Duke Marine Lab

July 25, 2019

here you can meet a bunch of people from other schools and also there's visiting groups and they have a lot of experience and you can talk to them about different things and it's really rewarding the thing that I learned the most is that all the professors are really willing to help and they also perform research so what I did was I came here to take bio 201 and then through my professor I managed to fund research with another professor so that was probably the biggest experience for me everything is really close by right next to us is Beaufort you can always go into town walk on the boardwalk and then Morehead City Atlantic Beach it's great I wasn't sure in the beginning about coming to the Marine Lab but you know even as an engineering major I'm it's really enjoyable and it's a great experience you know doing some research also if you're interested in any biology marine science environmental science it's a great experience to come here when I got to the Deep Marine Lab I was the only student I knew that wasn't from Duke so I was like oh like where am I gonna fit in and it was like right away it was I fit right in and they were very welcoming our class consists of a little bit of fieldwork a little bit of lecture and then a lot of hands-on stuff in the classroom I'm a visual learner so when I'm able to pick something up now you get to see how big or small species is then you get to actually identify like a picture it does no justice you know you see oh well that's the heart and it looks like on the screen it's just like a circle yeah okay cool it's a heart but when you actually get to see the species and see how it acts and see how their claws like like such as a crab and their claws and how they work and their eyes how they retract out of their head on a picture you can just see you know two stalks and the eyeballs apparently you know my professor she's very hands-on she's very personal and she gets to know you as a student and she also lets us know who she is and lets us in on her studies all of us students are so different individually and it kind of helps like you grow as a person because you're seeing how other people study and how other people enjoy nature and I think it helps you as an individual girl

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