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Charm Tong: Military Crimes Against Women

November 8, 2019

Burma military will continue to oppress and
try to control the information or any action, especially the crimes that they have committed
against the people, so that no other people in other international community will know
what is really happening inside Burma committed by the Burmese military regime. So, any actions,
you know, inside Burma or anywhere, the military regime will continue trying to intimidate
in various forms. For our organization [the Shan Women’s Action
Network], after we released the report, “License to Rape,” which documented how the rape has
been used systematically against women inside Shan State in 2002, when we exposed how the
military committed all these crimes against women, the military regime, after the report
triggered international outcry and international attention, the regime had the press conference
every week in Rangoon saying that our organization is telling the world, that all the accounts
are not true. And the troops never ever commit crimes or rape against any women. But we know that that is happening. So, some
friends said that, “Oh, you have to be very careful.” And also to some of the members
in our organization, including myself, villagers and our friends told us that, “Oh, your price
has been put on our head by a Burma army,” and that you know, we should be careful when
we travel or when we go here and there; but I think this is the normal intimidation that
the regime will commit anyway. But because we are speaking the truth, and
because we are speaking what is really happening, and even though the regime will try to stop
any information to come out, we still have to speak and break the silence of what is
happening to our people.

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