Chinese Weapon sampler

July 29, 2019

I used wax would last what I think is the best getting good quality is hard in America it's when I cut a little bit but you definitely isn't must have to build your eternal power I recommend doing these until you get tired thrust down straight shakes various levels shaking but the thrust is number one we've got to get that down now I used the pinky over the end and the reason why is for extra power I like you how the pink is the fire element of the fingers in the oriental medicine just for protection this is safer is not harder and cut like a sword it's great prepared play for the partner we advise goggles and face mask some kind of headgear and we're just going to go through some solo basics here Taiji Lord is for performance and for the athletes and their competitions the sound is very important in the competition you want to make a good place napping sound BAM so yeah it's for performance not for combat you got all the combat swords people like oh you see you playing what you playing swords but anyways it's those trained it is a little bit heavier than the wood and takes energy power BAM put it through okay so I'll show a couple techniques the wooden Taiji sword this is a metal sword for hygiene wushu a little bit lighter than the heavier ones and this is the again to make the sound for performance and demonstrations putting the energy through the sword making a snapping sound at the end hey this is still cut so I'll just cut these treats back here with it okay but yeah it's not a combat sortie so I think we're all aware of that this saver I got from young family Taiji Association this is their saber I'll do a couple of their saber movements with the heavier thicker it's got a spine and you can buy from their website so it does use a plaque my argue the this same with the straight sword the tassel was there ever a tassel really you the Association has us tassel and it has a spine balance are those balance swords you can hold it like this and it perfectly balanced somehow yeah but it does have the clumsy it's not a combat sword mister you serious sword guy so yeah this is from their site date it's a beautiful performance order to close nicely that balance in the plate this is the heaviest one I have some Shanghai no tassel combat steel dude oh dude very heavy it's the heaviest sword I got training arms very tired from doing all those other weapons probably Chinese wushu teacher or supply store that sells the good ones will get the metal tip the red hair you want to get medical tape again for some of your swords – you might want to use medical tape just for extra grip these are performance weapons we're not the real thing you're not gonna fight with them but it's useful perform is demo train the long weapon aspects so we'll go through some some basics here figure eight you

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