Black Water Militia (New Era)

July 24, 2019

korie's I don't lock parameter got our gentlemen mission detail we're gonna be heading to palana we're gonna link up with a lost the lost wolf then we're gonna move this pack up north north north east we're going to hit this airfield at that airfield we will head north north west and we will take over at sissy clear it out and Radek eight any any hustle threats after that we'll set up camp in the town of tissie from there we will daybreak will push east directly east and we'll hit troll tho military base eradicate that base and then we will find a camp everybody copy all right maven go ahead and lead us out which way I gotta lock my views fucked up copy I'll wait in here guys we gotta walk on the window somebody's gonna have to volunteer to be to be the convoy to carry this tent with us all right my recon snipers go ahead and y'all eating out first infantry stay in the stay in the jaw stay inside the church that way I know who's infantry copy all right we got business to do gentlemen you might need to press it go ahead and move it up move me to the right see south-southeast how would you got a hunting tower down on the edge of the trees there yeah stay in this tree line we'll hit stuff pop it up now we got a cabin up ahead that may feature he's gonna sleep on the right I can have some snipers on the left side no activity out of the front coming through the back you know sounds clear she's up against the door watch that window I'm pushing it as the door get ready to breach in raising its back doors we'll meet in here in the middle push to the tree line across the field this dark road here I'm tracking this dirt road here will lead us to pilota what about everybody knocked up move that she'll sorry move that tent down this road oh this trail guys no no just over here this trail leads directly to pallone I'm gonna stop in these trees yeah hold right here – everybody catches up again Matt hold real quick we'll set up double columns here before we push in I need to on the left – on the right and then just stack them up alright man go ahead eat us up all right stamina refilled this struggling to lead us to a probe we take that dirt dirt trail sorry dirt trail leads to the city there's gonna be a lot of buildings we have to sweep every building if I can't I'd like to have two snipers one on each side of the town and then having the rest in town help us out do check it fire we possibly have friend who's in the a oh yeah snipers do y'all want to set up we'll wait here let us know when you're saying we'll push top of that I'm a Michael Mimoza scopa Momo's and keep score to know Matt hold don't push any further yet right atrium infantry backup um whoever's an infantry Ronald row and about to push in we got clever yep alright nipa trees pushing in we gotta set up for him they don't watch the side of the town am I going all right we have some ruins right here pharmacys come on friend leave it on the outskirts of it see how do that Elias this is I'm moving over to the farmhouse of the distance so I could get a better shot on the side of town less every time we're gonna breach this red house first and then I start working our way clearing out this town other that keep shots to a minimum if we have to go loud then we have to go loud expect company these uh these Walker's aren't too friendly confident to hitting a lot of lag spikes yep waiting ready to pushing guys I'm almost inside the farmhouse we're poaching in the first house I'm ready welcome to the stream to the show I don't see any movement yet of other players just zombies and lag welcome to the stream welcome please are you ready to breed or something it workers on the west end of town find that make sure this clear no movement in the house well got a door open up here hold up auto first room is clear I can't see it around that corner on the opposite room spec up on me I'm gonna rush this room all right stacking this room breaching in 3 2 1 clear yeah I didn't like that I can't I hate you sitting out seen around the corners first red building guys it's clear pushing on to the second yeah I got stairs up here and we get those a lot watch your head take it slow good sneeze up and back the patient's room appreciated three two one clear coming up on the next door by the door clear got a wok or 12 no no coldest trap snipers if y'all see some y'all go ahead and fire I guess we can go love this would be our town copy that let's start clearing walkers yes are clearing out walkers guys check out fire sheikha fire friendlies are on them as already contact we've got a walker 12 shake us off light her up check this church before I'm over here walk it off cool secondary secondary damn I said I blues fucking scream

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