BEST NEW WEAPON!! (The Forest)

July 29, 2019

what's a very very typical gamer with your daily YouTube live shoots and more and today for you guys I got a brand new episode of the forest and today we're finally you'd be finding the best weapon in the forest which is the flintlock pistol now well it is the most effective probably I mean it is the only gun in the game so we're going to be finding it there's a bunch of parts that we have to collect to make this thing so we're gonna be looking for those to date if you watch and enjoy this ladies and gentlemen make sure you smack that like but if you love the forest you want us to see more make sure you hit that like button don't forget and make sure you hit that subscribe button if you are new around here now this is gonna be this is where we're getting to the end of this series unfortunately I mean we have our beautiful base where they're beautiful 4 and an amazing defences and all that jazz so the the only things left to do is get this weapon we could decorate a bit if we wanted to and then we have to go ahead and let's just push out here it's good to push out you oh wait then we got to repair this we got a broke our little couch a little bit fix that couch there we go and then we got to find the modern boat and then we got to find Timmy because we got all this drives you know Timmy's drawings but we ain't got no Timmy do you see the problem with this we got all these drawings but ain't got no Timmy so we got to go ahead and sort that out let's go ahead and join up with Samara and get this thing started hello Samara how are you today you getting some water for Johnny now what parts do we have we have we have part 3 and we have part 2 ok so I remember I remember where part 3 and bar 2 are so we got to look for every other part there's eight parts total and then every at every kind of section there is more animal that we could use for the weapon so we're gonna be getting that today and also using it I'm showing you the effectiveness of this weapon the effectiveness of Dee saves the weapon of the weapon let me go ahead and oh let me get some bone armor here some fucking country all right grab no I'm gonna go ahead and fill up my canteen my little water jug I'm gonna grab these fish did you oh these are rough spoiled little we don't want this how do I do drop that oh these are all spoiled drop drop drop drop well spoiled edible still I guess you can keep the edible one yes I have a head bomb I do have some sack bars as well is this Oh dry fried fresh fish this is good for us this is good for us okay so I'm gonna go ahead and help you fish well you know some Fisher green okay you don't judge oh oh I'm holding all the fish I can't really put any more those are green no that is neat oh if you ask me oh I can kill them and then you could just get them oh oh that doesn't work oh it does work Oh am i okay just pick them up it's okay I I read you can eat Rob this you don't understand you can you can I do raw fish do not eat raw fish do not put in your mouth you got it you got a drive there we go there there's bunny you don't want that bunny you don't trust me you don't want the bunny you don't want the bunny okay up until five minutes ago I thought that sushi-grade and normal you know what not that I thought that it's just I didn't think of it you know I just I just didn't even think about it I didn't think about it freezing temperature bacteria because oh I killed a fish in here you can grab that one stab me a hundred maybe there's some cannibals here oh they're kind of scary okay bro all right you go that way go that way that didn't kill you kill you really I can kill one but I think there's more coming I've been working on the railroad out there goes all my armor yes jack goodness gracious I got blood all over me as well okay I'm gonna go ahead and I just ate a freaking burnt fish old fish oh yeah I went through this one here apparently he's making a little hard to Kindle this fire you know what I'm saying middle drawer the good news right you know I was like all right I'm gonna go ahead and drop this maybe who knows maybe I'm just gonna head up maybe maybe we might get who knows oh I took out a bunny I ganked a bunny here I got a Skinner oh no I can't carry any more rabbit for you come get it do you see the fur oh it's right here it's right right the first on the ground right here there yeah okay oh I almost ran into our own trap you see that okay let's dip in the water real quick and then um that's not good so are you killing someone you come to me come to me come up that noise there's cannibals I'm already out of there I've booked it out I'm gonna go wash myself off you're gonna go look for them apart so we got two parts we need eight and this is gonna take us all around the map this journey so I hope you're prepared I hope you are prepared I'll blame you might even have to make a raft at one point I believe others turtle hope is attainable on the beach to leave the Toyo's alone everybody toward us alone the cleansing fire who's excited I you know I as as sad as I am that a series is gonna come to an end soon I'm happy because I'm glad I'm glad we're gonna find her son exactly I'm glad we're gonna find her son yeah he's you know what he probably knows a lot about their culture right he probably knows a lot about their alright yeah well maybe not a bad idea back when I was a young little whippersnapper nice little whippersnapper a month well we've been I think we've been 50 something that we're it's been about two months I think it does um you know what good good for him solid I wouldn't worry about it I think he's cute she in the Louise story he is Gucci in the loo story yeah I'm sure he'll be good I'm sure they're taking good care of him I mean the red guy got him we haven't seen one of those red guys Yeah right no one's saying why are you drinking a soda you need water oh I'm my stamina I don't know I like mine doesn't isn't that love Oh fun say okay I think the first part is somewhere but we passed it once remember we passed it when coming through here yes we notice them we're like ooh one day we can come back and explode it I can't believe it's actually been 52 days that realization oh I didn't know what it's been that long okay we should probably have a look for a Sun a little bit earlier our Sun is probably doing what better than us honestly I found it I found it found fennel you know I'm gonna use the head bum see my head bum yep Oh back away back away oh I thought oh my gosh the giant boulder almost ended my life all right there we go we got part one that's all part one I think so we if you live you're Victoria we have on the left side so we have part three there's three just right-click them and you can move them all onto it there's a part one is the little metal part so it's a little hard to see all right so we got those three okay this one's back in this direction Timmy good we do be good what a nice nice kids we have a beautiful kiss we got to get deer and stuff here right yep oh I just ate a mushroom good good job game I got it – I think I don't know if I did I don't think I did actually I think you should've ganked it for me yeah all right so you got to go by that goose lake or whatever it's called where that goose lake remember that like remember who came up nose like gooses yeah ducks sure where they gooses or where they ducked oh okay whatever we're going through the gooses oh I see you down there that way no I don't think you could say gooses I think there's only one way to say all right I should know that I should know that since I'm Canadian and all I'm I'm learning so much all right so we're gonna pass by where one of the parts is this one we already got this we don't got to worry about it yes because we got to before this one now we got three and that means we got to get five more luckily oh cheese there's a couple running through the forest of her red paint would be nice how did you do that I want to be I never notice a difference apparently it's just supposed to make the cannibals move a little bit slower slower bit slower a bit snow these cannibals again a bit – no we we do we have to go to the snow area yes we're gonna go we're basically gonna do a tour of the entire map at this point remove the head from the inventory I don't have a head anymore in my inventory I threw it that was the head I threw it it was a bomb it was literally a bomb I made it into about I strapped the c-4 on it and I don't keep a head in my pocket thank you very much you a leg – I am leg leg so they do to us so you're basically just them okay I need to eat a fish you were struggling honestly this entire forest looks all the same at this point the only thing saving us is this map that I'm using oh we're getting close though we're getting close that's what I'm saying you should paint him no we're not we weren't running the opposite direction at this point Aleppo because you asked and now everyone asked what's my sanity 16% okay a hundred percent I'm so saying oh my gosh and the most sane person cleared all these this is where we cleared all the trees look you can see look look look look look if you think consider killing me because I'm insane I think that makes you insane okay but sometimes you have to sacrifice life of one to save the lives of many yeah but you know if this one's not endangering you at all I think that is I don't know I killed the bunny kill the bunny come get it come get it it's on me there's a deer there – yeah bunnies can't get that radford well we need complete our we need complete our bed eventually right well I think what is your say three out of four yeah okay so then so all we need is like one more rabbit skin and sticks good somewhere here oh it's right here found it oh no I wait huh you never got it I blew it up but we never got it what the heck yeah there's something in there do grab it does it show is it a hole oh you might have collected and I didn't I have four parts wait right click and put them all on your thing I think those part 4 yeah I got part 4 no part 4 in here it doesn't show anything yeah this one goes down deep we can we look back here after if yours doesn't load we can they save and reload if cuz we know this this one's really close to base so yeah yeah so that one's there this next one is off the island so we got to make a raft apparently this one's gonna be the hardest one to get I think so what does it take to make a wrap we just need to make a small raft so let's just knock this one down real quick no I think we're good with this and spring the logs with me bonfire bonfire whoo someone said I'm sure to me ate a log or two all right knock down one more I will bring into the rest of this logs over so I brought a total of four logs over so that means you bring three another one bites just when I bring the logs oh my gosh is black Oh brought them over dang come to you drop me one and then drop dropping and go get the other go I didn't put the blueprint down there blue play more sieve thieves we definitely will play some more once it comes out the bait is over so we're not gonna be able to play it until the actual game yes I'm not 100% sure I think it's later this month I think when it does we will do so we should but it looks like it's that's true that's a good idea so where was the rafts I found it holy she can make a large raft all right let's do make a small raft wait that Island yeah the faraway 100 we're gonna yep for sure you're playing some logs we just gotta hope that we don't get tipped over bringing logs what are you doing Breen looks oh my goodness stay insane you know comes out March 20th the Berlin that's not too bad at all oh you kind of just dropped a log over there okay all right fine it's been a week we get it you bait Oh all right all right help on the log with me hop on the log all right you know if we should see two islands there should be on the Left Island God Hana Hana I think I mean I've never been here I'm literally just using a like a map that the forest map I think it's over night is scurry I'm gonna crouch I don't think that's the island there I think it's this one over there oh my goodness like what's another one you know I think it's this one maybe yeah well luckily no cannibals over here I don't think I don't think cannibals come here yeah Fanta oh that's right oh my goodness we could set up shelter for the night as well do you want to set up something small temporary shelter I'm gonna throw away explosives I probably do I play it 14-6 come get it let me see if I have fourteen six no I only have three what's the easiest way to go to sleep then politics oh boy alright I guess we just head back let's break this it's cold I know I know it's wet go home you're gonna make it way back alright get on here I'm freezing right now can you light your axe on fire smear oh my god I'm gonna die you gotta let your accent part because I'm freezing to death you combined cloth and whatever oh my gosh it just went out because the rain oh my gosh yeah my keeps going out oh I'm dying wait you're like your help yeah I'm gonna die well I have like 90% health but I don't know how far it takes yeah okay let's go in the cave there's a cave close by here this way lawyers cave remember yeah so just called that's the name lawyers cave oh you hear that oh yeah sound like the wolf but I don't think that was a wolf I think that was a wolf honestly oh shoot keep going keep going keep on its Mary don't stop smell are you coming with me get in the cave again the cave getting cave oh my goodness I don't know oh they're like right outside here yeah they are they like on top 200 I found a stick I found a fire if you want to make shoot or somebody I don't think they can fingers crossed fingers crossed there's a we can sleep here you're let's say say yeah the maybe we should go to sleep for the night and see if they go away all right so let's go ahead and go to sleep all right let me just make sure to small tops make them all tough because there's an alcohol here all right let's see if we can go to sleep hit the snooze button it's just but it's dues bud we'll both be sure to read super chats in just a bit I want to thank you all for the incredible support really do appreciate it you guys are the best I'm gonna eat and drink you know yeah what do you do you don't have to drive fish or anything I just okay I'll give you a snack why are you saying they didn't let me give it to you you're supposed to be ready for this journey lady you know what okay I wasn't I trusted you all right mmm-hmm very suspicious if you ask me okay so how many do we have we have one two three so I have five okay so we need three more oh my gosh No hundred ninety-nine percent yep you know you sleep in a cave you're probably not gonna be the most sane person we got to go along the beach all the way to the other side unless you want to make another raft take me on the other side I wonder if the slingshots can do damage to the cannibals oh just slingshot them all day so we have a bunch of little rocks right oh my it's really raining holy smokes maybe we should check these little camp here and see if there's cloth and stuff or snacks snacks would be great I'm hoping we can do a flawless run of getting this gun because we have never died in this game so we're hoping to keep the streak out oh the snacks is next no I took money there's only one snack let's keep moving oh there's a little campsite there this cave there I think we came up here once okay we're about to go into uncharted territory that we've never gone oh my gosh am i blind moved for a second those terrified I can hear it like through the headphones and I can also hear it like through the wall through your body through your soul like I like blacked out almost going down for some reason like I imagine he's just passing how cuz I went down to grab you what nothing oh my god alright another another another series on this this is one of my favorite games I gotta say just at the start I was absolutely terrified when we kind of worked her way up you were scared too yeah but you were like thinking about it at night you're like yeah like it all say it honestly kept me awake for like way longer than I thought it would okay so there's gonna be two waterfall looking things after we pass that on the beach see yeah this is one of the waterfall things so we've never been here this week never been oh there's dead sharks here you know sharks here a nice log through it okay so should be somewhere here I don't know where ever should be somewhere is if you want to scatter and look for it oh right over all right you want to blow it up it's all you you blow this up dynamite or the other ones because you have a lot of the other ones too it might not be a bad idea to see explosives here toss them – run run run run run run oh my gosh Oh oh my gosh I'm spelling I was like water in here oh it sinks in a little bit it sinks a little bit too much for my comfort oh wow there's Lord small skulls here okay so how many gun parts do that let me count one two three four five six they have six six guns Burt I think there is see what cannibals live here they must be like thee oh what the flying buds the ones that eat a lot live here the the we're gonna we're visiting them apparently organize though they've got their phones in one pile they've got their skulls in yet appreciate some organizations in this cannibals they kind of know what they're doing kind of they have a stool they have a stool they're just like okay whoa whoa don't go throwing hands at me are you still with me oh yeah okay well we're exploring these special ones take a little health mix oh there's a mountain I see the frozen area we're gonna be coming up there soon there's nothing in these by the way I don't think yeah wait are you checking this one okay I'm gonna go ahead then okay so before we get to the hmm oh well we've almost market in Canada are you following me oh yeah yeah that's the mountain I don't think we can go like we don't want it yeah we're gonna be freezing there's a way to make some meat before I think you just where oh there's a scholar I wish should be good if you wear I think if you wear a deer let me check something real coat plush and check this on the base but dear skin you can wear deerskin for warmth yeah and then there's snow shoes as well five sticks two ropes I'm gonna do that right now five sticks two ropes I made snow shoes oh my gosh yeah spies you can try what you drop me you made a nice little sound with the two five sticks and two right you can make it and then we can just throw them on when we get to the snow so we could keep off the snow and then maybe maybe we can both snowshoeing no I've never been I've never been snowshoeing why are you so fine you're so fine thing alright we're like how do we get up this cuz we gotta go up this hill here everything is to make that sound of course no I have to look at this that looks cool it's very very beautiful okay we should be coming up when we see a body of water to the right okay it's not in the snow so okay body of water here we go this would be a kind of a nice base and then the beautiful mountain view are you trying to sit you trying to sell me a place here or what oh okay I think I found it smack I think I found it but doesn't look blown up to you let me see coming she had to grab a little squirrel on the way it looks blown up right guy grabbed it right on the top yeah that's English for you here here why don't you throw another stick of dynamite at your I'll throw explosive and see if maybe it'll spawn it or something yeah we haven't been here before like not even before the livestream or anything so I'm not sure why that would happen maybe maybe some of them already blown up and only one person get I don't know that doesn't make sense that's weird is that normal guys okay so we I have seven of them you have I mean how am I gonna make you try mine can't you put it on the tray maybe or we could if not I think you could put on a weapon rack oh I think so the easiest way for us to do this just cuz I'm looking at a map that shows all the spots we just need one more to make the flint lock revolver and it seems like there's a main river you know the one that flows out into the two branches that we saw yeah so we I hear it I found it okay so this is the river here are you cold here I'm cold yeah okay so we need you how much deers can do yet I'd equip it probably I'm gonna equip it I'm gonna clip though how do you just left-click yeah just quickly and then keep the rabbit for boots on and let's see if we can stay warm or no not so she's you never made them well come here and see if you're warm or not you're cold okay uh Bambi you good I'm gonna baby you good no he needs to stop running Bambi's just booking it holy smokes Oh BAM you just took out a table okay you can wear this oh okay so can you google real quick how to get a rabbit yeah that's something how to make the wrap on how do you make it just google it you can also just google it and they'll tell you how to do it it's also in your book – so two ropes three rabbit fur okay so cook those I make a lot slower in these boots though I don't think it changes anything okay okay I don't want to I don't want to correct you but I was like I don't think that here come this way – let's see if you can keep up in it yes Mac lucky their beak was there okay so we gotta follow the river up I'm cold and wet – hopefully we will or maybe light a torch and walk with it or something oh yeah okay this is the river here the lighter lighter cloth and then equip it and light it on fire yeah remember you can let your accent first yeah that'll help you yeah yeah over this way there's snow bunny beautiful oh no no what are you bark lot more clop oh I thought we were gonna find it just like that yeah it's somewhere here it's somewhere here so what it looks like is about halfway through the row so it seems like it would be like this way like like kind of where you are right well I will look keep eyes peeled I don't see it where are you at gun parts we need you know I'm cold again you know where it is do you be careful being cold I can't see it anywhere sounds dangerous oh my gosh I just ran out of my stamina oh I'm freezing alright most likely you are way nothing it's closer to the things closer to the river yeah it's like not that far off from the lake it's covered in snow no like actually invisible there's a grave here is like a rave oh oh oh there you go Oh oh yeah I got it I got it I got it last oh that's seven of me wait but I think I got all of them wait you got a picture here oh of the boat oh this is probably the boat people I got killed here are they get buried let me see I'm gonna like this I'm like turning blue I'm literally turning blue okay so I got one two three four five six seven eight yes I can make it shouldn't make it boom look at the flintlock pistol bang bang mother truckers that's like a shotgun oh my gosh okay let's head out of the gold all right yeah we're gonna have to figure that out maybe but I don't know if they're supposed to be open like that I think you have to explode the more it seems like a glitch or something that they were already opened all right how much ammo do I have I have 23 shots I want to test it on the cannibal want tests on you oh I actually come closer oh that's so cool it like raises the gun so it's like a criminal I'm not gonna shoot you okay come on you're like 5% sane so maybe I'm a little bit crazy I'm a little bitter I can roll it this thing looks amazing finally we have a gun in this game holy smokes now we can shoot them well only three 23 shots so there you go we can shoot we can shoot thirty-eight cannibals in the face probably not what apparently you could put a flashlight on it – is that me see oh you can put a flashlight on it I don't know I just kind of wanna see what it looks like all right let's head back to the base a shoot a bird kind of hard to aim with this thing right Kitana wa nan na da na na na yeah we need frickin rabb fur fur for other project see if we spot any rabbits on the way back we can take them out yeah I set my pistol a bunny spawn father why do you like knocked over the ground there was another one – oh there yeah oh my gosh this is so fast fire here no I don't think so oh my gosh okay oh I just ate him I just ate a mushroom trying to steal your bunny that's what you get buns steal your buns your buns II think you just made that up I don't think that's the thing all right let's make our way back I'm gonna take him out where's my slingshot at I got a slingshot ready to go is he there I got it I got it I can't carry any more bunny for you grab it oh yeah let's make our way back I'm holding my pistol because I don't trust these cannibals a bad team oh no oh my goodness too late all right so we got I feel like we're more prepared now to go help Timmy with a gun I feel like we could definitely help Timmy out now Timmy's gonna be like dad you've never shot a gun be like you see me now Timmy right you see me now Timmy 53 days it really has like you're not even joking and like we're still like exploring finding game parts and stuff Oh Bambi oh my goodness can I shoot the first thing it cannibal I see if you see it with me yeah so okay I want to be there for the experience all right all right I want you to be there for the experience my gun – all right sure we can have joint custody of the gun or pop cancers now we're back over here look at us the maps not that huge if you think about it and we cleared a Joe oh my gosh can I shoot the bunny oh my gosh I almost did it I almost did it I'm gonna take the zipline back um but um but a bum bum bum bum get moo-ving Smith I'll back you up oh my gosh all right get in there fences at the ready yes let us go to sleep wait let's save and we can't sleep yet yeah so let's let's go into the house for a second here I always break this stuff because I want to repair it like I want to make sure it doesn't have doesn't look ugly yeah we got to make sure to take the meat off the we're gonna eat good tonight what do you guys think of our little house so far it looks nice I love this this bench here the deerskin bench it's pretty neat oh hey whoa you're really close to me do I look like you I've never seen myself I've never there's no mirror so let's not talk about it I think you probably look like I don't know I'm gonna eat a piece of meat oh I just ate a mushroom underneath the house so that's nice that's where I'm at with life okay eat the rest of it eat the rest of it I think I'm eating berries I can't eat it I don't know I can't eat it but we should uh we should choose where the bed should go as well do you think let's go there do you have one rabbit fur perfect okay so let's let's make a bet here because we can sleep here now starting starting now you want the bed sideways or do we want them the same way that you just showed she put him like should we put him beside each other or no sure you do have a head-on driver No okay so we're different you have a hat you're very unique you're wearing a hat and he's not wearing a hat honestly is that the only difference that's why I'm saying is that the only difference from everything oh my goodness that good oh my I'm just a better hat covered do you think that's good or shouldn't I think that's good Karrie gonna break you away so let's do it was a little too close to the wall I think yeah this is will take me a two hours by the way yep probably this is gonna be a whole nother situation there is that good I heard the cannibal died oh there you go look at that it's a little bit of a shady bed it's a little bit of a shady bed let's set up the second bed too we really don't get you too but okay let's do this pray for that so let's Savior this is nice we can save them this house now I know asleep you got a shared bunk it's a bunk bed oh there we go good week old I'm a little hungry I'm a little hungry oh I can't eat it why is there something on there for you okay it's just worse so can we break this thing out here can we break this thing out here here I'll put some meat on here – I'm burn money so Jimmy doesn't think that we were doing anything suspicious on this island we should have a dining room table oh you can have a table table yeah looks merry you can have a table look and then you put one dere like a chair there chair on both sides uh what else you can make oh you can make a bone chair bone sure is not bad that's pretty dope actually Oh a side table oh my gosh I guess so okay there's a lot I didn't even know you can make out her stuff I threw a lot of meat down I threw a lot of money like to stock up down we won't have to eat for the rest I ate a freaking berry how it's only me though you don't need it for some reason I can drink this water out here there you go alright so we can make like a we did the fireplace thing so we can make a chair with tables weapon displays what's the weapon display look like it just takes one log I think that's how you share it the weapon display oh look oh you can put on the walls and stuff oh we do we have some logs I mean logs aren't very far for us to do stuff do you want a decorative skull yep he's our son where do you want to put the weapons right there oh you just need sticks it's just two sticks two sticks there you go look oh I can put a flare gun no I don't think so oh yes I can oh look at that that's pretty dope oh look at you look at you no no now who's insane yeah I'm dead yes I'm dead stop no I will kill you first put that put that thing down look I can put a bow here look you can you take whatever look oh my gosh oh that's amazing amazing don't take them look you put an axe oh that is so cool what do you mean like maybe like one more right here cuz that can only hold one weapon at a time right yes yeah yeah so what why what should we put on here Oh spirit it would be cool like display you can really check out your house in this game look at the samurai sword right that's pretty sweet that's pretty freakin awesome come I come back I want you to cannibal so do i I'll cut a bullet in half you've never seen me I'm a samurai no get away from me you freak I'm gonna put the chainsaw up cuz it looks cool it doesn't look cool right okay so the chains on the wall so how do we want it so we want to do storage under those stairs right idea at the other place oh I wonder if we put something like that would that block the stairs probably right but would that be cool to like have this little storage area back here there's something separate it let me see if there's something better for that I think custom building might be better custom walls where does it okay so if I put on the wood post section which section like would that be good that doesn't really cover this right and that takes five logs should i tilt it more the other way or is that good cuz well the whole logs a little slanted back here let me just check the outside here it doesn't seem like you could see it outside maybe we do that for sure should I get elongated a bit like where should I bring the ball to okay a little bit longer tell me you tell me when to stop okay can you see what I'm doing that or no okay so so stand where the let the log should end all right right here right there look at that lines up with the stairs that's good looking like a whole snack alright we can put a couple logs here that's it okay so we just had a few more logs why don't we just plan how many we need so we don't have to over get logs okay so yes but we want to put this yeah that's what I'm saying this I'm saying so where should we have right there and then where should our chairs be we should have a chandelier above the table well it has to be a nice dining room table for when Timmy comes Samara gosh I'm so I'm considering a reverse Sonia step reprioritizing a table over our son oh my goodness like if you think of it like that like we're like focusing on making furniture when like our sons literally with cannibals vibe you know they're nice cannibals okay should we do like right over here Virginia is a nice lady yeah and then where should the cherries go okay you want to put one girl put the other one just a normal chair not the bone Jer I paste that like it almost touches the chair the table I think there's a little too far up I think gladly you have sticks already yeah you can start putting those six for the chairs Timmy's gonna be like why on earth why were you guys making a table for man I was dying I have the rabbit fur for though so we just need two more rabbit fur yes okay so then we got the table down there the table is good there what else do we need here check any accessories we need cuz we can do it now if we wanted to accessorize our home well there's like there's some cool stuff yep interaction stuff Tommy strong is how you don't even know our son's name Timmy's drawings oh we should make like skin wrap which makes skin racks Laura told the large cabinet let's put that in right you should put a large cabinet at the back right of this we can have the birdhouse hear me out outside house disappointed is that good is that good right there look in there like in the closet and then should we put more storage along the side or should we do like you know what I mean like them along the side here cuz then just one store just kind of weird isn't it yeah just one one Thor unit like we don't have that much storage stuff okay I see you I see logs and sticks yeah so let's just try get 26 each they will probably be able to get the rest of the sticks like in that area yeah we could do that oh well what's that noise I'm gonna shoot one I'm gonna shoot one come here look Mary I know shoot the big one look at look at the big one over here no not that one I'm not gonna shoot that in this one this one right here look at me bang bang mothertrucker oh wait no I didn't want him to run away I want him to look at me okay that big one over here ready ready ready ready ready right come on come on here we go three two wait out wait you didn't even die running through the traps two traps two traps oh yeah all right oh it's marvelous sticks I got one over here but maybe should I shoot him again I gotta shoot him again all right so what's it made of he's still not dead like you say – he ate two shots more than that whatever we learned today Samara what do we what have we learned today I don't know the pistol apparently doesn't kill them they're huge there's not a one-shot kill there we have learned that may it's really good ribs like that Virginia's and stuff right there's the bunny here oh shoot maybe two shots or something two shots with the pistols still better than like 5,000 shots with a good time though are you bloody serious oh my gosh I was trying she's is bunny and it was just too fast for me we need bunnies right we need two more bunny fur I just duck I just decked a cannibal with a slingshot oh my gosh I just killed a cannibal with no stamina oh that's so good all right you got to the person was great that was good that was good right guys that was okay all right bunny hunting performance it was it was pretty good pretty good I'm getting scared out here that's not bad well we only have like 23 shots so we don't know if it packs that much heat yeah 16 there yeah but I feel like yeah we'd be good for the mutants cuz they run on slower to it like they're a lot slower yeah so it'd be way easier to shoot them and then you don't have to like directly fight them you know that's true that's true well it'll be good for the fight yeah for the people are telling us there's a boss fight so how many logs meeting 14 so we just need a cart in a bit drink a soda in my stamina so a car can hold 12 so I need knock down three trees right and then if you want to knock down one more and maybe collective max that's yours doesn't come on it does not to combine them which is good because then where you get surprised by more than what we thought and a Bambi well here I'm a knock down the street did you bring your own car or no okay so we need to send this one off and then grab one more and send it over right it's the yellow flag in front of us oh you're grabbing them from there yeah that's max so you can just bring those cuz we have three six nine twelve so we'll have enough if you bring those may just may just send over the extras as well I think that's not – I thought I did that I love sending these I don't know I'm not checking that anymore I refuse I'm not by law allowed to do that what kind of rule is this not a rule you have to let people know you have to be transparent hi oh we have sticks on this car we forgot did you forget that maybe maybe reset the traps there's like flies around these guys they've been dead for a serious minute super dead super dead super dad super super dead I'm gonna bring these logs in bringing the Liao's in bring in the dowload I bet you it's higher than that my guess would be like 90 26% I'm feeling saying yeah they call me crazy TG no more oh the table is looking nice oh okay get more pressing he for some reason II and C work is the same button so don't hold it down yeah if you hold a little bit you'll see it starts to delete it really weird teleport onto it by accident we're having a family dinner quite nice yes mmm quite quite good if we found Timmy today no meeting adjourned hmmm write that in the logs right then the logs I'm gonna push this in Greg dressed I ate a mushroom instead that's nice doesn't mean do two more logs but there is a couple more than two right there's three let's grab these bodies to burn as well on that note – we should also let's just bring them on the inside of the game yeah I don't think we I don't think we deleted it or anything well we have more sticks from her throw these on always always oh there's a body of her I didn't even know yeah you just gotta listen to the Flies Yeah right listen to the Flies they will tell you where where the people are there you go look at that I kind of say our base is looking beautiful our base is looking like a whole snack storage soon there we go we got a storage unit here I'm gonna put some meds on it put some meds I'll put some snack or put some drinks I'm putting a lot of stuff just cuz like if we go out and get it alright we can put alcohol as well there we go we go out meds we got drinks we got snacks cuz I always seem ends but like I'm always full on meds yeah yeah exactly well this space is looking like a whole freakin snack don't you think looking like a whole frickin snack I'm very very what would you guys rate this base out of 10 so far I want to know let us know chat what's the bone chant I'm infected miss Ella if you go to your yeah 27% sanity I'm good though good here we should go to sleep so live in the same house with some infected man oh that's not nice you know don't say that no no no no no I never go see and I have a hat she's healthy and she has a hat priorities she's got a healthy hat ever had this very mess before they go away seemed to be a little max out on bones there huh I'm gonna make some boat armor that good good I'm still covered in blood still covered in blood should we knock let's knock down this thing we don't have to knock it down for 10 tons what could we possibly add to the space I might look like a look we can put like a deer skin on the wall without a cool welcome to this pot no I can't you put like a deer skin on a wall or something upstairs needs a little more yeah it's a little bit barren I'm just looking through like there's a lot of cool things that we could build in the what section is it like the there's the armor rack you could put all bone armor on it that would be pretty sweet what does that require between two more logs we should do yeah that would be nice like two side tables in another bed could do that well I think you know people need two side tables you know how about my stuff oh my Timmy we gotta look for your Timmy my table what that's not nice okay so we can make an arrow basket a bone basket a skin or AK holy shoot look how big his skin Rack is summer look at that a stick what look look good so there's that there's also an armor rack look at this oh do you make an arrow basket an arrow baskets Oh explosives holder we should definitely make one of these just one yeah it's just one log mushiya bad do that here like should this be our armory up here or should we put that like down here Oh wet ins Rack is here what the heck what did we put on the wall one side table right because I feel like if you put two it's just gonna look like a regular table whereas like one side table it's like how about a weapon rack right there what's a weapon rack you know that's something else that's uh let me see if I can get the name that is that would look sweet and you do like colorful fluff I have seeds I think some I thought I did too but maybe I don't oh that's weapon display this is a weapon rack it's different yeah that one's for decoration but I mean it works so you can do like I don't know yeah you can do all that jazz all that jazz is possible we should get a light in here though should we do individual ones like lamps should we do like that right there yeah oh oh that's so cool it's a little creepy a little creepy you know I don't think Timmy will mine with the singles one more what more like at this something like on the way out so it's the skull will face towards the door right like that yeah all right can you build it I don't have I don't have rope oh yeah I don't have rope either here I have a bunch of cloth oh yeah that looks good right you can't walk under the chandelier but you can walk under these so that's nice yeah that's nice nice cool I feel like the chandelier though where's the shin where where is the chandelier at initially I can't find it it's past the it's like on the page after the lights what do you mean after the these like individual stone lamps just go for my page over and it's a chandelier there's nothing there for me two more pages over sorry oh there you go there you go Oh neat oh you can't I can't put it oh that's so weird you can't put on this I guess what you just can't put on this side look right over this that's weird wonder why that's strange I wonder why it's up to you what do you think we can make it and see what it looks like it's only cost ten stick too bad oh oh my goodness imagine we just got like a bunch of hello you put all your weapons on there but it's the wrong way unfortunately it's the wrong way Oh shucks how do I take that back take your gun back I don't want to take it back how do i can't take my flare gun back is it your gun did you drop yours off maybe if you break it you'll drop it no more Nagin no more flare gun you see if I put something else down because I put my katana there and like like millisecond after you put the flare gun you like you put the flare gun on top of it yeah yeah how do I break this should we build it again or do you not not a fan of it it adds to the effect our house is looking like old house is looking like a hole snack that's what I gotta say looking like old mat couch is amazing that's just so pretty here I want to put I know Panthers I want to put a little frame above the bed with drawings of Timmy right there that look good do you have rapid Ferno right yeah screw that then don't need that in our life we definitely should support a son through these hard times he's lost we can offer decorate our house oh my goodness oh my gosh I'm gonna die if like I need food you just cook I have more room to to gather more alright are we gonna go to sleep I need eat I'm gonna die okay you eat if I eat enough for today we need to make sure we're good I mean mm and burnt 1,400 what's your what's your athleticism forty seven point seven forty seven point nine what's your strength twenty point one 25 wow you're kind of strong hasn't really changed it's 26 what's your weight after checking a second II kind of busy eating them well we'll compare one out when we wake up cuz I'll be more sane come let's go to bed and there we go alright there we go try again there we go there we got over there worse New Year's in the game my sanity is 28% it's the same thing what's your what's your weight 207 we impound warning you well you're fat you're fat wait wait what do you mean wait wait what do you mean wait what do you mean no but the doors broken for me oh there we go yeah I fix it oh yeah fix it it's we'll just push it from the area alright I've seen awash blood off but I think we've done me I think we've done work today I think we've done an amazing job I think that we got the gun we got the amazing guns which is pretty amazing it's pretty it's pretty good I'm not gonna say it's the best weapon ever but it's the best new weapon we've got cause it looks cool yeah cool factor 10 dad said we should make like a rope to go head up to the base from here yeah yeah up and down a rope a rope not a zip line we would build like um we could build like I mean we're not definitely not gonna do it today but let me show you what I think you would need like a platform oh yeah all right a little bit higher than that but you know what I mean right yeah and then you could just come over there and then slide down and then we could just get water like we can have it put your gun away I smoked that bird if you look at me funny you get over happy doing the eyes you you if you attack me I'm sure don't do it I will shoot if you do I will shoot I will shoot if you do are you alive did you lose a lot L yeah you're alive yeah I didn't miss mine I'm taking full custody you know what I'll get some too oh my god I smoked a turtle stop shooting at me I'm trying to yes yes this little shell I got it no we had a family you buster stop hitting me with it I gotta throw stuff now what you gonna do what you gonna do can't touch this oh I can mail it with it look can you like put it on Oh oh my god how do I do that oh I got this that's Carrie okay Rochelle's right at the top near the snow shoes which I spent the snow shoes on look at these things no you uh what you gotta do is just hold it and then hold left click when you jump off yeah the jump and then do it go like tobogganing we need to go to the top of the snowy mountain and slide oh that would be amazing you lose help though when you do it I think it's worth it honestly look at me holy shoes my god that's fun you went far yeah we're like sledding right now oh my god oh god for you that's awesome okay let's go let's go back up to the top and let's let's do a final save here do we have some some of this these traps are triggered by the way there's a armsie can I shoot it oh my god no arm jeez aren t oh hello cow man I'm gonna shoot you right in the face oh you didn't care let's try it round 200 two shots in there dead oh my god this is overpowered oh this might be the best it for killing them yes I did two shots on the guy you didn't die look you look the same as the other cannibals then that's okay that is Oh to the friggin piece right any time we travel will be super safe will be super super safe I'm just grabbing sticks real quick and I'm gonna reactivate these traps blood on me again I think I'm good with the blood oh wow oh they're on top of each other I'm gonna go ahead and let's bring these bodies into the camp and oh oh – holy shoot give me a second hold up they're all going on fire none of them caught on fire there Oh Matt come on I think I'm dead there is a lot of them recoup it he just we were just playing around we just turned around I did shoot the leader cannibal so I guess if that I guess not as effective versus the leader cannibals because they believe you can say that again I'm gonna put the put meat down over here on the drying rack the meat works the same I think actually are you that hurt no no but that was from falling with the turtle shell oh it's the turtle shell turtle shells dope though I wasn't expecting that want to go to others more look we're trying to our outro guys alright just this murmur you're trying to put some bones give me your tie show me what damn teeth do there's one more guy over dead body I dropped it just so that the bones don't despawn Galligan the other one there's some traps that need to be reinitialized I think these birthday traps are a godsend great they are amazing the fire go up bro so much we're gonna make this a blazing fire oh there we go there she goes alright so I'm still gonna probably save but I'll probably do the outro now too I'll probably just go back to the other base and save there after all that so G freakin Jeep if you guys have watched and enjoyed this video make sure you do smacked I like blending 3 – what like spike and if you are new around here make sure you hit that subscribe button as well smear it was awesome playing with you and I will talk to you later okay like five minutes because we're hungry we got to eat food okay okay bye alright shout out to all of you in chat truly appreciate all the epic support on this series and all videos in general you guys are seriously the best team on the planet I think you just so much for being so fricking awesome let's go ahead and make some bone armor real quick here there we go oh we're almost maxed out on bone armor okay max out here I think I hear a big guy oh geez more things are getting caught in traps here let's just make this there we go no wait we should be good there okay so I'm gonna go ahead over to the other camp area maybe set up all these other things here but I want to shout out a bunch of you guys you have super chatted really appreciate all the incredible support maybe I'll take out this guy you really you really took it you really he really died that one you really died okay let's put this guy in the fire over here and wait for him to cook Oh – oh we got to go watch themselves from blood as well the king – eight eight zero thank you so much for the super chat man I will keep up the good work appreciate that Michael bird bayard shad – yeah I've been martinez max Ziggler I do remember you man he says love the series and he played a long time going to channel but do you think you could play subnautica again I know I was one of your most probably my favorite mod but can you do an updated Ghost Rider mod and it would be amazing series combine the purge model with the Ghost Rider mod Max Ziggler big shout to you for the very generous super chats man really do appreciate that thank you so much for your kindness my friend definitely want to play subnautica again that is on my list I will get to that don't worry and I definitely got to get back into GTA 5 mods which should include they go spread them out and plays a cop in all that dress so looking forward to that I really do appreciate the support thanks so much for the generosity and a shadow to you we also have like with wilkerson joey'll sr austin walker appreciated happy birthday austin really appreciate that a big shout-out to you my friend thank you so much for that soup chat hope you have the best birthday ever I crazy I'm allergic and emerald shadow do you call auntie the new the new merch comes out towards the end of this month p.m. look out on Twitter I'll let you know exactly the dates very very soon it's gonna be huge though it's gonna be awesome look out for it we also have tavon pen shout out to you and thank you for the kind words my friend really do appreciate it hello I win shout you as well I don't know if I'll play Skyrim soon I might I want to keep your hopes up though because a lot of games are coming out and sort of it came out it came out of wrong time when I started that series essentially oh gosh alright you guys gotta relax let's go ahead and get back to the space units hide over here they think I'm attacking it will be good shout out to a Chinna lucky dinner yeah shout to you man really appreciate that thank you for the con words Jake Bell shouts you blew hogs wizzo 2 plus 2 equals fish shit that's a big shad to your XP gamer shout to you my mountain bike life I appreciate that pretty sure timmy has eight a leg or two oh my goodness honestly probably at this point I would I wouldn't I wouldn't put a pass him shout out to you Austin Walker love your videos giving a shout out and it just turned 13 it's my birthday shout to you man happy birthday and hope you had the best birthday ever really do appreciate a support and enjoy a man hope you have the best birthday ever Jackson heck shouts you your boy place appreciate it the great bagel lover named Chad to you Kyle spies thank you so much Brian Lalo shoutout to you oak tree appreciate the kind words and I'm loving the new house thank you so much for that Jamaal Franklin I appreciate that for a night iOS not sure when it's coming out but I would definitely play it when it does big shot you and thank you for that super Jeff my friend we also have let me just save in the house here the house our beautiful beautiful house did you yeah geez here oh my gosh Holy Mary you just scared me oh my goodness I heard I heard a growl and then I see you open the gate and I thought it was a cannibal don't learn well I'm gonna go ahead and take this guy out all right and then we also have Zanda to Devaki you're the best game ever thank you so much then – you are too kind thank you so much for that in big shout out to you we also have jet – wah wah wah keep it up – gee I butchered your name I hope you know who I'm talking about though jet yo Lou ah I hope I pronounced it right big shot you and thank you so much for that super chat Gillian Brooks Savage duck 49 tackies eater shout out to you Yeager Johnson save the gun for the final boss fight bone arrows help – they do a lot of damage compared to regular arrows keep up the great work Thank You Yeager Johnson appreciate those tips and I will keep the the weapon for then I only have 15 shots left so hopefully that is enough Josh Smith loved your vids she's a little gift you can also have my friend Alisa Linden mouth he's a huge she's a huge fan and introduced me to you well Alyssa big shout to you and thanks for introducing me to Josh big shout out to shout out to Josh's vote for the soup chat Levi learns love the streams but stuff for a long time keep the good work thank you man appreciate that and thank you for uh thank you for sticking with me I really that really does be a lot to me appreciate city support let me just go ahead and use these front we reset the trap – right let's close this perfect oh my gosh you're basically looking like a whole snack our base is looking look at this thing man look at this looks beautiful this looks freaking beautiful the top in here got a little hidden side over here you got a little fireplace the couch got a bedroom all that beautiful stuff texted shout to you man really appreciate the support and thank you for that super chat I'll be also got hello when Joseph Smith shouts you guys average react shadow to you we also have Pam Earl I keep asking for the force and just miss the attire Street well Pam you get to watch it yeah luckily for YouTube you know we get to watch the videos get so big shots you and I hope you enjoy this one Jacob Corbett shad you as Ron Al is Ando big shanty and thing for the kind words then we have Jared kale I know a lot of people just say this but I genuinely love your videos and do you remember ripped your from GTA by the way it's my favorite series big shout you Jared it means the world to me even if a lot of people say it so thank you so much I do Ribera rip tear and glad you enjoy this series a lot really do appreciate it Alan alone bones shout you as well and I just want to say real quick all right for the first you know I've been out a little bit in the past couple days and I've met a few of you guys out there alright some of you you you can say hi to me I will say hi to you guys don't don't get scared don't get don't get shy lovesick I'm probably more nervous than you if you say hi alright so don't don't don't worry about that one of you I went to this restaurant and your your waiting tables stuff like that really appreciate your kindness you were far too kind and thank you so much for being awesome and all of you that see me on the street just say hi we good if you're in Vancouver your Polly see me say hi I want to say hi to you guys that's gonna be it for this one the ladies and gentlemen hope you enjoyed it ll see you in the next video which is gonna be tomorrow I'll talk to you guys over on Twitter slash typicalgamer and my Instagram all that link the description below check out Samaras channel in there as well it's gonna be a for this one thanks for watching hope you've got some day peace out


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