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Captain America Civil War Toys Marvel Avengers RC Rollover Rumbler Toy Car for Kids Kinder Playtime

January 10, 2020

Kinder Playtime! (children laughing) Jacob: Welcome back to Kinder Playtime! Today we have the Avengers rollover rumbler. Choose your hero! You can choose Iron Man or Captain America! It does amazing flips, extreme 360’s and has an awesome controller! I like Iron Man better. Hulk Smash! We got this extreme vehicle open! Look at this awesome remote control! Here’s Iron Man side and here’s the Captain America side. Look at Captain America’s shield! Hey Iron Man! Captain America is so cool! This car has really unique movement. Here we go! Let’s see what this thing can do! Whoa! Whoa, that thing is fast! It turns left and right. Let’s do some experiments. I wonder if it’ll work on the carpet. Here we go! Whoa! It works on the carpet. Let’s do a stair test. Stair test in three, two, one. Let’s do it again! Three, two, one! One more time! Three, two, one! Last test, here we go! Three, two, one! It survived the durability test! It’s all in one piece and no scratches. I give this Avengers car a big thumbs up! Thanks for watching, bye! Leave us a like, write us a comment, and “sumscribe.” Thanks for watching, bye!

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