Chris B (Marines)

July 24, 2019

hi and welcome to Camp Hope we are excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to one of our latest graduates here from our program on n rusev yeah my name is Chris Burgess United States Marine Corps and were you from grew up in Ludlow Massachusetts most recently been down here in Texas and we got a limit how many Yankees we can let on the program one particular time but we're glad year where did you serve I served in Afghanistan okay all right coming home PTSD was at some point part of your life what was going on yeah I I didn't realize what was going on for a good handful of years just thought that's what life felt like and thought I could handle it on my own thought it was just some you know Marine Corps attitude just quit wine and you know drive on sure doesn't work how did you hear about Camp Hope my mom found it actually my life had started spiral I had a total nervous breakdown after trying to you know do it all my own for a while my family was getting worried and they were looking for resources somewhere to point me to because they didn't know what to do they felt helpless and they knew I needed help and they just weren't sure how to do it themselves all right so you tried it on your own learn cut camp hope came here so what's one thing that's changed in your mindset while you've been here the importance of leaning was that be on God or on the people around you you know your brother's just safe people just you don't have to do it all on your own nobody can and for me one of the big changes with just that there are that people really do care you know I had to learn that I wasn't helping people out by not letting them know what's going on just keeping it from them it's not not good for them not good for me right well congratulations on completing the program I'm very excited for you and for your future if you'd like more information you're feeling isolated you're trying to handle it on your own check us out PTSD again that's PTSD USA org

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