DoDEA Teacher Leadership: Anna Sansone

July 26, 2019

I think one of the things that I'm really excited about in particular in DoDEA is that a lot of our teacher leadership programs and roles are expanding and I think that what we're doing right now is we're trying to identify and sort of pick apart exactly what role teachers should play when we're adopting new standards and we're looking at school improvement and think that what we're finding is that teacher voice is really important in making change and we're very fortunate in DoDEA that we have a lot of really strong support for that movement towards stronger teacher leadership from our leadership in our organization so that's something that is a buzz in general but I think particularly within our organization I think one of the things that we're discovering is that it's important that we empower teachers not only to serve a particular role on a faculty but also to be empowered themselves to come up with some of the ideas that shape the direction of the organization and that's something that we're seeing a lot right now you know there's a truism in teaching that someone hands you the keys you go to your classroom and you close the door and for such an intellectual profession it's ironic that you spend so much time in isolation because obviously a lot of your professional development comes when you're doing this deep rich thinking and so I think that part of the buzz that we're creating is just in sharing with people that they are a part of a network of inspired excited trailblazing educators and I think that if you haven't known that that was out there before and then all of a sudden you stumble into this experience where you say hey me too or hey I was trying to figure that also or you know what that's not my wheelhouse but my amazing colleague down the hall is dealing with some of those same challenges that just letting people know that they're a part of that network especially in a school system like ours where we are so spread out geographically is just really exciting because it's not what's expected in the profession

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