Black Ops 4 Max Level Weapons & Operator Mods! (Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Gameplay)

July 29, 2019

hey guys drifter here welcome my stream of the black ops 4 beta tonight I'm gonna be going for the new max level and I'm gonna be going for a lot of maximum level operator mods and attachments which as far as I'm concerned might as well be secret considering how long they take to get so for those of you that watched the stream last night or any of the gameplay today you may have noticed that I maxed out the level on this revolver so that it has a crazy scope and the skull splitter that gets a guaranteed one shot kill attachment on my shotgun which I don't have equipped right here I'll probably do that later I have the good old I can go ahead and do that now just for funsies on this class we can take this and we can equip Dragon's Breath in exchange for that the downside is though there's a lot of guns in this game and a lot of great things that I want to try out that I may not be able to but Vaughn and their team turned on double experience so tonight I'm gonna be playing through the double xp playlist and trying to unlock as much stuff as I possibly can Stevo Johnson think you're being the first sub tonight hello Benny Illini good to see you hello cardio helix keno Leo to Kwai Lana the hunter dire wolf Diego nifflheim gaming your local white boy haven't seen you in a while Mike's smooth and I'm gonna go through some of the things that I want to unlock on the Spitfire here there's some cool stuff such as laser sight 2 which gives you no penalty when moving and the wild fire mod the next thing I really want to get to is over here do I have it the cordite I have to unlock the cordite I do want to level up this one to have high caliber 2 and ap rounds too so I can punch through walls that's not an operator mod but it is really cool I would like to get the suppressor on this one I do want to try out the burst accelerator on my OGG the OGG has a really neat burst accelerator that I would like to try so we're gonna see exactly oh this one's really neat stock to maintain your aim while moving in while prone that sounds crazy lots and lots and lots of crazy stuff tonight and of course the sniper rifles if we have time so I'm going to go ahead and hit find match and I'm gonna play search and destroy I will let you guys know hey sir toast nice to see you I'm gonna be running solo for a little while and then I'm gonna swap over and probably play with Jared FPS on mixer I think J hub is just completely done he is out for the night hello Andrew death walk Keller Austin Dominique is a bully oMG it's wicked who is healthier dizzy smalls and drew hazel thank you very very much Project Newark I'll get the aa-12 in a little bit I'm gonna be playing Search and Destroy mostly because it's new but also because it gives me a ton of weapon experience man in yes Connor I will be doing in-depth I don't think it's gonna be like as exciting I don't think it's gonna be as hype as running around in DOM and shooting people in the back but it's gonna get me some guaranteed fast levels I played I think two games of s and D and I got up to level 7 on the Spitfire already so that's gonna be fun hello Landon Mick Adams good to see you Emmanuel Brown good to see you – hello show time game ok apparently I've been Auto selected though thankfully I already have the class that I'm most comfortable with turn my volume up just one tick so that I can tell what's going on apparently just decided to make me fire break for whatever reason it's not really the one that I would normally play on this map but I know that this point it'd be smarter not to rush but there's only one guy left and I really what the hell well I'm already get those kills for the weapon experience this looks like I'm gonna be getting much of anything in this first round Hillsong she's got a little discombobulated it does throw me off that the radar shows people behind you so I'm pretty much instead of looking straight ahead I'm basically constantly staring at the radar to make sure that nobody kind of comes through my peripheral vision and it picks out Delta Eclipse very much appreciate it I just see a stream yep I didn't pick up the special mags crap Joseph mints we're thinking for the subdued I'll pick up the special mags next time I'm just rushing and playing really aggressive xx ZK think of this up I have no idea how this fellow's you talked I look at that this no fixing it it only takes 22 damage from that but it doesn't matter because I just got a whole ton of points toward my weapon which is just shocking it doesn't seem like much right I probably just gained like a third of a level from killing one guy it's just just crazy right now I know the fat pony and her abilities good to see you too as well and owner mage of course owner mage you yeah you don't know if you were here while I was talking about it what I'm definitely gonna be using your friendly LMG tonight I want to level that up this guy's get the rampart fairly high level and I just got shrekd now it's 1v2 on my team oh we got a pic that clock is this game or bread thank you for being the first donator of tonight good timing by the way 555 first donation maybe anyways I have a question for you do you think there is a possibility for Activision Treyarch to add cross play to blackout at some point maybe following footsteps a little more nope not even remotely pleasure 1 through n I don't think that Sony would allow that just so this game is partnered with Sony for PlayStation 4 in the same way that they were partnered with Xbox in a long time G company just bid and Sony bought the exclusivity contract Seiran theme to the sub it doesn't benefit Sony to have a game that everybody can play cross-platform together and benefits so need to have a game where the DLC and the first stuff and all the cool stuff happens first on the good old PlayStation 4 which is what we're on right now so using turd hate Armour users so much what a dummy what an actual dummy I'm gonna go around behind these kids and after that it doesn't real are you sitting are you real it you're camping okay no you're actually coming at let me kill you buddy he's done good on you it doesn't matter as long as I get kills hope you guys enjoyed that kill but the other thing about it is if you can't tell we've got optimization issues as is right some of you get low FPS some of you get questionable connections a lot of the time I know I have that mine's been better lately hopefully it doesn't regress on the stream that I'm gonna have to eat those words and I there's also they're developing blackout mode and you can tell that they're really really push it pushing and stretching this pod engine to do the best that it can possibly do given its age with this game adding cross play to that is gonna be a nightmare cross play on fortnight is really interesting because it's the Unreal Engine it's one of the most common gaming engines on the planet one of the easiest to code for one of the most pliable and in a lot of different ways and on top of that fortnight calculation for word game it's not quite as fast as this one most of the time so fortnight has a lot of unique things that allows it to cross play and I don't think cross planned for tonight even works that great there's innate advantage of some disadvantages Xbox guys have to deal with people or that they were doing here they would have to deal with people please show me this guy edit my play the game play it first place shot pretty dumb but when you point cross play on port night you may notice that it's a little bit a little bit laggy er that you get split up much that there's some bugs that the theater mode doesn't quite work right there's a lot of things that happen at fortnight cross play that probably shouldn't I'm banking on them just coming over here in Russia they just decided to camp that's what kind of gives me I'm so used to um just sprinting to a location that I need jet gung-ho or something I am running gung-ho it just doesn't make a match to and I've probably gained a level on the gun which is all that matters nicht heard you anything over the sub but cross play doesn't work super well in fortnight it's not as smooth and not as intuitive as most people like hello Brad zone channel hello fellow Brad good to see you so adding it to Call of Duty fraternity has a lot of problems with lag and network infrastructure and stuff as is would probably be a stupid decision I think I'm probably gonna see how many times they can probably say probably in one sentence ceiran and nick and joseph and delta eclipse and nikki and day on thank you all for the recent subs appreciate it and welcomed on for it thank you for the compliments cardio helix I try to read the comments we're at about 900 ish people right now as the stream begins to populate so it takes a bit it's a little hard to keep up it's harder what I can usually do Tom that's pretty well up until about 2000 then it gets a little bit harder suppressor on a K maybe and by the way guys I want you guys to let me know if we should keep playing search-and-destroy or if I can swap over to other modes I haven't tried the double XP on other modes I just know that it works really well on this mode I'm gonna see how many what do I have light three kills this game maybe I think I might have three kills this game and we got a victory I'm gonna see how much ice barrier 3s and D kills gives my weapons Islam hammam good to see you the dance Mart says how do you like the game I'm liking it better over time launch night was super rough I had a lot of lag and framerate issues that we're super pissing me off you can see my salty stream hello Melissa so it's getting better now that I'm getting more used to it lightning sneak a think of the sub I'm learning some guns that I like and dislike and it's much better game when you play with the squad when you play with friends it's so much better than playing solo playing solo can just be pure pure pain some bass her ability says please go to another mode yikes use the mozu I already have the mozu maxed you know the mozu is kind of maxed out we're using the standard controller using a scuf now I'm using a scuf using my good old pink scuff right here I have a code down there in the description if you want to use it but scuff hasn't paid me in 8 months so I don't know if that's I don't care to promote that I didn't actually gain much off of that okay so I don't think I played good enough there mmm other mode other mode TDM yeah a lot of people want to see other modes alright so I'm just gonna leave that a lot of people want TDM you guys are gross you guys are gross gross gross I would much rather play control if I get the opportunity hey Z 3 a be good to see you best assault rifle that's a little bit hard for me to tell at the moment because I don't know I haven't even tried all of them yet ham to race is the wildfires oke Oke ok hey packer great I have a not-so-great win-loss ratio on this map need to do better at that pink drift you got to be kidding me nah what's matter you don't like pink controllers are you telling me that you're not man enough to game on a pink controller is that your problem well shame on you pink is the manliest color there is Ernest Hemmingway and Teddy Roosevelt both wore pink dresses as a kid you can look that up it's historical fact because they swapped the colors but a color is just a thing it doesn't have to be a gender fide thing you know control over tedium in a day yeah TDM is just TDM is not for me tedium bores me TVM is bored may sense Modern Warfare 2 I think Cod 4 was the only Cod I really did much tdmn Gary Oldman a soos thank you for the follow yeah dude I'm so manly I wear pink you have to be a real man to wear pink that's how this goes purple is where it's at I don't know man I think pink is more manly than purple bar crest good to see you too hello Alan Lynn and jib you I do agree with Brendan Walker that control should probably be the only game mode I'm gonna play this I just love his little no Treyarch no bad Treyarch [Applause] capturing feet probably won't be able to hold be pasta to garlic it's still pretty bad here I have to onion it did you just flash me I'm on your team you idiot deploying c4 – guys get it I really just love to gun kills that I can level up my weapon yeah man I don't even know if we're gonna be okay we got a little more time that's good we can move over here to alpha try to alpha my alpha as hard as I can alpha but my teammates are getting shot in the back so I have to come over here and try and save them I'm probably gonna get shot in the back Oh mess mine eliminate more they're not gonna back is pretty extended she's gonna merc forces are contesting alpha see because my team doesn't have very good control of the map right now we're gonna now play it out it kind of means they could just come you're wearing so what my teammates to pick off that guy just so I get the experience for it I'm feeling a little framerate chug here sometimes that what you want what you get ain't the same things and you just got to deal with it at least it's consistent for insects this doesn't feel like 60 to me this feels about 55 but I'm okay with that as long as it's a consistence different pilot it moves up him down again yeah do you like the auger I only use the auger and alpha the auger was okay I liked it better with its first tire modification than just a space modification I do need to say thank you to some new subs goofy dragon boy and Gabriel well know or appreciated everyone so for this I'm gonna try to just play as aggressive as I can somebody already Oh he quit they lost the life because their dude quit that's got if that would piss me off actually my aim was not good enough I started aiming lightly off the fight and just I didn't get the gun experience though which is what matters alpha is gonna be a big steaming hot mess discharging temperature save it thank you for the subdued this dog has stupid stupid stupid I can't afford to lose Bravo's well guys hopefully I can come around here and shoot somebody in the back fast enough mm-hmm that was my fault I needed to turn the corner and get in here guys are praying to the ground that one was 100% my fault I didn't push in because I was screwing around swapping my guns I didn't know if I had stunned the second guy or no guys get the this is what my personal favorite rifle this one does work for me good night TLDR impressions so far my impression is that we have some work to do Anthony German I do not have the old monster mini-fridge I gave one to a friend being t-mac and I gave the other one to my brother-in-law so Dylan Baker thank you for the subdued appreciate that or I should say the membership then they change it to membership its membership now thank you for the membership Dylan Baker appreciate it my man The Tempest downing probably means to go to town and blackout it probably does so when if the tempest downs vehicles I dunno how you pick up the tempest okay so I'm not sure what happened but my weapon leveling has been getting incredibly slow I get to level seven stupid fast and now it's just more air off like super hard Dylan Baker there's you a little pop up for the sponsor my man thank you dude oh he's a good boy so good look at him he's so good so super good pet pet pet pet pet is black ops for better than World War two only time will tell glad that you like my shirt I got this in Germany it was a gift for being the only American man on a train strange how that happens that's why they gave it to me I'm not kidding I wish I were kidding not kidding though I don't really like to sit the gun like a strike team better now I haven't used the auger DMR the one I'm gonna try to get these two SMG ones first I'm gonna try to get the crazy fire MA whatever this one is the wild fire mod shall take a little bit and then I'm gonna work my way on the cordite as much as I can though I'm not feeling the double xp for some reason I don't know maybe I'm losing my mind I played earlier today and I was just gaining levels like mad and this this near nuts not so much so I'm not sure if it's counting for double weapon xp you guys can let me know is there double weapon XP just for a search-and-destroy is it anywhere else yes max level is 34 and I think I get the cordite at 31 so about halfway into my progress tonight roughly time to kill is pretty long Alec B that's why I pray i prioritize high rate of fire weapons I'm gonna run prophet again I for this aggressive sort of thing I really prefer specialists that have I'd say automated abilities that don't make me vulnerable in the case of profit I run him just for his little drone is Hamad says the higher levels take a really long time good good bad and ugly video on the beta it's pretty similar to the main game Brendan Walker if he I will have a beta roundup video there will be a final opinion video and they are all said and done here like how that sheep blows away that is all looks really good so my objective here just go through my little car and see come on he didn't find anybody I come down here and fight now yes yep I knew that was gonna suck these people murdered me they were already set up and now I don't have anything very effective to push them with my team is fighting the two dudes at a there's nobody on B so I have to break at least the two men hold on be about myself they're gonna be ready for me to they probably have a sensor dart up look man he's this so this guy over here he's running just the ICR plain-jane but he's playing super well this guy's talented he's good knows how to aim he knows how to touch my butt really hard that guy has armor cuz he's a child this guy's got good aim – so he's got high sensitivity see how I slide it burns he turns faster than I can there there's an issue that I'm having with this game like it apparently can't I want to wonder what am i trying to articulate here little he'll probably help Molly right there quite a lot I'm always wanting to I need I need steady aim – it's the whole rear I'm using this gun in appropriate loans this problem and we have some taters and are filling up a little but that's okay I've been for a long time playing a Call of Duty lower sensitivity because when you have when you're doing this this long-range combat this type which thing it's really easy to aim it's really easy to acquire and attract target so but in this game because the boost sliding and little bunny hopping is so fast and so much I'm having a very hard time with my lower sensitivity and I've been thinking about turning it up turn it up I can't do this like a mall enemy's contesting alpha fleming kill take their time come join a no I'm deaf I'm so dead they're coming I'm stuck in this damn thing I gotta go she can't heal for a minute people don't usually look down here before they jump in so sitting here is oddly okay oh man I hate getting irradiated it takes me forever to heal this guy going to be holly was hostiles contesting alpha deploying seek of mine yeah UAV on station ok time to play a little more aggressive in their song look at that see that that's so hard to deal with see he's not even he's literally he just goes from walking to instant boost you can do that so I'm walking right here I think pretty much just instantly nice slide which really really messing me up and just inviting oh no no I'm not no I'm just dead that's the game I'm playing is the game of death well I still have to capture the damn objectives which they haven't even really begun to do yet I'm hoping to catch the one guy that's gonna get greedy and come to be four points wav oddly they're just wanting to kill us they don't even seem to laugh sometimes make them count see that penny side the same dude this dude this plane crash here plane crash this trip fire and the strategy has walked and then boosts and you can spin jihad loafie says dude you gotta have timing that's not necessarily about timing it's about it's that they just how fast they can slide around you when you have low sensitivity no degree of timing is going to save you yeah that's it's not a lag spike it's a slide it's you don't have to build up very far display so Josh Griffin says he's very familiar I'm sorry dudes apologies if I'm miss Stubbs – I'll read them out of thing that the game is all good Zack promise those at alpha see that I didn't wiggle I thought I'm still on this slower time to coping I wasn't expecting that guy to be able to slide sideways cuz he was just walking any went straight into a sideways slide and I thought my gun would have killed him too but I'm not my fields are just a little bit off on this if you guys have noticed on point if they need to be today the enemy team has come out to play enemy as alpha played a man down I don't see any sensor darts which is a good start are you doing really weenie what a weenie you're not even trying to protect it your corner camping a corner camp I got someone for you what Hey lives exercise caution I'm done so here yeah we're just now number it's super bad there's no one else there is no winning that one not so not at all your mom says pre-aim I know how to create this is not the type of weapon that you create with that I think I'm just gonna if I'm gonna do this close quarters thing and but have to Jack my sensitivity up way high that's what I'm gonna have to do I need to adapt I'm not happy with that particular performance and I do believe that I could have done better angel andre mark mark mcgee echo dylan david goofy dragon thank you all for sub and tonight appreciate it welcome aboard think he'll angel Alessia i need to play better than that java sends srivasa and says you think this game is better than black ops 3 no no it's not John Wagner says saw you at Costco today drifter that good luck on that I didn't go to Costco so how you did that your attachments didn't get enough goodies though we're still gonna play control okay hmm ah here is a problem gung ho now I can react faster that's gonna help me a lot gungho is gonna help me react a lot faster and I could run armor I love my equipment charge though hmm if it runs stem with this one Stu you'd think into the follow appreciate it man Rico Blanchard thank you as well I'm really just kind of going for laser sight – that's my number one is the most want right now Jade he'll the David airbender thank you for the follow Logan wants know if Jacobson playing yet who did a 24 hour stream somebody's small just summed the abhi na beta option for those that didn't pre-order probably not because it's so nice special fancy thing that they're doing and yes I do plan to play battlefield 5 whenever that comes out I plan to play all the shooters just about scavengers still a thing man scavengers should be over here yeah scavengers in this pack right there why are you such a bee dude I know I'm such a badass mmm MD white boy thank you for the follow just naturally that way man I was born that way no loot boxes that we're aware of hey Rafael Gomez been a while since I've seen you Connor I'm deep why Leal thank you for the sub I'm trying with that name that one was a stretch what was that one how good did i do on that one Connor I'm deep Dhaliwal Dhaliwal oh Jesus Josh Vader says I'm 26 then a long time Cod fan and this game is good good to know see KGB I don't want to be trading any accounts unfortunately you don't win any gunfights with an SMG at a our ranges thanks dude you should tell that to everybody else when I have an AR they always beat me with SMGs at AR ranges just how that works I'll try a crash I'll just I'll just health boost and ammo boost people I'll be not tactical why do you believe in women's rights well women's rights herb the same as humans rights I mean need somebody a little easier a little somebody simple let's go crash I'll just have a health boost everybody simple enough I mean women's rights is the same as everybody else's rights you just want all men and women to have equal rights that's it enough no more advanced or complicated than that I wonder if I'm gonna be able to peek here or I'm gonna get wasted no oh he saw me he saw me there pasta attacked a boy peeking online I'm in deep shite should chase me accessor going live free multiple zones I have to do this just for the am out here see I'm so dependent on hipfire that's so dependent on hipfire I shouldn't be but I am I'll wait just a minute for my team to come back and then I'm gonna heal them up huge that guy should have killed me last year hmm see what is that was me missing that's why I want the advance tip fire because I feel like I could hit fire these guys like harder those compass I could do a little bit better than that we're almost out of lives bfi's hostile attack deploy beacon active enemies are contesting a had a teammate that still this you have the enemy is out of spawning on this beacon thank you for the $10 donation for referee IP appreciate it man thank you very much dude there we go okay we're actually doing some good right here delivery a big ten dollar donation let's see what you got to say Calum James no audio fifty of the subs one per month day wipe it off okay it says thank you for the videos it was up the good work man thank you very much dude appreciate the compliment whoa aqua aqua had some pretty fantastic game and I can't fault him on that head very good snapping Gerry older wrong as well go ahead and do this I'm gonna go ahead and reset everything charges again but thank you for a free man feels good to have some more support Jordan the colors thinking to the follow seems to be some issues with the point Bravo be advised hostile attack avoid making an active and it's nope nope nope nope nope shit I saw the tack before he can go down and I thought maybe I should turn around and get ready to fight that no I should not have survived that that shouldn't have happened Travis Walker thing to the follow my man yeah so my hipfire skills just ain't on point today I'm always focusing on when I close corners and that shouldn't be I know that I shouldn't be okay so like mo where I focus on the radar just isn't so easy to like spot people and I'm focusing on so many other things that I don't believe what I'm doing is properly focusing on my environment around me I just got caught with this radar again right like that just there that got me killed just that just that quick as I was looking at my radar not these dudes on the upside we are gonna be getting some progress toward this firearm yes we are Spitfire level achieved holographic sight I don't know why I need a holographic sight to be pretty clear with you guys but I mean hey I suppose I'm gonna save all my studies for next round oh sorry man America wins team Mexico does not not today you're not aiming maybe I'm not aiming dude SVX infinity please tell me how to aim gone Tyrone today master Travis and Jordan take the subs i hipfire and spray so much that's what I'd like to do in these games that's the weapons I gravitate toward weapons that I can abuse movement mechanics and move in close and on people so I've given the UAV team boost and meds there's not a whole lot more okay I got way ahead of my team right there is what I did they were set up to defend and I just thought I could case check them reality says no Brad you can't face check these people what we're gonna do it again I'm literally staring at the radar I should not do that I know wasted no I'm at fast mags wouldn't be terrible on this guy hey I'll still give you the $3 donation dude appreciate it I'll read it in just a moment a little bit preoccupied here give me just a moment pay us we can destroy I just earned my hello chopper that's okay that's okay rundas as far as we're aware the rampart does not yet have an operator mod I was so busy right here I think this was like a clutch hill yeah the heels apparently don't count us play the game Liam the one guy beast productions and JT thinking to the subs chaos donated $3 says what is your personal favorite weapon and what things do you need to be think what things do you think need to be changed about some of the weapons my personal favorite weapon is the mozu revolver you can see it being used in the video that I posted earlier today and in about five videos that I decided to go ahead and put on Twitter thank you for the compliments kill against 4/20 you've been here for a long time commando or Galil from black ops 1 aw dude Galil all the way Julio was was my jam I loved I'm probably not gonna use it cuz I've already got it maxed this MOSI revolver is the coolest gun in the game in my opinion with the skull-splitter attachment that just gets guaranteed one-shot headshots it is filthy filthy filthy filthy it's it's more fun for me than most primary weapons ok we're currently on weapon level 9 this one has 12 levels to go through yikes ok I guess we're playing gridlock control to move that on up Reese I don't think it's the LM G's the operator mod I think you're talking about the cordite has the 600 round operator mod which is coming next tonight I got a long way to go but thank you for the donation things that I need to be changed another sexy something just sound changes well there's some interesting ones when you look at it I'll go to only operator ma de heaven operator mods take up two attachment slots maximum on your weapon and you have to have a wild card just to get them previously what you would do is you would just equip one of the gun fighters and once you had gun fighter that made the operator mod available now you need your own attachment own thing it just takes up a lot of slots basically if you're gonna run an operator mod on your gun you Cremona think of a sub you need to be prepared to pretty much only do that one thing when you run an operator mod and you are gonna do that you have to truly specialize in that gun you have to make that gun the backbone of your kit you can't run utility sometimes you can't run equipment you can't run armor you can't run many perks you have to focus on that so hard and this is a double-edged sword in that normally I would say that's too big of a penalty that's gonna make people not do it that's gonna make the operator mods unpopular the flip side of it is that some of the operator mods are ludicrously strong not all of them you know just some of them some of them are like broken oops that's not the class some of them are are close to broken in their strength they are out of control powerful Andy Carranza think of the sub so I don't know what to say like terminator Oh two thing very much some of these operator mods are very clearly Opie and I just wouldn't let me zones recommend them to hardly anyone and then other ones I would just have to sit here and yeah you go he'd get that all that attention oh man smirk voices are contesting alpha well I never saw him Giovanni ro thank you very much dude people are so dark when they stand in like corners and che us word because you get to monetize stuff in this game they might as well be invisible like that guy right there down he was plainly in front of me I literally never saw him take a little break here I also don't like that by default you can't over penetrate bodies like if I I don't think I should have to run 80 rounds to in order to shoot through somebody I should be able to shoot people how guns work enemies are contesting a push me they hot is this game bread things for dollar donation men appreciate it what's open you think that for blacked out they're going to add more laps like pub G or alter the map I think they're gonna be doing more map alterations can I don't think that they're gonna be adding new maps wasted I think it's gonna be way easier for them to alter the map than it will be for them to add new maps very frequently I'm kind of using my teammates as bait here because I want to lose my streets real quick another satisfied customer well guys so you can do a little whoa good aim on you buddy comes loose choppers that's okay though okay I'll just go take point I'll have to call these guys I'm gonna save these for another round I can only call I should have taken that point when I can guys I got greedy and I may have screwed my whole team here I'm gonna have to come in here and like sweat saliva left your laughs yeah I'm gonna I don't think I can respawn though well I did my job as much as I could I didn't do it good enough guys I got greedy and something bad happened so that kind of the donations game bread do you think they'll add more maps like pub G or add more areas to the existing maps like fortnight Battle Royale also I'll stop asking questions now lmao dude you don't have to worry about that I do think that must have got a ton of medals for shutting me down Kingslayer that was a yeah like how I didn't get any medals for anything for bit hostile forces from taking ourselves just come first serve we're contesting feet dude I just had to get that pic out I don't know why it's calling that come boys you guys in right now we're losing just one had a bit good I need you guys playing around here your health to my advantage thank you Healey boost e thingy alright guys I need your emotional support right now where the hell is my strike team and what are they doing Riis ups good to go I'm on strike team I didn't earn you guys for nothing damn juice doors open and now get to go fight it alpha I suppose we're defending a not many people rushed in the middle here that's good yeah once that thing hits you you get screwed super bad I need to find an alternate push into alpha so what I need to do here too many just lost another round I need I need another sweaty boy on my team I'm trying but I'm not good enough I know bear crest I'm gonna have to try harder I'm gonna have to carry harder Clinton Cecil augusten tastes burgers thank you very much okok gree rlg donated 3 bucks says they drift you think the map design in this game is a little less bounce house he's in black ops 3 and you overall prefer the map design in this game I prefer black ops 3 map design in this game doesn't make a lot of sense to me because black ops 3 is a game with you know advanced movement and stuff like that so it's supposed to be a bounce house yeah this one little why it's a bounce house but it is sounds like crazy over here it's super easy I need that study of attachments so bad Triana system engaged murk forces are contesting alpha I have to see how I have twice in the head and only did like negative damage there somebody had to do it damn multiple zones good job big Bravo if I have to know so this game has definite more bounce house and black ops 3 but I think it's unintentional people can slide and bounce really easily here whereas in black ops 3 it's in game mechanic and there are a lot of what I will describe as awkward corridors there's a lot of unusual little corners that people can turn and get into and pop up through that really do confuse me as a gamer like this net like that hosts over most fluttery there's a lot of little l-shaped corners and a lot of places for people to hide does make life really hard we got six bullets oh my god he hit me good on him that was a great play for that game Thank You Rodrigo Leland says he's good to see somebody who plays games for a living is really bad think you dude I don't know what you think is really bad I think consistently being top of the scoreboard isn't really bad like any game that has a pro scene it's pretty common everybody doesn't understand what really bad is they think that well if you're not ninja at night if you're not optic scumpii then clearly you're ready to draw no actual trash really really bad is somebody that can like you know manages the do okay in these kind of maps really really bad is there's not even a player in this game that I'm in really right now that probably counts is really really bad really bad is the kind of player that hasn't quite figured out how to move an aim at the same time they walk out into the street they stop you see them bobble up and down to remember which way is up and down and then kind of like look left and freeze and sometimes they'll shoot at you that's that's really bad really bad is not just a guy who's not a pro okay you guys are being ridiculous and ya are Jenna I do believe the game has an odd doesn't matter got those two pills that's all I want is kills for my gun long as I'm getting close for my gun I'm pretty sad all right listen gonna push up until that guy listen I'm gonna kill me almost immediately to my only real chance to take B unfortunately is to swing around but I may not have time to swing all the way around on it they're gonna be set up so hard over here it's just trying to stop B I tried my best guys getting pretty pretty good damage downstream but supply best compass instead he'll be sailing some people heal so fast it is a little bit hard to keep track enemy rcxd that's gonna be all of us dead if I'm not careful can't see a man ashes are strong eyes you know what to do wasn't it hey you need to die alright team this one's for you guys that's 100 baby hey push that's a really good barricade that guy laid down so packs down come get it hostile rcxd spotted the pressure really slayed them hard this round range Rangers we got call it stared at my radar again it happens to the best of us there we go we got it I think this is probably one of my higher score I do a lot of deaths no it's unfortunate angel shaolin's has been watching me for six years and Thank You angel HOSA hey soos yellow and don't ask thank you for the subs somebody says I think this game to be better if it had a grappling hook well it does have a grappling hook you can just equip it any time you want ready to drop an assault axe down in a second we're taking multiple zones they have to see that there's no way okay what in the hell do enemy removed I just runs dogs gonna get some of these people back I should have killed me no reason I should have survived that I didn't get the chopper I didn't get the chopper what is the barbed wire made of I don't know dude it might as well be adamantium at this point that is some strong strong barbed wire if you guys haven't noticed my teams calling in some streaks we got some good good stuff going here I do see their annoying radar sensor banging cost my life yeah get it Mike wallbang break we're capturing alpha gonna be behind me they're running out of lives perfect we made a comeback in one I think des am i drunker did we just do a reverse sweep like that and this did a7k score reverse sweep on those guys Alec's caliber says how do you feel about the obliteration of drop-shotting it's not too bad I never really enjoyed drop shot all that much to begin with so enemy down it's not really hurting me I was always like a bouncy jump shot II kinda boy so that's beneficial to me it works for me though I know that there are some players that like to drop shot it probably has hurt them quite a bit what sensitivity do you play on ask Dean Stetson I used to play on normal one of them what did I play on I'm potato in just give me a moment just normal force sensitivity I bumped it up to five so it's relatively low sensitivity walking new things ap rounds on the split fly oh that sounds tempting tempting tempting but I got a have I have to drop something to take that I don't know if I want to drop something for that even though I haven't used it you know I'm gonna run I'm gonna run this launcher I'm gonna have a launcher just in case as my backup weapon because I didn't use that revolver even once zero Wilson says sing hi from Wichita Falls dude I'm glad glad to see a man I'm not sure if you were one of the subs that peep – sub to me because I was at the convention or if you were one of the people who subbed and just met me at the convention but either way hello hello Forester who else just subbed kindled Jos and Joseph Peters are you and eighth thoughts cool yeah as far as I'm aware school list can be I mean we're not gonna be best buds anytime soon but I'm just trying to leave him alone and let him do his own thing Melvin says he plays on three yikes we have a lot of people that play on seven and nine 10 a lot of people playing on higher sensitivity than I do and that's ok if that's what you guys want to do that is OK by me if you look like a serial killer well thanks man Mikey says have you like black ops for loving it I'm liking it better over time did you know that YouTube added a feature we can add tags to your title I did not slugma how do I add tags to my title when you look at my video titres titles and pretty much just flooded with stupid search tags brian kendall Hierro just subbed thank you very much it's hard to break habits and thank b-boy and pyro thank you guys for subs hard to break habits of just putting a bunch of titles in your tags sometimes I want to do like I can't believe this happened and that's the the title that's that's normally how it goes so those do better oddly the viewer so I thought it would be terrible because when I see a video that says I can't believe this happened with a crazy thumbnail I immediately think well this is probably fake that probably didn't happen if it does happen it's only a very small part of the video and I feel like I'm being inappropriately pandered to it makes me feel like the Creator thinks I'm stupid when I have when they have a title like that but apparently as it's been explained to me in viewer psychology what most viewers see is I can't believe that happened and they want to know then what that is what happened what happened that they can't believe when did it happen how did it happen can I see it happen and it causes them to click the video more we're defending Bravo he has extra health when he does that there's he actually blocked my bullets with that thing that's garbage juste oh man that is utter garbage that was strange too this gun is a lot leave oh you are correct there's a lot of strange things happening right now I just wanted to go hunting and get some gun points but I may not be able to do that here yeah you just want to kill their tax boy because oh gosh well I should have just focused the beacon but I got greedy and I wanted the people I need to go over there to the side and kill that beacon otherwise they're gonna flood in it's gonna be hard to do that cuz it's that is they're small now that's their spawn that's where they live that's where they hang out that's where they're raising their family of little no thumb warriors a little invite you have to my man like I only managed to hit me once they should be kind of looking for me out here they have small pictures well no then what in the hell and ghost dead ghost there's no way he didn't have good thoughts on Lollapalooza I don't know much about Lollapalooza your mom's I'm pretty ignorant on that one guys I think that I was able to almost single-handedly turn this match around I think I spawned killed these guys so hard that they actually rage quit out of the game which in long-last gave my team advantage just beat me off deployed cadets guys the dice did square just say redeploy tack deploy guys did you just see that cloth ready did I just miss something important or was I able to pick up that tack deploy beacon by hitting square shark thank you for seven dude I appreciate anything down what I'm doing yet Alex 27 says what do you think about the SMGs I have mixed feels about them I do not have an honest-to-god good feel for them yet me killing a guy who was immune to damage is killing a guy with armor in effect Nicky this season pass is a black ops fasting is available on its own plus those compass it's more than available on its own f2 enemy chopper oh nice here [Applause] special instability well I got a quick Linnet and get very much a gun experience from the Hacha rex ranked and says hey drifter what do you think about the body armor the body armor makes me want to eat glass the body armor I find it very frustrating I I kind of wish that it were more dead than it was but I may have to run a few rounds AP rounds is that is the details body armor right so I totally get that I want to try to grab one of their beacons and redeploy it somewhere I totally get that you should run AP rounds if you don't like body armor I just I'm in love with putting so many other attachments and things on my guns that I'm not doing that crash requesting attacked chopper Cass crash questing strike team deploy oh they're here we have enemies back in the game now teammates are saving my bacon here they are saving my bacon my terrible spot for that dude to spawn I would not have spawned in there if my name is David Vonderhaar not a baby I would put him somewhere else somewhere a little bit safer got points got the points last minute says it's press square to destroy the beacon not redeploy okay well then I'll do that next time body armor takes only one extra bullet event said Brendo you're probably right and that was my experience before is that it takes one extra bullet but that still means that when you fight a body armor user you have to you literally have to be one bullet ahead 100% of the time or you're at a major disadvantage like you have to you have to get first shots and you have to have every advantage in the gunfight or you're gonna lose to a body armor user any body armor user that is remotely competent will use that discrepancy in time to kill to punish you and it will it will stink it will stink a lot what does eki am stupid stats you're getting any closer here Oh still level 10 we have two levels to go after hit level 11 which does give me this that's very nice laser sight 2 is very nice I can't cannot deny that that's that's the point where I'm gonna have to start changing my class around then I finally get level 12 and I get my wild fire that cardio helix says quote one extra bullet feels more like three wrecks ranked and says in my opinion 150 base health makes time to kill very inconsistent at least with body armor I agree with you I also believe the headshot multiplier has changed and that the multiplier for legs and arms have probably changed as well and I think that we have non non discrete ranges at the bullets there are linear drops that slope instead of stair-stepping kind of like they would go flat and then drop and go flat and drop I think that we're getting some of that because I have noticed that I'm not killing in the same number of shots over the same ranges it's really depending on what the other person has armed or not or what kind of bullets I have and how what part of the body I'm hitting obviously but which is fine that's an OK thing for a game but traditionally Call of Duty has not been that way Call of Duty in the past at least has been if you want to kneecap somebody that's totally just fine kale SMO says I'm your biggest fan well thank you dude use the VAR Passat rifle I've got a ton of that in my alpha gameplay I have used the every living crap out of that with the bayonet as well so if you guys want to see that there's a lot of that you can go see slugma says can I tweet you how to do it yeah man if you tweet at me I'll probably see it I'm running a giveaway in my old other video an astro a 50 giveaway so there's a lot of a lot of thwarts coming in a lot of tweets I may get lost in the mess but I do try to read them grifter what's your opinion on my view ray are chrome awesome something needs to work on spawn system for yeah I agree Domon HP have bad spawns I agree with your point of view Schreffler 23 $5 donation says instead of conformer being a perk it should be crashes I didn't get a chance to read all of it it should be crashes special issue I kind of agree man maybe maybe instead of dropping ammo he would drop this but then I think people don't probably over ties the ammo as much as they stood but I think they'd fight over those baby vest I think they'd fight over those baby vests really hard people would like murder each other for those little best this is gonna be probably death yeah see I didn't get first shots in that fight so regardless of how my accuracy was like I probably would have beat me anyway to be honest but that's what I'm talking about with the body armor without the body armor I might have actually killed that dude that might have been a much more fair fight charge I don't lost that fight to if he knew how to aim okay I could have murder we'll still I say as they use my ability to kill myself you shouldn't have been allowed to do that do so much anytime we're gonna push me I need you ready to push them instead see this chest hits really hurt I think I'm doing more damage right now than the rest of my team combined I'm gonna go ahead and call him the oops I don't want these guys call him an Irish author Isaac attacked Roe Petoskey one-one-one scorestreak at a time to keep the pressure up pretty much continually most forest combat is not where you buddies on a fight need I'm getting damaged down man this is gonna be like one of my highest damage games out of you see this not Victor on the end I think of the sub lives left damage numbers wait right now oh okay I got too confident too confident to come they punish me for it that's okay it's seven lives the two we've probably got this game under control justify the guests phottix your correct armor does not protect against headshots which is that is an interesting strategy you know you make headshots great again which is something I talked about in the video and we did that if I focused only on hitch I can run high-caliber a new headshot hey I could run a high-caliber two and do like head and body shots and that could be an effective counter to armor hold slim high-caliber AP rounds it's another stuff front so that was a he'll kill and then objective hill which makes sense up to objective pills which makes sense for play of the game though we should've died 18 years ago take all enemies ohms to stores open strike team mission is go so my team is boosted armored stacked and we have a strike team coming in there's not a reason that we should lose this upcoming fight unless you let the enemy walk through our spawn then that can happen yeah I'm gonna bring my strike team boys over here to be you tell them to come he's contesting travel between my strike team and my regular team nobody came to fight that while you guys are really useless my strike team guys are actual idiots that's 100 this guy think might kill me I think you have to so if I can't hate you might kill a fellow learn how to aim that's no thanks down I'm getting so I got a few oh that's annoying that's super annoying what is that stuff made up roll man I don't this will kill me or not it might really my enemy UAV both lives hmm somebody else on my team has really picked it up on damage which is good yes that was the tempest was hitting me pretty dadgum hard right there that was not enough hipfire not enough it fires what that was notice that doesn't give me points for me when I use it home still heals coming what capture an alpha can't let myself get overconfident on the health seems like if I don't lose that full tick I can like reveal myself which is pretty neat okay there we go please don't make that play the game oh no I don't wanna play the game be to kill an afk guy Oh No thank God it's not me and yes this gun is much much like the Vesper or Scorpio rapid fire yes it is kife and viktor think of the subs and strafe says yeah the $5 nation should be his pickup I think that if this guy dropped maybe vest he would be instead of viewed as the fun medic qubilah medic that everybody screams how dare you add an e think of it the sub how dare you not I don't have this on the team how dare you not be ready for us Oh God little check for me or they'll be stupid or they'll be super stupid that just gave me so many points right there oh that was embarrassing for them yeah that was embarrassing for me right there you can't you can't win those these guys get 200 you can't shoot through him but his armor protect legs and arms nope pretty much just chest but that's what you want to aim for so yeah you get more obj kills I think these gun levels are purely based on experience Big Daddies even so the more guns perience I get the better with this right here it's pretty hot right here it's not for me to go get aggressive again actually these guys are gonna kill my yeah I've had a feeling they're gonna respawn and get over there too quick my assault pack used again which is good adrián villains see ya thank you for the subs he's going to the right this guns got some filthy TD I need to aim for the head that's just something that you would think would be obvious in a shooter but in Call of Duty games it just has enough sine alpha well see he was expecting that look at him this guy was actually watching his back flank the entire time I can fault him 0% for that tell me Cambodia think of the follow I have no complaints for the I've he outsmarted me he was prepared he had the right gun for the right situation the guy did every single thing right that he could do right beside those good on him I just jumped off the match out of the match I might as well jump out of the match if that's how I'm gonna play I do like this game I was really starting to turn into a J hub and hate the beta will cover and think of the sub I was really starting to turn pretty negative against it initially I was getting pretty pretty salty about it when it fit over time I started taking to it more and more more I learned the game the more I find the weapons I like and especially after the first hotfix the first hotfix got me much better connections and it significantly improved your frame rain which was brutal the scar-h is in the pain I thought in the thumbnail yes that's the rampart assault rifle which is not a scar-h it's called the rampart and I do not yet have it fully leveled up unfortunately when you're naturally salty person but can't rage a good place do good plays a good place you can't get mad at people for playing well it's the way I like to think about it this is gonna hold the pre-order until black out beta well ballistic right I've got bad news for you the black out beta is private to Nicholas thank you for the sub welcome aboard Thank You recent subs raging gamer will code to Mickey Tam and Victor I think I've called you all out there the vapor-x is their laser sight to our right let's take a minute to rework our classes then which we have many minutes to do primary gunfighter laser sight – and I have another attachment I guess I could just go ahead and put the what else could I put on the gun that's really even useful AP rounds to shred some armor maybe maybe I don't want to get too addicted to that I'll go back to having a launcher then so now I finally got laser sight – and we're just about to hit maximum halt is this strongest muscle the Recon 'la the Recon one a think for the $5 donation says they drift hello from DFW I play mostly hardcore game modes you have any information on thoughts on how hardcore game modes on how hardcore game modes will play since usually the health is one third of what is what is core keep up the good work buddy the recon one a I have no idea Tito and Zeon and capacity thank you very much as you may know from the channel I I have over time grown away from hardcore and encourage developers to stop supporting it because it splits the community a whole lot the community right now is split in a lot of ways there's pro gamers zombie gamers campaign gamers casual gamers tedium only gamers domination only gamers all objective gamers there's casual competitive and then when you throw hardcore in that you've got casual and pro not pro but sweaty or hardcore players you've got hardcore TDM players hardcore ricochet players hardcore Dom players piece of Piazza thank you for the sub hardcore as a mode is a good mode not knocking hardcore not make it not saying it's a bad mode not saying that people shouldn't play it it's well done when it's done properly but as a hardcore player you know from many previous Call of Duty games hardcore mode did not receive enough flow the weapons consideration the balances were not done right there were a lot of weapons that would deal 30 flat damage at all ranges and guarantee one-shot kills and lots of like crazier stuff that just should not honestly have been going on but did for some unknown reason drink they they really botched quite a lot of stuff with hardcore so with this game it would logically follow with health as approximately one-third then you would expect to see about fifty hell maybe a little bit more maybe the guns will deal difference I couldn't tell you for certain because I don't really know but one thing it does do every year is it creates this weird split this this abnormal focus you have to have a dev that should be doing some runs like you've absolutely for for making sure the maps flow right and has to take some time out and be like well now I have to look at every single map every gunfight and every balanced consideration before the hardcore community which ultimately is a time commitment and does increase the quality of other things it's rough and I feel bad because I you know you support me and you watch my videos and I'm juice it really sounds like I'm just saying hardcore is shit and you shouldn't play it that's not true it's just that there's so mmm I can't say that demonetized word many modes gun food things Apollo's so many modes actually died as I was falling I like that that's what that's a seagull nevermind there's so many modes there's so many are nuances to balance there's so many things going on it's astonishing to me that the developers continue to support hardcore mode is a sort of a legacy balancing thing just do it please players I don't know I don't know why they do it man I don't know I don't like how they do it's another question I would go cry would go crazy doing that that's such a huge difficult thing to do with balance I I wouldn't be capable it would be beyond me hey fresh panda destroyed Sensodyne I knew that was coming as soon as I saw him the last attachment on the Spitfire is a sight really Unchained good to know that's rare I wouldn't expect the last attachment on this firearm to be an optical attachment but thank you for the heads up man hey mode good to see you what do you guys in the chat think about hardcore and it's not a contest to see like who can pee on hardcore players the most it's more of a question to see it's about legacy support and it's about effort do you think that hardcore mode should continue to be supported by this or is it time to look past it and unify modes and I think that they don't want to do it because Activision like every company ever is inherently greedy it's how a corporation works they want more money if you take hardcore out of black ops and just do like hardcore players who don't give a shit about you don't play our game I guess I'm cursing now I don't care that's just like saying you know what that's 10% of money I don't give a damn about 10% of my money I guess I'm just not gonna take that 10% of money which they're not gonna do they're not gonna do that at all all right I'll see if I can find the tweets lately I'm a little bit busy at the moment but at the end of this round mr. slugma I will try to find the tweet it's that slugma okay I got you I see you there no walls man there's another reason I don't run secondaries Tosk UAV above Milan I like accidentally swapping to rocket launch air time to go hug my friends in the water that's where they're going next we're just pushing them in their spawn now we do not respect this or any time at all beacon is offline we're giving them such a big distance ya know so I'm I just want to get up here behind rock but I didn't get the healing time I like hardcore they want max players and money why did they take out I can't answer that question that guy just got played the game I know some I know some things about campaign I just balanced I'm love for hardcore to stick around for mode with suffer for that that's kind of where I'm at I don't want core mode to suffer for hardcore can you use the scar-h please there is no scar-h in the game it's called the rampart it is very similar to the Skaar like how he's behind my team and our spawn I love that we're getting just butchered this round there's no winning that one either elaborate I I respond the emails poorly I don't think I've responded to an email in a week I've been so behind on anything I'm just super super far behind animals I'm just way behind on them I should respond to them more I respond to emails even if I get a business email that's not business might eventually respond to it just kind of depends on what it is there's a lot of emails that get like can you play with me I'm really poor and I need an Intel Xeon processor computer that costs $4,000 to still not use it to start a YouTube channel that I will totally pay you back with wrong than just those I tend to ignore they don't really answer those emails can you do my patreon can you do my GoFundMe I'm with a lot of stuff like that I can't even see you I literally couldn't see him Oh what man I do not like not being able to see people I really don't colorblindness is an absolute the unns bandit thing to the sub man here's another thing I'm gonna die right here but I just want you guys to see this that's a Mac and just the snow this stuff just eats it eats man that's all packs down don't get betrayed I like getting shot for my freakin spawn guys you can't let him walk around behind my not allowed to be on my part of the map that's not acceptable coming over here to there Oh nope he's coming right beside me right through the blind spot where it was like we lost it I'm excited I like that I want blackout be successful Oh Team USA please get the colorblind glasses that allow you to see in color that's not how those work like I sit here probably the stupidest for life and chroma glasses just do not work in a way that they are advertised they do not make you see in color they trick your eyes helping you receive a little bit more color than normal it is the science behind it is complicated and it'll definitely look visually unique if you put them on but they don't magically fix your eyes that is just not how that process I wish my guns the damage wouldn't be freaking great a soul back ride here this is what is the this shit it doesn't make sense that there's a guy in the back holding up there also doesn't make sense that my teammates aren't even going I'm gonna go the same way I know they just said they just they just can see me this other team is organized I'm will going in one be al-fulani should be fighting a sacrifice and they're behind me again the man can only fight so hard we're antenna we slice so much I'm getting just confused about everything that's moving here I stare at my radar so much because it's so effective ready I can tell William Young says I've been playing consoles since in television 1979 I'm sorry history tell you probably not to have your name as young anymore because I don't believe you qualifies being young it's possible we could win this round it should be good I want to match the 10 years hopefully I've unlocked something I know I missed this up I get to it in just amazement that came from Lady I'm gonna kick these guys off the stand booth they're down to the last lives take them out hostiles have taken out attack deploy beacon home still hills coming oh that's bad we gotta go he sniped me he sniped me hello Kevin they just get there so fast I'd good aim my aim was on point so that was a little bit of a DC pair I mean I am his screen we shot each other at the same time which is strange iris of my screen I shot him first but he also had armor and I was healing and I had an SMG so that happens it happens that makes sense cagnes Barry okay god I did miss a donation I apologize CK bckgd I'm mr. $10 I am confused slugma okay oh no dude yeah so somebody says add hashtags to your descriptions yes slugma if you do that you get banned from YouTube if YouTube finds you doing that you'll get banned Laurette thank you for the follow you do not know what you're doing there at all you will get your shit banned I don't do that anarchy putting tags in your description is banned ball alright CK CK GB apologies for missing your donation mission may can I even words today missing your donation there's ten minutes ghost muscle laser sight 2 is super nice oh no I was like one kill away fudge me okay thank you for that $10 donation says hey Brad i unlock the suppressive barrel on the Titan and it doesn't seem to make any major differences don't waste your time and keep up the great content from a deployed military member viewing from overseas thank you for the support man thank you for the donation glad that you enjoy the content hopefully I can entertain you I'm gonna guess if you've got good internet I'm gonna guess Kuwait I don't know if I'm right but I'm just gonna guess Kuwait anarchy mods supersuit cactusberry Michael Yunus bandits Sammy thinking of the subs brimstone donated $3 says Drift I really dig watching you play Cod and fortnight glad that there are still some fortnight fans here I don't play either but I really like watching you play thank you for the awesome vids thanks dude I'm glad that you enjoy it I appreciate your continued support and brimstone always good to see you around lots and lots of messages coming in how much health do you have in hardcore I have no idea hardcore is going to be super hard in this game not necessarily just for the health but also all the abilities all the abilities are going to come in and then you're just gonna have all this ability to the reveal enemies so much and so frequently okay guys so as soon as I unlock the final attachment I didn't even get a chance on this gun well there is a final attachment here there's some other optical attachment that I haven't used some site that's really fancy so I'll do that I'm gonna play a profit for this one I'm gonna change it up a little bit if I really wanted to change it up and play ruin we're in their days right dan I don't stream overwatch anymore I kind of stop playing it I love the game I have nothing wrong with overwatch it never did me wrong there's no reason for me to stop playing it but I kind of just got off of it you know it kind of I kind of moved away just in fan says who is the Simon guy and why was his video recommended for me the Simon guys probably Simon 147 something YouTube he he likes to make a lot of those kind of Cod conspiracy videos about how we're all sellouts and Cod corn swag lers and things like that you know so he's got a lot of colorful opinions about us all armored user look at that skill he's got this like one bullet I lose the gunfight so much skill buddy armored is just mmm that's only really the only kill I needed to kind of unlock the gun so whatever but I was arguing with him on Twitter the other day and if you click through that and might have just picked up some of that and recommended the videos based on those things okay so one of them should be watching this backside doesn't kind of look like they are yeah that's gonna be a whole bunch of cheeks that's a fight that I should have lost he had an ache a and I had an SMG and he was long range so that makes perfect sense Cantus or says is there a breeki yet we don't know about them breeki we do know for certain if there's an you SAS Auto shaadi which is a big big boy that you should respect I just want the kills I need to level up my gun so I'm going out here guys I got totally totally messed up there that was that was just kind of stupid on my part that's what that was nice work All Souls a bit cat up I'm just getting I guess I'm getting some dum-dum kills but I'm getting to my god you're right Shakeel there's a lot of muzzle flash no your hey miss bad Thank You warlord man I appreciate it good to know some days that you're just bad but his eki a platinum thank you for the subdued you know some days are just bad right it happens just bad that's life life in life you just need to know that you're bad where am I going I don't know idea where I'm even going here well you see those projectiles at range out there did you guys start seeing the projectiles that was interesting muy interesting video game and I think I actually got killed mid ruin slam so it's gone now that was great that's section this corner that I'm at right now is the hardest place for me because everybody looks about the same like they'd really do not look visually distinct bad fight oh I should have died supermoto can't think of it the follow I want to get them juicy sprays I think he got saved by the bill that I was probably about to die right there that was about to be really really bad it isn't van de belen II more he Martin is doing it and he's still T Martin can do whatever he wants slugma t Martin is in a position where he can probably just upload copyrighted stuff and because YouTube loves yes ckg be there is colorblind assist in the settings good to see you in the chat I haven't actually seen your messages before I'm gonna get to that in a second yeah t Martin's in a situation where he can probably just upload whatever he wants and he probably just won't get a strike from it because you know bigger channels but I unfortunately am not as wealthy and the YouTube subs as Trevor Martinez I won't be getting those kind of privileges I'm just gonna keep grinding this out of surely I'll get the attachment here in a little bit yeah Trevor Martinez can probably do a lot of things that I can and seek a good to see in the chat I wouldn't do it I've been punished for so many arbitrarily stupid things I'm used to because I'm just not YouTube just YouTube just likes to screw people in my opinion I fear if you're just like 25% I stopped I've actually walked away and stop shooting him I thought surely he was gonna die from all of that I guess I was very wrong Alex andreas content this try to pay earlier in the stream right now I'm just screwing around I've hit the point where I'm almost guaranteed to get the attachment that I want this round so I'm not really even paying a lot of attention to what's going on I think this is gonna be the combs however they might be peeking this side marks are contested she jumped backwards I thought she was gonna push that corner a lot of people tend to live in one direction very consistently Nick I may play the Xbox beta I have a tough choice I have to do xbox or pc next weekend I'm probably gonna I'm wanna play xbox I'm probably gonna end up focusing on PC though probably just gonna be how that is I can't see a man when they sit still they're invisible I ran past I got twice fucking invisible I was always looking at his little dot on the radar never saw him dude literally never saw him that was embarrassing but CK if you can drop it in the chat now that I'm able to see please let me know what or where you are stationed that would be nice I would like to know where you're stationed at my man hey cert and oh good to see you have a lot of people say and do PC that's probably where it's gonna be going PC PC yeah we have a lot of PC requests not surprising given how many more PC fans we have now by the way there's 2,000 of you in the chat I would appreciate it if you drop a like on this video liking the video increases my pay from YouTube and it browned about–we it increases the ad revenue it helps promote this to other people it helps its position on the home page every interaction counts every comment every share every little thing and being able to like the videos by far the easiest and simplest way to do that so if you guys would like to support me that is a fantastic way to do it so please do drop a like if you are able and willing if not oh god there's still another level for wildfire my god what is the optical attachment that was so special red dot multisim that's not even useful yikes this is going to take a really long time that's gonna take a really long time god bless me my young thank you for the subdued did I keep posted a video doing it I wouldn't risk your channel getting banned I've been watching since black ops 2 in depth thank you I still haven't seen CK yet yeah we did get a whole bunch of likes thank you guys for that CK where the hell are you still don't see you mm-hmm can't say specifically but you are close in guessing Kuwait brother just got a care package from the states full of cigars excited no cigars are bad for you only smoke marijuana marijuana is good for you see gars are bad you're not to smoke cigars smoke cannabis product that's my favorite it's kind of funny some people ask us yeah do you smoke and I'm like yeah just not tobacco black market think you'd be the sub but I know you can't do that in the military that is an instant instant boot on the military so that's that's not possible somebody just sent me a DM on Twitter crap crap I got to get ready to sprint who sent me a DM on Twitter come on Twitter load man ok ok so the yago just sent me a message via DM wants to know something I wants my opinion on something more accurate and this like how that guy was already weak so couldn't hit him sometimes I just see people as weak and because of how the health trading works in this game I just assume they're going to be an easy kill trying to go for the melee I had to go for the melee not read that name out loud that's not a name that you read out loud and maybe another couple games here before I get that next I like I didn't die I'm not sure but hey that's a death bomb that's a bomb that's that fights a little bit too chaotic for me if we just wasted both of our ruin slams back-to-back both of us just completely wasted our ruined slabs so I'm glad to know that we're at least equally stupid on these teams that's that's important for me to know I kinda want to get up here my god fight back that's unusual sit down son I didn't quit they was a Bravo they gave up this is what they do when they give up that's about as fast as hard as I can shoot a push there's just too many we got these fight me in the back just did too much work this guy's down here to superior firepower but the slight delay in the armor he only took four damage I shot this man for four damage that's incredible that's a four damage hit man Nomad smoke know everybody else is ruined slam is instant mine seems to actually take time yeah I'm just playing tennis stupid aggressive at this point vrsc says stationed in Germany watching right now yes Germany I will not be able to visit there or next year okay so mr. Thiago long time sub and sponsor sent me a message which of course won't load on my browser because it's a stupid piece ish that never works but it has a news article that he wants me to comment on I'm gonna do that between games if I haven't already unlocked the toy that I want I can't turn this now I'm gonna have to play this game with much higher sensitivity that's really the I could actually see my projectiles there so that's very need those double AP round so issues people at drizzle 83 thank you for the follow yes the Argo has some used articles about a school that he wants me to read but that's going to take a little bit more brainpower than I am able to give at this that aim was off and I was reloading high-sensitivity sucks her quick kills quite the opposite I think high sense of techniques out asking for quick kills hate that thing I know there's better ways to use however all signed up man that thing annoys me so much knowing what gun am i using I'm using the spray boy wrong still links Thank You $53 donations is quickly dropping by to help raise confidence leverage I'm very tired so good night win the mall mate Thank You de links man I appreciate it cop second I'm trying to use this to pick up some confidence levels try to do good by you man not enough confidence that we win that long-range gunfight right there but we should be able to clinch this round on to the last OC here they come in [Applause] all else fails I guess the SMG is gonna work fine use the Spitfire am using a Spitfire Kevin fox59 says no more snow days school district replaces you wintry days off with online classes the Argo this is the most random goddamn thing I've read an or long time thank you for the sub jet and who else kill AK max red dragon john Duquette welcome aboard sothey uncle wants me to read and comment on an article where they replace online classes with something not that smoking I couldn't break it fast enough time to kill is I'm gonna call it inconsistent the Argo I'm not sure what the Whichard sports highlights thank you very much not quite sure what you're looking for in this one but I will do that I will do they heart this dish Santa Cruz think of a three dollar donation I have baddies coming in give me a moment here this is a me a little bit of time occasions if this this game out of particular it's harder to read donations i you so bad i can't ruin slam like a cannon blopps three that's what I keep trying to do is like a blobs three ruin slam it's just not not doing it for me I just dashed into my friend here I was so stupid to me everybody's gonna get chain lightning golf I was good on him because that was pretty dumb down great mr. Phoenix think of the sub I'm actually gonna rush right around this corner somewhere already ran away maybe okay whatever you say game The Argus says I'll post the article on this for people to read as well yes please do you guys if you want to see the article you can read it on this for my dysphoria link down there below it's in it's in that giant mess of links down there the Eiger I'm really like I'm not try the dick on you and be rude but I am legit confused about something you interest in this particular article because it looks like a really bland boring dry kind of thing to me someone little confused about it more than a little surely that made somebody mad the guy headshot at this yep bisque or GG slash drifter really easy to find there's lots of links down there it's gonna 189 assault ok that's the end of the game no more school days school district replaces wintry days off with online classes no more snow days a school district in South Carolina is doing away with snow days and replacing them with online classes the school has an e-learning program it's set in a Facebook post okay the program lets students access assignments at home via Google classroom with chromebook devices students in grades 3 to 12 will be required to take their Chromebooks home to access the assignments the internet connectivity is not required assignments have to be downloaded ahead of time the students can access their assignments without Wi-Fi technology will be implemented for next school year 2018 2019 or I firm calendar will be created with no inclement weather to make up for makeup days at the end of the program it makes common sense at the end of the day it makes common sense and financial sense to implement this program no longer will we need to run buses to mid-june for a makeup day that only a quarter of our students attend ok the heart is this throw sounds like a mice pretty good thing to me do I have the thing yet do I have this thing yet fudge dude weapon level 13 oh I don't see anything inherently wrong with that my man so basically in South Carolina there's too many snow days and because there's so many snow days they take their Chromebooks home and they try to do the lesson at home as best they can seems okay and Santa Cruz I haven't forgotten your donation nor Mary Pringles one Pig and Mister Phoenix thank you very much it's going to expand to other districts in the future it sounds fine they're not replacing and don't make the misunderstanding that they're replacing school with online homework because that's not the case rather what's happening is they are replacing off days with classes you do at home because with unpredictable weather there have been a lot of days where you don't get to I was gonna run crash because helps me get the most experienced predator thing for the sub like some students won't care yeah some won't care and they won't do it but this is it's a rich school district where they have Chromebooks and it's also a school district where there's too many snow days to make up so they'll just do some of the work online it's probably crappy in that you know something there'll be parents that do it and there'll be kids that don't charge it or somebody won't download it ahead of time and they won't have the Wi-Fi to do with it and there'll be problems control if this school district can't stay open for the extra day and the parents don't send their kids to the extra school days to make it up it seems like a very logical straightforward and normal thing I would do that at every school I don't know what's wrong with that expire I can definitely see some wrong if you like yeah that's gonna be replacing normal school there's no more school and it's all Chromebooks at home only I have never been able to go through there when there are not people there I didn't take the shortest possible route and there are always people there every time it's all packs down come get it the FDR go I super don't understand that I don't understand what's interesting about it respectively it just seems like a school administrative decision for a small district I'm super lost on why he wanted my opinion on the article my take on that is that our weather I'm sure we shouldn't spawn right there right looking at me like that salsa's how much smarter will this make kids versus the added depression of being stuck inside and doing homework going else lives it won't matter like it's just you know they're not gonna sit there and make kids I can get on their laptops all day it's gonna be like a really quick lesson that 80% of the kids are like you're just gonna load up their Chromebooks and make their parents to it if we can run in July anymore I don't think it has to do with making a smarter or dumber it's just the school that can't manage its calendar for shit crash requesting a thing I think I just got another DM yeah the Argo is gonna have this opinion because I think I'm missing something important sir just think of the follow mother there we go getting them points in alright the Argo what did I miss it's important ah tear ability hasn't comment it says people don't want snow days replaced because in areas like here we get lots of snow days we don't do any work in every day off and it's great ok that's ok too I guess the whole town comes to a stop the school can come to a ton stop too I suppose schools already make the kids dumb neither hello enemies so I don't I don't think it's schools that are making kids dumb I mean you can believe what you want you can just not go to school and you'll see how smart we are and I have other donations to get through they're stacking up at the moment so I'm gonna have to get to those and just say like it's a burden elaborate they give it three dollars a day and I will get to that in a minute I still have more things coming in ok if the Argo finally has us other districts and states are gonna do that in the future my point is I love snow days because I used to go out and play in the snow with friends basically to get a break from school get the chopper overhead sounds good ready to drop an assault pack basically I use my system and it'll break my school and I'd loved it yeah just I mean this I suppose there isn't anything inherently wrong with getting break sirs kind of nice right get a nice break from school I don't see anything wrong about that take it Bravo yeah that was too much that was too aggressive I was too aggressive my point is that I've missed snow days okay yes you know fun is important for a child's development I'm trying to have two perspectives on this strange strange topic I suppose that there's nothing there is some benefit and letting things have fun and play outside dr. Boyd bacon axe fights going out dirty tasks UAV above my location so many dm's coming in about days says now kids are gonna be forced to stay indoors and do more work it doesn't affect us but think about the kids I'm so fucking sick of this spawn beacon and my goddamn spawn I'm gonna go kill it this is I don't like this horseshit right here this is gonna go down some fucking dickhead over here babysitting it too that's death stupid saving this bad girl for next round – this guy couldn't wipe us all oh my god he might wipe us all snow days are huge drift it was just the greatest thing to get one going rowing out maybe I've lost perspective as if I'd lost perspective on this lost perspective on the importance of snow days I sit here and worry about things like fucking ragu scenarios and global warming and inflation and petrol dollars elapsing I don't really think about snow days I guess I don't know I'm gonna go ahead and drop the topic and get to other donations pretty soon Tiago I'm sorry for being rude I do plan and this is not my normal area of expertise and I super I'm not feeling the hostile lightning strike incoming I guess I could say thank you for bringing me the snow day issues alliance I am an ignorant snow hater I don't know dude I'm lost I'm so lost man take tech deploy bacon offline or I can just hold it he do the pistol thing yep you just shine they've got I got an eye elated baby nice and clean you're still getting dm's about soy bacon active you're such a douche stripper Lucian just be supportive right I guess I'm gonna asshole man no thanks down come testing alpha so many little things to micromanage here boys we're defending Bravo this one her to be attack you're standing by storm assets we're defending beat last guys on brother Dargo says it's alright man it was just a bit of a random issue that's okay transition oh where is my shoe I gotta think I help this guy who's this part I got a lot of assists for him right here no he sure did that pretty much on his own okay so back to the three other donations up to 15 minutes ago they didn't quite catch up to Santa Cruz donated three dollars and says hello drifter I love your videos and can't wait for the full release of black ops 4 I just started my senior year and was wondering if you have any advice also why don't we see Baraka as much anymore Baraka and I went different ways let's say that sniper marksman thank you very much he took a very different path in his life Pandi one two three things are subbing and we just don't game together very much anymore is all so I think I'm gonna need primary gunfighter and operator mod that i can add laser sight to and wildfire oh my god i'm have to drop something else for wildfire mother of god I'll drop ghost wildfire is an expensive attachment but we got it we're gonna see what this wildfire mod does I mean it's on there we're gonna we better be wild firing people into the ground Cooper surplus thank you for the sub my advice for your senior year is to have fun and to make sure that you apply for college most high schools the senior year is not as hard as your junior or sophomore year they're kind of preparing you to be released into the wild make sure that you apply for colleges make sure they get your transcript keep your grades up and normal unless you're gonna be valedictorian there's no need to push yourself that ridiculously incredibly hard and just have fun make some friends have a crazy summer go on a trip take the euro trip spend some money do something stupid date that girl that you wanted to date now because she's about to leave she's about to go across the country somewhere else to some other college and then after college you have to start dating adults which is even harder than that make some friends you know live your life senior year there you're not likely to get expelled because they want high graduation rates the classes aren't as hard there's a lot less responsibility moving into the next year where you take your first year at college so just have fun with it and enjoy your time in high school while you can Mary Pringles donated three dollars and says what are your thoughts on projectile ballistics what do you think must be changed and removed I don't have that many thoughts on them just yet I don't I don't know is the honest answer I don't hmm I don't quite see them I don't feel them Damon thank you for the sub I noticed them only at very very long ranges and in the little bit that I've used sniper rifles in in most engagements they're not significant to me they're not really doing or changing anything about the game so it doesn't matter I think it's gonna matter more when I get the game in private match and I can sit down and I can test it and I can see what my bullets are doing see it what range they turn into projectiles how fast they move in a lot things about it but right now they're not jumping out at you sad thank you very much dude yeah record hot all the ones I like to play are kind of picked I'll go recon I guess okay whoa okay whatever you say video game thought I was around the corner but yeah man I'm not super sure about the ballistics cuz I haven't really encountered them it's not in a negative manner yet they're gonna go through that I'm gonna go I don't know I just I'm just gonna ignore the objectives this round and just go kill people because that's what I want to do is right I've no idea mother of God you guys see this do you actually see this wow that was I gotta get actually go kill some people that was incredible I don't know I really don't know about the ballistics I know that I think it's ballistics on snipers and I think SM does it's kind of like islands of nine SMGs are projectiles that are sorry it scans up-close but they turn into projectiles at very long ranges thus far I've yet to run into a range where they start transformer or at least the significant one definitely has really high recoil cue elaborate donated $3 so they drift from a long time sub and huge fan first donation though thank you no worries about that I sent you an email earlier I just wanted to Steven take a look you get a chance Justin 13 at that way you can find mine thanks again alright elaborate thank you very much I will definitely take a look at it something that is this is a shred machine this is this is this machine just it turns people into butter hostile UAV circling I need to learn how to aim it Justin my breakdown I'm not sure which email that was I get a lot of more lives no more chances see yep I see you okay I I saw that email I am I'm with you elaborate thank you very much on that Matt I appreciate it and Jamison think of it myself okay oh my god okay so I've had a lot of playing catch-up on donations this this school thing has super confused me Klan killer thank you very much it's time to double down and we're gonna focus on the new operator mob dude okay so I'm gonna get way closer this time we're gonna let's do some close quarters combat hipfire huh let's see just how much we can hit fire people it's probably gonna be a lot probably gonna be a whole lot and they be dumb I just like juice these tips and they just turn it good hey I'm not sure if this is good enough I'm not sure if this meets the drifter standard I think I may have like the gun just a little bit better without it dogs super-annoying deploy beacon active dominate on this round I'm screwing around and the dog is killing everybody yes rate of fire is broken oh my god it's so strong yes so high look at that you just zip into them and punish them for existing right there I mean it definitely doesn't lack any damage I would not say you guys seem to really enjoy getting purified so keep purifying them flames the purification have to flow tonight I'm in trouble yeah I knew I was in trouble I'm not gonna respond either I went on an ice purifier Street though what's my opinion on stores charging for plastic bags I think they should charge more well that guy wanted that he was lined up for it he was thirsty for it I think this I got a $10 donation did I miss one so somebody paid me like 10 bucks but it didn't pop up here interesting aving the burns now plastic package is a big problem plastic pollution in general is a big problem here's a good question ace says can you stream on Twitch I can stream on mixer no I stream on Twitch I stream on mixer I probably do mixer a lot more than twitch but at the end of the day I'm kind of streaming around you know I think it is a rama's Natalia yeah a Sidhu answer questions from non donations what do you think about 20 printed guns generally positive it's an advanced in technology any advance in technology is gonna be is gonna see it applied to weapon did I get shot around a corner yet he had AP rounds to on maybe I'm a little confused but any sufficient advance in technology is going to be followed by its used for so that's actually for it's used for something more violent which is its normal perfect human beings unfortunately wish it wasn't but it is I'm generally pro-gun more than I am anti-gun this is just an extension of an easy way to get a gun it's also an easy way for press people get access to firearms they made their own version I think it was like a 3d printed single fire liberators what they called it and kind of reminds me a little one or two little stamps the one that they use to just like assassinate people so it could be used for guerrilla warfare at least something say meta of your and a war doesn't have a traditional that I got as bad work that won't really stop an organized force like the United States can disrupt an oppressive government so for people to you can't kill anybody that's whatever so yeah somebody promoted their own GoFundMe for something stupid they got banned good on them they deserve that man attacked beat it offline do it on them for that AOR is lost mission is Charlie Foxtrot well I did grind up and get a gun the attachments interesting I'm not sure if I would use it given all the stuff that I have to sacrifice for it but maybe who knows now time to do the grind for weapon number two time to maximize weapon number two that's gonna take a very very long time Cole Bradshaw raged Reaper disco clan killer thank you guys very very much for the sub I appreciate that a little time in between games here to set things up if I can in time takes a little bit on mixer I'm talking to myself I really dislike that in Auto plays with a voice because it gets hardly repetitive on there's a donation ocean monster Oh 4 to 9 donated $5 says hey man I tweeted it to you but I figured this would be a bit easier me and a bunch of my PC master-race friends will be playing black ops 4 PC when the beta comes out if you want any if you want any data or information to make a youtube video about the experience please let me know thank you for the donation monster I do appreciate the offer to help unfortunately I am also gonna be playing on beta on PC as well so I don't think I'll need any additional outside information I'll have plenty of my own information going on and experience so I could reach out to you for feedback I'll do like a general sort of feedback thing and I do hope that you enjoy the open PC beta if you're playing on PC the beta is gonna be open at this point ladies and gentlemen we are about to transition we are gonna go ahead and move over to mixer on mixer I'm gonna be streaming black ops 4 as well I have this kind of like a two hour limit on YouTube like once you once YouTube streams get over like two hours they start doing really kind of bad things to your channel so I'm gonna try to avoid that as much as possible today so at this point I'm gonna transition over to mixer if you guys would like to continue to watch me please go to mixer comm slash drifter I am why did you decide to partner with mixer instead of twitch because mixer offered to pay me it's a pretty straightforward process there it's nothing complicated about that mixer has nice low latency though once you get used to mixer it's a big game changer so I'm gonna go over to mixer and I'm gonna continue using the special operator mods and I'm gonna continue trying to unlock some more unusual things tonight hopefully we get the cordite and we get it leveled up I'll be streaming for at least a couple more hours thank you guys for coming out and watching if you would like to you can also drop a like on this youtube video that helps me tremendously with the algorithm thank you for the support and for the donations apologies for my attitude I feel that I got a little bit salty at the end with Thiago because you confuse me super super hard and there were some donations that I missed I just straight-up missed those 87 people watching here yes this is the part of mixer where we pull people in over from YouTube I'm gonna go over to Jared fps so we're gonna do duo so I'm gonna run I'm gonna run some teamwork I'm gonna play with Jared so it will be quite a solo stream and we're gonna help pull people over guys I'm done on YouTube YouTube is done it is ending it is rip at the moment there we go drop Jared a message in that so YouTube stream is done let's go on over to mixer guys we are bouncing on out of here it's mixer calm / drifter there's also a link down here in the description you can click very very easy to get to I hope that you did enjoy everything operator mods are special weapon sorry so I'm gonna go ahead and bounce relax my neck just a little bit and I will see you guys on mixer drifter out


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