gonna move on to you moving right along with a gonzo FH 51 FH 51 this kanso I'm gonna be honest with you I love the color the handle scales on it have a little bit of a wood pattern to them you see that even though it's blue it's kind of got a wood grain to it it has sort of a pass-through design by the way the cut jack has a little bit of a pass-through design as well if you remember this is a gonzo knife we talked about earlier very similar the Spyderco delica and bird Meadowlark I'm not sure if there's a knife that this is pattern after all so a liner lock you can see there there's the liner you just push it over to close it okay it's a flipper opening knife so there's the flipper opens well beautiful knife it's a very spirited be a really delicate tip the jumping on top I do like even though it's kind of wide like you saw on the tough flight the finger toe again here it's there it's it's large enough it's not as small as it is on some Gonzo's but it's still lid closed for me and don't feel as comfortable using it there but you know I've never cut myself with it this knife like that action on it this knife I picked it up the F age 51 for 2795 you can find it on Amazon different places probably gonna keep it cuz I must sucker for that blue color if you can tell the blue code there's kind of a dusty dark blue and I can see myself carrying this one but I will tell you it's in the grey area I might not keep it around but it's it's a well-made knife gonzo makes knives that are well made you get a lot of money for your value now here's something I will say about gonzo knives they sort of take other people's designs okay so you can see the gonzo here has very similar opening to the bird Meadowlark you can see the bird Meadowlark has sort of a this bird beak shape this is sort of oval on the gans oh here's a spot echo not not sub $50 not under $50 is a little more of expensive knife but you can see Spyderco has a hole there what they would call this body hole for opening gonzo has as you know copied that design on their knives here is a gonzo amazing again ganz o g7 33 g7 33 which you can get for under $50 I'll roll in the price here what it's available for but you'll notice it has directly I mean it's got that Spyderco opening hole it also has like a little bit of a sharpening notch you notice how it's it's finger tool is not does it go as far as it does on the stretch – right and it's got a sharpening notch there so that your sharpening you can stop sharpening before you get all the way back here there's no jumping on the forward finger tool although it's plenty large particularly with that that sharpening arch there there is gypping on the spine on a stress there's actual chipping here you can get a lightweight stretch for under $100 but it's you know closer to like 80 to 90 dollars to get a stretch to and like wait so this doesn't you know fit into our budget category now like I said they kind of have taken the spider hole opening there on this gonzo they also have taken it on this Kenzo the G 729 okay now if you'll notice the blade shape on this gonzo which again is the G 733 is very similar to the stretch it's basically a stretch blade right it's just the same blade stick as the stretch you'll notice on this one the GE 729 you have more of a pointed less of a sheepsfoot blade more of a pointed blade it's very similar to the Spyderco paramilitary 2 which has a sharp point I had the paramilitary – I got rid of it because I didn't like that delicate point on it for other people they'll like that now again you'll notice they're using the Spyderco hold there some Spyderco blade shapes paramilitary to the stretch to you but they also have a lock on here that I really love that you see mostly on bench made knives Mitch made axis lock I don't have any bench maids I've owned them but I've never found a bench made with a forward finger tool which is a requirement for me I love those for choking up on knife and bench made just doesn't have those but what they do have is an awesome lock like this that you see here on these knives if I can get that there so the way these locks work access lock is you actually like you push in you push pull back on both sides of this lock there's a spring in there now when you do that on these knives watch what happens the blade just drops okay so it's really easy to open and close now the cool thing about this is it's got real good detent because of that lock but you can pull that lock open and and actually swing this blade open this playing it close I'm kind of reaching around the tripod here so it's a little harder but it's really easy to open really easy to close all right because that's an access lock similar to Benchmade same thing on this 729 that looks like a pair of two very easy to open close using that access line I'm just pulling it pulling it back and closing it run it back open it and let it lock over again reaching around the tripod here but yeah this 729 and the 733 similar to the stretch slim ruler to the pair military two but they have basically a bitch made access lock I imagine benchmade inspire ko or try to get them to cease and desist these these styles because they're stealing so much of their designs technology I'm not sure the legal status there I love Spyderco less so much benchmade because the absence of the Ford finger tools so you know I don't want to see anybody hurt Spyderco his business but these knives are so well made in my opinion yeah they may not have the blade steel that a Spyderco has but you know these are not as I would use as beaters right they're a little larger than I want to carry day to day particularly to work into the office but I would definitely carry them on the weekend or out at night I may get rid of the 7:29 even though it's it's the best of a paramilitary to and a bitch made great pass through designs on both of these knives I mean he cleaned them out well see they had the post instead of back spacers really great nice sharpen well so both these guys those I roll the price in here while they sit here you can do the 7.9 or 733 but again a little bit bigger knife I'll compare the size there again to our standard metal arc we looked at all right and also to the shuffle shuffle to we looked at now let me show you another Spyderco that is over $100 well this is the very large knife this is the Spyderco mannix to excel you can see that has a very leaf-shaped blade on it Spyderco also has their version of like an access type lock the ball bearing lock you can see it right there it's the functions the same way pull it back with like that little tab there spring you can probably see as a opening here if I can hold its doing them it disengages the blame so a spider codes lock on the Manics series operates the same way you can just open and close that way by pulling that that lock which is very handy this is this is kind of my yard knife meaning when I'm working out in the garden because it can it's just so large if you do a lot of things it's our custom scales I got here for the Manics – you bought those put those on but I'm probably gonna let this knife go it's large you know quite a bit of money for it typically because the customized scale same thing is going to be the fate for the stretch – but I just wanted to show you the the lock mechanism on this the Mannix is very similar to the one on the Gonzo's even though they're so they're similar to a bitch made but that Sparco does have a lock that's very similar to that but only on the Mattocks if they start putting this lock on a stretch or a pair military – or a pair of three that would be amazing but again not a budget knife I just want to show you that lock but anyway for budget knives these two great options these two Gonzo's alright we're almost getting down to the end here this is the honey badger small version now they make this in a medium version and a large version I'm going to put the metal art back out here or sort of delicate type or reference right I'll put the cursed shell there as well as you can see it I'm gonna see what other blade I want to put out there that's sort of similar what I do this is not a this is not a sub 50 blade it is this sub 100 blade and if you have like you know between $7,500 to spend I would highly recommend the spyderco chaparral I have other shells and I actually am going to keep this one I've actually got it engraved on the other side laser engraved great little lightweight knife back lock but again not under $50 but shows you the size comparisons there okay we move these out of the way get back to this honey bag the honey badger it comes in green and black and this like tan or copper not copper but like bronze color if you look at it online it looks a little bit more gold and like has more like you know Tanner than this and this looks a little bit more dark brown but it is also a both a finger opening knife right you can put it in the finger hole there like a spider coat but you can also flip it and the action of this is really great this knife runs for let's see you get it for $32 in the small I think the the medium is 30 for the largest 36 so there's pretty consistent on their pricing it is a liner lock you can see you just push the liner over to close it but again the action is great on this it has you know textured FRN scales that kind of a honeycomb pattern it has a deep carry pocket clip that is not reversible right either for this is tip up carry only so it can't be tipping it can't be a left-handed it does have the lanyard hole I love the jumping on the bottom of the blade here and the finger tool and also on the top this knife feels like a much more expensive knife I love this knife right now this is the favorite budget knife I have is the honey badger small version so let me roll back to an knives I know I'm going to be keeping that are in that sub $50 category you have the honey badger the bird meadowlarks the gans of7 59 I'm gonna set it on top of the metal art just because they're sort of the same size there I will definitely be keeping the Kershaw shuffle to like that knife quite a bit it'll make some room here I'll be keeping both of these gans those both the 733 and the 729 oh it gets rid of this 729 because the delicate point on it so those are the sub $50 knives that I will definitely I'm probably going to keep this game though as well just cuz I love the way it looks but as far as practical everyday knives let me take this one off cuz it's a little heavy as far as I'm concerned oh it's a great knife if you want to blade length that's long can say you got compares that other blade lengths here but as far as lightweight everyday carry knives the ones that I'll be keeping some $50 ones that I'd be keeping would be the Kershaw shuffle to the bird Meadowlark the honey badger and the small version right and keep in mind that something that's similar to are basically the same knife as the Meadowlark Meadowlark from bird is the gonzo F 759 m again this comes in a variety of colors this comes in a variety of colors I highly recommend any of these knives for a sub $50 light weight daily carry knife if you are in the market for pocket knife if you want something a little longer you're okay spending above $50 but less than 100 I would suggest either the Spyderco stretch 2 or the pair of three pair of threes a little smaller than the stretch to here's the stretch to the pair of three is a little closer in size to say like the Meadowlark would be sort of that delicate type size blade I'll roll the blade links in there for you if you want a smaller blade it's sort of similar to the middle Orca size Spyderco chaparral and lightweight is a great option love that knife I have three other versions of this that came out for previous years like a titanium a carbon fiber and then like the wrath the other noble one I actually bought on my mind of my wife's 20th anniversary trip to Colorado we went by the Spyderco store and pick that one up but if you have more than 50 bucks I would recommend the parrot to lightweight the stretch lightweight stretch to lightweight or the chaparral I do not recommend the Endura or the delicate just because they don't have those forward finger tools and yeah that would be the four knives that I would recommend to you and I basically consider these two now I have the same knife something I use frequently is the Spyderco ladybug salt the salt steel the h1 steal from Spyderco does not rust so this is stasis and hanging only the key rack in my kitchen you can open and close it with one hand despite it being very small it has a like this hot bill serrated it's really good for opening packages so I open food packages or anything it's going to be wet or just anything honestly and I have not happened to sharpen this in probably the 10 years eight to 10 years I've owned it I use that probably three to four times a day and it stays on the key rack the kitchen Sparco dragonfly I'm sorry about a cold ladybug salt serrated use that like I said multiple times everyday the other knife it's on my keychain this is a bird from Spyderco I think this is the Finch I want to I'm gonna take it off my I had this great keychain Tokyo keychain we should be review makes it easier to take things off this this knife stays on my kitchen it's not that heavy but it is in g10 meaning it's got that that hard thicker handle it's got steel waters for a very small knife what's great about this knife it's got that like bird holds flesh body hoe you can open this one handed it has a forward finger tool and chipping on the top ramp and I'm gonna tell you for 95% of my daily tasks I could use this voice and I'll probably use it a couple of times per day so the bird Finch I think that's what it's called also this time for being under $50 this ladybug salt is probably right at 50 those are the two knives I use most frequently and I would be sad if I lost either one of those in fact I've been thinking about getting a backup of this one and of this one cuz I would just use them so often but if you're looking for every day carry budget knife less than $50 easily replaceable by a backup if you need to comes in multiple colors hope you enjoyed see you the next video thanks for watching

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