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Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Legendary Weapons?

November 19, 2019

The way Fallout 4 handles unique weapons is
a significant departure from the ways of Fallout 3 or New Vegas. There are still unique weapons you can earn
from quests or find in the world, but they’ve largely been replaced by Legendary weapons
with random effects that drop from tougher foes. Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Legendary
Weapons? I ignored Codsworth, named myself, Legengary,
and started assigning SPECIAL points. Because all weapons types can be used, there
isn’t one specific stat that’s more important than others. I still drained Charisma and put a lot of
points into Intelligence to level up faster, but the rest are pretty spread out. I used my invisible legs to push a tricycle
into the river as an experiment to see if it would still be there 200 years later, saw
the nuclear mushroom, took a nap, had a nightmare, woke up, used my patented close the doors
technique to avoid the roaches, and escaped the vault. I forgot to see if the tricycle was still
there, maxed out Intelligence, and got to work scrapping every object known to man. Now’s the time to explain what qualifies
as a Legendary weapon. For the purposes of this challenge, a Legendary
Weapon is anything that has a legendary weapon effect, but they don’t necessarily need
to have a prefix to be a legendary weapon. Kellogg’s Pistol refills your Action Points
when you get a Critical Hit, which is the Relentless legendary effect. It doesn’t have Relentless in its name but
is still a legendary weapon. If you happen to disagree with me, that’s
okay. Feel free to dislike the video. After scrapping damn near everything I could
find, I got to work laying down all the wood poles in the world. Almost 1000 of them, to level myself up a
few times. It took several minutes to do and leveled
me up about 4 times. The first few perks I picked were like my
first wife, useful to have on occasion but you wouldn’t be losing much by not taking
them. Next came the task of getting my paws on a
Legendary weapon. They’re usually more powerful than your
standard weapons which makes them not the easiest thing in the world to obtain. I figured the smartest option would be to
work with the Brotherhood early on. Completing the ArcJet quest gets you a Legendary
Weapon. On my way to the police station, I encountered
Wolfgang and convinced him to open fire on Trudy, hoping that they’d all kill each
other to give me something to laugh about. God wasn’t thrilled with my desire for blood
and sought to smite us all with heavy doses of radiation as punishment for my evil ways. Danse and nobody else with a name worth mentioning
fought off the ghouls outside the police station, I ransacked their pockets for Chuck E Cheese
tokens, Danse and I waddled our way to Arcjet, and the nothing continued. I’m effectively a soundboard at this point,
how many times can I say the same things over and over again. Why are you even watching this? You already know what the answer is. Danse killed everything in his path until
we got to the Reactor area and I did something… stupid. I activated the rocket test and ran outside
the blast room before it went off. In a shocking twist, standing 10 feet away
from a rocket propulsion test turns your body into something that resembles melted ice cream
tossed into a forest fire. One time I missed the jump to safety, so I
took the blast like a man and died like a mouse. A few attempts later, I managed to get to
safety, Danse unfortunately didn’t turn into paste, I snagged the Deep Range Transmitter,
we left Arcjet, and I got my first Legendary Weapon: Righteous Authority, a laser rifle
that makes critical shots to double damage and the critical meter fills 15% faster. Seeing as I have Luck at 1, this might as
well be a normal laser rifle. I picked up most of the ammo and energy weapons
off the synths inside Arcjet, so I had a pretty solid supply of ammo at my disposal. I went ahead and reported back to Danse at
the police station to advance their quest line a bit, then set out for Diamond City. I’d set the difficulty to Normal, but after
killing a Raider in 2 shots, I cranked that bitch up to Very Hard for 2 reasons. The first is to satiate the masochist in me
and the second is because she people have ran their mouth at me for playing on the Easiest
difficulty, they can’t grasp the simple concept that the challenge isn’t supposed
to come from the in-game difficulty setting. A third reason could be because Legendary
weapons are plenty powerful on their own. I realized shortly after getting mentally,
physically, and emotionally assaulted by a pair of Mirelurks that Very Hard is, in fact,
very hard. But I didn’t let that deter me. I arrived in Diamond City, pockets lined with
a hopes, dreams, and garbage, sold most of that garbage to Artutro to buy some ammo,
Fusion Cells are stupid expensive buy the way, and got Nick’s location from Ellie
for no reason. Before leaving, I picked up trash for baldy
and came oh so close to frying his brain with my light gun after he called me a jackass. I left Diamond City in the dust and began
my journey to the east. A Super Mutant laid down a sick voodoo spell
with a missile launcher that exploded my leg after he died and I started clearing out everyone
at the Charles View Amphitheater. They had little to no armor, meaning all but
the most diehard of the fanatics died in a few shots, but their bullets did big damage
to my feelings and eventually killed me. Between sending all those cultists to the
afterlife and helping some ghouls who should’ve been there a long time ago, I barely had any
ammo left. Then Swan bonked me on the back of the head
with a boulder. The Triggermen down in Park Street Station
were about as tough as I expected. Some refuse too accept energy weapons as a
legitimate class of weapon, so they take more shots than average to put to sleep. The first batch set me back a ways, I had
only about a dozen shots remaining in my arsenal. I exited the facility and had a new target. There’s a Legendary pipe crying out for
help in a sewer somewhere. I could feel it in my fingernails. The problem was that I entered the sewer with
5 shots remaining. Lady Luck was on my side, I managed to finish
the last raider with my last shot and find Big Jim: the Legendary Pipe that has a 20%
chance to cripple an enemies leg. 18 damage isn’t great, but melee weapons
don’t run out of ammo, which is why I needed it. With my tool in hand, I beat the monkey and
tested out my wrench on a few Raiders, returned to Diamond City, offed a synth and got eviscerated
in record time, bought a few more combat batteries, and returned to Park Street Station to finish
the job of rescuing Nicky. The Pipe didn’t do nearly as much against
the Triggermen as I would’ve liked. Still, it was useful to have something to
fall back on. Like if you’re shoveling snow and your shovel
breaks, you could always douse the snow in gasoline and melt it all. The problem of melee combat in Fallout 4 is
as prevalent as ever. I loathe it, I’d tell you how much but the
last time I did that my Doom video got demonetized. Let me put it this way, I hate it as much
as my dead dog hated thunderstorms. I used the power of positivity to make quick
work of Dino, rescued Nick, took a few wallops when beating a few Triggermen to death, and
used sneak attack bonuses along with the laser gun to wipe out what remained of Skinny Malone’s
gang before he knew what hit him, had a nearly 4 minute long loading screen despite Fallout
4 being played on an SSD, accused Nick of being in cahoots with the neanderthals that
stole my son, and got inside Kellogg’s house. I followed Dogmeat to the entrance of Diamond
City just to make sure he would eventually make his way to Fort Hagen, scrapped all my
stuff at Sanctuary because I know me doing it this way bothers some people, installed
a hook on my pipe wrench, and set sail for Fort Hagen. What’s that saying, step on a crack, break
your mothers back? That applies to landmines too. Except instead of breaking my mother’s back
it turned mine into cottage cheese dyed red and splattered on the ground. Kellogg had recruited my former and now feral
ghoul neighbors in a last attempt to stop me from entering Fort Hagen. Didn’t work. Pesky laws kept me from killing them pre-war,
but there was nothing to stop me this time. I met up with Dogmeat for the last time, he
would never be seen again, and entered Fort Hagen. My first pro gamer strat was to use the Pipe
because the sound of metal scraping against metal turns me on, but also because I wanted
to conserve ammo. Then it occurred to me that I could recover
more ammo from each dead synth than it took to kill them, so it made logistical sense
to use lasers to kill them all. I entered the Fort with 41 laser bullets and
by the time I approached Kellogg, I had 369 bullets. Psycho and Jet allowed me to get the upper
hand and eliminate Kellogg and his synths in less than 15 seconds. With Kellogg finally at rest, I returned to
Diamond City to do the interview with Piper. She was gone, so I stole some of her stuff
and talked to Nick about what to do next. My map pointed me towards Goodneighbor. On my way there, I stopped by Good Street
Apparel to take out Clutch. His name applies to me, not him, and because
there was a bounty on his skull. Also, at some point I modified my Righteous
Authority to do burning damage because the burn of a laser was not burning enough. I did a bit of parkour after I left, not that
“I jumped on a bench” fake parkour shit, got a few Raiders hooked on death, killed
Finn upon entering Goodneighor, bought ammo from robo-lady, and entered Kellogg’s brain. On my way out to the Glowing Sea, I stopped
by Bunker Hill to see if they had any ammo. This is always funny to me, being a foot away
from Kessler but yelling anyway. Here I found something neat. Spray & Pray, a legendary submachine gun that
does explosive damage with each shot. The only problem is I can’t afford it. I could’ve if I sold most of my ammo, but
that would’ve defeated the purpose of buying it in the first place. I tried stepping on a cricket to get it off
her corpse, didn’t work though. I really wanted that gun though. I wanted it so bad that I was willing to commit
murder to obtain it. Every soul inside BADTFL building was sent
on its way in my effort to find enough trash to sell to get it. I spent a fair bit of ammo inside that building
and, spoiler alert, didn’t have enough stuff to get my gun. Not that it would’ve mattered if I did because
Cricket was gone. I’d reloaded a save after I killed her the
first time so she’s not in Hell if that’s what you’re wondering. Defeated, I scrapped more stuff, looked at
a few mods, and was off to obtain a new gun that’s been lost at sea for decades. The syndromes at Easy City Downs were not
happy to see me, they were a tad bit troublesome to kill, and I didn’t have a chance to loot
their bodies as an Assaultron came after me. Thankfully, I was retreating to the sea regardless
of whether a robotic whore was after me or not. I discovered Libertalia, sold a few things
to make sure my inventory was at least a little clear, and took on the forces of Libertalia. Once I got onboard the ship, I began using
Kellogg’s Pistol because why not, entered boat interior, and got this shotgun. It has a name that I’m not going to try
to say. With another weapon added to my collection,
I sold things at Diamond City, and embarked towards the sea of green. Speaking of green, I killed a whole bunch
of raiders inside a hardware store and made some green paint for that guy working on the
wall at Diamond City. But just like the tricycle, I forgot to give
it to him. I crossed paths with a Legendary Red Widow
Bloodbug a ways into the Glowing Sea and got myself something worthless, and took the fight
to ravenous zealots worshipping some heretic. If my sometimes official christian ratatouille
fan club discord server has taught me anything, it’s that nonbelievers must be punished
with a bullet. I attempted to kill Virgil when I found him,
but this is a Bethesda game so that’s not an option. He told me about the Courser. What it was didn’t matter, it would be dead
before too long. Before killing something that technically
isn’t even alive, I went ahead and cleared out the Museum of Freedom for some easy experience,
lured out the Deathclaw because there were Brotherhood troopers in the area so I wouldn’t
have to deal with it myself, and saw a Legendary Brotherhood Scribe. Their life was forfeited the moment they entered
mine. The stars aligned, it was actually a solid
legendary weapon that dropped from her. The knight was a little tough to kill. Greentech Geriatrics was next. The timing could not have been better. I got a shotgun that does 50% more damage
to humans just before entering a building filled with them. Yeah… it wasn’t actually that great. Only firing 2 shots before reloading was a
real hinderance. In fact, the other Legendary shotgun I had
was much more convenient to use, especially with the Nerd Rage perk. A Legendary Gunner guarded the entrance to
the elevator and dropped a nifty little toothpick. Again, the timing was perfect. I tried to use it against the Courser after
pumping myself full of Psycho and Jet, but it was just terrible. I switched to the shotgun and shot in the
courser’s general direction until it died, I decapitated a few people, and left to get
some caps from the vendors at Bunker Hill before finally getting down to business. One of the locations Cricket can visit is
Vault 81. I went there and waited in 8-12 hour chunks
until she arrived and I had the opportunity to buy Spray & Pray. The world was now my oyster, Doctor Amari
was as worthless as ever, I entered the Old North Church, and my submachine gun fucking
annihilated a Legendary Feral Ghoul. Tinker Bell analyzed the courser chip I found,
I told Deacon I’d meet him somewhere, got the teleportation plans from the big green
idiot, and then spoke to Deacon, primarily because I had a lot of 10mm ammo and wanted
something to use it for. We, and by “we” I mean I, the only person
who matters in this story, decided that we were going into their old base through the
front door. The explosive machine gun made quick work
of everything inside, even with the difficulty on Hard. Then, because this game sucks, Deacon informed
me that we can’t go in through the front because the elevator is busted. Nice job, Bethesda. “You can do this quest two ways but actually
only one way because why should we put effort into anything”. I used Righteous Authority inside the base
for the same reason I did in Fort Hagen, the ammo spent will effectively refill itself
upon looting synth bodies, Deacon gave me Willy Whisper’s old gun, and I got welcomed
into the Railroad. While I was down there, and because I had
the caps to spare, I bought Tinker Tom’s Special, a legendary hunting rifle just to
add more options to my arsenal of weapons. Then, for some reason, I did a quest for the
Railroad that involved clearing out a church full of Raiders, meeting a fake person, and
escorting him to a building for safe keeping. I knew that I wasn’t going to side with
the Railroad, but I did the quest anyway. From there, I rode up to the Prydwen with
Danse, got my orders from Kells who looked oddly shiny, listened to he king run his stupid
mouth at people foolish enough to believe his message, met the necessary folks tucked
away inside the blimp, and ODST’d myself down into the water to begin the grueling
task of ridding an island of Super Mutants. The normal mutants were not anything too terrible. Sure, they took at least 10 shots each to
kill, but it was manageable. The Behemoth was something else entirely. I could’ve knocked the difficulty down,
but that would’ve been really lame. Instead, I used roughly 130 shots from my
laser gun to do most of the damage and a single shot from my shotgun to finish him off. The Mutants on the main level of the building
were about the same as those outside, those downstairs were different. Primarily because one had a missile launcher. The 2nd time I was through playing around
and explosive machine gunned their irradiated asses, spoke to Max, and got to work putting
together the Teleporter. Surprisingly, nothing went wrong this time,
no cripples got in my way, I didn’t run out of junk, and I got inside the Institute
with no issues. I loaded the holotape with nonsense for Ingram,
met Father, and decided right then and there that he must die. Everything in the Institute came after me,
and I do mean everything. An ungodly amount of robots and peasants ran
my way, all eager to die. Most were relatively low-leveled cannon fodder
and only served to add more ammo to my pockets. I looted most of the bodies I’d made upstairs
and was up to around 1300 fusion cells. After taking the elevator back down, things
got violent. This is where Spray & Pray really shines. Dozens of Synths all tightly packed into three
small rooms so that every bullet that explodes can damage multiple synths at once. Looting them took far longer than killing
them did. I’d forgotten about those waiting for me
by the teleporter. They were much trickier to deal with. I tried a few times to destroy them all, but
the wider doorway allowed for more of them to attack me at once and the more open room
they were in made the submachine gun less effective than it was before. Then, I put 2 points into the Commando perk
to make the gun do 40% more damage. Well, 60% in total, but it went up to 60%
from 20%. That was a game changer and made this gun
far more destructive than even Beerus could even imagine. At one point I even stopped to make sure I
was still on Hard because of how disgusting it was. Once all the synths stopped moving, I had
somewhere around 3400 Fusion Cells left, so I didn’t even bother taking any of the ammo
from the corpses. Maxson was pissed, what else is new, I traveled
out to the bowling ally to recruit a scientist to our cause, made a few upgrades to a few
of my weapons, and went to Aunt Mildred’s Hospital for the Mentally Unwell to retrieve
a souvenir magnet for Ingram. The only thing of note inside there was the
Legendary Super Mutant that I burned to death with my laser gun the second I walked through
the door. It dropped a Might Missile Launcher which,
while neat, wasn’t actually all effective in practice. After making the Actuators, I was sent to
the Glowing Sea to secure a few hundred nukes. This was frustrating. An enemy looming in the distance occupied
enough of Scribe Haylen’s attention that I couldn’t speak to her. Killing her failed the quest. Fast traveling back to the base did nothing. So I lured a pair of Assaultrons looming outside
the nearby Vault to her to see what would happen. The Assaultrons couldn’t kill her for some
reason. Once they died, I could talk to Haylen and
make my way out to the Sentinel Site. The Ghouls inside were all a joke. There was a Legendary one inside that dropped
something worthless, I accidentally used a Stealth Boy that literally lasted maybe 40
seconds, had a surprisingly hell of a time killing Atom’s Wrath, secured the nukes,
and returned to the Prydwen to find that Danse had gone AWOL. Tracking him down wasn’t difficult thanks
to me knowing where he went and having a waypoint on my map pointing me to that exact spot. I used the Double Barreled Shotgun that did
50% more damage to slay him ironically, returned to the Blimp, spoke to shiny face, and began
wiping out the Railroad. The Agents they sent to stop me were formidable
in their own way. Not frightening, though. Almost more annoying than anything else. Spray & Pray made a dog’s dinner out of
every one of the named NPCs down in Railroad HQ, I had another nice 3 minute long loading
screen, and I went with the Cripple to retrieve the Beryllium Agitator. Things got a little weird as we circled around
the building before landing. Down in the reactor area, I took a sip of
the water and turned into Melt Man as it melted my innards, and began fighting the robots. The Sentry Bot was tough as nails, it should
be proud of how many shots it took to kill. The Assaultrons should not be proud. They were weak and deserved death. At the Airport, Liberty Prime was finally
back online and there was not a hamsters chance in a garbage disposal that I was following
that giant fuck all the way to CIT Ruins. I fast traveled to some place close to CIT
Ruins, fell into the river when trying to hide behind the railing, and did absolutely
nothing while Liberty Prime and the Brotherhood forces cleared out the area of Synths and
blasted their way into the Institute. I still had well over 1000 Fusion Cells, so
I took my time destroying everything I could as I pressed deeper into the Institute. The combat monkeys were far harder to kill
than I would’ve guessed. So tough, in fact, that I didn’t even kill
them. I did some quick-scoping with a Legendary
Hunting Rifle because I hadn’t gotten enough clips to add to my montage yet, and got a
Bloodied Sledgehammer that does more damage the lower your health is. I thought this would work wonderfully with
the Nerd Rage perk. It… didn’t. I did do a sweet barrel roll when I died though. Once I used Father’s terminal to open the
barriers, a bunch of idiots blocked the doorway, I used Psycho, Jet, and Med-X to quickly annihilate
everything guarding the reactor. Even the Legendary Synth died in seconds. I planted the charge, we got teleported to
safety, I blew up the Institute, I blasted Elder Maxson with my remaining ammo as the
screen faded to black, and I beat Fallout 4 with
only legendary weapons.


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    Spray and Pray is easily an endgame gun. The explosive damage staggers and doesn't require a direct hit. Low level enemies will be blown apart with a few shots at their feet, and high level enemies will stagger in place while you drain their health. Only problem I have with it is the explosive damage can kill you if you fire it too close, and it scatters items all over the place if you fire it indoors.

    Also the Vault 111 Cryo gun is essentially a heavy weapons version of the same gun, and is extremely OP. The capsule mod turns it into a ballistic gun, and the capsules do explosive splash damage. Both guns get a bonus from the explosives perk.

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