Destiny 2 | BEST EXOTIC WEAPON BUFFS! – Top Exotic Weapon Improvements in the March Update!

July 27, 2019

what's up guys Hamish here and today I wanted to talk about exotic weapons in the March 27th update so of course in the patch we've seen a lot of changes to weapons quite a few archetypes and standout weapons in particular have been mentioned a lot by the community and are seeing quite a bit of use right now but there actually are some exotics which have really benefited from this update and the most exciting thing about this is that many of these exotics still are going to be reworked and retuned to be stronger inside of May don't get me wrong though these weapons are kicking ass right now so let's talk about some of the top exotic weapons number one we have legend of a crius of course the exotic shotgun that we see an awful lot inside of PvP in the crucible nothing has changed the thing still kicks ass you've got more movement speed to kick ass with however inside a PvE content if you're feeling a little bit bored of your sins of the past it may be worth throwing legend of a crius on so if you want two strikes or any kind of PvE you can now actually carry a total of ten rounds which obviously means you've got quite a lot of reserves to work with but also shotguns have seen a significant buff inside of PvE content and legendary crius is already one of the strongest shotguns and this works really well because in a lot of the strikes you've got quite a few yellow bars that will drop heavy ammo there are a few encounters where you can basically just litter the floor in heavy ammo and with the movement changes of course it's easier to get close up to enemies with the damage buff that we're seeing here you know look at these yellow bar shanks they're just getting absolutely destroyed by the aqueous even this Fallen Walker takes a whole ton of damage from the acrosome we can basically just shut him down immediately not that it's much to brag about but even fabok is gone in a couple of shots this thing is really really strong and honestly I felt like legend Erick Rios is kinda the weapon that it should have been now you still only have two rounds in the magazine of course if you keep picking on the ammo reloading getting close you're gonna put out a ton of damage with this thing next low we have the risk runner of course this is the SMG with arc conductor and it basically does what zalo super salt did in destiny 1 it chains arc damage to nearby enemies when the arc could to perk is active basically that happens whenever you take arc damage but of course in PvE content SMGs have seen a significant buff so generally when you use in the weapon you put an out a lot more damage at the same time though all of these shock damage basically has been buffed with this so a lot of times where you have an element of a weapon be it something like Firefly explosive rounds or some of these exotic perks like we have on the risk runner the bonus damage that comes from those effects actually scales with the impacts of the weapon so in the case of risk runner when the Chain Lightning is active on the superconductor perk you're getting all of that damage buff on the Chain Lightning as well and you can see when the perk is active right here that it's just wiping out crowds of mobs of course that's what the perk has always done it's just that it's doing it a hell of a lot better right now the only downside to any of these weapons really is the inventory you do tend to run out of ammo quite a bit and I'm hoping to see some changes there in the future next though another archetype which has seen significant buffs in PvE content we have the hand cannon Sun char and in the case of Sun sharp it will be affected by the hip fire and AD s accuracy buffs of 25% our knee consoles ortho controllers in general but then on top of that you do have the 15% buff to damage in PvE and once again with the explosive element of the Sun char the explosion itself for the what is essentially Firefly perk from destiny one is also receiving that scaled damage benefit so the explosion now has become that little bit more lethal you can regularly get you know double or triple downs and crowds of enemies the personally feel like it's taken you know a sizable step closer to the kind of fate bring your status in terms of being able to do that which was always the influence for the SunShot outside of PvE though you know if you're in the crucible the bonus accuracy is certainly a good thing for the weapon of course in this archetype lightweight frame which is what the Sun shot basically is you do have dire promise and the old fashioned and things like that but even versus those hand cannons with the Sun shot in particular if you want to fire the weapon quickly I find it to be one of the more consistent hand cannons in PvP on top of this Sun shot is getting a sizable exotic buff coming up in May so honestly it's worth trying out you can see the kind of direction that some of these pieces of gear are going in terms of up next though this one's gonna be predictable it's the vigilance wing so of course this one is now the dominant weapon inside a PvP and it's one that we weren't anticipating was really you know all of a sudden gonna absolutely go off but basically this pulse rifle received all of the buffs that high-impact frame pulse rifles receive so the rate of fire was actually increased as well as the damage pretty substantially in PvE and PvP but with this one being a five-round bursts you know it's DPS potential is pretty crazy and alongside that buff vigilant swing it now has the fastest time to kill inside of destiny to PvP for a primary weapon you can actually to burst with this thing even when you don't get the two bursts you know you're gonna regularly reversed while missing critical hits and even if we just flash to destiny track of real quick right there trials of course has gone live for this weekend we've had people inside a PvP all week look at that PvP meta for all vigilance wing seeing the most use at nine point seven percent so Uriel's gift and positive outlook in second place antelope and the colony even are in that top five pretty interesting is kind of a separate subject regardless of vigilance wing this thing just kicks ass so those are four exotics guys which have really benefited from the buffs we've seen in the March 27th update you honestly have to try them for yourself to get an idea of just how much better these are feeling simply from having damage buffs and things like that as well as increased ammo inventory in the case of legendary curious there are other weapons which have certainly benefited those who have the Crimson of course this is the burst fire sidearm type thing which is actually classified as a hand cannon of course when you get kills it will give you your health back and it will also give you the full magazine back if you land a precision kill so the exotic perks are actually some of the strongest in the entire game of course the thing that inhibits the weapon generally is the archetype of a weapon that it is however crimson has also benefited from the increased accuracy on consoles so basically it's sticky out it feels quite a lot better to use in pvp and PVE and you've got the damage buffer for PvE for hand cannons going alongside that so crimson is actually quite nice to use inside a PvE content the next thing they need to do for these particular weapons is really look at the ammo inventory because with something like crimson you woman out of ammo quite a lot however it does pull out the damaged man it does its job really well with the exception of that ammo problem the rather other wants to mention Jade rabbit of course is in the high impact frame archetype of Scour also this got a pretty sizable buff in PvE and then a sizable damage buff to the archetype itself so overall it's stacking quite a lot more damage than what it was previously and this will be noticeable in PvE content I don't personally rate the class of weapon that Jade rabbit is in in destiny – especially low rate of fire scout rifles are not very good at all in my opinion however there is a noticeable difference with the Jade rabbit so for fans of this kind of scout rifle you know you keep your distance you let that scout rifle do its job at that kind of range and it is in a much better spot than what it was so worth mentioning the Rat King of course because sidearms got a pretty substantial PvE damage buff and it feels pretty fun to use of course you have the exotic invisibility when you actually get a kill on reload one thing I haven't destroyed it again with a team because of course you know you have a group of people and the weapon gets more powerful but you can notice the increase in performance via the damage buff on the weapon so those may be three which you might want to try out regardless but those top four man legend of a crius risk runners SunShot and vigilance wink have really seen some good changes in this update so I recommend that you try them out once again in a few weeks time in May we are gonna see a major exotic rework in the game many of the weapons on this list are going to be affected in a substantial way so if you look at how they're performing now and even more changes coming to these weapons scene as well as the way vigilance wing is performing in PvP it looks like Bungie truly want to make the exotics the best weapons in the game of course this is only an element of the game there is always a lot of stuff to do but I think this is a very good thing for destiny – and look that kind of rhymed anyway if you've enjoyed the video guys a like would be very much appreciated below let me know in the comments section any weapons that you've been using any changes you'd like to see or weapons that you're excited about going into the may update just for any folks wondering Bungie have said that they are going to update the roadmap with new features and some changes coming in April so we will be getting quite a bit of a new we're also anticipating probably getting a deal see reveal in this next week as well so hopefully that DLC is gonna bring us some good content as well as some good exotics only pretty interesting before in the video a shout out for my sponsor gamer link so gamer link have the number one clan and lfg app on Android and iOS it's an absolutely fantastic app you can use it for lfg for destiny – for trials and raids and things like that it's even better for forming consistent teams it's got a lot of clan features you can keep in touch plan your gaming sessions and all that kind of stuff plus you can get an awesome hound –is– badge when you sign up for the app using my link below so if that sounds interesting to you I definitely recommend you check it out for now though guys as always I appreciate you watching and whatever you do I hope you have an awesome day


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    Try that wing bs with me and my team and dfa gonna drop em quick

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    Do you feel an extreme urge to shoot something? Are you trigger happy or even perhaps mad at life? Well Destiny 2 is the game for you! Plenty of shooting galore and with enough modding and editing. You could even shoot your ex!

  • Reply TimeForAReview July 27, 2019 at 12:16 pm

    Legend of a curious needs to be trashed it is way too powerful to be locked behind a firewall of Leviathan the vast majority of players don't have this weapon and it makes it really f**** stupid

  • Reply J.R. Spingly July 27, 2019 at 12:16 pm

    No exotic was buffed, the weapon types themselves were buffed, the exotic rework is coming in may.

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    Thanks for more quality content… More importantly, thanks for continuing to avoid using the suddenly, annoyingly overused adjective "crispy" to describe how various weapons are feeling.

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    I want sweet business buff, 200 round mag, small damage buff, maybe accuracy and stability decrease to balance

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  • Reply Dustin Arnold July 27, 2019 at 12:16 pm

    I really appreciate this video, I've always used the vigilance wing in pvp and I have noticed the buff, it adds a lot of intensity to the gun

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    xHOUNDISHx great video exotics are actually starting to feel exotic again! The joy of using the Vigilance wing has given me back the enjoyment of playing pvp in the crucible again, actually completed call three call to arms activities on all characters for the first time in weeks!!! Also loving using double hand cannons Better Devils along side Sunshot with the Hawthorne forged as a heavy such a fun weapon load out. Everything is definitely not fixed with the game just yet but the 1.1.4 update is definitely a step in the right direction, cant wait to have exotics that I cant do without like the touch of malice and black spindle in D1. Keep up the good work. Jesta Gaming

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    I hope in the future when theres three choices to chooce from on the subclasses, I hope theres a subclass for the warlock where it dramatically increases movement and sprint, fast weapon realod, weapons ready, reduced super and abiities, and increased health regen at the cost of loosing the BB ability, and grenade and you take more damage.

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    Ya always do great! Liking how that Vigilance Wing feels, I don't think it's OP as all it takes is you missing a few shots to get downed by a good player. I'm pretty murderous with it, but I admit, it fits my playstyle perfectly. I'm not really an aggressive player. Aggressive players "can" still get the drop on me. Everyone else though is nearly easy pickings.

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