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Bungo continues to torment the members of Task Force Agila | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

September 12, 2019

Bro, can I ask a question? Do you know Dante Madarang
alias Bungo? He’s our friend. Why? Oh, I’m his friend too.
He’s a godfather to my child. She’s in the hospital right now,
so I need his help. He doesn’t live here anymore. Is that so? That’s a shame. I badly need his help. Just wait around.
He shows up sometimes. Really? Yeah, but usually
late at night. His mother’s sick. Plus, he’s hiding
from the police. Whose wings should
we cut off next? Eeny, meeny, miny, mo… Boss! Miss Violy called.
Your mother’s really sick. Here, buy some snacks. How generous! Can I hang out here
while I wait for Bungo? – Sure!
– Drink with us! I’ll buy some snacks. – Don’t run off with the money!
– I’ll be back! Drink up. Guard these eagles. They might escape
from their cage. Major Basco. We’ve handled many
complicated cases, but I’ve never encountered
something like this. Those criminals are
getting bolder. They’re picking us
off one by one. Don’t worry. We will capture them. Those kinds of people
don’t last long. They’re going to
regret doing this. I’m worried about Miranda
and the others. They may be cops, but who knows what
those men might do to them? That’s my worry too,
but there’s nothing we can do. Let’s just pray that
nothing happens to them. Watch over these restless
little eagles. Boss, will you be
out long? Can I have a go
at that one? Do what you want. Go play with her. Torture her! And most importantly,
kill her. SPO1 Almario’s mother called. She’s worried about
her daughter. What did you tell her? I told her we don’t have
any updates yet. I’m sure their families
are getting worried, especially since
they’re all women. I have to go. Just keep the party going! – Thanks, boss!
– Let’s go! You heard what Boss said. Better get ready. The party isn’t over! If they were abducted by
Madarang’s group, I hope we reach
them in time. I hope nothing
happened to them. I hope so too. Because if something
happens to them, I won’t forgive Bungo’s group
even if they surrender. They’ve gone too far. I don’t care if they
beg for forgiveness. They just made
things personal.


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