Box Of Toys!! Many Colored Toys Helicopter & Military Toys equipments Learn Color For Kids

July 24, 2019

one two three four five six seven eight nine and hey wow it is a wireless telephone full-color parlance telephone Wow it's orange yellow blue and white color Wow color flawless beautiful bye bye wow this is a airplane boo-boo airplane it's beautiful wine color and new color car please but I Wow walkie-talkie is walkie-talkie red blue and white color Wow colorful spider-man walkie-talkie spider-man walkie-talkie Wow another plane is orange color it's orange color Wow very beautiful here please oh the by helicopter wow this is a helicopter a gringa or green color helicopter very beautiful green color helicopter yellow yellow color airplane whoa yellow color play through it slow yo ho very beautiful yo color airplane Wow whoa it's very funny airplane is gray and white color gray and white color airplane Wow bye bye another helicopter whoa it's orange color and yellow color orange and yellow color helicopter wow it's very deep utiful orange and yellow color helicopter bye-bye Wow this is a make 29 yay me 29 is green car make 29 bye bye Wow this is a popular woven cooler it's yellow and black color yellow and black are binocular move oh very beautiful by the cooler but I

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    Nice toys!!🌿💖🌼💖🌿

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