Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Best Weapon in the Game (3 STARS!) (Guide)

July 26, 2019

hey guys welcome back this is MD and I'm gonna show you how to get the best and the strongest weapon in this game with the highest attack power so first of all we need to unlock the Ryman Reef island which with 200 hearts and here we need to find one of the bosses which is the killer machine throw board with this sword with a bunch of like feet right so the thing is like these islands are randomly generated as you can see Islam was like roaming around just to fight find the sky and the advice that I will give you is have a lot of like party members with you like at least like few of them and even like some companions in the island itself and try to like get behind him and he has like this slash attack as well as he was called the powerful spin attack so yeah I mean you might lose a lot of houses just like try to like bring some heavy meals with the once chars like a special means to help you out otherwise yes it's like a it's gonna be a like a long and tedious fight not very very long actually like a few minutes but yeah like a longer than the other one especially when you're level is is around like like steady or like 20-ish but if you're like come here like after the like squares you might have like a higher level it might be easier for you to finish this but I came here during my mom broke island like story line but you can come here like after the credits and you and level would be like higher than 30 of course you're gonna be more powerful you have better items better like portions of meals and you can like fight off this guy easily and as soon as we're done we're gonna get the Falcon blade recipe this is what we need it's not like a high-end weapon it's just like 42 damage but there's a trick to all of this next are we gonna move to defiled Isle this island requires three thousand hearts I know I know it's a grind so like a really really bad point and in this one this Idol we are trying to search for life the boss call this guy is really hard to miss he's a giant you will see him from far away really really far away you'll see his club and everything and this guy's tough this is really really really tough I mean the thing is like I came here like after the post-credits because this island will unlock after the credits you will not find this island like before the credits are like this before the end of the game so this is a post-game island with these like bosses so anyway this guy is tough so bring a lot of like health especially like the 10 HP on or not even 20 HP 5 HP is not gonna help you to be honest and of course I mean I was like almost dying and I died a few times actually if I didn't have the ignition leaves but yeah this guy is tough so be careful you can avoid these attacks just like few swings and move them in backup few swings and back off and you will know the pattern of his attacks he's gonna use the club and his food most of the time and even he has like this very like super attack where he's gonna like I don't know like sure he know like a Hadouken or something like that so yeah did it's gonna hit you though that is the tightest as well that will kill your child but yeah other than that like a the killer machine guy tedious long fight almost like try to like and learn the patterns and you should be good to go and this boss will give us the sword of moon this is one of the cursed weapons this has like plus 52 damage or like attack power so we got these two like those two swords so now we need to go back to the Isle of awakening and there I'm going to show you how to like get the best weapon we need this you this these are the requirements to you there's no other way so yeah and now we need to like make those 2 weapon and by the way most of these items you'll have it eventually but some of them you will find it near the Yukon in the last island in this story if not then there's another island post game that you can unlock where you will get the other like two items these silvery sludge you can find it from the slime attack slimy in the crumple zone and of course the Orca club item which was the first one you can find in the same island the Defiant Isle in the poison lakes if you like check out the poison didn't you will find the the item there or the stone there so what we need to do is like make the soul of ruin and equip it when you equip it you're going to be cursed of course and next we need to like also make the blade of like what's called the Falcon blade so we need to like how we have to like make both of those and we need to equip this sword of ruin and as soon as we do that then go to the dressing room and go to the sword cosmetics this is where we're gonna like change the shape or the look of the sword that we have with another sword the thing is like we of course we it has to be made if you if you don't have if you don't make it then it's not gonna show so like I said we are already equipped or we're equipped with this sort of going we're gonna go to the cold swords and now we're gonna choose the Falcon blade so as soon as you see we choose the shape of the Falcon blade what happens is we get the highest or the strongest weapon if you check if you check this tad so if you check for you what you have equipped you will see we have this special Falcon blade with 126 damage power so like I said make the sort of Owen equip it make the Falcon blade go to the dressing room change the shape or these like customize it with the Falcon blade and if you check your start you will see that you have the strongest weapon and this this open it has like a dual attack lock it will attack twice actually so like two attacks at the same time as fast and each damages are all like 50 so you will kill enemies fast you're gonna be fast it's amazing it's a really really great weapon and it is the best weapon in the game that you can find and yeah that's what guys if it helped you then please hit that thumbs up or subscribe to our channel if it helped you guys it's gonna really help us a lot and yeah that's it guys thanks for watching and stay awesome


  • Reply M. Z. July 26, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    What happens if you try to remove the curse with a sheen salt? Does the falcon blade return to its original form?

  • Reply Jane Sam July 26, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    What is the name of the armor in this videos thumbnail?

  • Reply Ruben J Rush July 26, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Once you have done this, can you change the appearance of the weapon again but keep the stats?

  • Reply Rouwen87 July 26, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    The way you get this weapon is so sketchy, it seems to be like a developer weapon. Changing the looks of one weapon shouldn't change its functionality. This was a sloppy design for a hidden item for me.

    The Thunderball blade made me so happy when I found it in that jar by accident. I would never have found this sword since I don't like the look of that sabre tbh.

  • Reply Aiden King July 26, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Does this work with the other swords?

  • Reply Mic Dy July 26, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    nice trick thanks
    i tought the best sword would be the one you get with 90 mini medal.
    do you know what is the best armor?

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