Enabling IT Modernization – The Next-Generation DoD Mission (Episode 3 Preview)

July 25, 2019

on enabling IT modernization the next generation DoD mission presented by CenturyLink it's all about getting information at the tactical edge and so those young men and women who are in harm's way are asking for information to be readily available on time to meet their mission speed when we look at what we did in the past we would take one component of IT and we would modernize it today it's also interconnected as we grow and take over management administration of these networks and these facilities cyber is is really at the top of my list first priority paying for new technology will just increase your cost unless what you're doing is all about trying to understand a mission outcome and how can you make that outcome more effective by bringing in new technology which way let's take the opportunity now as we're transforming to build adoptable networks to support the mission watch the entire episode at gov matters TV slash CenturyLink

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