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Brand force trauma and removing it from your marketing.

November 10, 2019

Double check the content that you put out,
the marketing that you put out. See if you might be, even if unintentionally,
inflicting brand force trauma on your audiences. We have a lot of people out there saying,
“you’ve got to push the sell.” You’ve got to go high levels of content. It’s just gotta be all of this content,
all this content… But they don’t touch on it. How much quality is in there. You’ve got to like, you’ve got to share, you
got to review. You need this. Did you know this? Some of that is putting up walls. It’s causing a beat down. A dominant attack on people and they’re responding
in negative ways. It’s disconnecting the potential customers
and potential people that could be aligned with you, because they’re hearing it from
so many different places and so it puts up a wall. It puts up a mental injury of sorts. They’re, there, they’re feeling attacked so
the wall is coming up. They’re being told what they need to know
and they don’t want to be told. People don’t want to be told this is this. They don’t want to be told they’re wrong. Maybe they are wrong. Maybe they don’t know something, but think
about inside of how you’re delivering your content, how you’re asking people to engage,
how you’re trying to connect, how you’re sharing. Is it a way that you’d want to be shared with? Do you want to be inundated with these loud
email attacks where it’s, well, I just got an email and so now they’re immediately on
the list. Do you make it easy for people to unsubscribe? Think about it from the perception of someone
else. Yes, the intention is true to heart and you
want to make your product, your service. You want to show everybody what’s going on,
but at the same time, how many services, similar and then at the same time, how many services
and products that could be different from what you’re doing, are attacking everyone
right now.? When you keep that in mind, it becomes less
forceful. It becomes inviting. You can be assertive, but there’s no reason
to be domineering and dominating with an audience telling them what to do, telling them what
they need, telling them why they’re wrong. Share with them about options, share with
them about opportunities. Give them ideas, open a conversation that
can create endurance. Look to these people as not needing to sign
them up right now, or get them to have your service tomorrow, but see a series of interconnected
content that draws up your authority, that draws up your authenticity. Not trying to create this viral thing, but
something more of just, wow, this across the board makes me feel safe. It makes me feel comfortable. It makes me want to engage. It makes me want to learn more. It makes me want to become a customer. Allow that decision to go to the customers
in the way that you put out your content. Try not to beat people over the head because
the concussions, the walls, and the, you know, make the mental vicarious comparisons… It’s everywhere and it’s in every business. So be different. Kill the brand force trauma. Replace it with engaging, sharing, inviting,
and lose the yell. tell, sell.

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  • Reply Loren Weisman October 11, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    Remove the brand force trauma with the inviting, sharing and engaging content that draws people in with out making them feel like they are being attacked with marketing and sales.

    Stop #BrandForceTrauma

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