Epstein Case Explodes As Military Moves To Protect President

July 24, 2019

hello its 23 july 2019 we appreciate each and every one of you coming oh why do we have a new story for you sometimes we know the news 24 hours in advance sometimes we know the news a week in advance sometimes we know it years in advance which is not really fair to other reporters right brought to you by Virtua Shield you can cruise the net and the darknet and nobody will know who you are and you can cruise it and VPN is the only one virtual shield is the only VPN that does not sell your data to Google you are not going to have why you cruising that sold to Google or Facebook which is how many data breaches of billion data breaches I mean oh my god this is alive did you sell everything they're nothing but well anyway so the epstein case exposes military moves to protect president Trump for the last three years president Trump has been a commander and tweet he has tweeted he is sat around with a staff and he has thought of these emails and the staff puts him in of how to confuse the demon rats and get him running in circles remember their demon-possessed rats they're not that smart but they're very powerful and each one of the demon rats is a huge demon inside a human body the human has been suppressed but the human is still there what's happened is in 2015 the epstein address book was released and then it was redacted by Obama because he didn't want the fact that him and his wife's his husband's name was on it right now the worldwide tentacles are incredible in Epstein's phone book yes is President Trump but knew he gained Newt Gingrich said Trump is not an insider he never been over he never joined the insiders he doesn't play like the rest of us he doesn't play with Epstein he knows him he knows everybody in Washington DC and is a non-political member he was able to circulate remember he was prepped for president way back in 1980 all president presidential presidents are known 20-30 years in advance just talk to any ambassador of their way everybody knows who's going to be President in the next election me I'm not in roundabouts so president Trump circulated and has every one of these names and he has meteor blackmail material on it everybody in Washington DC it's not just Trump it's the make America great Association that does not want to destroy America that's who president Trump represents he's not the insider he doesn't play on that little island in the American Virgin Islands which is still not been raided by the FBI go figure we'll explain why well all the Clintons Billy the frazzled wrap the frazzled rats twin sister and Chelsea who worships Lucifer and goes to the human sacrifices and they've shown it on video and the whole the whole Clinton family plays with Epstein all top demon rats or to go through this a little bit and you'll understand how intense this is Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and John Kerry number one and two are on the books that went to little st. John Island pedophile Island Tony Blair Prime Minister of England which by the way there will not be a brexit the Queen of England and said no brexit shields she is destroying Bill Cosby and I talked with someone who worked with Bill Cosby what an absolute nut he is gee do I believe he went to the eye the guy was just weird media tight Rupert Murdoch who makes the TV programs guess what Epstein told him what to put out in the media with Chinese money to destroy America Alan Dershowitz the great water teacher pedophile and murderer Ralph finesse Alec Baldwin the guy who just punches people gets away with it he's part of the up Stein crowd a lot of a Hollywood every left-wing lunatic in Hollywood is in the up Steinberger Richard Johnson of the New York Times Ted Kennedy do I believe he was there it can be even driving a Volkswagen bug Mary Jo Quebec nee would be alive and well today that was the saying after he killed somebody David coach oh the coach brother is Obama one two three and four and his husband this was originally published scene 9 2015 4 years ago so Trump has had this book now for 30 months and he's as president you can when can I use this on and what well the rubber hits the road because the UN wants to destroy this planet 21 December 2019 and they first have to destroy America so Trump has to work now to take these rebels out or it's over for him this has been covered up by Obama Epstein also ran a six point seven billion dollar company called liquid funding from 2001 to 2007 oh oh my god he was a big fund manager did you know that Jane he ran liquid funding at six point seven billion dollar company that touched the CEOs and exceed your executives and board of directors of Bear Stearns the Federal Reserve Bank in New York there are Stern's Bank in Dublin Ireland guess who's on the names in his book Citigroup of Chicago who received a two point three trillion dollar bailout by the New York Federal Reserve Bank they just made this up at two points who he seems a two point three trillion dollar bailout Citigroup did why because of all the people who directs in Hooper on the little black book of Epstein oh boy the plot thickens so they had 100 where they have 113 million dollars in assets and they had 20 billion dollars of liability so Fitch and moody whose directors names are on it they're all still there give them an a- bond rating even though they had 100 million of assets and 20 billion and liability and this involves AIG who Marvin Bush got terrorists insurance on the World Trade Centers and they took out all the windows right before 9/11 and then AIG pay Marvin Bush 113 billion dollars for the two World Trade Centers and then they were magically bailed out by the New York Federal Reserve Bank ooh now we're talking terrorism ass murder pedophilia rape and murder so a new US Secretary of Treasury was suddenly promoted oh here's a new one every top demon rat right especially Bernie Sanders is on the address book oh my god the FCIC Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Maiden Lane LLC so in an Austrian case Ukrainian Demetriou firtash – the entire case exploded exploded as he explained that the Ukrainian government did and the Russians did not give truck money they gave the demon rats money plus the 30 billion dollars they stole from President or from the Ukraine under Obama so Obama one two three four five and six and the frazzled rat one two three four five six seven and an entire staff now have to be arrested to find the thirty billion dollars arrested or eliminated the thirty billion will be returned to the Ukraine or most of the top-level demon rats will be replaced with doubles so God said it so it shall be and I mean within the next few months the US now what does that mean that Demetriou Finnish fit – in Austria testified that Mueller tried to blackmail him to lie about Trump receiving Russian money not only that Julian Assange clearly stated in a three-hour interview that it was the demon rats that gave them all the emails they actually had staff members you see there's a lot of demon demon crowds Democrats that don't want to see this planet explode into little and these banksters now that they're being exposed who and who the top banksters who run the world would rather see the earth destroyed than them going to jail and I'm not talking about the CEO of Citigroup I'm talking about the people who run the banking systems in the Council of 45 they're in big trouble because they're all on Epstein's little black book for traveling to this island you see all the Europeans who run the world they'll use the epsilon island there's six of them around the world and then a little Sumatra one and they're all interconnected in the black book from all six of them are now owned by the US Department of Justice but what's happening is they didn't do as God asked them to do so now they're in deep trouble so now the demon rats the pack of four that tried to kill President Trump remember that Jay made the apprehended a hitman who was going to try to shoot Trump and the pack of four or should have been indicted for attempted murder you know Maxine Waters ilmar Oh Mark O'Mara and her brother who's a gay British man and is in this country illegally oh I see who's threatened the president and there's one other freaking Congress I keep forgetting her name you know all of them committed election fraud they all brought them massive caravans right up to the northern border and then left all those refugees in northern Mexico to become homeless yeah good compassionate slave-owning demon rats so yesterday on the 22nd of July dozens of helicopters descended on Washington DC wasn't tenting just like in DC or in LA dozens of them descended in LA and mock rates to take out the producers who are on in Epstein's book you see remember he's had this book has been out since 2015 plus there's an updated version sixteen seventeen eighteen in 2019 of all those people who visited an Epstein is singing like a canary this guy is not sitting in solitary confinement he's singing like a canary he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in jail he wants to get out of Dodge and goes to some mansion in Switzerland well I ain't not happening because if that happens got a little glitter 8dc so God said so to me so yesterday dozens of helicopters descended on DC as a warning to the freaks in the FBI and the CIA if they attacked the president they're dead men the US Army is no we've already offered 300 troops to President Trump to take out the little tart governors but that ain't happening so he's apparently trying to protect himself in Washington DC don't do what God says do what he wants to you that's why he's in deep trouble that's why they had to form a special ops group in Andrews Air Force Base in a special unit that if the FBI and the CIA go nuts they're going to take him down and I mean I mean with prejudice and you know that means so there's a special ops space in Andrews Air Force Base 22 miles from Washington DC that has been set up and there are Coast Guard ships off of Washington DC if any of these freaks attempt to do what they tried to do and remember the Secret Service was involved too they were the first ones to cuss me out in May at the Starbucks behind the world courts when they used every F and s word you can think of to tell me I had no right to save the president's life and stop a nuclear war that's not my role and when I repeated I said I'm a federal officer that is my role and I'm going to continue to do it eat my shorts Secret Service so they were hoping for this major nuclear conflict it was the Secret Service that cussed me out first it was the US Marshals later in the FBI you handcuffed me they are in it there are sections of these organizations that are in so the lowest level Secret Service who gets cars for people who come in to Austria the lowest level Secret Service knew my name they want this full-scale nuclear conflagration to obliterate but what they want is to obliterate the surface population so Lucifer can come in in a Mad Max scenario 21 December 2025 apparently CERN lines up with the Sun they don't try to open the Stargate bring in it ain't kind of work somebody's gonna sabotage Cernan they keep throwing paper clips and pins and their main computers and that's gonna continue so God said so it should be so guys gotta get we said Washington DC would get half an earthquake they have done a heatwave they're getting storms and now it's getting hot because the military is getting in there and warning the FBI that if they come again struck they might just obliterate the building they might make the entire building collapse 3 3 357 slugs made of cesium 252 well completely you just fire that up a pistol they keep it at minus 20 degrees well completely obliterate the FBI building 3 californium 252 bullets will make the FBI building look dust so they better be careful because those bullets are held by the US Army they tried to use them in the Ukraine when we tracked those four nukes for so long Muller is ready to lie on oh this is a good one Yul is ready to lie all over international television that's it oh yeah there was Russian collusion there was Russian collusion but everybody he put in solitary confinement in violation of law he can kidnapped and murdered and he's still not in jail Muller the son in the head of the SS of the Nazi Germany is still not in jail unbelievable he threatened Demetriou frottage and dozens of others with solitary confinement for the rest of their lives chained to a wall if they didn't say Trump took Russian money and he chained two people to a wall and they didn't they didn't break him why is he not in jail assign me a sign me Stephanie the authority I'll rest a little pig ellen ratner interviewed julian assange for three hours and he said the demon rats gave me it wasn't the russians why didn't you learn that interview let me tell you something it just came out and Epstein's little records did Stefan Halpert was given 1.5 1.5 million dollars to create the Trump dossier hey I'll give you a million dollars if you create it by the way our recent poll gives Trump 70% on legal voters in America so if he gets less than 70% we know that the demon rats are coming against him right now today in our poll 70% for Trump so where do we go from here now that we know almost every single demon rat is involved in raping beating and murdering children that most of Hollywood the left-wing crowd is guilty of raping beating and murdering little girls that they stole from all over the country thanks to the help from Mitt Romney's wife and the trouser rat go to able danger he can verify that he's a out of the Marine Corps he can verify this where do we go from here what's Trump go from here I want your comments down below now that all this information is out now that we know every member in Congress on the demon rap party is in Epstein's burger it's when they do it they're told because they're filthy dirty pigs and they do what they're told now that half of the Republicans in Congress and most of the people on the Supreme Court are on this little black book where do we go by the way where's Darth Vader Ginsberg what's it been 300 days she hasn't been seen the head of the Supreme Court needs to be arrested for treason she was in a little black book too but she's dead and they're still writing reports they're still dude she's still ruling on cases even though she's been dead for almost a year Trump has his hands full let me tell you but it's going to get a lot tougher until he does what God asked them to do they won't kill him not this month the next month or the next month or the next month but it's going to get awful tough don't be seen into any other windows president Trump and most of the broadcasts from the White House all right under the White House in a special place that looks like the White House that's why nothing moves outside the windows you know that Jane they have an identical White House and the Mormon Church figures they're going to take over the government because only a few blocks away and one of their headquarters buildings they have an identical White House there as well so in the building they have an identify and they actually have things moving in the background even though it's a it's a screen so they have a complete White House because they assumed Trump's gonna run there like a little girly girl so when he doesn't God asked him to do bad will protect them and he's protecting him for so long and then God's gonna pull the plug you know pray for his safety I pray for safety every night 9 p.m. boom Bradford Trump safety every night at 9:00 p.m. pray for safe because he's the only one who's doing anything in DC and pray that the rat Fink's in the Secret Service of the FBI and the CIA are removed from this planet immediately and the rat thinks in all these corporations that are on Epstein's a little black bow get little sexual pleasures and then kill the women pray that they're all removed from their planet immediately as well they've all been exposed the directors of every single major corporation in America they're now being exposed to satanic pigs Freddy they're removed from the planet they don't have the right to be here they've the right to get off our planet now anyway god bless thank you very much we appreciate each and every one of you and we'll see you tomorrow


  • Reply Pat Andler July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Replacing people with doubles, does not do the job of waking up the people that have been propagandized. The only way to save the country and other countries is to TELL THE TRUTH of what has been going on , or it can at anytime begin again.

  • Reply Conrad Wos July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm


  • Reply Regena asdf July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Your so right. I’ve been wondering why he’s staling is he one of them? I pray not my assessment is all of us that voted for him are waiting for him to get some balls with the deep state we will back him if not he can be replaced or there will be a civil war in the USA I pray for him but he needs to listen to the big God and do right by the people and take out are enemies

  • Reply Mommiac July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Trump is part of this debauchery. You are spouting conspiracy theory. You are wrong about the Obamas and you will be ashamed of yourself when all the truth comes out. You are not doing a service here. "Your inside information" is ridiculous. How dare you flat out accuse people without proof. The Law of Attraction is going to give back to you the same judgement you spew out. Judge not.

  • Reply H de Boer July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm look at this article..

  • Reply Cdd D July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Don't slander the LDS faith. That is Ignorance at its best.

  • Reply DIRTYBOB59 July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    It's not just the DemocRATS involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse of children, read "The Franklin Cover-Up…" (THE GRAND OLDE ZIONI$T PARTY & AMERIKAN "LAW ENFORCEMENT" ARE 100% COMPLICIT!…)

  • Reply medjfootball July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Heavenly blessings on you Sir, for having the courage to bring us this nail biting news,

  • Reply Marsha Paul July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Massive cover up

  • Reply E Lo July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    MARTIAL LAW… I keep seeing people say Martial Law and arrest them all. Folks once martial law goes in effect the Noah hide laws will apply and this is will fulfill Rev 20:4 this law was signed into by Gorge Bush Sr. on March 26, 1991 called “education day.” Christianity brakes these laws and of with the head. Off with you head people say… YES google Obama care code ICD9E978. Do your due diligence in research do not believe a word I say look it up your self and pray to the most high for knowledge and wisdom in the name of Yahusha (Jesus Christ) Shalom!

  • Reply largraf July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Where do we go? Send in the Marines and make a clean sweep of all the child-trafficking, child-molesting, demon-worshipers. Everyone on Epstein's island goes to prison, then get Holder, Obama, Hillary & Billary, Comey, and the rest of the coup conspirators and do what China or Russia would to to them. Or Mexico, or Turkey, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia, ……. The End!

  • Reply Michael Lee July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    William where we go from here is that there should not be any hesitancy but Trump is trying to be too nice job is not obeying what God would allow which is public executions and if not public executions they need to be behind the scene executions like they did with George Bush won and I hate to say it but it literally needs simply to be done in a shocking off fashion which is rounding up Congress it doesn't matter if it's 12 at a time or 24 at a time but they have to literally put them in the tribunal in within a week get rid of them. And then repeat the process because what you need to do is see you need four to six weeks to eliminate literally and let the government slow down or stop it doesn't matter you will bring in new people to be elected and offer it to the public through a legislation process of interviewing seeking Conservative Christian patriotic Americans who will judge fairly let them apply interview them and know that the ones that are being executed are pedophiles and evil scum-of-the-earth that needs to be removed from the planet once you do that and remove them from the planet whether it's public or behind the scenes as you mentioned not only Mueller not only Hillary or Obama you have to taking me to get action and quick namby-pamby in around and like you said if he doesn't do what God's telling him to do by executing these people like you did with George Bush won and John McCain he needs to continue to accelerate this as soon as possible will that's my feeling if they don't do this America is going to lose by running out of time you need to exercise complete good Godly dictatorship just like it was when Obama though he was evil dictatorship you have to Swerve far-right to bring America back otherwise if you don't become accelerated Leaf swinging and swerving immediately pulling the steering wheel to the right America is going to slide off the cliff because you're not in obedience so it's just a matter of time we're running against the clock and we're running against the good men are doing nothing and I mean as far as execution in getting rid of these people you have to do it there's just no way around it I don't know how many hundreds of people in Congress and the Republicans all have to be removed and if its 24 out of time behind the scenes then do it if its 5 weeks of this do it you have to get rid of all of those that are in on this thing. End of story

  • Reply Clarice Son July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Martial Law Arrest Them All! Prayers For President Trump First Lady Melania & Their Family Keep Them Safe. God Bless America🙏🇺🇸❤️

  • Reply Dave Carrera July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Have a look at why there are fake christians, jews, muslims. Divide and rule hidden in plain site

  • Reply MsRwong July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Martial Law – arrest all including FBI, C_A & any leftover DOJ !

  • Reply R Jax July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Round them all up and indict them. Have new elections. DRAIN the SWAMP! Clean up Washington!

  • Reply lps fire Sparks July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    This guy is funny

  • Reply Bonnie Sharp July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    I love you guys y'all are so smart thank you so much for helping potus & America im very grateful & i will keep praying for you & the president.

  • Reply Kathy Olney July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    We TAKE THEM ALL DOWN!!! It is way overdue! Thanks for your update!!

  • Reply Elizabeth C July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Great show…Thank you!!🌸🌺🌼🌻

  • Reply csc61 July 24, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Has this guy EVER been proven right? … on ANYTHING?

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