Dual Military Marriage Q&A

July 28, 2019

hey guys so Hank and I are driving to Arizona today to spend Christmas with my family we typically switch off Christmases so it'd be his mom and sister and then my family really excited to go home and see everybody I'm a little sick right now doesn't want attitude nealy uh listen I love my husband to death he's just not okay no to everybody scrolls you guys what is what knows that's it there's gonna be more okay okay woman no wait so pointing out I see the you all have roles when you fight I don't fight it there's no rules I just added them earlier because we could get his butt to the car passes affected your relationship and Hank would you do it again that's your that's a question for you like what in the world my hair gets fucking sharp I think I like if a marriage can make it through and SDA then you're good if a marriage can make it through an SCA I think it did not be at home this is not being home quite lack of presents being tired it's pretty hard to steals on a day-to-day basis it's like more for me than for him so you didn't really realize it they say if you leave I say with your great limited ring that's all matters deepest fuck it's too small like you wouldn't be a drill instructor you wouldn't be a recruiter we ever had a fight really I don't think so like we just like sometimes I'll get like mad at each other not like mad but just like annoyed like anymore no yeah one of these days he's in denial or II know that we walk when there's a real you so logically I'm just a logically straightforward I met person individual dude being logically thinking God hey what do you think about that withdraw for this the withdrawing from Syria and Afghanistan you wanted to go I'm in I'm not getting into politics but obviously there's more to that story then occasionally Walmer but like I get the food and everything else so we don't really drive together that much because he doesn't get off work only news that groaning spaghetti white noodles probably – where are you from originally and what were you both looking to kids so I'm from Phoenix Arizona and Hanks from New Berlin Wisconsin he's from Wisconsin kids like what a plant with all the ducks over oh but all it does sir in the row in a row and we're like in a good place to like like support a child and like get our shit together first – because my back is that and I would not be good being pregnant and then and then how are you feeling with your back issues are you starting to feel better at all I hope so I have my good days and I have my bad days right now I'm just trying to see a doctor outside in military health care to see if they could do anything else for me because right now Naval Medical doesn't want to fix it with the fusion surgery which is a really serious back surgery it's something I want to avoid obviously if if needed best in worst parts of being dual active military and how do we make it work yeah I mean the best part about the dual active is that they understand each other's like gripes and complaints kind of because you just deal with the same thing as marine it's kind of like command situations like the people you're around like he's a grunt and I'm a poke so I can't really understand too much of like what he does but load you say like I'm just understanding they're showing a thing poor man that the only good thing I mean okay so like when your your doula military you did Specter yeah because like most most couples that aren't dual military a lot of them struggle with their spouses trying to like explain why they're not home lately at night because they're on duty or whatever like they don't understand like what's really going on kind of so yeah and then the worst parts of being blood like the long-distance and stuff like that like if you were to go into the field like so he's been on an SCA for the past well that's a more of a question for Duke because just started by guys know kinda dominant fuel oh yeah it's a male-dominated field like obviously the kinks ever worried about me you like being around a bunch of guys I love it and you know we're married so but I think like the worst part about being I think the worst part of being talk to the military inside this like difference in scheduled and him working super super late and then not being able to see him and like get that kind of love and attention that I need to feel loved and then right now he's on an SD so he hasn't done the pulling obviously for almost two years so that's a nice though he hasn't deployed or anything because he's been teaching students and ITV and stuff so yeah and so I'll be going back to the air eventually and then he'll start to play again and will experience at four but right now I don't have to deal with him going into the field really that much except for like a couple things here and there so it Hank proposed so we got on Facebook I saw it's like a recommended friend kind of thing and I saw how hot he was and I had to like as so I render close to them and then we have some good footage we didn't hurt no honey I have to edit all of this and put it into like one no Peng Hanks really tired he just got to eat like last night here you had it the night before I didn't get much sleep so we're gonna answers to more questions a little bit later in this Drive we'll start more questions super spies on everyone I think of you of all I should have you my every day this is trouble is distress but don't you agree I still you love Oh you're wrong busted do a little Christmas shopping with my wallet ready peach


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    Stop texting and driving

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    Not sure if you can or would be willing, but could you make a video about sexual assault in the military? I’m set on joining the USMC, but it is the one thing that worries me. Thanks for your videos! Love the work!

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