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Destiny – How to find all the Exotic Weapons

September 13, 2019

Greetings Guardians this is how to get all exotic weapons in Destiny and I mean EVERY single exotic in the game! now the majority of these methods are
gonna be based around some amount of RnG (luck) To preface this i’m going to say two things. First of all there’s gonna be some methods in here that I’m going to you talk about and these are
things that just generally speaking don’t work. So i’m
going to dispel some rumors and tell you how not to get exotic as well as how you can
get exotics the second thing i’m gonna tell you is
that some of these methods will require you to have friends if you have friends it’s fine. But if you guys love to play destiny I can help you find friends instead of playing it solo don’t worry I’m gonna talk about
solutions to this at the very end now to sort of let’s dispel some rumors about
how you can get eggs or six starting with probably the most
controversial one the loot cave it doesn’t actually work as much as you
want to and here’s the exact reason why let’s say the loop cave spawn 6 have
enemies every single six seconds that’s a sport events right
so in a minute that’s about sixty enemies this mess is
going to continue and go somewhere but I’m just showing you what doesn’t work furry our thats 3600 enemies to rough approximation let’s take that
down to 3500 given that you’re running back and forth to get ammunition and in grams that you drop now here’s
the thing currently the Chancellor Legendre in
Graham dropping is currently about one in it’s not washing every
1,500 so let’s be generous though you phones the an hour and maybe a three legendary
n-gram group that’s very generous layer you will then only have about a1 percent
chance with each other’s n-grams to yield an exotic so only three people in every hundred
the former K for now we’ll get an exotic but statistically very low in the first
place but then when you to consider this for civil if it’s a legendary class item there is no chance of getting an exotic
at all if it’s a legendary weapon sure that’s fine you got
legendary weapon in grammar turned into exotic that works but keep in mind that’s three in eight
shots because the other four slots as Will’s you one closer to slow on a so his thing about Obama it’s also got a
one in three chance turning out to be your class the other two in three chances it’s
going to turn out to be exotic for close to you don’t use yet so why would you then for Mackay if not
only do you have a three percent chance of getting exotic but you then only have a three in a
guarantee chance getting something you will use and then on top of that you have one
chance in eight a bit not turning anything up you can use at all and then on top of that the remaining of
the time that you do get an exotic n-gram you have to roll for the one in three
dice in order to get something you can use blue cave just
generally speaking does not work not only is it just a terrible idea in
the first place but the you can’t just play not get exotics bolster if you play the game and
do the end game content as you meant to player Chris Paul do strikes run through
the raid these are some things are going to be talking about second room I’m going to spell Monte
Carlo and Hawkman those %uh view on PlayStation 4 you may
have heard in one place session axis videos that they’d drop from the dust Palace
strike this is nonsense they do not drop from the dust bowl a
strike I for community up from the night fall of the Devils lead in week 1 there is not necessarily going to be a
drop that like obviously you have the same chance at getting exotic there you
anywhere else if you’re running on Bengal tiger but really no let’s be 100 percent
honest its probably not gonna turn up for you I
don’t know about night falls for this but something tells me that because of
the way the text books and PlayStation run the things at the same time is known to be a night full for the dust
Palace strike in a long long time so really let’s be honest it’s not fun
the Dos Palos to try and get to exotics it’s just probably not gonna work so without any further do you hear the
real ways that you can get exotics first inning off with the easiest way
and you buy photo a simple way the you can obviously by 3x sleep is
normal for him every week an exotic weapon and the exotic in Graham now these older
quite strange goings-on Mozart light motive like us just just play the game
strange goings there is a method to getting them foster you can build three characters if you
build them all the same kind AK all three wheel locks then you can
simply transfer your gear across when each other its level 20 I
have done this it does work that’s very efficient using this you can
run all the night for strikes and all weekly strikes three times over the
weekly here: extraction particular very important because if you remember the
max difficulty you can then managed to unlock 9 strange
goings with every single one that’s twenty-seven every week and also
that you consider you can more plainly that that’s
something you can use for even stuff which we gonna discuss a second
the stuff that you can also remove these
alternate characters the eiffel strikes now the rifle strikes they will more
often than not give you a legendary item having said that you can also get exotics to drop from an eyeful strike my
first exotic as I mentioned Walkman was dropped by nightfall strike is most certainly possible to get them
and on top of that that’s just generally speaking a really
fun activity if you work with few friends it’s challenging and makes you really
work for it unless you do some cheesy method in San the back which
if your level 26 accompli me full it is kinda far too little 26 but if you
are legit level find some friends in the way the oldest
private into this video and run through the night for strikes in
order to get you look next up raids now there are four different role
points in rates which you can get loot now morton know
it’s guaranteed to be legendary stuff your guests and the material such as an
edge in shots you may get a great set pieces of armor you
may get a rate set pieces a weaponry but at the same time there’s
a chance for exotics to drop in rates to give you any example I manage to you
get a friend in 10 Meyer a group known as debt over you probably know what he
managed a fund the Lord at the end of the last boss when we were running
through the rate at some point until that in the middle of the rating organs
liver Int there is just the chest that you can get
and that will generally speaking contain exotic for at
least one person in the group and on the edges contains more sweet
raid loot do the rate if you can do it three times
a week if you can because it’s just the best way to get loot on so that if
you’re in the raid on hard mode it’s possible that on the final boss
you’ll get the very specific TechSmith ok lost exotic and that is the best weapon in the game
so do the raid run through it get the pic network last get exotics
generally speaking I go serious regime from their chest I
even managed to get a bunch of other guns like hot light
from chest so you know there’s a lot of stuff if
you’re wondering more stuff but the radio where to find in a purchase some
talking about you can click the on screen adaptation
right now that’s going to bring you to the channel data does destiny look up his rate cuts look up one for
the Gorgan maze look at the one for the temple on a couple want Etienne and then you’ll be fully prepped
to go for the rate next up exotic bounties now exotic
counties they basically will just drop randomly for you when you
hand in your weapon about it assuming you do your county’s you will be more
likely to get them thus far I’ve got four of them one of
them has been for invective twice over having said that they’re a bunch people
who have other weapon bounties and some people who’ve played as many times as me and you have just
gone up so it’s a completely random process but if
you do hand in your panties enough you will get a bank of mental missive which
leads into an exotic weapon bounty if you want guys for all of them very
specifically I’m gonna link you to destiny mused on net which has some
fantastic guide to getting these weapons on top I’m gonna talk very specifically
about one exotic known as the fatal falls it’s a
scout rifle and this is only attained through an
exotic weapon bounty that requires you to go through the trials abuse iris now this is something was not in the
game as far as I know but basically you’ll have to run through the trolls
bizarre switches really hard core competitive crucible game o’donnell’s get this and you’ll need to be very
successful something along lines have 10 wins in a row what a difference in the trolls bazaars for couple is one
of the stages of the county sorry there is that way to unlock that
unique its Arctic and finally random crucible and take a strike drops you can indeed get
exotics this way now that they’ve patched the game having said that on no crystal drops I
feel as though they are completely random as well you can get them dropping for any player
I personally have only have had them drop me when I’m at the top I managed to get my exotic shotgun
universal remote when I was at the very top of the leaderboard having said that also seen them drop maybe three or four
times the people at the very bottom of the leaderboard and i’ve seen them drop once or twice
the people who are just in the middle there’s a big consensus that says
there’s genuinely an argument to be made for playing badly in the crucible just
seeking get exotics I wouldn’t a group that play the game play it and you will have a chance no
matter what happens and even if you don’t you can find legendary n-grams
from the crucible and they may well turn out to be it not
to mention the crucible and thank God marks can then be used to spend on
exotic deer this exotic you will help you can rate
in tonight for strikes so yeah now final question to be
answered all these methods do require friends what if you don’t have them well I was
just going to punch you don’t net given linked up your account yet then
you’re doing it wrong you really should it not only is a fantastic service but
also you can scour the forms and scout groups
in particular I’m to recommend the group that I most aligned with the Guardian radio alliance now this
group is very friendly to go to radio alliances a nice positive
group and if you’re looking for people to play with whether it be a raid group
whether it be people throwing strikes with these are you guys until that if you
find that you have any more time and you want to turn up to go to rate your life the pre stream now is gonna be wearing
braids so if you all very much interested in it you are golden radio
elder or if you just want to run the raid then go ahead and final forms go ahead
and through stuff out there I will have a forum post by the time the
city was up and you can just a regular I’ll throughout a few people each week
and you’ll be up to rate with me means I’m going is that’s it that’s
almost every single way to get exotics investing that we know they’re gonna be
a few that come in the deal see that I’m not talking about yet but yeah we will find out what those are very
soon and I will have a second video updating with an amp station just in
case but in the meantime but are the sea at a
stroke I’ll see you starsight the heavy amo available this this this this time this T this modem down should know no mercy T good ok the you T legend bbm forge in by %ah got well 0 0 in I well


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