Better Than Samsung Duo Charger???

July 28, 2019

hello so this would be the last part of a four-part series that I'm calling the ultimate Galaxy S ten so we talked about the s10 II we talked about the Galaxy buds we talked about my watch the gear s3 frontier so this last video is gonna show a less expensive way to charge your devices what's up handsome people if you're like me and you have a limited income but you love expensive gadgets you've come to the right place on this channel we focus on getting the best gadgets for the least amount of cash so if you're new here subscribe now and hey don't be shy feel free to check out the links in description below anytime during the video so let's charge your new gadgets so you can pick this up on Amazon for about $40 and that is compared to the official Samsung one which is about $70 so I'll make sure to put a link in the description below to both products because you know this may or may not suit you but for me I'm always looking to try to save money so if this does the same thing then I'm gonna choose this everyday so this comes from a company called swin Cho I believe I'm saying that right it's a pretty simple and basic box it says fast charge fast charge on their wireless charger duo on the side here we have how it can charge a device including Apple devices or with your Samsung Galaxy watch charging two phones at the same time and according to this it'll charge your phone and the new air pods that have the wireless charging case on the back we see how it comes this piece this piece right here it actually comes separate you have to clip it into the device and once you have it clipped in you plug it in and it's charging now it does say it has an input power of 12 volts or 2 amps and it has an output power of 5 Watts 7.5 watts and 10 watts but the output power really is not what it says it is I think I'm getting 5 watts maybe 7.5 watts but definitely definitely not 10 watts and it's a standard qi wireless charger so it'll work with any device that allows for wireless charging on this side here it says charged with a compatible Samsung phone and iPhone can charge two phones just like we saw the diagram the other side can charge a phone and a SmartWatch or can't charge your phone and air pots and if we open it up we have the packaging itself this is a USB a two USBC cable and some instructions right here but for thisa I didn't need instructions it's pretty simple it's in English and I believe Chinese so if you're trying to learn Chinese this is a good this is a good start for you so here's a look at the device we have the fast charging pad for your cell phones and we have the fast charging pad for your watches or for your air pods unfortunately I've tried to get this to work with my Galaxy buds because the Galaxy buds do have wireless charging it doesn't work on both this pad or this path now I don't know if that's the case with the official Samsung one but for this one it just doesn't work on the back here we have some vents to cool the charging pad as well as right here there are some vents to cool it as well now what you might have noticed is that the cable that it came with is a USBC cable so this charging pad has a USBC input which is becoming more and more the standard with your tech devices on the bottom here we have the model name once again input power output power and input interface USB C and of course this is a knockoff so it's made in China oh and another thing too that I forgot to show you in the unboxing is it does come with this charging brick and unfortunately you cannot use any other power brick that works with this device you have to use this power brick that's provided with the device I've tried several different power bricks and this is the only one that works and it even says it in the instructions that you need to use this power brick for this device so that kind of sucks because if you lose this or if you're on the go and you take this with you and you forget the power brick then it's just it's just not gonna work so let me get it plugged in and I'll show you the charge in action so I got the charger brick connected to the wall got the USBC cable connected to the back right there so this is how it Raja's put your phone down like that next to a bedside on your desk or whatever and it starts charging your phone wirelessly you could also put your phone sideways and it charges your phone just as well so it doesn't matter which orientation you put it in even with the case it still charges the device BAM there we go and if this thing actually charged like it was advertised it would say at the bottom fast wireless charging and unfortunately it doesn't say that okay but you can even charge your phone on this pad right here laying down it's kind of hard to get you kind of have to adjust it it's not as simple as putting it on there mmm come on I know it works it was just working a second ago but like I said it's it's real hard to get this pad right here it's not made to charge the phone it's made to charge the watch so we got my phone charging and let's get my watch to charge now it's kind of hard to see but the watch is charging we do have two red LEDs at the bottom right here that'll show that your device is charging but that's pretty much it this knockoff design it does the job it charges your watch it charges your phone at the same time the only thing is you know like I said it doesn't fast charge but you know if you use this at your bedside at night which I have for about a week or so it it does the job every morning when I wake up my phone is fully juiced up my watch when I need to charge it consistently charges it I mean hey it works oh yeah I almost forgot so like it showed on the Box where it can charge the new air pods unfortunately these galaxy buds do not charge I've tried I've tried several ways I've tried getting him to charge that would normally turn red when it's charging its directly on the pad but it's not charging I've tried flipping it around I've tried adjusting it and I think it's because there's a rubber seal right here so the bottom of this does not make contact with the actual pad itself but even on this side it's getting contact with the pad but it's it's just not charging whatsoever so that's kind of a bummer but hey if your s10 is charged then you could use your s10 to charge these buds so this doesn't do exactly as advertised but for the price you know it does enough so if you're ready to buy or would like more information on the swin Cho dual wireless charger leave a comment below or click the link in description don't forget to subscribe and click the notification bell to make sure your in loop for all things handsome gadgets please give it a thumbs up if you liked the video and I guess that thumbs down if you didn't care for it don't forget to follow me on twitter at handsome gadgets thank you and have a good one you


  • Reply Uchith Isanka July 28, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    Thanks you for save me.i think to buy this for charge my galaxy buds.thanks again for save me

  • Reply Edwin is Awesome July 28, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    Is the galaxy watch qi capable

  • Reply alittlereckless July 28, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    Loved the video, never heard of this charger before as a potential alternative to the Samsung Duo so this was interesting to me.

    As to your question about the Samsung Buds, I am able to charge mine on the official Samsung Duo with no issues. (Main reason I got it was to be able to place the buds + my phone on it to charge at night.) It does work for both the flat side & even the upright part of the Samsung Duo so long as I turn the buds sideways to be more standing up. So its just an issue with that 3rd party charger duo.

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