Destiny 2: Top 5 Non Meta PvP Weapons – Primary Best PvP Weapons And How To Get Them

July 28, 2019

ladies and gents my name is Xander a key idea aside and this video we're going to discuss and review some top 5 not metal weapons all right off the bat I just want to say that making this list was extremely difficult because there are so many non metal weapons I didn't even know where to begin as I went on to the YouTube community section and asks you guys this question as to whether or not which one was your favorite nonmetal weapon I did the exact same thing over on Instagram and all my goodness gracious you guys listed some crazy good weapons that are not just non meta but they consisted of weapons that were exotics special weapons and primary weapons and so after seeing all this I narrowed down the scope to looking specifically at primary weapons and primary weapons alone since forsaken this means I'm looking at weapons that are only random rolled and we're not going to include weapons like the dire promise for the midnight coop back from year 1 nor are we going to look at the exotics of any kind nor are we going to look at any special weapons and that includes shotguns a fusion rifle sniper rifles grenade launchers you guys name it or only looking at primary weapons that have a random rules in addition to this I just want to clarify one more thing very very briefly and that is to exactly what in Nam meta weapon is and so what I'm considering this to be is something that people just simply don't use on a very regular basis but at the same time they have to be something that you can grind for on a fairly regular basis or something that can drop on a very frequent basis and still keeping those two things in mind the only thing we have to do is to eviscerate that notification button and let's jump right into video arriving in the number of five spot is ice a term that actually nobody uses in the crucible and something that drops almost everywhere in the solar system and it just so happens to be called the smugglers work this thing right here can not only drive from crucible but Vanguard strikes it can drop from just about every single activity that you can possibly think of and they can even drop from prime engrams but the rule that I happen to have on this bad boy has one that has kill clip outlaw light Meg quick da/sa yes a stability master work and a counterbalance mod before I get into how each one of those perks is really gonna help the weapon and its base stats I just want to one step back and analyze the weapons base ttk values and still without having any kind of other damage buffing perk prot this thing already has an optimal time to kill as 0.73 seconds as only going to require three critical headshots in to buy shots to achieve that looking at body shots and buy shots alone it's only going to need seven body shots which is then going to associate to a 1.1 second bought a shot time to kill and for us hearing that you might think alright well that's not so great I'm not so sure if I should even pick this thing up especially because this thing is a tuberous sidearm and we simply don't see many of these things being used because the recoil is so drastic and to you I say definitely give it a second look because these things cannot just roll with rampage but it can almost roll with kill clip and when it has kill clip this weapons optimal time to kill only requires two crits and two bodies aka two bursts which is then going to give you an optimal time to kill at 0.47 seconds yes my friends that right there is astounding but if that wasn't good enough all you simply need to do is land five body shots and then the weapons body shot time to kill is gonna be as 0.73 seconds all that information that I just said can be seen right there on screen and the most notable thing that I want you to pay attention to here is that these computations were done with a guardian at Ten resilience aka 201 points to health and that means that this thing can just certainly wreak havoc in the crucible regardless whichever kind of Guardians resilience that you happen to be going up against as far as the weapons base stats go well you guys can see that right there on screen and just know that all the blue values are all the increases from the perks that I happen to have on this particular is smugglers word and so it may not be just the same for you but just keep in mind that even show that a missus since in that RICO direction at 82 and 96 respectively is truly marvelous and spectacular and that's then going to indicate that this thing is definitely going to have a shot rhythm making this thing not just viable in the crucible but almost like a knife through butter because the four enemy Guardians know it the butter is going to be going it's gonna be evaporated and poof adios bye-bye appearing in the number-4 spot is an auto rifle that many of you may or may not I've heard of and all I can say is that this thing is going to sting like a poisonous venomous snake and it's called they've allocated if you want to get your hands on this bad boy then my best advice to you is to go to the gunsmith and hope and pray the RNG is gonna give you a somewhat decent role because the one that I happen to have just so happens to be kill clip dynamics way reduction flared magwell small-bore and handling master work and a targeting adjuster MOT on first inspection this thing doesn't seem like it's gonna actually melt you very very quickly but what I will say is that it's actually much much faster than what you might think because this thing actually has an optimal time to kill at 0.8 3 seconds which is actually quite on par with some other hand cans at 0.8 or 0.7 seconds if they're in there at a fire of 140 or 150 rpm granted that 0.83 second optimal ttk is going to require 10 critical headshots and one buy shot to achieve that but I'm not gon lie neither you know myself are always going to hit critical headshots and most likely we're then going to land a lot of body shots but the good news here is that this thing's only going to require 16 body shots which is then going to associate to a body shot time to kill at one point to three seconds however just like the smuggest word that we just saw this Vala Cayden can also roll with not just kill clip but it can roll with rampage and when kill clip is brought this thing just annihilates Guardians and that's because all it requires is a critical headshots to attain the weapons optimal ttk at 0.5 7 seconds that my friends is just over half a second but once again even if you have no lamp body shots this thing's only going to require 12 body shots which is then going to associate to a body shot etk at 0.9 seconds once again here is all the information for you that I just said right there on screen and the most notable thing that I really want you guys to pay attention to here is that this fella Caden is almost always going to give you an Irish time to kill that is at 1 second on the dot or slightly below that and not many weapons can have an average time to kill that's one second or less out of all weapons in the entire game as far as the weapons base stats go you guys can see all those right there on screen as well and out of all these base stats I'm not gonna lie there's nothing that's really exceptional there's nothing that's terrible either as unless every single one of them is above 50 when you have a weapon that has that it means one thing and one thing alone and that is consistency with the good stability factor aim assistance and a recoil direction that means that this thing is definitely going to have a shot rhythm that's gonna be very very reliable for you and when you add in other perks that are going to make the weapon that much more consistent light dynamics where reduction tap the trigger under pressure or maybe even something that's going to increase the range / reload speed even more so like flared magwell light mag or ricochet rounds or high-caliber rounds you really can't go wrong with this weapon but the one perk that I would recommend to you above everything else is the barrel option of Arrowhead break because if you can get Arrowhead break on this beauty and this thing is going to be one of the most consistent weapons that you can possibly ever ask for is that reticle is simply not going to move and it's only going to be vertical and vertical although and turn this means more critical headshots on you a couple this place a rampage or a keel clip I guarantee you that this thing is certainly not going to let you down and become a venomous snake that we all know it can certainly be in Syria itself and the number three spot is a pulse rifle from black armory and it's called the blast furnace if there was one kind of pulse rifle that's going to absolutely incinerate guardians it would definitely be this blast furnace and that's because this thing can have some great power behind it not just because of the damage buff in person that can roll on it like kill clip and rampage but this thing also has some other great perks that can make it more stable like say for example is a moment or something that can increase its reload speed after a kill like feeding frenzy of all the weapons in destiny – there aren't that many that could roll with either having that kind of stability lethality or combination of the two and luckily for me the game footage that you guys are seeing right now with this plus for us just so happens to have kill clip Zen moment accurized rounds the RDL site with a stability master work and a targeting adjuster mod unlike a very meta weapon such as the buy guns we all know that's a very powerful pulse rifle but it's a 3 verse pulse rifle and this blast furnace is a former spouse rifle and that means that not only can this thing tuberous you because it can do four shots and four shots at 27 points damage apiece then gain the weapons optimal ttk and 0.73 seconds but at the same time this thing is a double-edged sword and that's because if you happen to miss even one of those bullets and those first two bursts then that's when this weapons on small TTK goes up skyrocketing through the roof and it becomes 13 body shots which is then going to associate to a 1.6 second live shot on the kill I don't know about you but that right there is detestable and despicable but the good news here is that when you happen to get either rampage or a kill clip and you get one of those perks to proc on the weapon that's when it's optimal TTK can go down to about 0.6 seconds or 0.67 seconds with killgrave and rampage respectively now I know I just toss a ton of values out there and so I wanted to do for you is put all that information right there on screen and so on the Left we have the base weapon with its base ttk values kill clip in the center and the rampage times one on the right hand side the key thing to note here is that with either kill clip or rampage these two weapons only differ and there Tamati tks by 0.07 seconds and i want to see you're never ever going to notice that difference but what I also want to point out is that all these values and computations have been done with a guardian at Ten resilience aka 201 points out and that means that this thing is once again going to be very very consistent now what helps the weapon become even more consistent is of course the person I have on this thing which is M moment but what really makes this thing feel just as if it comes from a wanted Korean bullets around corners is the weapons base stats and that's because as you guys can see from right there this thing has a base range factor at 79 but with my role it's at 98 98 out of 100 guys I can't tell you is – how astounding and mind-boggling that that base range stat is on a pulse rifle and if I'm being real that should be possible on a pulse rifle but nonetheless it is and so this thing can definitely cross map you easy no problem piece of cake but not just this it's going to have a great stability factor at 67 good recoil direction at 65 and okay aim assistance at 42 now if you guys want to get a role on this like say something that has kill clip is a moment and drop mag or maybe you want to have something like rampage and feeding frenzy then all you simply guide you is go to Ada and pick up that post rifle powerful frame and sure enough with enough grinding this weapon is gonna drop over and over and over again and the odds are that you're gonna get a roll that not only fits you but you're a perfect play style and that ultimately means that Guardians are gonna be incinerated by a huge fiery flame consumed by the furnace as if falling from a money tree and producing golden apples we have in a number two spot a weapon as once again from black armory but in this case it happens to be the hand can and it's cold they can old work it just like the blast furnace the killed orchid is extremely unique because even though it doesn't happen how someone likes a feeding frenzy this thing can roll with notches rampage but kill clips simultaneously and atop all this off it can even have drop map and when you have those three combination of perks combined together you get a marvelous beast that can not just to tip but make any me Guardians a little bit so T I don't know about you but – tapping guardians is one of my favorite things to do in the entire game and this kill of the orchid can certainly do that and the rule that I just mentioned is actually the exact one that I happen to have on this particular role but not just that it's also got quirks were rifling in reload master work and a rampage spec the reason why I had that rampage spec on is because of course that's then going to increase the duration of rampage and with that of them be able to have kill clip proc simultaneously then increasing my overall to different potential tenfold however before I can get those two taps I have to get that first kill in order to do so I then have to get three critical headshots all doing 70 points damage each to then get the weapons odds mode time to kill as 0.87 seconds now if any of us happens to miss those critical headshots and we get a buy shot or assembly mr. Shaw instead and that's when the weapons by shot on the kill is going to go up astronomically and to be more precise this thing is then going to require five body shots to attain its by shot time to kill have one point seven three seconds yes my friends I know that is detestable and nobody wants that kind of bias shot time to kill value but what this thing does happen to have is like I said from before kill clip and rampage snacking once or stacking twice and when this is the case the weapons awesome little time to kill then goes down to zero point four three seconds if that value doesn't give your taste buds a great feeling that's not only going to be crispy spicy and juicy all at the same time and I don't know what is my friends but just know that all the information I've just said can be found right there on screen and the most notable thing about all this stuff is once again I had the base values in the left and kill clip along with rampage attacking once and twice on the right-hand side remember rampage does not last nearly as long as what kill clip does and so once again I say to you make sure that you happen to have a rampage spec on this particular roll if you happen to get as that's then going to allow you to to tamp with rampage attacking once and twice that much more often and to help all this out even more so as the weapons base stats and as you guys can see from right there the weapons got a decent range value at 50 but what's really really surprising is the weapons aim assistance at 76 and the weapons recoil Direction at 99 out of 100 when you couple those two values with the weapon stability at 60 that's then going to give that killed orchid a great an excellent shot rhythm almost like anything else in the entire game and something that you can definitely pick up on and the more that you practice with it not only is that going to mean more critical headshots for more three taps but also more two taps and that is always a beautiful thing now the only other thing that I want to mention about the killed orchid is that this thing is just like the blast furnace in the sense that all you simply gotta do to get this thing is go over to Ada and pick up those powerful weapon frames for hand cannons and that's then going to give you the potential to get this roll with drop man killed live and rampage if you happen to get that then 110 percent put on a rampage spec as that's going to make rampage last that much longer giving you more two taps and that essentially means two taps for decades making itself known in the number one spot is a 44th edition of the Ironman suit and that weapon just so happens to be called the Duke mark 44 i lenovo judea Slayers but island see the Duke being used in the crucible enough and that's because out of all the hand cannons in the entire game I'm a firm believer that this one right here with either having rampage or a kill clip is the most consistent – tapping beautiful beasts and I have ever seen the crucible and that right there is speaking volumes just again I put that into perspective for you I'm not just talking about one volume like Webster's dictionary no I'm talking about 30 40 50 volumes of law books that you would see in an entire library that's the kind of scale I'm talking about you hear me all right now that you couldn't get where I'm coming from the reason as to why I say this is because this thing right here is the essence of a double edged sword and that's because if you happen to miss even a single body shot or head shot that's when this thing is TT K values go up exponentially on that first kill you have to learn least one critical headshot in two body shots and every zillions of five aka 191 points to health to get this weapons optimal teeth decay at one point zero seven seconds now you might be thinking alright well that's pretty horrible until you I say you're right it's despicable and absolute garbage muff cabbage trash but what I can say is that when you happen to have kill clip or rampage times one packing on this Duke that's when things get spectacular because it can to tap with either one of those perks and it can do so at 0.53 seconds just like what I've done in the past I never liked that stuff can get a little bit confusing and so I want to pull all that information right there on screen and so right here we haven't had the Duke and it's based he TK values on the left the Warrens law with kill clip in the center and then the Duke with rampage attacking once on the right hand side yes I know what you're thinking what warns law why is that thing here and to you I say that the Warrens law could also be considered for this number one spot because it's just that non meta and it's so much fun to use but not just this it's in the exact same archetype as the Duke and can roll with not just rampage but it can also have feeding frenzy making it that much more viable and that much more lethal having said that the main thing that I want you guys to take away from this is that with kill clip you might only need to land one critical headshot in one body shot there's still two type of Gordian but with rampage that isn't the case as you have to land two critical headshots to sell to Tampa as to how this weapon is still going to tap more consistently that is a question that is certainly worth noting and asking and to answer it the number one thing that I would suggest to you is to look for a role that's going to have some great perks and some great perks energy and the best way in which I can show you this is my particular role in the weapon which just so happens to have rampage ricochet rounds rapid hits fast draw HCS a stability master work and a counterbalance mod essentially what this is trying to create is it's trying to create a weapon that's not only stable but is also consistent and that's exactly what this Duke was going to have to have for you because you want to be able to tap that much more often and this is exactly the way in which you do it now the reason why I'm not worried about something like say range is because as you guys can see from the weapons base stats right there on screen the weapon already has a phenomenal base range factor at 67 out of 100 but then when you see the weapon stability factor at 36 and the weapons handling speedy at 37 and reload speed also at 37 it's not that great but the underlying greatness here is that this weapon still has some great aim assistance at 64 and a marvelous recoil direction at 90 if you can get perks they're going to compensate for this weapons handling stability and reload speed maybe someone likes a rapid hits and fast draw ACS then you're on the right track if you happen against a building masterwork even better but then when you combine this with say something like a counterbalance mod that means that the weapons recoil Direction is gonna be over 100 and all this combined is then going to make that much more of a consistent Duke AQA more to taps the wonderful thing about the Duke is that this thing can drop almost anywhere in the entire world of destiny – and that can be public events that can be Vanguard strikes that can be crucible literally anything that you can possibly think of and so once you happen to get a good role that's going to make enemy Guardians say what the heck did I just get killed by that's when you know it you're gonna keep that dude because it's gonna kiss enemy Guardians adios bye-bye as great as all these nominal weapons are that have made this list there are certainly many many more that could have made this list but didn't quite ever so make it it's lie one mentions and special mentions here or some honorable mentions and those things might include the Night Shade which Maite and just who have miss to be the game footage that you were seen this very second as was in the intro but also includes weapons like spare rations kremelos dagger here was burden an EOD vouchsafe black scorpion last dance anonymous autumn tiger spite nine hunger red Rix's broadsword outlast the vow and the subtle calamity just to name a few and hearing those weapons I'm sure that you guys have many many more that could have made this list and so by all means please be my guest and let me know what your top five nonmetal weapons are down on comment section below and you guys can always know that no matter what you guys say your opinions are certainly going to be respected lastly be sure to watch the newest check the latest and share a comment like on social media because you are the greatest that's human Tola i've got you as of right now dias layers and so as always GG TNT


  • Reply Diaside July 28, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    Hey Deislayers!  I just wanted to reiterate that this list is focused and centered on Console, not PC. There are many hand cannons and pulse rifles that do amazing on PC, but act completely different on console. With that in mind, I’m intrigued to hear what your Top 5 Non Meta Weapons list is?!  Enjoy & Cheers :D!

  • Reply oh yeah yeah July 28, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    Wasnt the valakadyn a meta weapon in year 1?

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    I have to say the Requiem 45 is an excellent pulse with an insane kill time as long as you are hitting those crits I have a master roll of handling on mine and it sticks to guardians like crazy it also is really good in pvp I have told Deicyide about this gun over and over again but he just ignores my ass lol. So I challenge him to a duel lol I am sure with my 1.51 kd I shall destroy him lmao.

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    My 5

    5. Tigerspite
    4. the Mini Tool
    3. Halfdan-D
    2. Smuggler's Word
    1. V Wing (I know it used to be meta but it hasn't been since before Warmind)

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    I'd say Range and Stability masterwork on the Duke MK.44 is roughly tied for a god roll. I have what I believe to be a god roll of both the stability and range masterwork and on smaller maps I prefer the stability one where I can't fully utilize the range and for a bigger map as you would imagine I prefer the range one.

    With that said, Sureshot is possibly one of the least useful sight for this weapon. It gives a +10 range but -10 handling which isn't the biggest deal but the -10 stability messes with your follow up shots. For this specific weapon, I'd say Truesight or Hitmark is the best sight for it simply because those two only has positives and both give a boost to range. This is the only weapon where I would consider stability as useful as range. Think of it as the 540 RPM pulse rifle where you want a steady balance between range and stability to get the most out of it.

    Range –
    Stability –

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    On PC, I use Pribina-D (though I've dabbled with Crimil's Dagger as well, which has higher overall stats, but the same impact and slower reload) and Merciless. I'm no beast, but they work well for me.

  • Reply Rajesh Iyer July 28, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    Nice video. In fact I have only recently started running the Smuggler's Word with full auto and rangefinder as my primary for close contact. For the ranged one I run the Last Perdition. Somehow it's not easy to put the Blast Furnace to good use except on some well spread out maps. I got one with kill clip and feeding frenzy and still find the Last Perdition way better

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  • Reply Jed Sanford July 28, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    I have a killclip outlaw blast furnace and a rampage outlaw. I use the rampage outlaw and have gotten 4k's with it in under 5 seconds or so. Its a beast. While its ttk isnt great if you miss a crit, its got decent range for challenging and flinching snipers, and mine MW to handling, making it really fast to dip in and out of cover while spraying in ADS and prefiring. All of that means you are landing more hits faster. I also have a RSOW and a bygones. I hate bygones lol, I dont get the excitement over it. My RSOW is great too (used it for the solar kills for lunas) but it doesnt have snapshot. SNAPSHOT IS LIFE lol

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