Can the Clone Army Cross a MINEFIELD?! – Men of War: Star Wars Mod Battle Simulator

July 27, 2019

sir our men can see the drug base in the distance but there's a massive minefield between us and them all right have the men walk forward we'll take the base but uh sir there's a massive minefield yeah the first guys will blow up but then the second way of guys will be able to go through that seems a little unethical sir it's not unethical it's heroic I don't I don't follow that train of thought Shh it's okay it's okay just go out there and be heroic what is going on you bad Larry's it's you boy daily tactics here back with some more metaphor assault squad to these Star Wars Galaxies add war mod and today we find ourselves on this winter base map a pretty epic map a classic one from the old days of the Star Wars galaxy a war mod but this time around we've added a few more rocks and trees so that there's a forest ahead of it because this used to be all just open plains of glory but now it's a forest of glory and the battle droids have inhabited this forest and because the title will suggest mined it there are mines coming out the wazoo all these little green flags mark a tripmine that you can see right there and there's a lot of them there just dotting this forest all over the place guarding this CIS droid base now the clones have decided to launch an assault on this droid base and yeet some men on forward we're actually using the battlefront two squad clones which look pretty epic if I do say so myself they're pretty awesome made by the screen skin creator art row if you want to check them out so they're gonna be coming forward having to cross this minefield and get to the droid base and hopefully have enough troopers left to actually take it out so it should be really interesting I'll be right back and we can get this thing started hey guys what's up real quick before this video starts I just wanted to say that this video is sponsored by instant gaming they have amazing deals on pretty much every game you could possibly think of for example Menna for assault squad 2 is just 784 it's what I personally use to buy games that I don't want to pay full price on and I highly recommend you guys use it to my affiliation link is in the description below even just clicking that and not buying anything helps out my channel a ton but if you do see something on there use the affiliation link below and yeah thank you guys so much for listening to this ad read and I will see you in the video alrighty then you bad Larry's let's go ahead and press start here the Clone Army should begin moving on for it and that they are heading up and over this hill that was sort of their sanctuary area where the droids couldn't shoot at them and now it's a bit of uh you know anything goes at this point the droids have free rein to shoot at these clones and the clones have to do their best to make it through the minefield and take out the droid defenders it should be pretty epic where's the first line of Mines that's what I'm curious about it looks like right about here all right I kind of want to go in slow-mo when the clones get to that point oh we got shots fired actually the droids in the forest firing off at the clone troopers early early on here a couple of these guys are on free movement so they're gonna be able to you know move around play dynamically which will be pretty epic looks like a lot of them sort of falling back in the force as the clones attack let's go in oh the first mine went off yes an officer just absolutely got eated oh that was spicy spicy spicy yeah so I want to go in slow-mo and see some epic slow-mo explosions so uh we're gonna do that the officers running forward first being the leaders amongst men eating themselves on forward clones behind providing covering fire got a few of these MIT are heavy machine gunners these guys are epic they actually really remind me this is our battle reminds me of that old republic cinematic you know I think it was in the forests of Alderaan maybe where there's a bunch of old republic troopers taking on the sith and like sort of doing an ambush god that was such an epic cinematic probably my favorite Star Wars cinematic of all time that thing was so dope but doesn't it kinda remind you of that maybe I don't know with the sort of older public colored armor and I don't know that's just my thinking alright the minefield is not super effective as of yet I'm wondering if perhaps the clones haven't really come too far forward yet where is that minefield well it's right there I heard another one go off over here so really we've only had two minefield explosions as of yet let's go into two speeds see if that may be speed the process there's another mind oh my goodness that one just straight-up took down a tree bro Lumberjacks hate this one awesome trick alright the clone army moving forward it is slow it is painful but they're being careful they're making sure they're not stepping on too many mines that's really a problem because these mines aren't really coming into contact with the army quite yet I'm excited I'm excited for these explosions to really start going off I'm just waiting for it man I want to see some epic slow-mo explosions all right well they are making progress though and they are engaging quite a bit with the droids seeing a lot of incoming droid fire and outgoing clone fire not too many dead clones I don't think a lot of droid fire is actually connecting with them ooh there's a explosion right there make the clone army it's just now coming into the minefield area oh boy oh yeah that's a large force about to step into a minefield this is gonna be epic they're pretty spread out so that might help with the mines I guess you know one mine won't take out too many clones all at once or actually would it be better if the clones were to really cluster up and figure out a path through the mines that is absolutely safe then they know for sure those mines have already gone off and that would minimize losses but that would also create a choke point for the droids to shoot the map huh I actually kind of wonder like what the military strategy is for dealing with minefields I mean obviously if they can they bring out like a sapper and you know mine detects the the area to see if they can eliminate the mines so their men don't get killed on them but you know in instances like this where you just absolutely have to move forward I wonder what the protocol is either way the droid lines are actually in quite a bit of havoc right now we're seeing a lot of dead droids a lot of droids that were out in the forest running back into the interior of the base here and trying to join their brothers their droid flank our brothers in the defensive position it's actually not too bad of an a base to assaults further clones I mean if you think about it it's very wide open the clones can basically encircle the entirety of the base and slowly eliminate the droids there's no choke points involved it's just one big trench system so it's not exactly a very strong base which is why I'd imagine that the droids did set up these mines and these mines are finally starting to crank it up a notch and actually be effective oh yeah I love this is actually kind of epic watching the explosions go on there antique they're nice oh just every once a while you hear like a blood-curdling scream in it and a poof oh it's tough it's tough yeah I think in this instance it is best for the clones to sort of be spread out a little bit more and not not be too close together because it makes it so one mine doesn't kill a whole ton of clones we really haven't seen the mines like take out a large swath yet it's really been like one of mine goes off one or two clones dies and that's about it oh another tree goes down over here dang-son alright and the droid base itself is in quite a bit of pain here they've still got troopers defending but for the most part they're suppressed within the trench line itself they've lost all of their major guns this one took a serious beating even their backs and bag lines are beginning to take quite a bit of heat from the incoming clones so I don't think these droids are going to be able to win this battle but who knows they could pull off a hail-mary of a defense here but they just weren't able to really kill all that many clones the minefield did honestly the majority of the work for them and even that wasn't able to help him too much as the clones are making it past there for the most part that's an F right there huh it is awesome I got to do more minefield battles for short they're so fun also very very fun this is kind of a perfect most ideal match for the minefield though because it's like a very open area where you'd expect there to be minefield defenses because that's where you set up minefields as areas where it's not easily defendable from the outside so this map just sort of makes sense for it oh my goodness those two officers there's literally nothing left but their hats and their guns now that is brutal oh my goodness props to these clones for not stopping and you know continuing the march forward well the same can't really be said for these guys out here where the minefield is obviously the thickest because they're stopping at these rocks quite frequently but the guys on the left where the minefield isn't as bad teams there they're really going forward the heroes of the Republic all right last few remaining droids here there's not a ton left there really isn't they don't have too much going on for them at this point Oh couple are trying to climb these catwalks here I'm not sure if that Ola really amount to much but they can give it a shot if they like yeah the final defense is well underway here for the droid army a couple of shotguns rumors nice Oh couple clones died getting into the trenches here looks like the first line of trenches is completely clear and the side trenches are well on their way to being attacked oh there's quite a few of these for free roaming droids that just retreat it all the way back to the the back forest here so they'll come continue to skirmish back there oh there's still Cologne stepping on mines these poor guys way out here I'm really stuck just like oh oh my goodness look at all them I didn't realize I put this many mines here Oh Mike oh my goodness yeah there's a lot of mines out here holy cow oh you can get really lucky and just like not step on any of these if you go through just the perfect way but then your friend might come behind and blow one up and then you blow up because of it oh man that is tough it's gotta entertaining just watching these read these random explosions pop up every few off like seconds it's epic wow there's actually quite a number of droids left alive that are just retreated all the way back here oh and back here wow that's actually kind of shocking you'll see maybe they could pull out a win here against the clones I'm semi doubtful but you know maybe clones are making advancements through the military base now they gotta take out this sandbag which I think this sandbag defence is going to amount to quite a few kills on the clones cuz they got a pretty nice setup here I'll see why these guys aren't shooting at those clones perhaps there's a block in the way that we just can't see or something along those lines there we go officer down I'm still hearing explosions back here these poor chaps I feel bad huh it's kind of funny watching people die okay oh but they're now close enough over here that they can shoot the sandbag from the front and there's an insult going on in the back to actually sandbag troopers have a lot of kills here well done chaps well done a bit of a forest skirmish going on right now very epic a very nice look at these dudes look at them do it beautiful Oh a couple of troopers trying to poke their way out here jet troopers epic oh yeah this gorge final defense is actually amounting to something I I didn't really expect them to do all that much at this point in the battle but this is where they're getting like the most kills huh funny how that works I mean good for them they're giving it the old college try but I still think the clones will have this in the bag not sure if this will end well for the droids overall look at them they're still retreating back you cowards honestly we're treating back is just hurting them more than it could possibly help because oh these guys are actually coming for if they stuck around to the base area data at least have defensive structures and things like that but then we're treating way back into the force and stuff like that just leaves them out in the open yeah there's a few trees but they're not good positions to hold yeah so that's a shame full is it droids another machine gunner out here these are of course the nerfed machineguns in the latest update not those old ones that are super opie so that's nice to see let's check the mini-map red are the clones who have suffered significant losses at this point they don't have a lot of troopers left in all honesty and blue are the droids who like I said before our retreating very far back at this point like super super far back wowza that's a very far clone sort of just given up on those droids apparently I'm deciding to secure the base area droids also coming back though it looks like we're getting into a skirmish over this way at beak oh wait are there droids up here Oh couple of droids went all the way up here that's crazy it's kind of cool so the clones have like secured the base but they just need to eliminate a few more droids hopefully they won't take too many more losses but who knows maybe these droids will really make a comeback and kill all these clones it's highly doubtful but it's possible oh that George decided to come down the catwalk and he fell oof that's a new for me dog big ol F right there yeah all right all droids are still sort of hiding out in the forest area are there any clones still gloats in the minefield oh that's a clear path you're good boy you're golden nice good that guy made it past that other guy did to this guy's looks like me he might nice good good so it's so few clones that could potentially be blown up by mines but it's looking a little bit better now they're looking strong let's see I want to see if they do end up exploding I think they figure out this is a good path to take I think they did figure that out because we're seeing a lot of them go straight down here Oh buddy take the path okay good don't be a fool or no oh oh he's a smart one he is a smart one good job buddy proud of you how about this guy over here Oh oh my god did you see that he just whoa okay you're making me nervous there pal but he did it all right all clones are clear of the trip mines very nice let's see there are a few officers chase these droids all by themselves one goes down the others getting grenade in here whoa it's that tree fall on him no it didn't okay but he did get shot down droids playing some serious guerrilla warfare tactics here it's insane absolutely nutty the clones don't really want to leave the safety of the base knowing that there could maybe be more mines out there to step on at this point I don't blame him these droids coming back whenever one side starts taking a lot of fire the other side comes in and like it's like yeah bro I'll help you out don't worry about it droid teamwork baby hey yeah except the clones are really spreading out across the forest here there they're done with this shenanigans they're ready to end this battle they'll take them all out if they have to gosh darn it gosh diggity darn it yeah they're coming in hot look how dense this forest is it's kind of spooky gives off like a creepy into the woods vibe except that was like a comedy play so not really huh let's see is this the droids are really dragging this on man they are here you're letting this keep going for clones it's actually kind of cool I'm not gonna lie I'm I'm into it clones hop in tree to tree dodging droid fire grenade going out probably gave these clones some serious PTSD from all those explosions yeah is where the clones bred to not have PTSD I wonder can you do that well it's Star Wars so you can do anything you want as long as you write it that way but you know I wonder probably did we ever it like in the Clone Wars stories did we do we ever like see some sort of PTSD not really from what I can recall unless they were somehow like a defective clone because most of the times the clones were like fairly cocky and you know soldiers so like being cocky so I think they must have had sort of PTSD like you know gene spliced out or something there's only three more droids in these woods over here the clones are really really closing in on them they're done messing about yeah shots coming in they're literally at the end of the map here one goes down second Goes Down last one and he goes down all right nice work clones they're exiting that forest what's going on over here Oh looks like all these droids were also eliminated while we were watching that there's one droid left alive over here you know what buddy you can run away one last Roy gets away there you go okay let's check out losses so clones don't have heavy troopers left live maybe like a fourth of their total force left oh no all right so yellow are the dead droids red or dead clone troopers and you got to remember probably half of the clones aren't there aren't showing because they blew up and their entire body was disintegrated um so this was like a slaughter out here in these woods these these lines of Mines were they were rough and then once they made it past the minefield it was fairly easy going they didn't really take too many more losses at that point it wasn't too bad yeah so pretty fun battle I hope you guys enjoyed coming and subscribe if you did be sure to check out my new Lord gonca merch link in the description below be sure to follow me on instagram join my overtone team join my discord all those fun things are in the description below I'd appreciate it if you check it out and I'll see you all in the next one peace I hope you guys enjoyed that video be sure to click that subscribe button for more content and hit the notification bell if you'd like to be alerted to whenever i livestream or upload thanks so much


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